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Vampires of the Masqurade - SHR - Part 1

On their way to a Halloween party, Sleepygirl and her friends encounter a magician whose powers end up being much more magical than expected.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 10-4-2014
Subject: I got whammied by a Vampire!

    I think I really did have too much energy last night, it may have affected my dreams just a bit...although my dreams have been weird anyway lately so maybe it's not entirely to blame. I could have Halloween on the brain more than I thought. Or maybe it had something to do with the episodes of Agents of Shield I watched yesterday that were littered with mind control and freezing. Seriously, season two has a writer on staff that HAS to be into mind control/brainwashing/freezing/statues. I watched 4 episodes yesterday and it just keeps popping up. A guy who can freeze anything he touches, another one who can turn people to stone, not to mention Hydra's sudden interest in brainwashing everyone...but I digress.
[Hypnotists Note: Apparently I need to rewatch Agents of Shield!]
    Anyway I had a short dream that was rather Halloween-themed in nature that I thought you might like! There was this park that I was in with Cheyenne, Abigail, and Kimmy, and I don't know or remember why exactly we were in costume but I can only assume it was for a Halloween party. In any case, I was dressed as a witch, Kimmy was Catwoman, Cheyenne was a cowgirl, and Abigail was a magician. As we were walking through the park we saw this guy standing against a tree, and just as we were about to pass by he smiled at us and asked if we wanted to see a trick. He was wearing a suit and a cape so he could have easily passed for a magician, too. Given that we were all in the spirit of Halloween, we walked over to him. He looked over the four of us and, with a smile, he said he was going to need a volunteer first. Before we could backpedal, Abigail volunteered and moved to stand next to him. With another smile, he looked her over in her costume and said that he was going to put a spell on her. She looked at him for a moment and started laughing, clearly not believing him. But as she stood there, giggling, he touched her gently on the arm. As soon as he did her body jerked in surprise and then just seemed to stop moving. Her eyes were wide as she stared ahead at us, but when we looked closer we could see that she was still breathing, just unable to move. He glanced back at us and then to Abigail again, telling her that he was going to be his devoted assistant for the night and would do whatever he asked of her. Still unmoving, she repeated that she would do whatever he asked of her. As the man let go of her, she blinked as her body relaxed again, then looked over at the man, smiling as she asked what she could do to assist him.
    The man smirked a bit and asked her who the most stubborn of the group was. Without any hesitation, Abigail motioned to Kimmy as the man turned and looked into her eyes. Smiling, he asked if that was true and if that meant she was the least likely to become his slave. Kimmy rolled her eyes and sarcastically agreed, even though she never moved away from him. He moved closer, never looking away from her eyes as he firmly told her how attractive she found him. She brushed off the comment and laughed, but it didn't affect the man at all...instead he motioned her closer. Without even realizing that she was moving, she took a few steps forward. He smiled and told her she was aroused from being so close to him and waited for her response. She looked like she was struggling with herself, even as her face and neck flushed with arousal. Seeing this, he moved in even closer to her, so that he was almost nose to nose, and said something about her knowing what she needed to do. She tried her hardest to keep struggling, but finally she inched closer to the man until he leaned in and began kissing her deeply. Her body jerked in the same way Abigail’s had as she leaned into the kiss, even smiling into it. After a few moments he broke the kiss and her arms fell limp at her sides, head still tilted in the same position. Her eyes were closed, her face slack and relaxed, and she too was unmoving. The man looked between Cheyenne and me, then placed his index finger under Kimmy's chin to raise her head, and told her to open her eyes. She did so, staring ahead at us with a blank, empty expression on her face as he asked who she was. Slowly, she answered him, by telling her name and referring to him as master. With a satisfied smile, he placed his finger on her forehead to first push her head back, then lower her to her knees. Once she was kneeling, he looked back to the two of us and then over to Kimmy, asking his slave who should be turned into a statue for the night.
    Staring ahead vacantly, Kimmy answered that Cheyenne should be, which caused her to take a few steps back in hesitation. As she looked between everyone, struggling with an answer, the man vanished in a flash of blue light and appeared behind Cheyenne. Of course, she was none the wiser. Without waiting for her to answer, the man gently touched the back of her head, almost like he was stroking her hair, and she let out a gasp. For a moment I wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or surprise, and all I could do was wonder while her eyes widened as her body ultimately came to a stop. While I looked her over carefully, almost admiring her frozen form, he turned to me and asked if I had figured out what he was yet. Looking from Cheyenne to Abigail to Kimmy, I responded that I was a little too distracted to try and piece everything together, but the answer didn't seem to phase him as he turned to Kimmy and placed a finger under her chin to raise her to her feet. He moved behind her and looked over to me with a smile while two fangs extended and he lowered his mouth to her neck. I continued watching as her eyes rolled up into her head while her face relaxed and she slowly slumped back into his arms, where he gently laid her down on the ground. He looked back to me and said he needed two vampires, temporarily of course, and that it was my choice as to who his victims would be. I nodded to the now unconscious Kimmy and Abigail without a word. He raised his hand as he looked at Kimmy and I watched as she floated to her feet and opened her eyes, now glowing a pale yellow, as her own set of fangs extended. Then he motioned for Abigail to come closer, and of course since she was still happy to "assist", she smiled happily and stood next to him. His hand waved down over her face as her eyes closed instantly, leaving her asleep on her feet. With an indulgent smile, he moved behind her and let his fangs sink deep into her neck. She swayed on her feet for a moment before falling back into Kimmy's waiting arms. He waved his hand over her as well and she floated back upright, eyes glowing and fangs extending.
    Looking between his two new vampires, he moved next to Kimmy and asked her who she wanted while the two of them surveyed those of us who were left. She looked at the two of us and moved toward Cheyenne, who was still very much frozen at that point, and let her hand trail along her frozen form lightly. Kimmy leaned over her neck and bit down, slowly at first, almost as if she were waiting for a reaction that wasn’t going to come. After what seemed like only a few seconds, Kimmy stopped and licked the spot where her fangs had been. Seeing that she was finished, the vampire  moved in front of Cheyenne and stared deeply into her eyes. Both of their eyes glowed for an instant before he leaned in and began to kiss her. Once the kiss was broken, Cheyenne unfroze and slumped into the waiting arms of Kimmy, who threw her over her shoulder and looked over to the vampire. Again his eyes glowed, as did hers, and she responded with a simple “yes, master” before vanishing in a flash of light. At that point I happened to notice that Abigail was missing, but it was a short lived realization as I felt a hand on my shoulder and instantly felt my body go rigid. All I could do was stand there and stare blankly ahead until his eyes filled my field of vision and began to glow. As I stared helplessly into them, I felt his teeth sink into my neck...and the moment they did I started to orgasm over and over. I don't know how many times I came or how long it lasted, but eventually I passed out into Abigail's arms. I must have been in and out of consciousness at that point (ironic, considering this was a dream to begin with) because at some point I felt myself being lowered onto my bed, and saw Abigail and the vampire standing over it. Actually that was pretty much the last thing I saw, because then the vampire placed a hand on Abigail's shoulder and she slumped into his arms, and as he threw her over his shoulder, he waved a hand down over my face and everything went black.
    And now I've got vampires on the brain...great! In any case, this was part one as it were...there were...additions...last night that I'll be sure to tell you about at some point. But for now, I hope you enjoyed it! But I think that now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Cheyenne, Abigail, Kimmy, and Sleepygirl

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