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Vampires of the Masquerade - SHR - Part 4

 Sleepygirl finally wakes from her slumber, believing that she is a witch at a costume party. A witch more than capable of casting spells and causing some chaos.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 10-25-2014
Subject: I’ll put a spell on you!

    Apparently I was wrong and we aren't caught up on my dreams. Well, we actually were, but I have more to add as of last night and it will probably be long forewarned.
    I was still on the bench next to Jackie and Erica, all of us still unconscious along with the five or so others that were sitting there with us, when a man approached us and started looking over the girls. He went down the line, looking over them one by one until he finally stopped in front of me and Erica, then gently moved her off of my lap. She landed with a soft thud on the bench as his hands started to slide up my legs to my stomach, across my dress, and up to my breasts, where he massaged them for a few minutes, stroking the nipples through the fabric, and moving his hands up to my shoulders and neck. I felt his breath on me as his nose brushed mine, his hand gently tilted my head up and he started to slowly kiss me. His tongue slid into my mouth and rubbed against mine while his hand moved back to my breasts and began to caress them again. There was a soft click as the circuits in my outfit began to activate and I started to stir as my body finally woke up. My eyes opened and I smiled in the kiss as I slid my hands up his arms to his neck and through his hair, feeling sexy and playful thanks to the programming running through my mind. A few moments later the man broke the kiss and looked at me with a satisfied, smug look on his face, looking me over in the dress again and asking me “who do you obey?” With a smile, I took hold of the wand that came with my dress and cast a spell on him to put him to sleep. Part of my programming, apparently, was knowing how to cast spells…as any witch should. As he slumped to the floor I looked around, noticing that there were an unusual amount of people that were awake and unaffected by their costumes. Naturally, I had to fix that. I saw Laura and Cheyenne from where I was still sitting and decided to recruit them to help me wake up some of the men who I could see were still unconscious from their own outfits.
    I made my way through the crowds and over to the table that the two of them were sitting at, talking and drinking. They didn't notice me heading toward them so I sat down at their booth and began talking to them. Laura looked at me and, being the only other one familiar with the circuits in the dress, made a comment about it being turned on now. Of course, Cheyenne was completely confused by that. Being affected by the dress, I wasn't really aware that there was circuitry in it thanks to my programming, but I went along with it anyway and agreed that I did and casually mentioned how good it felt. Before Laura could explain what we were talking about to Cheyenne, I quickly interrupted her and explained that I needed their help to turn on the outfits of some of the men in the club. Surprisingly, they agreed and followed as I led them over to some of them. Laura was understandably confused, seeing that they were all asleep and not seeming to remember everything about how the outfits worked when Cheyenne questioned how exactly they were supposed to wake the men up, then tried to do so by shaking him. The only thing that did was make him fall over…it’s always nice to see that my dreams can have a comedic element to them, too. I smiled and moved to one of the men to demonstrate, sliding my hand gently up his arm and under his chin, tilting it up and kissing him deeply and slowly. After a few moments he started to stir and his hands slid down my back to my butt, then back up around my waist until he finally broke the kiss a few moments later. One by one the three of us woke up the rest of the men on the bench, taking the opportunity to kiss them and feel them up as we did. Most of the men went on their way once they were awake, but several were quite flirty with us after we started kissing them. The man Laura had chosen seemed especially taken with her, and vice versa, as he ran his hand gently up her arm and leaned in to whisper something into her ear while she blushed. Once we'd woken all of them up, I took three of them aside and cast a spell on them to make them nice and obedient, then sent them on their way to wake up some more of the girls in the club. Laura was still too busy flirting to notice, but when I looked over to Cheyenne she seemed confused as to why I could even do that. Having done what I needed to do, I walked away from them and back over to the other bench where the unconscious girls still sat slumped over on one another.
    The men we’d woken up began walking up to the girls to wake them one at a time, making sure to take their time and enjoy them properly, before finally kissing them awake. Eventually, two of them made their way over to Jackie and Erica, and the man in front of Jackie gently lifted her head and bent down to kiss her gently while his tongue slid into her mouth and his hands ran over the catsuit she was wearing. The man in front of Erica, meanwhile, sat her upright on the bench and started to feel her up through her outfit and pulled her face to his, kissing her deeply. After a few moments, both girls opened their eyes. Erica smiled in the kiss and giggled a little, then pulled the man closer to her and began to kiss him deeper. Meanwhile, Jackie pulled away from him, breaking the kiss and regarding him with a curious expression. It only took a few moments, though, for the two of them to pull the men away toward the rest of the party as the rest of the girls woke up little by little. As I stood back and watched the others, the ones whose outfits were turned on anyway, they began to head toward the other men who were still unconscious on the bench opposite of them. Not far from them were Kimmy, Klaire, Stacy, and Jill. I snuck around toward them to see what they were up to and, once I got closer, saw that Klaire and Stacy were on their knees with their heads down, eyes open, and Kimmy was using them as arm rests. Jill was kneeling as well, licking Kimmy's feet. While I watched the three of them I noticed a man approaching from the side, his costume was similar to Don Juan and as he walked up to Kimmy he took a rose that he'd been holding in his mouth and offered it to her. She hesitated for a moment, but eventually took it from him, and as she did he gently took her hand and kissed the back of it. She gave him a look of surprise as he moved behind her and slid his hand from hers and up her arm, leaning down and whispering in her ear seductively. She looked up at him, obviously caught off guard by his advances, and as she turned her head he reached his hand up and slid a finger along her chin, stroking it softly and tilting her head closer to him in the process. For a brief moment, she seemed like she wanted to argue, but as his other hand started softly rubbing her shoulder, she began to lose herself in the moment. He took advantage of this, leaning in again and whispering in her ear. Her eyes closed for a moment and it almost looked like her face was flushed with arousal,  but before she could say or do anything he pulled her to him and began to kiss her deeply. She gasped, still somehow surprised at his forwardness, but after a moment she was returning the kiss as his hands roamed her body and moved down her chest to her breasts, caressing them and flipping the switch on her costume in the process. As the circuits in the outfit turned on, I could clearly see her struggling between her newfound vampire powers and the power of the circuitry. Her eyes glowed yellow for a brief moment before fading back to their normal color, and the fangs slowly retracted as the circuits took over. As they did she began to go limp in his arms, relaxing more and more by the minute until her eyes finally fluttered closed. Her body finally gave out as she slumped against him, completely unconscious.
    As the man carried her limp body away, Klaire, Jill, and Stacy all seemed to snap back to life as Kimmy's spell on them was broken. All three of them looked around with obviously confused looks on their faces, with no memory of how they'd gotten to the party or why they were there in the first place. Seeing this, I walked up to the three and began talking to them. I tried to explain to them that they were at a costume party, but Klaire and Stacy said the last thing they remembered was looking into Kimmy's eyes, Jill didn't answer but looked around and blushed instead. While they talked among themselves, I managed to get the attention of several of the men I enthralled with my spell earlier and motioned them closer. While they snuck over and the girls were still distracted, I moved over to Klaire and reached out to activate the switch on her cavegirl costume. She gasped and jerked as the circuits activated, leaving her swaying on her feet. I moved between Jill and Stacy and in one motion reached out to flip the switches on their outfits as well. At once, both of their bodies jerked and their eyes flew open, leaving them just as unsteady on their feet. They looked over to me and the men, who'd managed to get close enough to be in range to catch them when they fell, and tried to ask what was going on. Before they could get any words out, the circuits finished activating and their eyes fluttered shut and they started to fall into the waiting arms of the men. As they started to carry the girls away, I noticed two other men nearby also walking off with Erica and Jackie thrown over their shoulders. The man carrying Erica walked her over to the display of unconscious girls near the stage and laid her down next to one of the couches, then retreated back into the crowds.
As I was about to head back into the crowd of people, myself, I felt a hand on my shoulder while my body jerked to a stop. Everything paused as a voice began to whisper into my ear, and moments later the hand let go of my shoulder as everything returned to normal. I moved back through the crowds, feeling a desire to head back over to the unconscious men that were still waiting for their costumes to be activated. I walked around and admired them, occasionally stopping to feel some of their bodies and enjoying them to the fullest, of course. I'm not sure how long that went on, but that was what was happening when the dream ended. Not that i'm complaining. And not that I thought you’d complain either. But now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jackie, Erica, Laura, Cheyenne, Kimmy, Klaire, Stacy, Jill,  and Sleepygirl

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