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Natural History Museum - Sleepygirl's Hypnotic Reflections (SHR)

 Key: MD, MC, M/F, Knock out,

Description: A real life hypnotized woman recants a hypnotically induced dream about a trip to a local museum, which  reveals some new exhibits that have quite the effect on the girls’ minds and memories.  

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!]

To: Sleepyhypno <Sleepyhypno@Gmail.com>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 2-17-20XX
Subject: Natural History Museum

This was sitting in my drafts and when I looked through it to see why, I saw that I hadn't gotten to finish it up until now. So I'll actually be caught up on the ones I wanted to tell you about now...what a concept! Weirdly enough I've had some interesting daydreams since I had this one, but I'll explain those after I finish explaining the dream...it will make more sense. 

The location of this was very fitting for me as I was in a natural history museum, just walking around and enjoying the exhibits. I noticed three areas that were out of the ordinary though...one of them on amnesiacs, another on pheromones, and another on classical seduction methods. Of course I had to investigate those, too. For a while I watched from some benches near an “animals of the world” exhibit, and at the pheromones area I saw Laura standing and examining some samples that were set up and spread across a display table. As she examined everything a man came up to the table and took one of the samples, then sprayed it lightly on his wrist and neck. I could see him glancing over at Laura, who'd moved away from the table and was reading a plaque next to a plant exhibit not too far away. He walked over to her and tapped her shoulder, and I could see she was being polite as he tried to make small talk. Apparently he saw that she wasn’t interested, because he leaned in and put his arm out against the wall she was near, and of course the arm nearest to her was the one he'd sprayed with the pheromones. Once Laura smelled it the effect was almost immediate...her eyes fluttered a bit as she swayed on her feet, they almost rolled up into her head actually, but as quickly as it affected her she snapped back to normal just as fast. But as he kept his arm there she started flirting with him and acting more playful, even her face seemed to become more flushed. After a few more minutes of flirting the man slid his arm around her shoulders and her eyes fluttered up into her head as she smiled, almost like she was drunk on the smell, and the two of them began to walk away. 

As I watched them walk away I glanced over to the area marked off for classical seduction methods. It was filled with pictures of women from around the 1700s and 1800s, all standing near men or arm in arm with them, looking very submissive and compliant, along with some other displays of restraints, and corsets, and something about seductive poetry as well. Jill was standing near the exhibit, not really paying attention to it and looking down at her phone, and as she stood there another man walked up to her and tried to strike up a conversation. In reality he was actually reading one of the poems on display in the exhibit that was hung up behind her. But as he continued reading it, her hands started to drop to her sides until they hung there, completely limp...she seemed to be moving closer to him as if she was trying to really understand what he was saying. Finally her eyes started to glaze over and slip shut as her head fell to her chest while her eyes slowly closed. The man smiled at his success and slipped a finger under her chin, tilting her head up toward him and kissing her softly. Her body jerked as his lips touched hers, then seemed to relax as her eyes slowly opened while she smiled at him and took his arm, without a second thought, as the two of them walked off into the rest of the exhibit. 

I looked over to the last area on amnesiacs and saw even more set out for their display, including another sample booth where there were things like small flowers, vials of various liquids, and small spray bottles. There was a man lingering around the table, examining one of the spray bottles, who had his eye on Eve. He made his way over to her while she was looking at some of the flowers and tapped her on the shoulder...once she turned around he leaned in and kissed her deeply and with no warning. She was, understandably, shocked by his forwardness and pushed him away. But in that brief moment he sprayed a puff from the bottle into her face. She wobbled on her feet and shook her head, looking up at him with a clearly confused expression, then turned around and moved back down the table, not acknowledging what happened at all. 

Once the two of them parted ways, I started making my way through the rest of the museum, towards the dinosaurs...where I spent some time enjoying the exhibit and basically being a small child (you've seen me around dinosaurs, it shouldn't be a surprise). When I got to the T-Rex I stood there for a while, just admiring it, when I felt someone brush against me like they were trying to get past. I looked over to see a man next to me apologizing, and caught the smell of a very strong scent as I did. The effect of the smell hit me instantly. My eyes fluttered and I swayed on my feet; I could feel myself getting warmer as my heart started beating just a little faster. I looked over at the man and saw him admiring the T-Rex, too, and  gave him a flirty smile as I moved closer to him, with a nervous smile he leaned in and brushed his hand against my cheek to move my hair out of the way. Just as he did I got an even stronger whiff of the pheromone on him and felt my face flush. For a split second I was swaying on my feet again, but I snapped out of it a moment later and watched as he gave me an arrogant grin and said it looked like I was falling under his spell pretty hard. I decided to play along and slid even closer to him, moving my hands up and down his arms and leaning in so I was almost nose to nose with him. As he leaned in and softly kissed me, I got an even stronger smell of the pheromones and my head began spinning even more...but once he broke the kiss and stepped back the feeling faded. He looked at me with a smug expression and I decided to surprise him by telling him that I didn’t expect the pheromones to work so strongly. His face dropped as he asked how I knew about that, and even when I told him I'd seen it used on Laura while I was walking around earlier, he still seemed surprised. He tried to lean in closer so I'd be affected by the pheromone again, but this time I took a step back defiantly so I would be able to resist it. That seemed to make him a little nervous again and he asked what else, if anything, I'd seen while I was there...and that was when I told him about seeing Jill and Eve, too.

The man smirked when he heard me say that and remarked that the poems were especially fascinating, and that just reading them had made more than a few girls glaze over. I kept listening out of curiosity as he mentioned how it started with a tree in a window, just to see where he was going, he kept describing the way the poem went and how the wind blew through the trees and its leaves, and I couldn't help but lean closer to him because I wanted to hear more. I didn't seem to realize that as he kept talking about it, I was feeling more relaxed and that my eyes were starting to slide closed. He talked about the sun setting behind the trees and how it kept sinking lower and lower, then a moment later I felt him tilting my head up to him as he kissed me softly. With a quick jerk, I sighed into the kiss and felt my body relax even more. When he broke the kiss I instantly felt more compliant and submissive toward him, and with another satisfied grin he made a comment about how I couldn’t even resist his spell even though I knew what was coming. I nodded in agreement, the pheromone still coursing through my system as he moved back toward me and started kissing me deeply. After he broke the kiss, he slipped my arm through his and started to walk me around the rest of the museum, keeping me close so the smell of the pheromone on his neck never left my nose. At that point I was so out of it I barely knew where I was as my eyes rolled into my head from the pleasure. 

Finally, he stopped and shook me a bit to snap me out of it, and as I looked around I saw we were in front of a caveman exhibit. I don't think it was going for historical accuracy because there were a few statues of cavemen clubbing women over the head, while another caveman and woman stood near a tree as the caveman's arms moved up and down like he was clubbing the woman, complete with sound effects. Behind them there were other displays of a carrying an unconscious girl while two more were dragged by their hair and carried over one's shoulder. Next to that scene was another of a few more cavemen having sex with some unconscious girls, while next to them were a pile of others - all unconscious as well. In the middle of the pile of girls, some of which were wax, I noticed Nicole, Klaire, and Jessy...Nicole was near the bottom, sprawled out with her arms and legs spread out on either side of her, while Klaire was laying on her side, half piled on Nicole, and Jessy was on the other side of Nicole laying face down with her arm over Nicole's chest. As the man looked around the exhibit he commented that this would be perfect, and started kissing me while he pushed me behind one of the bushes in the exhibit. He slid his hands along my body and under my shirt, massaging my chest as he leaned in and whispered in my ear, telling me to strip. I stepped back and broke the kiss, sliding out of my clothes piece by piece as he continued feeling me up. Once my clothes were off, he stepped back and began taking off his own, I helped him remove them until he was naked and pressed myself against him, finally overcome by all of the pheromones and arousal. He deepened the kiss and pushed me back gently against the tree that the wax cavegirl was standing under, and knocked her over in the process while he spread my legs and slid into me. He rocked into me deeper, pushing me up along the tree as he did,  and just as I slid up the tree I felt a caveman's club come down on top of my head...complete with sound effects. My head felt a little fuzzy after that, my thoughts were scattered and my coordination was definitely off, but I still found myself kissing him, albeit slower now as he pumped into me, ready to cum. As he thrust into me I felt the club come down once again with a thud, and my body went limp. Even though I wasn't completely unconscious yet, I was still sluggishly able to kiss him right before I started to orgasm. I felt it rolling through me in waves, making my body shudder as he kept pushing my body up...and in the middle of my orgasm the club came down over my head for a third time, almost knocking me out completely. All I could feel was the pleasure, even though I was barely aware of what was happening as he lowered me down and dragged me over to the pile, laying me down on top of the other unconscious girls. 

Eventually I opened my eyes and started to feel the others around me starting to stir. One by one Nicole,Jessy and Klaire started to wake up...and as each of them did, the man quickly hit them over the head with a club until they were all unconscious again. The first to wake up was Jessy, she pushed herself back up to a sitting position, just as the man stepped up behind her and hit her in the back of the head with the club...she jerked in surprise and slumped back down to the ground, with both of her arms over Nicole and her head laying against her chest. The act of Jessy falling on her caused Nicole to wake up next. She tried to get up, but moving Jessy off of her took too much time and the man managed to sneak up behind her just as she was able to move Jessy to the side and start to stand up, the man clubbed her gently over the head as well and caught her as she slumped back to the ground. By that point Klaire was starting to wake up and had managed to push herself upright, partially propped up on one elbow. She was still trying to process everything when the man walked up to her, and clubbed her on top of the head, for a brief moment her eyes crossed before she slid back down to the floor with a soft thud, landing on her side with both arms spread out to either side.

Once they were all in a pile again he pulled out a small bottle and sprayed each of them. Once they woke up, none of them would remember how they ended up in a pile on the museum floor, in the middle of an exhibit, completely naked. Just as he was about to walk away he turned around and finally saw that I was awake and, smiling, walked back over to me, then simply clubbed me over the head again. Everything faded around me as I slumped against everyone else before losing consciousness yet again. But just before everything went black I felt a mist gently covering my face as he used the spray on me, too, and now it's time for me to forget.

Featuring: Klaire, Jessy, Laura, Eve, Sleepygirl

Special thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me [and in the case of this story writing it].

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

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