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Among Us (N.C.U./Spirals) How Round 1 really happened

 Key: FD, F/F, MC

Description: In Among Us: Round 1 (N.C.U./Spirals) Found here: The girls came across two of their own who were hypnotized by mysterious hypnotists in their midsts. This is the story of how Stacy and Katheryn both ended up falling prey to them, and reveals who the hypnotists really were all along. 

Round 1: Dr. Stacy

Stacy walked into the utilities room and flipped on the lights...or at least she tried to. Only two of the bulbs actually lit up, the rest were either burned out, or in the case of one bulb, flickering on and off. “Great.” she sighed as she looked over the list of tasks they had all been given. “Lights…lights…lights…are not my job! Sweet!” She said with a smile as she put the list away. “One less job to worry about. Now where the hell is that sauna filter?” she asked herself. 

She moved further into the utility shed and spotted the filters behind a rather large cart. “Aha! There you are!” she said with a smile. With some effort, she managed to push the cart out of the way and knelt down to unscrew the filter housing. She missed the sound of footsteps slowly approaching behind her. 

It only took her a few moments for the housing to come off. “Gotcha, you little bastard!” she said as she stood up, a proud smile on her face. But just as she stood, an arm reached around her shoulder and across her chest to pull her backwards, forcing her against the body behind her. “What the hell?!” she exclaimed, “Let me go!” 

Stacy felt another arm wrap around her waist and could tell it was a woman by the breasts pressing against her back. The woman wasn’t exactly tall but made up for that with her strength, which surprised Stacy given that elves were usually stronger than humans. She found herself struggling as the woman tilted her head upwards, aiming her gaze up at the flickering, faulty light bulb. 

“Just relax…” she heard a soft, seductive voice whisper into her ear. She’d heard the voice before, but only once or twice. It was one of the girls she’d just met, she was sure of it. One of the redheads, but she couldn’t remember her name.

“What are you doing?” Stacy asked as she tried to utilize her strength, only to find out that leverage was, in fact, the great equalizer. 

“Shhhh, it’s’re safe. Just watch the light flickering in the darkness. It’s so soothing and calming. Every flicker just helps you to relax, helps your muscles to loosen and let go now. Every flicker, every tiny electrical crackle, helps your mind to clear. It’s like the light just blinks your thoughts away…one by one…crackling them out of existence…leaving you deeper and deeper. Blank and relaxed. You don’t have to admit it to me now, Stacy. You don’t even have to admit it to yourself. But you know you’re slipping, more and more as the light flickers.”

Stacy was struggling against her attacker as much as she could. But the light just…kept…flickering…into her mind. In between every thought she had about a way to twist, or to move, there was a flicker…and it was gone. It was so hard to remember what was happening. Why was she struggling? She was being...attacked? Right! She was being attacked! But then there was another crackle, another flicker, and that thought would fizzle out like a faulty circuit. She was barely aware of the hand on her chest, slowly unbuttoning her shirt and sliding a hand along her breast. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt her nipple being massaged under her bra. She couldn’t help but enjoy it, despite how wrong it felt. But another flicker erased that thought, and she was left only with the pleasure she felt. 

“That’s a girl…” the hypnotist whispered into her ear softly as she watched Stacy’s eyes begin to flutter. The fight had left the elf a long time ago, all that remained were her soft moans as her body continued to relax against her attacker. The hypnotist held her close as she lowered her to the floor, sliding a single finger under Stacy’s chin as she tilted her head up to kiss her. The last thing that went through the helpless elf’s mind was the kiss of a stranger, before the final flicker of a faulty bulb erased that, too. 

“Mmmm, I’ll have to tease Xander about this later.” The woman said as the slightest flicker of light illuminated the smile that had spread across Nadia’s face. “Now then, my dear. You're going to stay in a deep…deep hypnotic sleep, no matter what anyone else, including me, says to you…until you hear the words ‘Time for some hypnotic fun.’ Do you understand Stacy?”

Stacy nodded softly as her mind slipped deeper into sleep. “Good girl.” Nadia said, knowing the girl could no longer respond. But there was something else…footsteps…someone was coming towards the path. “Shit!” she whispered under her breath and quickly moved towards the back door. She had intended to hide, but once she heard the latch start to open she knew she had to escape. She pulled the back door open and snuck out just as Rayne entered the Utilities room. 

Round 1: Katheryn

Katheryn walked down the path in a bit of a huff. She had just spilled pool chemicals on her shirt, chemicals that she was pretty sure contained bleach. Although it wasn’t a good shirt, she wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of the bleach spreading to her other clothes. She was also  annoyed that they had only just started doing their tasks and she already had to change. As she turned the corner of the path to head towards the lockers, she noticed Stacy inside of the utilities building, and she thought she had just seen one of the red haired girls move into the locker rooms. “Just great.” she thought, “I’d really prefer not to have anyone see me like this!” She felt herself blush in embarrassment. But to her relief, she entered the building to see that Rayne had not stopped in the locker room, but instead headed through it to the bathhouse. 

She sighed in relief and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her green sports bra, and began to soak her shirt in a sanitary sink in the corner of the room. With a few sprays of water she was able to get as much of the chemicals off of the shirt as she could. It left the shirt with a permanent white spot, but it was just a work shirt. “It will give it a little character.” she said with a smile as she hung the shirt in an empty locker to dry. 

As she opened her locker to find a new shirt, she felt a pair of hands begin to rub her temples from behind and gasped in surprise. A soft, soothing voice whispered in her ear, “It’s ok…just relax…you look so stressed out…so tired. I’m not going to hurt you, I just want you to simply listen to my voice and relax…feel the tension melting away from your body…and your mind now.” All the while the young woman whispered into her ear, rolling her fingers along her temples while her thumbs slid up and down the back of her neck. In that wonderful sweet spot where your head and neck meet. 

Between the massage, the shock of someone sneaking up behind her, and the soft words of her hypnotic attacker, Katheryn’s head was spinning. She wasn’t sure if it was the room, or her head, or her entire body, but she was getting dizzy. She tried to close her eyes to stop the feeling, but instead all it did was make her feel like she was falling. 

Which, of course, was because she was falling back against the young woman who had surprised her. She could feel her chest against her back, and her soft, curled hair along the side of her face. “That’s a girl, just let go…and drift…drift away to sleep…letting everything else go.  Just relax…and sink…and sleep…now, Katheryn.” The girl holding her finished with a smile.

Katheryn’s will to fight was gone at this point. She let out a soft sigh and sank back against the woman who had so elegantly convinced her to slip into hypnosis. Her last conscious thought was simply “Sleep…that sounds…so… niiiiiiccccceeee…” while she faded away.. 

As Katheryn lay limp in her arms, Laura smiled deviously and began to whisper commands into her ear. She knew she needed to keep any girls she managed to hypnotize from waking up, or her plan wouldn’t work. She also knew she couldn't stay here long. Too many people were about, she needed to hide Katheryn and come back for her later. Fortunately the lockers in this building were quite large…and Katheryn was quite small. She fit very nicely into the locker, her knees curled up into her chest just enough for her to fit, and her head flopped back against the side of the locker.

Laura closed the locker quietly and quickly exited the building as she moved to the bathhouse. She walked in and nodded to Rayne who was on a ladder changing light bulbs. As she began cleaning the toilets she couldn’t help but hide a grin. “I can’t believe I got away with it!” she thought excitedly to herself. 

Four Hours Earlier: Laura

Nadia was waiting outside of the Spirals Nightclub for the bus…however, she was not waiting by where the bus would be arriving. She was waiting on the street between N.C.U. and Spirals, tucked inside of an alleyway. She was aware that several of the girls had a plan to enact a kind of truce over this three day weekend in the woods. No hypnosis, that seemed like such a pathetic idea to her. So she had decided, instead, to create a little chaos. But she couldn’t do it alone, she would need an accomplice. 

As she leaned against the wall, waiting patiently, she smiled when she saw her targets heading down the street towards her. The girls of N.C.U.’s hypnosis sorority, commonly referred to as S.L.E.E.P. were all on their way in one large group. She’d have to separate one of them or her plan would never work. She had hoped that they would all come separately so she could hypnotize them one at a time and go in with an army of agents on her side. But luck was not on her side this time. 

Eve, the oldest, Laura, a junior, Jessy, a sophomore, and Rayne, the freshman, were all engrossed in their conversations as they made their way towards her. It was clear that the sorority had brought them closer together, but right now she needed the exact opposite of that. And then, as if by divine intervention to allow the plot to happen, Laura noticed her shoelace was untied. “You guys go on ahead,” she said, setting down her bag. “I’ll catch up in a minute!” 

The other girls nodded and continued on their way, the bus stop was, after all, just around the corner. Seeing her opening, Nadia quickly moved to the opposite side of the alley so she would be behind the girls as they passed. Given that they were in a hurry and more focused on their conversations, the three young women passed her without so much as a second glance. She smiled deviously as she looked into the windows of the stores across the street, tracking the three girls that had passed her, and Laura in the reflection. With the aforementioned perfect timing the three girls turned the corner just as Laura finished tying her shoe and started to jog after them. 

Nadia watched the bubbly, and busty, blonde in the reflection as she ran down the street and timed her attack perfectly. Nadia stepped out from the alley exactly at the right time, and directly in front of Laura, with a devious grin. 

Laura’s eyes flew open in surprise as she came to a screeching halt mid-run, and stopped just a few inches from Nadia. “I’m terribly sorry!” she started, she was heavily excited from the adrenaline of her run, and from being scared by Nadia’s sudden appearance. “I didn’t see you theeerrrrrr…” 

Laura’s apology was cut off as Nadia quickly tapped her forehead, hard enough for her head to jerk back ever so slightly, as she commanded the young woman to simply “Sleep!” 

Laura gasped as her head was pushed back, and as her head slowly lowered to look at Nadia her jaw hung open limply. Nadia smiled at her as she watched the young woman’s eyes dilate and then flutter closed before her body seemed to just…let go, and sink towards the ground. Fortunately for Laura, Nadia was an experienced hypnotist and quickly caught the young woman before she ended up face down on the pavement. She pulled her limp body closer to hers and whispered into her ear, and into her helpless mind, “I have a few suggestions for you…before your little trip. You’d like to hear them, wouldn’t you my dear?” 

“... Yes…” was Laura’s only reply. 

What really happened in Round 2 to be revealed next week!

Featuring: Nadia, Laura, Dr. Stacy, and Katheryn.
Mentioned: Jessy, Eve, and Rayne

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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