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Sssslipping into the jungle - Part 7

Key: MC, MD, M/F, Bondage,

Description: A little bondage and tickling can go a long way to breaking a captive actress’s mind.

    As Jennifer lay on the jungle floor, arms and legs spread, Kaa coiled around her to admire the view. He’d had a specific idea in mind, long before he had hypnotized her again, but the position that she had fallen into couldn’t have been a better fit for his plan. He moved the bulk of his body up into the tree above her onto the largest and strongest branch, coiling the middle of his body around it several times, and then lowered his head and tail to either side of Jennifer’s helplessly sleeping form. He gently coiled his head around her right wrist, making his way down to her right leg, leaving plenty of space in his long, slender body between the parts he was using to grasp her. As he did, his tail snaked along the left side of her body, starting at her ankle and making his way up to her wrist, then her neck.

    Once he had managed to get his body into the intricate position that he needed, he began to lift Jennifer off of the ground by her wrists, her head falling back limply as he did. Soon her entire body was supported by her arms and had been lifted about five feet off of the ground. Her legs, which had been hanging limp until Kaa began to stretch her body, began to pull down and out at a small angle while her arms rose up and to the sides, almost at a forty five degree angle. He could feel her body stretching, and just when it seemed it had reached its breaking point...he clicked his tail to wake her.

    Jennifer’s eyes fluttered open as she let out a moan. She was in quite a physically strenuous position, resulting in the release of adrenaline and hormones that would happen from being stretched this far. The chemical cocktail, combined with the hypnosis she had been under for the better part of the afternoon, was causing her to get strangely aroused. This, of course, was all part of the plan.

    Kaa didn’t bother to say anything to her, he simply let the very tip of his tail tickle the bottom of her feet. Jennifer’s body tried to wiggle instinctively, but the massive snake held her tight, stretching her body until she had no room to struggle. All she could do was giggle as the tickling sensation moved up her body and through her nervous system. Soon she was giggling uncontrollably, her stomach tensing and releasing as she laughed harder and harder. 

    Kaa merely grinned as his tail moved lightly along the bottom of her foot, before slowly moving to tickle the other. It barely gave Jennifer more than a few seconds to calm down, and her giggling quickly turned into laughter as his head moved closer to her body. There are some spots that are ticklish on everyone, this is no secret of human anatomy. There are more well known spots such as the feet, the arm pits, and sometimes the sides. But there are other, more specialized, spots that are ticklish as well. Everyone has some of them, but no one has them all. And if you can find them...well, then you have quite the weapon now don’t you? Kaa knew this, and allowed his tail to explore her feet and the more...well known spots. His head and tongue would explore the others.

    Jennifer’s suspended body was convulsing in mid air as Kaa’s tail tickled her feet, and her giggles had turned into intermittent laughter that became louder with each passing second. His head, meanwhile, had begun to move up her neck as he let his tongue flick out along its side, about an inch below her ear. He had to move a coil that was around her neck to get to it, but it didn’t seem to hinder any of the effects. His tongue had barely touched her neck as she let out a sharp squeal that slowly turned into a moan. Her body acted on instinct and tried to jerk away even harder, but it was no use. She was stuck.

    Kaa smiled as his tongue flicked along the side of her neck. He could see the arousal building in her body as his sensors picked up on the body heat that was slowly spreading through her chest and down to her pelvis. But it wasn’t enough…he knew he could do better.

    All at once he stopped tickling her neck and feet as she gasped for air, still giggling as the residual sensations moved through her body. She thought it was over as her gasping turned to panting. She was, unfortunately, wrong. Just as she had begun to recover, Kaa’s tail began to tickle her left armpit. This caused her to let out another, somehow higher, squeal as her body jerked again. This time there was no giggling, only pure laughter. It was the kind you’d expect to hear from someone watching a classic comedy movie, when something takes you completely by surprise. Pure, genuine laughter that echoed through the jungle.

    The hypnotic snake moved his head lower along her body and smiled. “If you think that’s funny…” he said, but never finished his sentence. He didn’t have to. Just as he could see the body heat spreading across Jennifer’s arms and slowly down her stomach, he began to flick his tongue softly along her waist line, right above her pelvis, where the elastic of her panties would be…if she were wearing any. The moment his tongue touched her skin, Jennifer’s eyes shot open immediately and she inhaled sharply in surprise. The sound that followed sounded more like a scream than a laugh.

    She had reached the point where her laughter no longer sounded like laughter. After all, it takes some control of your breathing to make a laughing sound. She had lost that control. Her body was contorting in every way that it could to get away from the snake’s tail and tongue, but the rest of his body held her firmly in place.

    Kaa could easily see the heat moving through her body, down her legs and up into her stomach. He could even see the heat in her head. “Her brain musssst be working overtime.” he thought to himself as she squealed and shouted. But she was getting too loud, and he knew it. So, with the coil around her neck that he had left there for just this purpose, he began to squeeze.

    The moment he did Jennifer’s squealing stopped. After all, it was impossible to squeal or laugh without air. Her eyes shot open wider then Kaa had ever seen as she struggled to breathe. The young actress’s stomach visibly convulsed as she tried to breathe, even though nothing happened. Her face had gone slack and her eyes had begun to roll into her head, which was starting to fall to one side despite the coil that was still wrapped around it. She was seconds away from unconsciousness when he finally decided to loosen the grip around her neck.

    Jennifer’s eyes sprang open as she gasped sharply, taking in as much air as her body would allow. But what she didn’t notice...and what Kaa conveniently did...was the flush of arousal that was spreading through her body. Every inch of her body temperature had risen, but her hypnotic tormentor wasn’t done with her. Not yet.

    As Jennifer continued to gasp for air, Kaa moved his body to its final position. He knew of one more very special place on a girl cub’s body that he wanted to test…and one more sure fire place that he needed to hit. He watched as Jennifer continued to breathe in as much air as she could, her eyes were open but she was clearly not focused on anything. When he knew she would least expect it his tail began to squeeze either side of her torso, directly into her sides, and started to wiggle. Like what you might see if a human had grabbed her by the sides and began to tickle.

    Jennifer’s eyes opened wide as her head jerked back, her body struggling against the snake even though it couldn’t move an inch. Of course, all of that was secondary in entertainment value to the sound that she made. As soon as he touched her sides, the spasms of her body caused her tongue to start to flap around uncontrollably inside of her mouth, making a high pitched squeal that was distorted into sounding almost like something that would come out of an angry turkey. A moment later the tip of his tail began a very slow, gentle glide up and down along the skin of her other armpit. The sounds coming from her turned from a scream into several high pitched screeches as she shifted from inhaling to exhaling as quickly as she could. It was beyond laughter, it was pure excitement.

    Kaa grinned as every inch of her body flushed with arousal. “Letssss ssssee how you like thissss one, girl cub” he said as his tongue flicked along the inside of her hip where her pelvis and her leg met, only an inch or so away from her vagina. The motion of his tongue was quick and deliberate. The reaction was more than he could have hoped for.

    Jennifer’s eyes sprang open even wider as the swirls of hypnotic color returned. The tickling had overloaded her mind so much that it had begun to shut down, and Kaa’s hold on her was becoming visibly apparent. A soft ping would have been heard echoing through the jungle had it not been for her loud, almost sexual, screams of laughter. Her body was convulsing as hard as it could, but the only part of her that was truly moving at all was her stomach, which was fluttering in and out almost as fast as the pounding of her heart in her chest.

    Her head was completely fuzzy, not only from the lack of air but from the hypnotic state that her mind had returned to. She squealed with everything she had as her body was overcome by the sensations of the tickling. She was completely helpless, and on some level she knew that…or she would have had her mind been functioning. 

    Kaa couldn’t help but laugh as he watched her entire body flush with arousal. He could almost see her mind break from the laughter, and he could hear a gentle drip...drip...drip…as her juices started to fall to the floor beneath them. She was ready…but she was also really frickin loud! “Sssssssssshhhhhhh” he slithered out as the coil around her neck tightened again.

    Jennifer’s screams were instantly cut off as Kaa’s coil silenced her. Every part of her was shaking, not only from laughter but from a lack of air as well. Her lips began to puff up as her eyes rolled into her head, completely white as the swirls of color began to fade. Her eyes would have closed had he not been squeezing her so tightly, instead her muscles had gone so slack that her eyes simply could not close.

    Kaa watched carefully as he tracked her heart rate and body temperature, watching it flush as she neared orgasm and unconsciousness. Fortunately for him, unconsciousness took her first, and just as her body slipped into a forced sleep...but also just before she climaxed…he let her go completely. Releasing every coil that was wrapped around her all at once.

    Jennifer’s body instantly began to free fall, gasping as her legs fell straight down while her arms rose above her head. She landed feet first and slumped to her knees, arms falling to her sides as her head slammed to her chest. The motion sent her falling backwards, hard enough to send several discarded leaves into the air as her hair fell like silk around her. The leaves fluttered down around her unconscious body as she lay on the jungle floor...naked, wet, and oh so aroused.

    Kaa took a moment to admire his handiwork and chuckled. “Well…that wassss fun.”

To Be Concluded…

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