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Sssslipping into the Jungle - Part 6

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Hypnosis

Description: Kaa puts Jennifer through some stretching exercises...

    Jennifer leaned back against Kaa’s body, still slumped on her knees with her eyes closed. Deeply hypnotized.  Kaa watched her sleep, thinking to himself, as his tongue flicked out along the tip of her nipple with a grin. “You’ve been sssssooo good at giving me pleasssssure, Jennifer...” he said, pleased with her performance. “I think itssss time I return the favor.”

    The snake moved his head around the helpless young actress as he pondered their next...activity. “But firssst…” he began, “we need to limber you up a bit. When you wake up, Jennifer…you will believe that you are in one of your…what do they call it…fitness classes. I will be your insssstructor, and you will need to sssstrecth yoursssself out for me, Jennifer…issssn’t that right?”

    Jennifer nodded slowly, the hint of a grin barely visible on her lips. Although she was completely asleep, deep in her subconscious mind she was very much enjoying the attention Kaa was giving her, as well as their interactions. She didn’t know why...and in her current state, she didn’t care either.

    “Very good…” Kaa said as he moved his head away from Jennifer. “Then letssss begin.” he said as he clicked the tip of tail.

    Jennifer’s eyes shot open as she quickly stood up in front of Kaa. Even though she was awake enough to respond to his commands, one look at her glassy eyes made it clear that there was no one home. There was also a residual hint of a spiral moving through her eyes...in short, she wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. She’d been completely entranced for quite some time now. She stood in front of her ‘instructor’ and raised her arms above her head, stretching her body as she reached for the non-existent ceiling. The motion caused her nude breasts to perk up as she reached higher and higher.

    Kaa watched as the flexible young woman reached as high as she could and then arched over to the side, causing one breast to sag while the other perked up. After a few moments she switched to the other side and stretched again. After all, it’s important to stretch both sides equally. 

    After several more moments of stretching her sides, Jennifer returned her body to center. She slowly lifted her left leg up, keeping it bent at the knee in front of her while she balanced perfectly on her right foot, then extended her leg out and up. She reached out with her hand and grabbed her leg, stretching it straight up into the air and pulling it close enough to her chest that her knee made contact with her nipple. Of course this also completely exposed her nether regions in the process.

    Kaa chuckled to himself at the unintentional view Jennifer was giving him. “Very good, girl cub…” he mused softly. “Jussst let your mind sssstretech out completely for me, it’s important that you alwayssss limber up.”

    “Yes Mr. Kaa.” Came the very blank and flat reply. Dear Jennifer, it seemed, was quite compliant in this state. She slid her arms along her extended leg, then gently bent the leg at the knee and lowered her left foot to the ground. The rest of her body barely moved an inch during the entire stretch. 

    Kaa grinned as Jennifer expertly bent her other leg and repeated the process, pulling her leg straight up into the air and pointing her toes, leaving herself completely exposed between the legs. Her hands slid along her calf and up her leg slowly as her body held the position without so much as a tremor.  After several moments of stretching she lowered her leg to the ground and grinned slightly, the only expression on her otherwise blank and hypnotized face.

    Kaa watched curiously as Jennifer extended her right leg forward into a lunge position, right knee bent in front of her while the left leg was completely stretched out behind her. This obscured a bit of the view that Kaa had been enjoying, but a moment later she made up for it.

    Jennifer swung her arms out to her sides, making her chest perk up again, then pulled her hands straight up above her head and stretched out towards the jungle canopy that, in her mind, looked like a ceiling. With her arms extended as high as they could go, she tilted her head back and started to stretch out her torso. Of course arching her body in that manner put her breasts front and center on display.

    With his heat vision Kaa could watch her muscles releasing their tension as they slowly heated up. He could literally watch her limber up if he chose too, but the view he was getting thanks to her stretches was far more...intriguing. He watched with a pleased smile as the hypnotized young actress slowly brought her arms back up above her, then lowered them to her sides. Her face was completely emotionless and her eyes were barely half open, glazed and constantly reflecting the faint image of Kaa’s hypnotic swirls.

    Without a word, Jennifer brought her feet together again and extended her left leg to stretch out the other side. Kaa watched as the muscles in her legs and stomach became even more defined as she stretched her muscles to their limits. He was amazed at just how fit she truly was.

    Jennifer’s body moved with ease as her arms reached behind her, fully extended with her chest on display for Kaa to...admire...as she held the stretch without a single thought. In her mind she could see the room around her, while other girls in her class stretched out and Kaa, acting as their instructor, oversaw everything to ensure no one was hurt. She slowly relaxed from her stretch, exhaling gently as she moved her feet together again. When she was done she gave the snake a sleepy, giggly smile just before bending herself backwards and placing her hands on the ground behind her. It was an impressive position, to say the least.

    Jennifer’s feet were about a foot part as she faced Kaa, while her chest, stomach, and nether regions were all exposed and aimed at the sky. Meanwhile, her head was bent back and facing away from the snake as the tips of her hair touched the ground beneath her. Kaa couldn’t help but be impressed, her body was so stable that it seemed as though you could stand on top of her and she wouldn’t have moved an inch.

    Of course the snake also had other incentives. He chuckled to himself as he admired the view in front of him. “Good. Very good, girl cub. You are in ssssuch good sssshape, aren’t you now?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

    Jennifer smiled and bent her elbows to give herself some leverage, then in one quick motion pushed off the ground as if she were doing a pushup. As her upper body moved off of the ground, Kaa could see the muscles along her stomach and legs visibly flexing. In a matter of moments she managed to go from a complete back bend up into a standing position, smiling vacantly at the snake that was controlling her. But for Kaa, the icing on the cake was the almost cinematic pose she had ended in as her long hair flew up and around her shoulders while she simply stared at him and said “Thank you, Mr. Kaa.”

    Before the hypnotic snake could comment, she bent over at the waist and touched her toes, giving him a rather unusual look at her rear end as she placed her hands on the ground firmly, and lifting her legs off the ground, ending up in a T-shaped handstand. As Kaa continued to marvel at the actress, she began to contort her body, slowly lowering and rotating her legs and her butt until she was firmly on the ground, having gone from a handstand into doing the splits.

    With her legs straight out to both sides and her body completely naked, there wasn’t much on the young actress’s body that wasn’t on display. She gave the snake a flirty smile. “Mr. Kaa, I can’t help but notice that you’re paying more attention to me than the rest of the class...do you like what you see?” she asked innocently, knowing full well that he did. 

    Kaa couldn’t help but laugh at Jennifer’s attempt to disguise her flirting. “Yes, girl cub…yes I do.” he said, taking in every curve of her body appreciatively. He was impressed with just how fit she really was. Actors and actresses always tried to balance strength, flexibility, and appearance, which required them to hide the effort and strength it took to pull off action scenes and movie fights. And Jennifer…well, Jennifer was a master at it. “I do have something I think might help to…stretch you out just a little more, my dear.” he said as his body coiled closer to the young actress.

    “Oh?” she began, “and what is that…Mr. Kaa?” she asked in the same flirty tone, playing innocent and assuming he was merely playing along.

    Kaa came nose to nose with Jennifer and gave her a pleasant smile. “Trusssst in me…and you’ll ssssee…” he said as his eyes lit up with the same hypnotic swirls that had already been used on her so many times that day. Yet every time seemed to take her by surprise. Almost like she didn’t realize…or remember...that he had hypnotic powers.

    The moment Kaa’s eyes came to life Jennifer let out a surprised gasp, her eyes instantly mimicked the swirling color pattern, and the sound of a soft ‘ping’ echoed across the jungle. As the sound faded, Jennifer’s body relaxed and the silly smile spread across her face as she fell back against the ground. Kaa made no effort to catch her and she fell in such a way that her legs were still spread apart, while her arms fell to her sides, almost like a lazy jumping jack.

    The snake chuckled to himself as he slid his massive body along the jungle floor and closed in around Jennifer, admiring just how flexible she had to be to let her body fall into a position such as this, even if she was deeply hypnotized.

To be continued…

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