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Among Us (N.C.U. / Spirals) - Round 4

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno

Description: It’s come down to Laura or Rayne as the secret hypnotist, and the choice is all up to Abigail. Will she make the right decision?

The Bathroom:
    Rayne and Laura stood on opposite sides of the bathroom, and both looked like they were ready for a fight. Between them was the deeply hypnotized Jessy, sprawled out on the floor, completely unconscious and unaware of the scene happening around her. In the doorway stood Abigail, who was staring between the two girls, fully aware that they were waiting for her to make a decision. It was all up to her. And all she could do was sigh as she looked from Rayne to Laura and back again. “Fuck.”

    “That’s not good enough!” Rayne growled in frustration. “You know as well as I do that you have to choose. Do you believe me…or her?”

    “Think about it Abigail.” Laura said softly. “Rayne has been sus this entire time! Every single person that’s been hypnotized, she’s either been seen in the area or didn’t have an alibi! Every. Single. One. It has to be her!” Laura pleaded to the older woman.

    “Not every one...” Rayne said, looking very suspiciously at Laura. “Eluran. She was found hypnotized in the pantry, and you were found outside.” Rayne pointed out. “And then somehow you were spared, and just happened to sleep through the sound of a two pound bag of flour falling on her head. How does that work exactly?”

    “Rayne...I choose Rayne.” Abigail interrupted with a defeated sigh.

    "What?!” Rayne shouted, genuinely shocked.

    “Thank you! Now will you come quietly…” Laura started, staring at Rayne just as Abigail cut her off.

    “No, I mean I believe Rayne. I think Laura did it.”  Abigail confessed. “Sorry, that didn’t come out right.”

    “Wait, what?!” Laura exclaimed, baffled by the sudden reversal. (This was how I felt when the poll shifted from Rayne to Laura, after I had written just about all of the last chapter with Rayne being the one that was chosen. Just an FYI.)

    Rayne almost let herself relax, but stopped and glanced cautiously at Abigail, half expecting her to change her mind again. “Really?”

    Abigail nodded confidently. “Yes! See, it’s big brain time.” she started, looking at Rayne. “You’ve been sus, as Laura put it, this entire time. Every time someone was hypnotized you’ve either been in the area, or had no alibi. While you…” she said, looking pointedly at Laura, “You’ve had an alibi this whole time. No one has been even the slightest bit suspicious of you. It’s the perfect cover! You’re the hypnotist! I have no idea how you did any of it, like at all, but that just means that you did!” She said excitedly “I figured it out!”

    Rayne and Laura both stared at Abigail in complete confusion. “Wait…” Rayne started. “This is your big brain moment? That she is guilty because...you can’t figure out any other way?”

    “Exactly!” Abigail said excitedly. (Seriously, anyone that has ever played this game has had a round like this!)

    Laura’s forehead was creased in confusion as Abigail turned to her. “Now…how would you like to be put to sleep?” she said proudly.

    Laura stared at her in disbelief and shook her head. “No.” she said confidently.

    “What do you mean no?” Rayne asked angrily. “You lost! You’re getting put to sleep for both our sakes, and so we can finally enjoy the rest of this damn weekend!”

    Laura turned to Rayne and smiled. “I mean…I’m not going to be the one hypnotized. You are!” she shouted, just as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small penlight, flashing it directly into Rayne’s eyes.

    Rayne threw up her hand to shield her eyes “What the hell are you doing!”

    “Improvising!” Laura said as she flipped the light switch off. The entire bathroom fell dark except for the tiny beam from the flashlight that illuminated Rayne’s form. She started to move the penlight back and forth slowly, causing the light to move across Rayne’s face as her voice softened and became more methodical. “Just watch the light, Rayne. Even with your eyes closed you can see it, see the change in brightness as it moves from side to side, gently and easily now. You can tell when it moves across your eyes, even if you don’t want to. The more you resist, the more you deny it, the more your hand starts to get heavier…and heavier... “

    "Stop that!” Abigail insisted as she moved closer to Laura.

    “I don’t think I will…” Laura said with a smile as she started to swing the penlight in a wider arc so it moved over both Rayne and Abigail. “You’ve both had a hard day…it’s been such a stressful day. You could both use some relaxation. The light is too bright not to see, too bright to focus on but too bright to ignore, and you can feel it sliding over your body. Slowly and easily. Left to right.You know when it’s shining on you, know when it’s not…and the more you become aware of the light shining on you, the more you start to relax, and let go now. And the more you are aware of the light as it moves away from you, the more you realize it’s ok to just sink…and relax now.”

    “Rayne!” Abigail shouted “I can’t see her! That light is fucking with my eyes!” Through the constant flashing Abigail could barely make out Rayne’s image. Her hand was still shielding her face, but she could feel her body beginning to relax as her shoulders slumped. She watched as Rayne shut her eyes tightly to prevent any of the light from getting in, but Abigail could see her face relaxing. She knew Rayne wouldn’t last long, especially as she watched the young freshman shake her head to clear it, only for her body to relax even more a moment later. Abigail knew she had to do something quickly. But the light…

    “That’s it, girls…” Laura continued softly, “just let your mind and body relax…let it sink down, let the light pull you in. Deeper and deeper…down into a nice…deep…Slee….EEEEEEEE!” Laura was cut off abruptly as Abigail went after her in a full on football tackle, pushing her against the wall with a hard thud.

    Abigail wasn’t even sure she could have pulled it off. She couldn’t see Laura at all, just the light, but she put her entire body weight into a full on charge, just like she’d tried on Midnight. But Laura was no succubus. The tackle sent the blond sophomore slamming into the bathroom wall as penlight skidded across the floor. “Rayne!” Abigail shouted as she tried to pin Laura to the wall, but out of the corner of her eye she could just barely make out the image of the other girl wobbling on her feet while she struggled to recover from the light trance she was already in.

    “Are you insane!” Shouted Laura angrily. “You could have killed me!” she said, grabbing Abigail by the shirt and attempting to push her back. However, the attempt failed and caused both girls to lose their footing; Laura hit the floor first followed by Abigail. “Rayne!” Laura shouted in frustration, “Help me!”

    Abigail struggled to keep Laura pinned to the ground, and then she saw the light shift around her. She didn’t dare turn around, but she knew that Rayne finally had a hold on the penlight. She could see Laura smile even as she tried to protect herself from the bright, nearly blinding, light.

    “That’s it…damn that thing is strong! Put her under!” Laura shouted.

    “I don’t think I will…” Rayne said in a cool, calm voice “I think it’s time you watched the light…watched it go back and forth in front of your eyes. It doesn’t matter how tightly your eyes are closed now. You can feel it through your eyelids, feel it on your face, on your skin. Feel it…deep in your mind. You’ve felt this way before...felt this way many, many times…for me Laura, and you can feel it now. So deeply, in the back of your mind.

    Abigail sighed in relief and tightened her grip on Laura’s arms, she just needed to keep her there for a little while longer. She could feel the young woman getting weaker and weaker.

    “You’ve been a busy girl today, Laura…” Rayne said confidently. “You’ve helped many people to sleep…sleep…sleep…deeply and soundly. And you deserve a reward now Laura. You deserve a break, a little time to just let go…and relax. That’s what you want more then anything, isn’t it Laura?”

    “Yeess…no…no…I do…I mean…” Laura moaned as she struggled to fight off the suggestions, to fight off the hold that Abigail had on her. But she was so tired, and it had been such a busy day.

    “That’s it. You're safe, you’ve done such a good job today Laura, such a good job. You deserve your rest now...deserve your sleep. Your deep…deep…hypnotic…Sleep. Now Laura!” Rayne commanded as she snapped her fingers.

    Abigail felt Laura’s body instantly stop struggling and looked up just in time to see the blonde’s eyelids relax. Her mouth fell open as she sighed gently while her head rolled to the side, leaving her completely and totally hypnotized, and asleep.

Laura was eliminated.

    “Finally.” Rayne said, moving to the wall next to Abigail and letting herself slide down to the bathroom floor. The penlight at her side was just enough to light the room so the two could still see one another.

    Abigail laughed and moved off of Laura, letting her slide gently to the floor as she sat down next to Rayne. “Did we do it?” she asked “Is that finally it?” She started to look above her and around the room.

    “I think so…” Rayne said, trailing off as she watched Abigail look around. “What are you doing?”

    “Looking for a sign. Something to let me know that we won, that you weren’t the hypnotist, and that this is finally over.” she admitted tiredly.

    Rayne chuckled gently. “Oh wouldn’t that be nice, if only life were like a video game.”

Campers Win!

    “There we go!” Rayne said tiredly as both girls stood up. “Let’s get off the floor in a dark bathroom and take care of these two.

    “I second the motion.” Abigail said, accepting a hand up from Rayne.

    The two girls managed to carry Jessy and Laura back to the main cabin where the other girls were sleeping off their hypnotic suggestions. Some white noise being blasted through earbuds allowed Abigail and Rayne to drop off the last of their camping mates in the bunks without being affected by the binaural track that was still playing in the room. All of the girls would stay deeply asleep until it was turned off.

    “What do we do now?” Abigail asked, removing her ear buds as they left the room.  

    “Well…” Rayne started, pausing to think about their situation. “We still have the better part of two days left here. We actually got a lot of the cleaning done, between the two of us. If we start early tomorrow we should be able to finish around midday and then just…relax? I guess?”

    Abigail nodded in agreement. “What about right now? I have to admit I’m exhausted but way too wired to sleep.”

    Rayne smiled. “I think I have just the thing...”

The Hot Tub:
    Abigail smiled as she leaned back with a sigh while the warm water washed over her body. “Oh yeah…”  she said in an almost blissful voice. “This is what I needed!”

    Rayne smiled, never taking her eyes off of the older woman as she admired her biki and let the water relax her as well.  “Me too.” she said with a knowing smile. “Me…too.”

    The End, for now.

    Starting next week I will be posting three “How it really happened” stories detailing exactly how the hypnotists managed to hypnotize the girls. So if you aren't quite sure of who both hypnotists really were, all will be revealed soon! I also have three (yes, three!) alternate endings written which I will be posting in the coming weeks!

    Thank you all SO very much for sticking with this story. I have had so much fun with this! And thanks especially to those who participated in the polls, not knowing how this story would turn out and writing it on the fly based on fan reaction made this a real adventure and a challenge for me, and I loved every word of it! I would love to hear your feedback on the story, and whether or not you would be interested in another Among Us style, choose your own ending story! You can also find more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Featuring: Eve, Laura, Nadia, Rayne, Jessy, Midnight, Eluran, Dr. Stacy, Abigail, Katheryn


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