Jessy is a junior at New Chicago University.  She is studying writing and literature with a focus on fantasy and science fiction. She is 21 years old and good friends with Laura and Cheyenne.

Jessy is 5'7" tall with dark, almost black hair that comes down just below her shoulder blades. Her hair is almost completely straight except for the last 2 to 3 inches which curls. She tends to wear clothes that make her blend into the background, just normal jeans and a shirt, except when she decides to dress up in mid evil attire. At that point she will wear dresses and other 'maiden' clothes and show off as much as she can.  She has a natural DD chest which she is quite proud of and tends to wear shirts that at the very least hug her form to show that off.  She is rather shy unless she knows you at which point she will be become very friendly and open.

Jessy is often the one to 'tag along' when her friends go to do something. She is rarely the instigator of the event or the situation but will egg on the other girls to do something bold or wild while she sits back and watches. However, she is has a tendency to end up caught up in whatever adventure (or misadventure) she has pushed her friends into and usually ends up in the same boat with them.


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