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Sssslipping into the jungle - Part 5

Key: MD, M/F, MC, Hypnosis, Kaa,

Description: Kaa decides to test Jennifer’s skills as a fetish actress...

    With Jennifer’s body still frozen in her last pose, Kaa coiled himself around her and began whispering his next plan into her open and hypnotized mind. “When you wake up, my ssssweet little actressssss...” he began, “you will believe that I am your teacher. And you are a very...naughty student…isn’t that right, my good girl cub?”

    Jennifer managed to keep herself frozen as the word “yes” escaped her lips, though they barely moved so much as an inch. Her throat however did move a bit as she used her vocal cords…no one’s perfect. “Excellent.” Kaa said with a smile as he twisted and moved the bulk of his body in front of Jennifer’s frozen from to take on as stern of a pose as he could manage. “Well then...”  he hissed as he clicked his tail “You’ve been a very naughty girl, haven’t you Jennifer?”

    At the sound of the click Jennifer sprang to life and and an innocent look crossed her blushing face. It was the kind of pose a person takes on when they want you to believe they are completely innocent…while knowing that they are, in fact, completely guilty. She rubbed her knees together and put her hands behind her back, her breasts jutting out as she pouted and looked down at the ground. The scene would have been more than convincing enough to simply prove her innocence, but given that she was completely naked it came across as being more…erotic, than innocent. “I didn’t do it, sir…” she said softly. “You have to believe me. I didn’t do it…it was an accident.”

    Kaa smiled, she had already proved her guilt and moved straight to her own defense by admitting it was an accident. “Humans are so much fun.” he thought as he tried to hide his glee. “Oh you did it alright…and it wassss no accident!” he said sternly. “I have witnessssssssessss. And you’re going to be punisssshed, missssssssy!” he scolded as he pointed to a non-existent group of “witnesses”.

    Jennifer’s posture shifted dramatically as she looked over at the ‘witnesses’ off to Kaa’s left. She tilted her head up confidently and began to walk toward the massive snake in a very sexy, and not at all innocent, heel-to-toe fashion. “Alright…” she said in a sultry, almost devious, tone. “I did it.” She stood in front of Kaa with a smile as she slid her finger along the side of his face. “There must be something I can do for you…” she said, pouting and looking down toward his groin...or where his groin would be on a human. “Something you want. Something you...need.” Her hand slid down his torso as she looked back up at him through her eyelashes.

    Kaa raised an eyebrow, trying his hardest to stay in character. “What kind of man do you take me for?” he asked, sounding almost offended. “I can’t be bribed with your charms!” he pulled away in mock disgust and looked back at Jennifer. “And you, misssssss…will be punished!” he finished as part of his tail shot out to form what looked like the shape of a human knee.

    Jennifer looked at Kaa with an expression of shock, like the very idea that a man could resist her charms was completely unfathomable to her. She turned her nose up and reluctantly bent over the snake’s makeshift knee. “Fine!” she said defiantly. “Do your worst!”

    Kaa merely smiled “Oh...I intend to.”

    Jennifer’s defiance faltered as she shot a worried glance at Kaa, just as his tail came down sharply on the bottom of her ass. “Ohh!” she gasped as the slap echoed through the forest, just in time for another to follow behind it. “Ahhh!” she moaned out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Kaa followed it quickly with another slap as Jennifer let out another moan that sounded far more sexual than the others, but still the snake’s expression remained firm.

    A fourth quick strike hit her butt, which was beginning to turn visibly red. This time the sound that escaped Jennifer was less of a moan and more of a tremor of pleasure that came from deep within her body. A tremor that turned into a near orgasmic scream as the final slap hit her butt, leaving an imprint of a bright red tail mark as she let out an exhausted sigh of pleasure. 

    Kaa simply watched Jennifer as she panted against his coiled up artificial knee and let her catch her breath. “Have you learned your lesson, girl cub?” he asked sternly.

    Jennifer stood up but kept her head down. She looked far more obedient, almost broken of her defiance as she whispered “Yes, Mr. Kaa…” in a submissive yet somehow still melodic tone.

    The snake smiled and slipped his tail under the young actress’s chin, tilting her head up slowly. “Thatssss a good girl. Now…look into my eyessss…” he commanded as his own eyes quickly turned to swirls of color just in time for Jennifer’s eyes to lock onto them.

    Jennifer’s reaction was instantaneous. The moment she made eye contact with Kaa her eyes began swirling with a beautiful display of colored circles that moved round and round in her eyes. The corners of her lips curled up into a silly smile as a loud ‘ping!’ could be heard throughout the jungle as her mind slipped back into his hypnotic trance.

    Her body shifted back as she started to fall, only to have Kaa’s body quickly shift to support her. “Now…” Kaa began while looking over the naked form of his helpless prey. “When you wake up, my dear Jennifer…you will believe that I am your bossssssss…and you are my very, ssssexy, ssssecretary. A ssssecretary who desperately, passionately, wants a promotion. Sssso badly, in fact, that you will ressssort to jusssst about anything.” he finished with a smile as she leaned against his coils with a soft, hypnotized grin, completely supported by his tail and nothing else.

    Kaa watched his helplessly hypnotized prize for a moment before clicking his tail again and bringing the young actress back to life. She instantly stood up in front of him and took on a very professional posture, keeping her back straight, head up, legs together, and shoulders back. It was a perfect, stance for a professional…the fact that it made her breasts perk up and stick straight out was just a bonus.

    “Mr. Kaa…” she began in an even, measured tone. “I do believe it has come time for my promotion. I have worked very hard for you these last few years…so very hard, sir.” she said, glancing down at where his crotch would have been. “I feel that the time has come for you to grant me the promotion I was promised.” Her voice was an interesting mix of confident professionalism, with just a hint of submissiveness.

    Kaa fell into his role again and stood up as straight as a snake could. “I’m ssssorry, Jennifer. You’re the best damn ssssecretary this company hassss, I can’t afford to promote you. You’re too valuable here.” he said, trying his best to sound stern and dismissive.

    Jennifer lowered her eyes in defeat but stopped a moment later as her face lit up with an idea. “What if I could prove to you that I could be more valuable in a...different position...sir.”

    Kaa looked her over as he squinted with one eye, as if doing so gave him the ability to examine her more deeply. “What…possssition…do you think you could...sssserve me in?” he asked.

    Jennifer smiled confidently as she moved closer to the massive snake, sliding her hand along his tail. “Why don’t you let me show you…” she said as her hand slowly wrapped around the tip of Kaa’s tail while she lowered herself to her knees, maintaining perfect posture the whole time.

    Kaa raised his eyebrows curiously, surprised at Jennifer’s directness.  As Jennifer got comfortable on her knees she continued to stroke the tip of his tail, forming an ‘O’ with her thumb and index finger as the other three fingers of her hand extended and gently scratched the tip while she looked up into Kaa’s eyes with a smile, watching him and waiting for his reaction. 

    She could see just how focused he was on her, how intrigued he was by her…proposition. It was exactly what she wanted. Her eyes stayed focused on his as she moved his tail closer and closer to her and opened her mouth, teasing her tongue along the very tip of his tail. 

    By now Kaa was fully aware of what Jennifer’s proposition was, but the sensation of her tongue against his tail still caused a shiver to slide up his body. As the shiver slowly made its way up his body, she grinned up at him as her teeth gently ran along his tail. The sensation caused another shiver to make its way down Kaa’s body as he let out a moan to accompany it.

    Jennifer’s grin became even more confident with a touch of deviousness as she looked up into the snake’s eyes. Convinced that she had gotten her point across to her ‘boss’, she closed her eyes and slid her mouth along the tip of Kaa’s tail as she took it in her mouth. She used her entire stomach and chest to create as much suction as she could while her tongue wiggled along the bottom of his tail. With all of her dexterity, she slid as high as she could around the sides of his tail and then down along the center before moving up the other side, repeating the process again and again.

    Kaa let out an audible moan as he closed his eyes to enjoy the young actress’s skilled mouth and tongue. “Clearly sssshe hassss done ssssomething like thissss before...” he thought to himself as yet another shiver rippled down his body from his head to the tip of his tail…right into Jennifer’s waiting lips.

    Jennifer interpreted the ripple as the massive snake cumming into her mouth, and opened her eyes with a grin. She wiggled her eyebrows playfully and made a dedicated show of licking the snake’s tail completely clean. Finally, she gazed up into his eyes with a smile and gulped down everything she imagined was in her mouth, confidently and professionally. Maintaining perfect posture the entire time.

    Kaa looked down at her with a pleased smile’. “Alright, Jennifer…I concede. Thissss issss a good possssssssition for you after all.” He lowered his head to be level with the young actress’s face, enjoying how smug and confident she looked. Like she had known all along that she would be able to convince him to give her the job. Kaa couldn’t help but give her a smile as he finally said “Do me a favor, my dear…”

    “Anything, Mr. Kaa” Jennifer said in a tone that managed to sound both professional and alluring all at once.

    Kaa moved the tip of his tail between Jennifer’s eyes and tapped her forehead, “Ssssleep for me now…” he said as his eyes once again swirled with color. 

    Jennifer’s mind instantly pinged as her confident grin curled up into a silly smile. Her eyes reflected Kaa’s hypnotic swirls of color for just a moment as her head fell back and her eyes slammed shut. Kaa managed to catch her with his tail again and simply held her there, on her knees, arms limp at her sides with her head lolled against the coils of his body.

    He watched her sleep for a few moments, his tongue flicking out along the tip of her nipple with a grin. “You’ve been sssssooo good at giving me pleasssssure, Jennifer...” he said, pleased with her performance. “I think itssss time I return the favor”

To be continued...

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