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Driveabout - The Dog Trainer

Key:  MC, MD, M/F

    It had been a few days since the cruise ship dropped him and Veo off at the port. The angel had some tasks to do so she flew away to tend to them while Xander decided he was going to see if he could figure out where his heart was telling him to be.  He had a longing to keep going, to find a new place to set down roots for a while, but he wasn’t sure where he was going to end up.

    He was moving through the southern part of California, he could travel in just about any way he wanted but he had found a man selling a jet black pick up truck that he just had to have. After some intense negotiations, and more then one hypnotic suggestion, he was able to argue the man down from $30,000 to a much more reasonable $37.50. It had been years since he had driven through California and he loved the scenery, the mixture of mountains and forests that was unique to the locale never seemed to change.

    But as he was driving something caught his eye, less of a visual and more of a memory. There was a weekly dog show at an arena just outside of Sacramento, and as he caught sight of it a flood of memories came rushing to him. It had been nearly… 25 years since he had been here, back in a time when he was, again, searching for a new home.  Something gave him pause then, something that made him pull over and go inside.  That’s where he met Heather, one of the trainers.  She was beautiful, 20 years old, long brown hair, and a body that wouldn’t quit. He had decided to take a more classic approach with her instead of using his powers and natural abilities. He had used pure hypnotic suggestions, and it worked flawlessly on her. Over the course of a dinner he had managed to hypnotize her, seduce her, and eventually drain her of her energy. Of course she wouldn’t have remembered anything of it except for a very erotic dream. But he remembered it vividly. Ah, the memories.

    Being filled with nostalgia he couldn’t help but pull into the arena and get out. The show had already started but it was a slow day. He bought a ticket and made his way inside. He didn’t expect to really see anything, or anyone, he was really only there to enjoy the memory that this place was making flood back to him. 

    Not much had changed in 25 years, a new coat of paint on most things, a fresh color or logo here and there. But all in all it was the same. The people were different, of course.  Various trainers on the field were showing off the routines that they and their trusted companions had worked so hard to perfect. It was a sight to see, even if it didn’t really catch his interest. But then he saw something that did. On the field working with what a normal person would think was just a massive German Shepherd, but what he knew was called a Malinos. He knew it because it was the kind of dog that Heather kept, and although the dog was not the same animal the trainer was most definitely Heather.

    As he watched her move he could hardly believe it. To say she hadn’t changed would have been ridiculous. She had, however, matured magnificently.  Her long hair had been replaced with a shoulder length cut. And her petite 20 year old frame had filled out into a beautiful 45 year old woman in every way. She had strong muscular legs that she was showing off with a pair of tight running shorts and a strong upper body.  She had easily gained 2 cup sizes from when he had last seen her, and she was showing those off with a nice tight sports bra under a mesh shirt.  She was just as beautiful as the day he last saw her.  And then an idea came screaming to mind….

    The show wrapped up about 45 minutes later, and the trainers were busy getting their dogs situated for the evening. They had another show the next day, so most were being put up in a high class equivalent of a kennel.  Xander strategically placed himself near the exit door of that kennel and waited patiently. A few minutes later his patience was rewarded when Heather walked out of the kennel. She was basically wearing the same thing, but her hair had been pulled into a ponytail through the hole in the back of her ball cap. As she walked past, Xander stepped out from where he was hiding, directly into her path then immediately stopped “Oh I am terribly sorry miss, I didn’t see you here, excuse me, pardon me…” he said making sure that she got a good look at his face as he did. He was not disappointed in her response.

    Heather looked at Xander with a strange look of recognition and disbelief. When an incubus drains his victims they wake up the next morning remembering only a dream. The more they are drained the less this fake reality holds and eventually they remember the incubus and the reality of the situation. But Heather had only encountered Xander once before. And from her perspective, she was literally looking at a man she had no recollection of ever seeing, but with whom she felt a very strong connection, and latent attraction. “No, it’s… it’s ok. Do I know you?” she asked, trying to place Xander as best she could even though no real memories came to her mind.

    Xander tried to hide his devious grin, but when that failed he played it off as flattery as he extended a hand toward his former conquest. “I’m pretty sure I would remember if I knew a woman as lovely as you, and a minor celebrity to boot.”

    Heather blushed a bit at the compliment and took his hand to shake. “I wouldn’t say celebrity, but I swear I know you… from… long ago?” She seemed almost confused as her mind started to put together that her memory of Xander was not a recent one. She didn’t notice that Xander never let go of her hand.

    Xander gently slid his other hand along the back of Heather’s, looking into her eyes. “Anything is possible, miss. Tell me, as you… look back to when you think you knew me, as you let the thoughts and feelings of that time, just seem to… come to your mind now… is it a happy memory?”

    Heather almost seemed to gasp a bit as Xander watched her eyes slowly dilate, a clear sign that she was slipping into a trance, as all humans do when they sink into their own memories. “Yes…” she whispered “it’s a very nice, very … um… warm memory.” Her cheeks flushed a bit as she looked away for a second then looked back, the dilation still present in her pupils.

    Xander took a step closer to her, still sliding his hand along the back of hers. “And in this memory, I’m sure that you realize, miss… that you could trust me completely, that there was this… connection…between us “ He took a moment to move his hand from the back of hers, first to slide gently up to touch his chest, and then gently out to touch hers, just above her breast. Then he slid his hand back to hers.  “You can see that now… can’t you miss…?”

    “Heather… my name is Heather.” she replied as her face took on a slightly relaxed look. “And yes, wherever I know you from, I know I can trust you. Is that weird?” she asked, a little confused by her own feelings.

    Xander smiled, remembering just how lovely she was the first time she fell under his spell. Although he realized that he wasn’t really using any of his more magical abilities, just good old fashioned hypnotic phrasing. He figured if it was working he wasn’t going to complain. “It’s not weird at all, the only thing that would be weird now, miss Heather, would be if you were to somehow fail to see this opportunity for what it is… and accept my offer to dinner now.”

    Heather smiled, although her eyes remained blissfully glazed “Of course, just… just let me clean up and change first, please?” she asked, a little nervous that he might say no.

    “Of course miss….” He said sliding her hand up to his lips and kissing the back of it. “I’ll see you… in an hour. Hotel restaurant. That’s ok with you now… isn’t it Heather?”  Heather nodded her head in agreement as Xander turned and walked away, holding her hand for as long as he could and, even then, sliding his hand from hers very slowly. Letting it linger.  And then never looking back.

    Heather looked at him with her heart racing, eyes still showing the effects of Xander’s hypnotic language skills that he was so proud of. She took a deep breath, exhaled, and shook her head to clear it a bit.  She didn’t know why but something about this encounter made her so excited. In fact as she though back on it, she hadn’t felt this way in nearly 25 years!


    An hour later, right on cue, Heather walked into the hotel restaurant. She looked a little nervous as she looked around, almost self conscious. She was wearing a pair of shorts that showed off her legs and a green blouse that was tight enough to show off her curves but loose enough to be respectable. Although she almost seemed nervous about wearing it. 

    Xander spotted her the moment she came in and maneuvered himself behind her, gently poking her in the sides.  She let out an honest-to-god mouse squeak and spun around at high speed to face Xander. When she saw it was him her face instantly turned beet red, a mix of emotions played out in her expression. Embarrassment, fascination, self consciousness, all clearly on display. She tried to compose herself as best as she could. “I’m sorry, I… I didn’t mean to squeak… and I’m sorry about the outfit, I wasn’t expecting a date, I didn’t have anything more…”

    Xander cut her off by putting a single finger against her lips. “You look beautiful, I wasn’t expecting you to have packed a ball gown.” She smiled as the blush deepened a bit. He offered her his arm and she accepted it as they walked to their table.

    Now most people think that seduction, especially for an incubus, is a fast process, and from time to time you would be right. But honestly people have to eat, and so do incubi, and nothing seduces a woman better than sitting down and letting her talk, letting her get to know you, letting her feelings and emotions play out… over and over again in her mind. A few conversational hypnosis suggestions here and there don’t hurt either, honestly. And after an hour of eating, an hour of talking, Heather was completely at peace. And Xander was ready to make his move, he just needed the right opening. Which, conveniently for our story, Heather was just about to provide…

    “So…” she started with a smile, her hand was extended across the table and wrapped around Xanders, while his free hand slowly caressed the back of hers. “...What is something that almost no one knows about you?” She said with a playful eyebrow wiggle.

    “Well… what most people don’t know about me… or remember about me…” he said with a wink “is that I’m a skilled hypnotist.” Exactly the opener he had used on her 25 years ago.

    And just like 25 years ago Heather started to giggle as her mouth dropped in shock “No way!” She let the comment hang a moment as Xander’s grin didn’t fade in the slightest “Are you serious?” Xander only nodded a bit, the grin growing ever so slightly as he watched her fall into the trap for the second time in her life, exactly like the first. And finally came the line he knew was coming, but longed to hear again. “Oh you have to show me!”

    Xander basked in that experience for a moment. After all, how many people get to live out the same perfect fetish moment with the same girl, the exact same way, for a second time? But the conversation wasn’t over yet. He looked at her with a grin and asked. “Are you volunteering, Heather?”

    Heather sat up in her chair with a look of surprise like she didn’t believe he had to ask, never once letting go of his hand. She quickly leaned back in and said just as excitedly as she had 25 years ago “Hell yes! Hypnotize me!”

    Xander had shivers, but he knew the final part of the conversation would be his favorite. He rubbed the back of Heather’s hand gently and asked “And what would you like me to do to you… anything in particular, anything you want me to avoid?”  He said the last part with a flirty eyebrow wiggle.
Heather caught the eyebrow wiggle and grinned, leaning in a bit more as she said in her own seductive voice. “No restrictions big boy, if you think you can hypnotize me, prove it. If you can make me do something, well then I guess I can’t stop you… after all… I’m hypnotized,  or at least that’s what you’re telling me will happen.” She added her own eyebrow wiggle.

    Xander nearly vibrated himself through the chair. It was perfect, a word for word reenactment of what had happened 25 years earlier. He couldn’t believe it, and the best part was about to begin. The previous time, however, he had used his hypnotic energy to hypnotize Heather. This time… this time he was going to use something more tactile. He slid his hand along hers gently, and slowly, looked into her eyes and lowered his voice to be nice and soothing.

    “Heather….” he began “I want you to just focus on my words now, I want you to simply let them, slide into you, gently, and easily.  Sliding ever so deeply into you, All the way inside. Just let yourself begin to feel exactly how good it is to just relax. As you feel these words sliding into you, easily and deeply.  You can feel my hand, softly, slowly, stroking the back of yours. You know you're safe… you know where you are…. But you can find yourself just getting slowly, and easily, pulled into my words.  Every word just seems to help you to relax. And let go. To let the world around you simply… fade away… into the ether. All that matters is my words. And the feeling of my hand sliding along yours. And just let yourself look into my eyes, let yourself feel your gaze… Drifting into my eyes. All the way down, just feeling the pull, gently and easily… sliding you down. Letting my… words…. Enter you. Letting my hands help you to relax, and let go. And letting my eyes simply help you… to sink…. Deeper… and deeper. Into a deep, soothing,  relaxed state now.  So deep… so relaxed.  You can simply let everything fade away, and enjoy my words, enjoy my touch, my eyes,  you can simply enjoy… and sleep.”

    Heathers face had become very slack during the course of his paragraph. The grip on Xander’s hand had become looser, and more relaxed. Near the end her eyes lids had slid almost halfway closed and were fluttering rapidly as she struggled to keep them open, but slipped even more deeply down than she had been earlier.  The final word let her eyes close almost instantly, although you could still see them fluttering under her eyelids. And a soft sigh escaped her lips. Other than that her posture remained the same. Xander gently slid from his side of the table onto the bench next to Heather. His right hand never left hers, but his left gently caressed along her shoulder. To a person watching it would have looked like their date was going very well, indeed. No one would notice that she was asleep in her chair… hypnotized.

    Xander leaned in and whispered into her ear. Whispered about how she could feel her passion growing the more she relaxed. How she could simply let go and enjoy every feeling that she was beginning to feel. His tail, which had been hidden in his jeans, slowly crept out and slid along her leg, coiling along her inner thigh, and sliding just a bit higher.

    He sat there working her deeper and deeper into her trance for some time. Slowly letting her emotions build inside of her while her own desires reemerged. His tail wiggled along the seam of her shorts and slide inside…her…. shorts, of course. As it did her eyes opened about a quarter of the way. But her eyes themselves were rolled up into her head, flickering, so all you could see was the whites of her eyes as she let out a soft gasp. He started to describe to her how she could feel the pleasure building in her body, how she could see it. How it had a color. A texture. Her response was to start to breathe a bit more quickly in shorter, faster breaths as she inhaled sharply. He had to grin as he felt her legs spread just a bit under the table.

    “Just imagine if you could see that color, the color of pleasure. Building, growing inside of you. If you could… feel it as it gets brighter, deeper. As this color fills every part of your body. More and more. Soon it would be too much for your body to hold. Too much and it would start to spill out into the air around you. Forming a bubble around your body. Just let yourself see this bubble, feel it. All the pleasure just moving around you, inside of you. Growing with every passing breath.”

    Heather’s eyes were fluttering rapidly in her head, as her breathing… or something else, seemed to make her body convulse just a bit more and more with each and every word he said.

    “Soon that color, the color of pleasure, gets so thick. So strong. That it starts to grow beyond this room and out into the world. Soon the whole state is covered in this color, and it keeps growing. Deeper and deeper, brighter, and stronger. And growing more and more… Soon the color, the energy of pleasure covers the whole planet… and you are its heart, you are its center. You are its core.”

    Heather was squeezing Xander’s hand tightly as her breathing was almost a pant at this point. Her eyes were rolled up so much that her eyelids were nearly half way open and all you could see was the whites of her eyes, still fluttering.

    “And as the color, grows and fills the whole world, it has to return to its source, return to where it started, return and flood back into you.  And in a moment you will feel all of that color, the color of pure pleasure, flow back into you all at once. So you can feel a world's worth of pleasure all at the same time…  1…. Getting ready to feel that pleasure… 2… flooding back into you with all it’s force and strength…. And 3… just feel it all flood back into you, and let yourself enjoy the reward of this world full of pure, pure pleasure now.”

    As he finished the induction he might have also jerked his tail a few times, but that’s neither here nor there. The effects of all of this had Heather squeeze his hand with everything she had and let out several short gasps.  He whispered that she could feel the pleasure without making any noise. And she seemed to simply shake against him. While he held her and smiled, looking around the restaurant. No one in the restaurant, not a single person, noticed what was happening.

    After a few moments her breathing returned to normal and he nuzzled against her ear. He whispered a final suggestion into her entranced mind and the hypnotized woman nodded her head slowly. Xander gave a grin as he moved back to the seat that he started in. Holding her hands like he had when he started.  Still holding her hands, sitting across from her as if nothing had happened.  His tail coiling back into his jeans as he spoke. “In a moment you will awaken, you will remember being hypnotized, and just how exciting, and… stimulating you found it now Heather. But all other suggestions will be forgotten, lost in the void.  1… 2…. 3… Wide awake.”

    Heather took a deep breath as her eyes opened and she looked around quickly, then back at Xander a look of realization crossing her lips. “You did it… didn’t you?  You actually hypnotized me!”

    Xander simply smiled “Of course? Was there ever any doubt?”

    After hours of simply talking and flirting, Xander told Heather good night. She walked back to her hotel room with a spring in her step. She felt like a school girl after her first date. “And he was such a gentleman!” She thought to herself as she opened her hotel and walked inside, unconsciously flipping the door to the unlocked position as she closed it behind her.

    She sat down on the bed looking out the window and sighed.  It had been such a lovely day, a lovely evening. Almost like a dream. And then it hit her, she had seen Xander in a dream. That’s where she knew him! “But that's impossible… isn’t it?” She asked herself out loud.  She was so preoccupied that she never noticed her hotel room door softly creak open behind her.  She giggled a bit out loud as she thought to herself “I literally just had a date with the man of my dreams.”

    She continued to giggle and even blush a little until she heard Xander say “Dreamtime Heather.” 

    Heather sighed, she didn’t even have time to realize he was there, didn’t consciously acknowledge the words, she simply slipped back into a trance. She turned to face Xander, who was standing at the foot of her bed. Her face had a seductive grin, but her eyes were glazed and vacant. She started to crawl on all fours towards Xander and stopped at the very edge of her bed, sitting back on her butt with her hands on her knees, almost like a dog would sit, looking up at him with a grin.

    Xander slid his hands slowly along her stomach and hooked her shirt,  gently lifting it up and off of her body revealing her forest green bra, and the wonderful assets that filled it out. He slid his hands along her cheeks and cupped her face. Leaning in and giving her a passionate kiss. All he could think was “she tastes just as good as I remembered!”

    Around midnight the door to Heather’s hotel room opened, and Xander quietly moved into the hallway. In the hotel room you could see Heather, sound asleep on her bed, her bare right leg and right arm hanging off the bed, gently resting on the floor. He had covered her body so she would not be cold. But he loved just how spent she looked, a small grin visible on her otherwise completely limp face.  He set the door to lock as he pulled it closed, turned and walked down the hotel hallway. When he was sure no one was around he jumped up into the air and did several fist pumps in excitement before going back to his calm demeanor and walking casually down the hall.

    The next morning Heather stirred, a bit later then she had intended. “I must have been completely drained last night” she thought ironically as she pulled herself out of bed. “I don’t even remember coming back to my room…  but wow! What a dream!”

The End... For Now

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