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Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 8

Key: MC, MD, MF, Vore,

    Kaa took a moment to admire his handiwork. Jennifer’s body was completely limp as she laid on the jungle floor, having gone through hypnotic roleplays, a strip tease, stretching, and bound tickling. He smiled, pleased with himself. “Well…that wassss fun.” he said with a chuckle. But he still had one final idea in mind. “You can hear me now… can’t you girl cub?” he said as he leaned his head down to whisper into her ear.

    Jennifer let out a soft moan as her brain slowly woke just enough to slip from unconsciousness back into trance. She was just aware enough to respond with an exhausted “Yes…”

    Kaa let the rest of his body, which had been coiled in the tree above him for support, slide down to the ground and gently under Jennifer’s body. He scooped her up and let her recover as he watched the arousal continue to move through her body. He had denied her the release she wanted…and he planned to keep denying her until he was satisfied that she’d had enough.

    After letting her body recover for a few more moments, he tilted her into a somewhat standing position and braced her against his body. “You are free to move now girl cub…free to let your handssss flow along your body, along your sssskin, along every inch, every pleassssureable sssspot. Let yoursssself feel the reward that you have earned…and bring yoursssself, to climax for me, Jennifer.”

    Jennifer’s body shifted and came to life as she supported herself, still on her knees, while her hands began to slowly, delicately, slide along her stomach and her neck. As her hands wandered, her eyes remained closed and her face slack. Almost as if she were a sleepwalker, doing all of this in her sleep. Her deeply hypnotized sleep.

    She started to slowly spread her legs as the hand on her stomach moved up to caress her breasts. Kaa could see the difference in her movements, this was not a caress designed to show off for him…this was purely to bring herself pleasure. Her hands slowly cupped the bottom of her breasts and began to squeeze them, her fingers rippling along the curved skin of her mounds.

    Her head tipped back softly for just a moment before before her hand slowly rose and began to slide one of her fingers in a slow, lazy circle around her nipple. The movement, combined with the air against her skin, made the sensitive area instantly swell and stiffen. Meanwhile her other hand moved slowly along her neck, to her face, as her tongue licked the tip of her finger and slid the cool, sticky saliva along the opposite nipple. Once it was coated, she moved two fingers, one on either side, and started to slowly slide the sides of her fingers along the edge of her nipple. It wasn’t long before both had stiffened as her arousal continued to grow.

    Kaa watched her performance with great interest. The various ways that humans brought pleasure to themselves and others had always fascinated him. When they were out to tease another, to show off, they always moved in a certain, almost flashy, way. But there was nothing flashy about what Jennifer was doing now. She was pushing her own buttons like only she knew how...and the spectacle, Kaa thought, was far more engrossing than any human mating dance.

    He also couldn’t help but notice how effective this was for her. He could see her body temperature rising higher, to the level he had come to know as being near orgasm. Of course the moans escaping Jennifer as her body writhed and shivered were a good indication as well. He watched as she moved herself closer and closer to climax from the simple action of playing with her nipples, and, after enjoying it for a few more moments, slithered along the ground beside her until his head was next to her ear. “Freeze, Jennifer…” he whispered to her with a smile on his face.

    Jennifer froze in mid moan as her body sat on the edge of climax. Her heart raced, wanting...needing her release. But Kaa denied her and waited patiently as her body temperature cooled off, moving to whisper into her ear again. “For the resssst of the time you are in trance…you won’t be able to reach orgassssm by playing with your nipplessss alone. You’ll need…more...Jennifer.” He smiled and clicked his tail to unfreeze her.

    Jennifer sprang to life and continued to massage her breasts and moan…but to her surprise nothing happened. Her arousal would build and build, but she could never seem to climax. She was stuck at a plateau of arousal...and frustration.

    With her frustration and arousal building, Jennifer slid her right hand down to caress her stomach for a moment before sliding her hand down between her tightly squeezed legs. In order to give herself as much access as she could, she spread her legs and slipped a single finger between them. A smile crossed her face, frustration melting into pleasure as her arousal began to climb once again. She couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh through her sleepy lips as she slowly worked her middle finger around her clit. It was a slow, methodical movement, first clockwise for two rotations, then counterclockwise for two more rotations, then side to side three times. Finally, she put her finger to her clit and pressed it into her body like a primer button on an engine. Once, twice, thrice (yes that’s a word) until she let out another moan, before taking a deep breath and starting the cycle over.

    Kaa watched the scene before him, focusing less on what she was doing to herself and more on what was happening to her body. Flushes of deep, bright heat were filling her body as her temperature rose again, starting with her breasts and her clit and spreading through every part of her. Every movement seemed to add energy and speed to the flow of heat that was moving through her tiny frame, and every cycle of her finger on her clit made her moan louder.

    After several cycles on her clit, Jennifer’s mouth was now completely open and panting with every breath she took. Her hand palmed her left breast as her fingers slid along the edge while she squeezed and kneaded. Meanwhile, her other hand slid further down as her middle finger slid along up and down the folds of her already wet vagina as her thumb flicked her clit from side to side. Several minutes, and long moans, later, she slipped her finger into her vagina as far as she could.

    Kaa couldn’t see into her, he had thermal vision, not x-ray vision. But whatever she was doing was having a tremendous effect on the temperature of her body, as the heat flowing from her nether regions was far hotter than anything else that he’d seen on her so far today. And it was only increasing as it rapidly moved through the rest of her body.

    Jennifer was looking inside of her for a specific spot just inside her vagina…and it didn’t take her long to find it. Once she did, she pressed into it as hard as she could and then flicked her finger up and down as if she were playing a video game. The faster her finger moved, and the harder she pressed, the more pleasure she felt flowing through her body. Her breathing became nothing more than a moaning pant as she pushed even harder and deeper into herself. It didn’t take long…

    Kaa watched as the muscles in her stomach and thighs quickly contracted all at once while Jennifer moaned loudly. All the while completely and totally hypnotized and under his power. She was on the cusp of orgasm again...and once again the massive snake slithered up to Jennifer and whispered to her. “Your handssss are both completely frozen, but you are aware of your pleassssure…aware of what you need to do…what you must do to climax. But you just can’t sssseem to make your body work now, girl cub…” he said with a devious grin, knowing exactly what he was doing to her.

    Jennifer could only let out a whimper as she wiggled against her frozen hands to try and reach climax...but it was no use. Finally her body started to cool off again as she moved further away from the orgasm she so desperately needed.

    Kaa let the young actress relax for a moment before he started to coil around her body. He could feel her body heat through the contact with her skin as he moved himself up to her ear. “Dance for me, girl cub.” he whispered as he left himself draped along her body.

    Jennifer slowly rose to her feet, sliding her hand out from between her legs, and started to dance a seductive, belly dance of sorts. Kaa was completely wrapped around her, hanging off of her body as her arms swayed to an invisible rhythm. “Repeat after me...” he whispered into her ear. “Trusssst in me…” he started to sing as his body hung limp over hers, as much as she was able to support, anyway. The rest of him was sprawled out on the ground below, with his tail anchoring the tree above them. “Jusssst in me…sssshut your eyessss….Trusssst in me...”

    Jennifer’s eyes had finally opened, and the deep, hypnotic swirls of color inside of them were even brighter and more pronounced than they had been all day. “Trust in me….” she sang in a sleepy tone as her arms slowly slid along Kaa’s body. “Just in me….” her body swayed from side to side, Kaa still hanging limply from it and wrapped around her torso. “Shut your…Shut my eyes….” she said as her eyes lowered until they were barely open. “Trust in you…”

    Kaa smiled at the shift she made in his song, she was essentially programming herself at this point…and he liked that idea. He started to coil himself along her body slowly, caressing every part of her as she danced while his tail worked its way up her legs. “You can ssssleep….Ssssafe and ssssound...knowing I...am around…” he sang softly as his head began to circle her breast while his tongue flicked along her nipple.

    The contact was starting to arouse Jennifer again quite quickly. “I can sleep…” she started as a moan slipped out. “Safe and sound…” She moved her arms along Kaa’s body as her hand brushed along his head in an attempt to keep it against her breast. “Knowing you...are around.”

    Kaa easily moved his head out of the way of Jennifer’s hand as more of his body coiled around her, sliding his scales along her breasts and between her legs. He could feel her climax building again, and just before she was about to cum from the sensations he came to a complete stop. Bringing her right to the edge, but holding her there and letting her calm down again as he soothed her with his song. “Sssslip into ssssilent sssslumber…Ssssail on a ssssilver misssst…Sssslowly and ssssurely…Your ssssenssssessss…will ceasssse to ressssisssst…” he couldn’t help but smile at the thought.

    Somewhere deep in Jennifer’s mind she felt herself nearing orgasm again and then…then…nothing! Her mind was waiting for release,  but it never came...all that she heard was the beautiful song. Her body instantly relaxed as it slipped into her mind and she softly, sleepily continued to sing. “Slipping into silent slumber…” she relaxed as her arousal lowered. “Sailing on a silver mist…” she took a deep breath and started to dance again, slightly hindered by the weight of the massive snake that was coiling around her. “Slowly and surely…” her body swung in a graceful circles as she raised her arms to her sides slowly. “My senses…will cease…to…Re...re…resist…” she sighed as she raised her arms above her head.

    As her arms rose, more of Kaa’s body started to slide along her skin, making her arousal quickly rise again. Kaa grinned as his tail slowly moved along her body. “Jusssst relax…” he sang as the tip of his tail coiled along her thigh. “Be at resssst…” he continued as the very tip started to gently flick along the folds of Jennifer’s vagina. “Like a bird…” he couldn’t help but smile at the line as he straightened out his tail... “In a nesssst…” and, in one long, smooth motion, slid it into her.

    Jennifer’s body shivered as she let out a deep moan. “I am relaxed…” she said as she felt the tip of his tail gently slip between her vaginal lips, and slide into her. “I can rest...” Another moan escaped as more of the tail moved into her. “Like a bird…in a neeeeesss oooohhh!” she cried out into the jungle as more of the snake’s tail moved into her body. Not a straight, hard appendage like a human male’s would be. This was a coiled, scaled, twisting and easily bent probe that was working its way into her…and it felt fantastic!

    Kaa laughed to himself as he listened to her moans and started to swirl and flick his tail around inside of her like a rattlesnake might do. “Trusssst in me... “ he sang as he pushed deeper into her.  “Jusssst in me…” He could feel the wetness inside of her and, once again, felt her body temperature rising as he continued coiling himself around her. Finally, he slowly started to squeeze her body. “Shut your eyessss.” He began as he squeezed her more, smiling as he flicked his tongue along Jennifer’s lips. “And trusssst...in....me!” The last word seemed to be more of a command than anything else as his eyes lit up in their full hypnotic glory, aimed directly at what was left of Jennifer’s mind, through her half lidded eyes.

    The hypnotic light show before Jennifer took what was left of her mind by surprise. It barely mattered given how deeply hypnotized she was, but the sudden flash of colors caused her to gasp, which, in turn, flooded her body with pleasure. She felt as though her orgasm was on pause as she found herself singing softly. “Trust in you…” she said as his coils tightened around her, building the pressure on her arms and legs. “Just in you…” He was squeezing her stomach and chest, it was getting hard to breathe, and tiny spots were starting to form in her vision. “Shut...shut...my eyes…” she struggled to get out as she felt herself gasping for air. “And trust in…Youuuuu...” she sighed, completely compressed by the snake. Finally the compression and stimulation became too much for her body, and she reached the blissful orgasm she so desperately desired.

    Kaa was wrapped around every inch of her body, inside and out, save for her face. As a result, he felt her climax...everywhere. Every single part of her body shivered against his scaly frame, as he sped up the pace of his tail inside of her. She was still struggling to take in air, but what little she did came gasping back out in moans. Even though her eyes were still partially open, filled with spirals and displaying his hypnotic power, he knew that she had stopped actually seeing some time ago. As the orgasm rolled through her body again and again, he knew it wouldn’t be long before she blacked out. When she was just about to reach that point...he released his grip.

    Jennifer almost completely collapsed into the snake’s coils. She was completely spent on every level imaginable. Her mind had all but shut down from the lack of oxygen, or the massive pleasure rush…or both. Her body, on the other hand, was near unconsciousness. Kaa figured the least he could do now would be to lull her to sleep. “Trusssst in me….” he sang softly as her body moved horizontal to the ground, completely wrapped in his coils. “Jusssst in me…” he said with a smile as he raised her limp form up into the trees. “Sssshut your eyessss…” he whispered as he hung from the trees above like a massive hammock. “And trust…in me…” he whispered softly into her ear.

    Even though she was able to breathe again, Jennifer’s mind was all but gone. The flood of oxygen hadn’t helped her rapidly approaching blackout. But somewhere deep inside of her mind, she could hear singing in the distance. “Trust in you…” It was so soft and beautiful. “Just in you…” The world started to fade from her view and she felt like she was floating on a cloud. Softly and effortlessly, just floating and drifting in the air. “Shut my eyes…” she struggled to get out as her eyes slid closed. Finally, her body relaxed completely as she sighed softly, “and trust...in…Youuu…” and slipped into slumber.

    Kaa smiled as he watched her limp form breathing softly. Slowly he began to open his mouth, unhinge his jaws, and move his prey easily into his mouth…and down his throat.

    Some time later Kaa lay resting on the branches of a nearby tree. Most of his body hung beneath it, and a large lump was visible in the middle. As he rested, he could hear a muffled, sleepy sound coming from his belly. “Just in you….”

    He couldn’t help but smile to himself as he closed his eyes with a sigh and sang softly as he drifted off to sleep. “Trust…in....me…”

The End.

There is a non-vore alternate ending to this story if that is more of your cup-o-tea. Since this was a commission I am not going to publicly post it, but you can send me an email at SleepyHypno@gmail.com and I'll send you the alternate ending.

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