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Custom Clothing - SHR - Part 2

Sleepygirl’s adventure in the clothing store continues. With three of her friends already incapacitated, how long until the rest of the group finds themselves slipping under the spell of the clothing?

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 8-11-20XX
Subject: Custom Clothing Part 2!

    I have another dream for you from a couple of days ago, over the weekend, I think?...either way, I really need to work on getting this stuff written down sooner (feel free to help with motivation for that, if you ever feel like it, heheh). I never seem to have a problem remembering my dreams, but still. This is the other half of the cavegirl/amazon dream from last week where everyone was getting knocked out by their outfits. I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty entertaining.  But maybe my buttons are just easily pushed, who knows...but on that note I'll stop rambling and get on with the dream and your daily dose of porn (although it hasn't really been daily, technically...ok you get my point, moving on).
    Last time I think I mentioned that about half of the group I was with had changed into outfits and were knocked out by them. So, really, there were really only a few of us left that were still aware. Everyone that was knocked out in the previous dream had already been moved off into another room, and all that was left was me, Jill, Eve, and Laura, who had already recognized what was happening with the outfits. Jill and Eve were still oblivious to everything, which, to be honest, is kind of hot. The idea that she and I both knew what was happening while the other two had no idea, is really kind of button pushing, you know? Anyway, the two of them were standing off to the side and talking to one another when Laura decided to move over to Eve. The two of them began talking, and after a few moments I noticed Eve pointed in a direction I could only assume was where the others were carried to. Laura shrugged in response to something Eve asked her, and I couldn’t help but notice the agitation on her face growing as Eve continued talking. Eventually, while Eve was in mid sentence, Laura reached out and pressed the button that was attached to the strap on the skimpy cavegirl dress that Eve was wearing. Her body jerked as the electricity slowly trickled over her body, spreading to every inch of it, I couldn’t help but be almost sort of fascinated by the yellow electricity moving over her like an energy. It formed rings around her arms and legs as it trickled down them, then branched along her chest and back, only to form rings again as they rose up along her breasts and fizzled out at her nipples. Or maybe they were moving into her nipples? That had to be shocking. As I watched, the electricity continued to rise up along her head, moving in a solid ring along her face and hair until it finally reached her eyes. They flashed the pale yellow of the electricity for a moment before returning to normal, and as they did she stared at Laura with a little bit of a glazed, confused expression, then asked what happened. Laura shrugged it off again with a little bit of a smile and kept watching as Eve tried to open her mouth to respond. Instead, she tipped forward as her eyes rolled up into her head, arms going completely limp as gravity started to take her and tilt her forward even more until she landed on the floor with a gentle thud.
    Jill looked between Laura and the now unconscious Eve with a confused expression, having clearly seen everything happen. She shook her head and leaned down next to Eve, looking her over and barely noticing Laura kneeling next to her. If I remember correctly, Laura started explaining to Jill that whatever was happening had something to do with the outfits they were all wearing. Jill turned towards her and looked like she was about to ask a question, when Laura smiled and tapped one of the buttons on Jill’s top without a word. Jill barely had a chance to ask what was happening before the electricity started moving over her body. Unlike Eve, when the electricity started to trickle over Jill’s body it jumped from her chest and stomach to her knees, then formed the same rings of energy that traveled up and down her body. At one point I noticed a spot where the energy was forming a ring around her left breast before it jumped down to her knees. From there it moved down her thighs and calves, moving back up to do the same with her other leg. Finally it made its way back up to Jill’s other nipple, only to form a ring around her breast and move back into her torso. Since she was kneeling, the energy seemed to be moving at a much faster rate and reached her head in moments, although watching it felt longer. It reached her eyes before she could even process what was happening, and they flashed for a split second before returning to normal. As they rolled up into her head and her body fell sideways, she nearly missed falling into Laura and landed next to Eve on the floor. Laura and I both watched as several men appeared, picking up Jill and Eve and throwing both over their shoulders before carrying them out of the room, one of them winking as he did.
    Since I was the only one not dressed in an outfit yet I headed back to a changing room (despite my better judgment reminding me what had happened to everyone else who'd been wearing one). I almost wonder if the clothing store itself had some kind of subliminal messaging going on, something that made me just…want…to wear one of the outfits, despite knowing what it did. I mean, Laura knew exactly what they did and how…we’ll go with ‘dangerous’ they could be to wear, and yet neither one of us gave a second thought about putting on the outfits. Or ever considered taking them off. Kind of button pushing to think about, in hindsight. Anyway, once I was back in the room I changed into a leopard print skirt that barely stopped at mid thigh, with a matching bikini top that was...skimpy at best. When I walked back into the room I saw Laura talking to one of the men who'd carried off Eve. He saw me approaching and looked at the two of us appreciatively, suggestively mentioning how nice both of us looked, and asked if we wanted to see where they'd taken the others. Curiosity was getting the better of us at that point so we agreed, and he walked us through to the back room. Inside, everyone else was sitting on chairs that formed a large circle, all of them still unconscious and several wearing headbands with a yellow gem glowing in the center of it that made their eyes glow as well. He started explaining the circuitry in the outfits and how it worked. Conveniently, neither of us mentioned that we were familiar with them at all and so we just let him keep talking. As he was explaining how the headbands  programmed the individual wearing them, they stopped glowing and he removed them to put them on two others. As he felt one of them up with a grin, he commented that they couldn't be woken up unless they were kissed, so this were available to them, then asked if we'd found the buttons on both of our outfits. When we nodded our heads yes, he smiled and walked over to a small desk at the back of the room where there sat a vase with a handful of flowers in it. He explained that they were 'passion flowers' that grew nearby and offered one to Laura to smell. As soon as she smelled it I noticed a slight flush creeping up her face as she slid closer to the man with a smile on her face. Her hand started gently running up and down his arm as he leaned in to kiss her, sliding his hands up and down her back until he found the button on her dress. He pressed it in one quick motion and her eyes opened in surprise while the electricity started moving through her. It was kind of odd to see, since she was being held, and even kissed by the man that pushed the button. You’d think the electricity would jump from her to him, yet it only moved along her skin, up and down like the previous girls had. Once it reached her eyes, they flashed and started fluttering as she struggled to keep returning the kiss, while he pulled her closer. Finally she was too weak to maintain the kiss and sagged against him, going completely limp as he copped another feel while he looked down at her with a grin.
    After he carried her over to a chair and set her down, he turned back to me with a devious grin and said that it looked like I was the last one left. Before I could respond or move away from him, he leaned in and wrapped an arm around my waist, then pulled me towards him in one quick movement. I tried to struggle but then he started tickling my sides which was...distracting, to say the least. Just as he saw I was getting distracted, he stopped tickling me and started passionately kissing me while his hands roamed over my body. It was the last thing I was expecting, and going from one to the other confused my brain even more than it already had been. Without thinking, I started returning the kiss and soon enough I was lost in it, just enough that I barely noticed his hands sliding up my arms and pressing the button on the strap of my top. I felt the energy from the electricity moving through me instantly, making every part of me tingle, even, somehow, my mind. Once the glow from the electricity faded from my eyes I started getting lightheaded, still trying to return the kiss but getting weaker and weaker by the second. Finally, I felt all of my strength disappear as I leaned into the man, breaking the kiss as everything faded away. At some level, I was vaguely aware of going completely limp and nearly falling to the ground, only for him to catch me. I could feel myself being carried to the last open chair and gently set down in it as a headband was placed on me. Instantly, the energy from it started moving into my mind and programming me to be the perfect cave girl, sexy and wild, primitive and strong. The kind of girl that just goes for what she desires, but whose desires are simply primitive, basic, and in many cases, just… sexy. And that's where I stayed til the end of the dream. Oddly enough I dreamed about it again a little bit last night, too, just that I was still in the chair, completely out of it, still being programmed by the headband.
    So that's where it I said there was a little bit last night, but it was just me still zonked and being programmed by the headband...go figure. :oP Anyways, now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Eve, Laura, and Sleepygirl

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Part 2

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