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Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) How Round 2 Really Happened

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: In Among Us: Round 2 (N.C.U./Spirals) Found here: The girls, believing that Nadia had hypnotized Stacy and Katheryn, elected to let Midnight hypnotize and drain her. But later, Eluran and Eve were found hypnotized after Nadia was already incapacitated. What happened to the girls? More importantly, who did it? Well…I’ll show you!

Round 2: After the vote. 

Laura left the sitting room with the rest of the girls, casting only a quick glance into the room that now held the three drained young women. Including Nadia…her mistress. At least for the weekend. The hypnotic suggestions that Nadia had implanted in Laura’s mind were still active, and she had no choice but to obey. She needed to hypnotize the other girls. Needed to make them obey so that Nadia could have her relaxing weekend. The fact that Nadia was currently in a succubus-induced coma didn’t even register in her hypnotically influenced mind. And as the others began to split up, Laura concocted a plan. 

Round 2: Eluran

As everyone split up, Laura noticed Eluran moving rather hurriedly down the path towards the kitchen. She didn’t want to attract any attention so she quietly, and casually, began to follow behind her. It wasn’t long before the rest of the group had split up. Abigail had broken off to head towards the pool while Eve and Jessy had moved into the locker rooms to change, probably on their way to the sauna. 

She continued to follow Eluran from a distance and watched as the annoyed elf made her way into the kitchen. She looked around cautiously to make sure no one was following her and then sped up her pace to get to the kitchen faster. When she arrived, she noticed that the lights were off. It didn't really matter since, between the window and the skylights, there was more than enough light for her to see. But what she didn’t see was Eluran. “Where the hell did she go?” she thought to herself. 

A moment later she heard a banging noise and then the sound of metal scraping across the floor. “What the hell?” she thought to herself as she made her way to the pantry, where she finally found Eluran. The pantry had been stocked with food before they arrived, but the organization of said pantry was…stupid. Shelves were out of line and in the walkway, it was all very disorganized. “Are you ok?” Laura asked, concerned. 

Eluran, who was in the middle of trying to move one of the remarkably heavy metal shelves, nearly jumped out of her skin. “Holy shit!” she screamed as she spun around to find Laura there and slowly began to laugh. “Don’t do that!” she said with a playful smile that had been missing for the last few hours due to all the stress. “I’m fine, just trying to get to the tomato soup. Why did they have to put that…ALL the way in the back?” she asked, slowly navigating through the maze. 

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Laura asked, still seeming concerned. “You seemed quite angry at Rayne back there.” 

Eluran rolled her eyes in frustration. “Yeah, but I think that little bitch got away with breaking the agreement we all made. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trance as much as the next person, but that leaves more work for the rest of us to do. It’s just selfish.”

“Yeah, I agree…” Laura trailed off, trying to fake a sincere agreement as she looked around the room for an opening. Which came in the form of a large bag of flour sitting on the top rack of one of the shelves. She couldn’t help but smile at her good luck. 

“Anyway, it is what it is. I won’t be around Rayne alone for the rest of the trip, and if anything else happens I’ll just demand that she get tranced into doing all of our chores.” She grunted as she climbed the shelves to grab the can of tomato soup. “Other than that...” she started, turning to Laura with a warm smile that was far more in character for her, “I’m just going to enjoy a little comfort food and relax!”

Laura smiled and nodded. “That sounds like an excellent idea!” she said as she offered to hold the can of soup for Eluran while she navigated her way out. But just as Eluran was about to clear the shelves, Laura had her stop in front of one of them. “A little more this way…” she said, nudging Eluran just a bit to the left. 

Eluran gave Laura a confused look. “What are you doing?” she asked. 

“Just lining you up properly.” Laura admitted before yanking the shelf forward. She wasn’t nearly strong enough to pull the shelf over, even Eluran with her elvish strength couldn’t do that, but it was just enough to dislodge the bag of flour on the top shelf. The bag teetered a moment before falling towards the floor...and Eluran. 

Eluran gave Laura an even more confused expression and was about to look at the shelf behind her when she felt the bag of flour land on her head with a thud. It was more than enough to knock her head forward, had she been a human she would have easily been knocked out or at least gotten a concussion. Instead all it did was daze her, but that was enough. “Ugh…” was the only response Eluran could manage as her eyes lost focus and she struggled to stay upright. “What…was that?” she asked in a dazed, sleepy voice.

Laura acted quickly and gently pushed the elven woman against the wall and started to rub her temples “That was the sound of your mind…needing a break…needing to rest. Just let the world slowly swirl away now, Eluran. Let everything simply relax and drift away. Nothing else matters here. Just feel your body getting heavier and heavier. Let everything fade away...more and more...deeply and slowly now.” She said in a very soothing, hypnotic voice. 

Eluran was struggling to stay upright, but between the hit to the head, the massaging of her temples, and the soothing words that she immediately recognized as a hypnotic induction, she was fading fast. Her arms seemed too heavy to lift and her eyes were already half closed. She didn’t feel like she could stay upright much longer and, as if on cue, felt her body starting to slide down the wall. “It’s…it’s you?” she asked, struggling to stay awake. “You…hypnotized Stacy?” 

“Shhhh…” Laura giggled. “Just relax. I didn’t hypnotize Stacy…Nadia did. I hypnotized Katheryn. And when they find you…deeply asleep…deeply relaxed… deeply hypnotized, just like the others, they’ll blame Rayne. After all, you were the only person that voted for her other than Nadia. They’ll simply think that she hypnotized you for revenge. It’s a perfect plan…thank you for helping me with it.” She finished soothingly, but still with a tiny hint of menace in her voice.  

Eluran watched her through half lidded eyes, struggling to process what she was hearing. “But…but…all three…work…” 

“Let me worry about that. You...just sleep…nice and deep…nice and relaxed. Sleep. Sleep. Sleeeeepppp.” Laura finished as she watched Eluran’s eyes roll up into her head, as her head went completely limp and landed against her chest. Her hair spilled out to cover her face as Laura simply smiled. “Good girl.”

Round 2: Eve

With Eluran unconscious, Laura realized the flaw in her plan. When the bag of flour hit Eluran on the head, some of it spilled onto her as well. She was able to brush it off of her clothes, but quickly realized that plenty of it was still in her hair and would need to be washed out before anyone else noticed. 

She quietly made her way out of the pantry and kitchen, checking the path to see if anyone was there. Just as she was beginning to make her way down the path, she heard Jessy and Eve moving in the direction of the showers and hid. To her relief, Jessy continued on her way to the bunk house while Eve turned into the locker room. 

Once she made her way into the locker rooms, she noticed Eve slipping out of her clothes and into a bathrobe before making her way into a shower. Even though she knew that Midnight had been heading this way as well, she still took a moment to quickly check the rest of the lockers. She hoped that Midnight was somewhere else, but she would still have to take her chances. With that in mind, she quickly slid inside.  

Once inside she paused, listening. She could only hear one set of footsteps and the sound of a shower head turning on. She took a few moments to look through the showers, one by one, and found that there was only one occupied. It had to be Eve. She ducked into one of the other showers, quickly removed her clothes and placed them on the hooks in the stall before sliding and across the aisle to find Eve. She peeked around the curtain to see the tall, voluptuous woman standing under the shower, letting the water flow down her face and her back, as she moved her hands through her hair. With her head facing upward and her breasts pointed in Laura’s direction, she was completely oblivious to the other girl in front of her. 

Now both of these girls were completely straight...when they weren’t hypnotized. But Laura was, at the moment, still under Nadia’s hypnotic influence. With that in mind, she quietly inside the shower and began massaging Eve’s breasts as the water flowed over them. 

Eve responded exactly as you would if someone unexpectedly appeared in the shower with you and began playing with your body. She screamed…and almost slipped. Fortunately for Eve, Laura was there to catch her and push her against the wall. One of her hands slid along Eve’s breast as the other slowly trailed down her stomach. “I’ve got you…just relax. Just relax and enjoy the feeling. The pleasure that a soothing, relaxing touch can bring you. The feel of the water, the feel of my hands…just let this moment linger....” Laura whispered seductively into Eve’s ear. 

“What…” Eve started, struggling to maintain her balance and her composure. “What are you doing?”  

“Helping you relax…after all, that's the best part of a shower isn’t it? How good you feel when you're done.” She felt Eve’s feet struggling to stay in place as she fought to keep her balance and gain the upper hand.

“I’m going to fall if you keep this up!” Eve pointed out, not entirely inaccurately. 

Laura smiled deviously as Eve gave her the perfect idea. “No you won’t, Eve.” She whispered seductively, as her voice sank into its hypnotic tone. “Just let your legs become sturdy, and strong… rigid and firm. The more pleasure you feel…” she said, sliding her thumb along Eve’s nipple, “the sturdier your body will become. And the sturdier, and more rigid, you become, the more pleasure you’ll start to feel. It’s as if the pleasure helps your body to become solid and strong, like a statue…but the stronger and more solid it becomes, the more pleasurable it starts to feel. The more enjoyment you’ll get from being like this now.”

Eve unintentionally let out a soft moan as she felt her legs stiffen beneath her. She was no longer afraid of falling, but the sensations she was feeling through her body were confusing her. She felt Laura’s hand sliding down her stomach, between her legs, and gasped in shock...and pleasure…as she felt her legs go completely stiff. 

Laura kissed Eve’s neck with a smile and continued whispering in her ear. “That’s a girl...the more pleasure you feel, the more sturdy you become…you can feel it, sliding up your body… into your torso and your back. The tingle of pleasure as your body becomes stiff and rigid… deeper and deeper into the pleasure as everything else melts away from your mind. As you go deeper…” Laura slipped her finger deeper into Eve, “and deeper…” again, she slipped her finger in and out of Eve, moving deeper into her each time. “And deeper now.” 

The more Eve moaned and shivered in pleasure, the slower her body began to move. The tall brunette moved her hand up to try and balance herself against the wall, but just as she did she felt her body betray her, and the tingle of an orgasm began to wash over her body. She arched her back and moaned loudly for barely a few seconds before her body came to a complete stop, leaving her frozen against the wall in mid orgasm. The water continued flowing over her chest as well as Laura’s naked form as she giggled, leaning in and kissing Eve’s nipple as she reached up to turn the water off and whisper into her frozen friend’s ear. 

Round 2: Epilogue

As Laura finished washing her hair, she realized that she would be easily found out if she left it wet. Fortunately there were hand dryers in the bathroom and she was able to stick her head under one for about five minutes. It left her with a bit of a disheveled look, but she figured that would be excusable since they were in the middle of the forest. The important part was that her hair was dry! She wasn’t sure where everyone else had gone, but she was thankful for the time they had allowed her to dry off and get dressed. 

She made her way slowly to the locker room and slipped out onto the path, still remaining unnoticed. As she tried to plan her next move she heard quick footsteps approaching from the path that lead to the pool area. Since she didn’t want to be seen, she doubled back down the path towards the kitchen. She had planned to stop and let the person pass, assuming they were headed for the bunk house, but soon she realized the person had turned towards the kitchen and was still moving rather quickly. 

Laura, almost in a panic, moved into the kitchen and closed the door silently behind her. As she moved toward the pantry she remembered that it still held a hypnotized Eluran inside. “Shiiit” she thought to herself…until she noticed the deck. 

She flung the door to the deck open and ran to a nearby bench, making herself comfortable. “It’s ok...I’ve just been sitting here and relaxing, n one will notice.” she tried to convince herself. “Until they find Eluran’s body in the pantry!” she finished, the panic returning to her voice. 

And then an idea came to mind. She quickly glanced at the kitchen door, confirming that no one was there yet, even though she could hear someone moving in her direction. She laid down on her side and took a deep breath. “I sure hope this works!” she whispered out loud to no one, and then touched her thumb and pinky finger together. “Night night Laura…” She said to herself softly. 

It was an old trigger, one she had used as a freshman to help her sleep. College had been a big change and she had suffered from insomnia pretty badly, and so she asked her psychology professor to help her install a hypnotic trigger to help her fall asleep at night. It was what got her interested in hypnosis in the first place. She wasn’t sure if it would still work, years later… but the moment she said those words she felt a shiver wash through her body as her muscles relaxed. It felt like a thick, heavy blanket had been laid on her body. Her eyes instantly fluttered as she let out a sigh. “Night night Laura…” she whispered again, drowsiness evident in her voice. 

The shiver that ran through her was much less noticeable this time, but she felt her legs go completely limp. Her left arm slid off the bench and hung an inch or so above the ground. Her eyes fluttered again, almost completely closing this time. “Niiight….Night….Lauuuuurrrr….” she slurred, struggling to whisper the trigger again. But before she could finish, her eyes closed and she let out a deep, soothing sigh.

Her right hand fell and landed on the bench, leaving her hand visible while the rest of her was blocked by the bench. Her mind slipped deeply down its pre-programmed path…down into trance, then into deep, deep trance, and finally into natural sleep. As Abigail plowed through the door into the kitchen, Laura’s body finished its descent into sleep and she started to snore, gently, and peacefully. 

What really happened in Round 3 to be revealed next week!

Featuring: Laura, Eluran, and Eve

Mentioned: Jessy, Nadia, Midnight, Rayne, Stacy, and Katheryn

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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