Kelli is a young, naive, and extremely excitable assistant to Alan Card, who is primarily tasked with helping the business man to assess up-and-coming start ups for acquisition. She has a natural ability to use her innocent appearance and attitude to lull potential acquisitions into a less guarded state of mind. All the while using her flirty nature to help seal the deal.

She is thing but well endowed, and her relatively short stature aids in her appearance as an innocent young woman just starting out. Her tendancy to wear extremely form fitting business suits and her fiery red hair make her stand out among a crown and instantly attracts attention to her.

As a recently turned vampire she is slowly discovering her new powers, and new appetites. She has recently learned that the only things she seems to enjoy more then using her feminine hypnotic wiles to lure men and women alike into her sway... is to end up hypnotically helpless to one of the more powerful and far older hypnotic creatures that the Spirals Nightclub has to offer.


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