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Thief In The Mind - Part 5, The Beginning

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To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Subject: OMG! I got hit on… IN UNIFORM!
Sent: March 8th 20XX 9:14 AM

    Morning Sis!
    So last night I was just about to get off duty and spend a nice quiet night at home, curled up in pajamas and blankets watching some TV, when we got a call about a fight at one of the nightclubs. The one down on 6th street, you know the one where you got caught on YouTube making out with the guy from the band…and Dad saw it. God you were so red when he showed you the video! Hahahaha!

    Anyway, we got there just in time to see these five guys that had been arguing for the last 15 minutes finally come to blows. It was kind of scary actually, they were all big guys. Of course your Sis is one tough cookie, but there were also only three of us who responded so we were outnumbered. 

    Fortunately, and oddly, a man stepped in to help calm the fight. It was the weirdest thing I have seen in a while. He literally just got up and started talking to the men, mentioning how easy it would be to just follow his voice. And to relax. I swear for a minute I saw one of the other officers start to relax. I gave him a nice hard nudge, that’s just completely unprofessional given the situation. But amazingly, the man managed to talk the men into surrendering. We really didn’t have enough to hold them, they didn’t get into much of a scuffle so we sent them home and they all just marched out, just kind of mellowed out. It was weird.

    Well for report purposes, we had to interview the people involved, and guess who I got to interview? I’m assuming, since you’re my sister, that you figured out I got to interview the guy that broke up the fight.  He was a strange guy actually. He had a bit of a british accent not so much in the way he said things but in what he said. He liked to use large words unnecessarily, which was kind of annoying. So I got to talking to him about what happened and he claims he’s a hypnotist and that's how he was able to break up the fight. Whatever, dude.

    Then, in the middle of me talking to him he hits me with this line about how good I look in my uniform, and bluntly asks me if I would like to have a drink with him.  It was ridiculous. He wasn’t even that cute and his attitude made him come across as more creepy than anything else.  Of course, being in uniform I could have just tased him, or shot him. I kinda liked the idea of shooting him but that would have been unprofessional. I politely turned him down and left.

    Crazy night, stupid weird guy. And you know what the worst part is? I heard they are building a new hypnosis themed nightclub down by the university.  That's really all we need around here is a nightclub full of people who think they are mind controllers right next to a building full of college kids that think they already know everything.  Ugghhh this town is weird.

    Anyways Mom wants me to check in on you after the weekend to make sure you didn’t drink yourself into a coma. I told her that you don’t drink and she just about died laughing. Your secret is out Sis, sorry.

    Love you, be safe and I’ll talk to you later.


To: Thief’s Apprentice
From: Thief In The Mind
Subject: Preparation
Sent: March 8th 20XX 4:29 AM

    Greetings Pupil,

    You will be pleased to know that I have arrived safely in New Chicago. The city itself is quite nice, a wonderful mix of architecture from different periods all mixed together. A bit too cold for my tastes, however.

    The first thing you should do when you arrive in a new city is to begin your preparations. You need to get a feel for the lay of the land, recruit assets if you need them. Discover places to go so that you can hide out or recruit. In that vein I decided to spend the evening last night at a seedy little nightclub.  I wasn’t very impressed to be sure. It was quite run down and the liquor was definitely bottom shelf. The perfect place to recruit muscle, as well as some other assets.

    It is of the utmost importance in any city that you have at least one member of the local police force on your side. Most entrepreneurs would simply pay them off, but we are hypnotists and we should hold ourselves to a much higher standard. After all, when an informant and asset has no idea they are an asset it makes you that much harder to catch. And can also give you a layer of protection.

    Finding a police officer is usually not all that difficult, however you want to make them come to you. Given this night club’s patrons it was quite easy to pick a few of the more sober meatheads that arrived and work them into a trance. You have to make sure they are sober, as alcohol and drugs hinder trance. It is a common misconception that being inebriated will aid a person into going into hypnosis. This is complete rubbish.

    So once your hypnotized henchmen are under your sway you simply have them start a little argument and wait for the police to arrive. From there you can pick the ones that suit you the best and work on them.  Normally I try to stay out of the confrontation and simply stick around for the usual question gathering phase of the operation. But this time was different. This time she was there.

    Her name was Officer Jennifer Cartwright, and she was magnificent. Long brown hair, although I didn’t know it at the time, it amazes me how women get that much hair into such a small bun! She was fit, and strong and her uniform made her look not only professional and intimidating but absolutely beautiful. I had to have her.

    I figured the best way to get her attention was to do something that made me the center of attention. So just as my hypnotized henchmen were about to start a fight I jumped into the middle of the brawl, and used my hypnotic sway to make them stop. The two male officers with her were quite impressed and one slipped under just a bit. But my dear Officer Cartwright noticed and nudged him to wake him up. She will be quite the prize.

    With my little distraction over, and my henchmen following a suggestion to head home, the police began the usual phase of questioning the witnesses for their reports. I made sure to position myself in the area of the club where Officer Cartwright was doing her interviews. She did not seem too impressed by me however. There is no accounting for taste.

    When you are being questioned by a police officer remember that they are trained to listen to every word you say, carefully. This keeps their conscious mind occupied and opens their subconscious mind to the suggestions you can slip into the conversation. And since she was asking me about my little hypnotic trick it was easy to work the right themes into the conversation. I will endeavour to replicate what I said to her, this was in response to the question of what I did to break up the fight.  Take note, Pupil.

    “You see Officer, everyone can be hypnotized. The men in the fight, the girl behind the bar, even you. People can just simply, enter a trance, very easily without even realizing it now. Humans are designed, on every level, to just, focus, on what they are doing now, and as they do that, they can simply begin to lose track of things around them. Words and actions of others just seem to fade away now. And soon you start to enter a place where you can hear my words, but everything else just seems to fade away. There is no reason to pay attention to anything else, just my words miss.  Just focus on my words. After all the answers you seek, the answers to all of your questions are in my words now. You can see that can’t you… Officer Cartwright?”[a]

    As you can tell from the lines above I in no way, shape, or form attempted to answer her questions. Instead I simply started to answer them and then used the beginning to get her to focus on my words and open her up to suggestions. I was treated to a very focused and relaxed answer of ‘yes’ from the lovely officer.  No matter how many times I do that, it’s always a thrill.

    By this point in time she was open enough to accept a suggestion, and I worded this one specifically. “Officer Cartwright, if you were to find yourself now in a position where the person in front of you now were to ask you to join him for a drink, you’d find yourself so eager and willing to accept that drink now, isn’t that right?” 

    The entire question is designed to lead her to one specific conclusion, that yes is the correct answer, and yes is the answer that she gave.  I had her tell the other officers that she would be along in a bit and took her to a quiet table. To help her enjoy her… drink… I had her believe that it was an expensive restaurant. She of course had a steak dinner and a glass of the finest wine, while in reality it was a cheap beer and those disgusting fried clumps of mozzarella. I don’t see how you Americans can eat those things.

    It was wonderful watching her eyes glaze over the more I talked to her, and her expression take on a dreamy, flirty smile, all the while still in her uniform.  And oh that uniform, so lovely on her. I had to use it to finally put her under. I asked her if I could see her badge.  Never ask a cop to see their badge unless they are under, they won’t give it to you, or worse, they will as but while reading you your rights.

    With her badge in hand, a typical shield pattern with a picture of the main New Chicago police station on it, I would use the details and the contours of the badge to work her into a trance.

    “This is very important to you, isn’t it miss, it’s a part of you. It represents part of who you are, but also a part of what you believe in. Like yourself this badge is strong, and beautiful. You can see how the light reflects off of it, how the solid straight lines all stand out in the sun. Like you stand out among a crowd. You can see the design, a shield, shows your strength, your willingness to protect others. And at the center,  the center of both is the strength, the structure which means so much to you, and your group. And it’s that point that I want you to simply focus on now miss. Just focus on the center of the structure, the center of yourself, the heart of yourself. Feel it beating, one after another,  and just let it carry you away. Beat, by beat,  beat, beat, beat… sleep.”[b]

    By this point her eyes were closed and her body was relaxed,  a few suggestions implanted in her mind to turn her into a little mole in the police force for me. To have her look out for me subconsciously, she didn't’ remember any of it of course. That would create an issue with her conscious mind.

    Of course it was a risk but there was no way I was going to pass up a night with this lovely. She had the best little sports bra that she wore under her uniform, I had to keep that, a character flaw of mine perhaps, but it is what it is.  I of course had to send her home early enough that she could get some sleep for her next day of work.  After all, I need her at the police station more than in my bed. But just barely.

    Always protect yourself when you move to a new city, always co-opt a support group. And always add a member of the police force to your arsenal. Always!

    Regards, Pupil

    Thief in the mind

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Characters: Officer Jennifer, Cadet Lindsey, The Apprentice, and ThiefInTheMind

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