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Among Us - Alt Ending - Tie! (N.C.U./Spirals)

 Key: MC, FD, FF, Hypno

Description: What would have happened if Abigail had decided not to vote, and left the final attempt to eliminate the hypnotist at a tie?

Note: Early on in the final poll to decide this story, Rayne had a commanding lead. But a few days later it was neck and neck and the very real possibility started to emerge that I may be dealing with a tie! I hadn’t even considered that possibility, but as soon as I did a bunch of story ideas started to run through my mind as to how I would end it if it truly was tied. These are some of those ideas. 

The Bathroom: 

Rayne and Laura stood on opposite sides of the bathroom, and both looked like they were ready for a fight. Between them was the deeply hypnotized Jessy, sprawled out on the floor, completely unconscious and unaware of the scene happening around her. In the doorway stood Abigail, who was staring between the two girls, fully aware that they were waiting for her to make a decision. It was all up to her. And all she could do was sigh as she looked from Rayne to Laura and back again. “Fuck.” 

“That’s not good enough!” Rayne growled in frustration. “You know as well as I do that you have to choose. Do you believe me…or her?”

“Think about it Abigail.” Laura said softly. “Rayne has been sus this entire time! Every single person that’s been hypnotized, she’s either been seen in the area or didn’t have an alibi! Every. Single. One. It has to be her!” Laura pleaded to the older woman.

“Not every one...” Rayne said, looking very suspiciously at Laura. “Eluran. She was found hypnotized in the pantry, and you were found outside.” Rayne pointed out. “And then somehow you were spared, and just happened to sleep through the sound of a two pound bag of flour falling on her head. How does that work exactly?”

“Enough!” Shouted Abigail in frustration as she looked back and forth between the two girls, then at the unconscious Jessy. She sighed and shook her head. “You know what…no. I’m not voting!” She said, turning on her heels and storming out of the bathroom. 

“Wait, you can’t…” Rayne started as she was cut off by the slam of the bathroom door. 

“Ummm, I didn’t call that.” Laura said. glancing at Rayne. 

The two girls glared between one another and the closed bathroom door. Finally, in unison, they turned to run after Abigail, almost tripping over one another in the process and leaving poor Jessy hypnotically asleep in the middle of the bathroom. 

Bunk House:

Abigail shoved the door to the bunk house open and stormed into the room, falling down in one of the chairs near a window and breathing a sigh of relief. Of course that relief was short lived as Rayne and Laura barged in a moment later. “You can’t just leave like that!” Rayne shouted. 

“Yeah, you have to pick someone! That’s the whole point of voting!” Laura explained far too patiently.

Abigail turned to glare at both girls and smiled. “I told you, no.” She said confidently. “I choose no one.” 

“But, but…that leaves us in a tie!” Rayne pointed out. 

“We can’t have a tie Abigail!” Laura said, folding her arms. “Who are we supposed to hypnotize? We have to have a deciding vote!”

Abigail sighed and gritted her teeth. She could feel her body involuntarily twitching in frustration until finally an idea came to her. She looked at the other two as a devious smile spread across her face. “I vote myself. Now it’s a three way tie!” 

Rayne and Laura stared at one other in absolute confusion. The silence was deafening as everyone waited for someone else to say something, but no one knew what to do next. Ultimately, it was Abigail who spoke up first.  “No one is picked. No one is hypnotized. You two can solve it among yourselves and let me know who wins. 

As the two girls continued to stare at her, Abigail pulled a book from a nearby table and began to read. Finally something snapped inside of Rayne. “Fine!” she said, backing away from the other two. “I’ll hypnotize both of you!” 

“Wait, what?” Abigail said, caught off guard as she put down the book. 

“As if you could.” Laura said confidently, despite taking a step back from Rayne. 

Rayne merely smiled. “Both of you have had a very long day…you’re both so stressed, and tired. We came here to relax, came here to just let go and get away from it all. Wouldn’t it be nice to just let go now…to allow yourself to finally feel that wonderful relaxation that we were all promised.”

Laura saw an opportunity and chimed in next. “It would be nice to just let this all slip away, and be able to unwind…to be able to allow yourselves to relax, and take a deep, slow breath and feel everything letting go…” 

All three girls unconsciously took a deeper breath than normal before Abigail stood and glared at the others. “You two aren’t the only hypnotists here!” she declared, taking a step closer to them. “The two of you are so confident, so sure of yourselves, but the reality is that both of you are very hypnotic, very powerful. And you both know it. You can feel the words of the other sliding into your mind, affecting your thoughts, affecting your bodies, every word that the other speaks just seems to make you want to…sink…deeper down into trance now.”

Rayne and Laura were both caught off guard as Abigail joined in, but neither was prepared to back down. “That’s right ladies, let the words of the hypnotists sink into your minds…” Rayne started confidently. “Every word you hear helps your thoughts to just drift away, becoming harder and harder to resist... “

Laura cut her off. “But easier to sink down, easier to let your body just relax, and become heavy and tired. To let your thoughts simply start to fade away, more and more…with each...and every word.” 

“Nothing else matters…” Abigail continued. “Only the words, each and every word pulling you down, deeper, into the trance, into the wonderful feeling of letting go, and relaxing. Every word…takes you…deeper.” 

“Deeper…” Rayne echoed, looking a little dazed. 

“Deeper…” Laura continued. She couldn’t understand why her head was feeling so fuzzy all of a sudden.

“Deeper…” Abigail replied without really realizing it. In the meantime, her arms had unfolded from her chest and fallen down to her sides. 

“It’s so nice to just focus on the different voices, the different tones…letting all of the gentle…soothing words…slip so easily and gently into your mind.” Rayne said softly as a familiar glazed look spread over her face. 

“Every single word…seems to help your body to just…loosen…and relax. We came here to relax…came  here to…forget about... “ Laura's voice trailed off, almost as if she had forgotten what it was she came here to forget about.

“Everything…” Abigail said softly. Her eyes were sparkling with their soft glaze as her pupils were slowly, easily dilating, just like the others. 

“Sooner or later…it becomes…so easy…to drift off…into a nice…relaxing… “ Rayne’s mouth opened, although no sound came out. As if her mind was too relaxed to complete the thought.  “...relaxing…”

“Trance…”  Laura said. Half of her answer was a suggestion to the others, while the other half was her following her own suggestion. “A trance. Unaware…unthinking…simply… “

“Obedient…” Abigail chimed in, her ever sinking mind betraying her hidden hypnokink. “Obedient and helpless…deep…and calm…unable to resist…only wanting to sink…and…” 

“Obey…” Rayne said in a monotone voice. 

“Obey…” Laura replied, equally monotone. 

“Obey…” Abigail finished. 

The three hypnotists stared blankly ahead as their bodies slowly wobbled on their feet. They stood there for a few moments, breathing calmly and deeply, before Rayne finally spoke again. “Good girls, helpless and relaxed... “ Even as she said this, her face remained expressionless, her eyes still glassy and dilated. She was acting on autopilot, as were the others.

"Ready to sink…ready to just sleep…” Laura responded softly. 

“Ready to surrender…ready to submit…deeply…completely…down… “ Abigail said calmly.

“All good girls...will sink…“ Rayne continued. 

“Deeply down…down to sleep…” Laura said with just a hint of a smile.

"Deep…hypnotic sleep... “ Abigail concluded. 

“Three…” Rayne started slowly as one of her hands began to rise.

“Two...“ Laura echoed as her hand slowly followed suit.

“One…” Abigail’s finished, her hand hovering just in front of her. 

“...Sleep!” Rayne finished with as much energy as she could, and snapped her fingers. 

“Sleeep...” Laura echoed as her eyes slammed shut and her head fell to her chest. Her curly blonde hair fell around her face and then over her shoulders while she slowly drifted down to her knees. The impact, as soft as it was, caused her head and her hair to bounce gently, before she tilted to her right side, sinking ever so easily down to her hip. Her body finished falling to the ground until she finally landed flat on her back, leaving her hair to trail behind her like streamers in the wind. Her left arm came to rest above her head as her right sprawled out to her side. 

“...Sllleeeep…” Abigail sighed as her eyes rolled up into her head. Her fingers managed to snap just as her arm fell to her side and her body began to sink to the floor. She tried to catch herself as she fell, but as her knees landed softly on the ground her arms fell limp at her sides. It was as if all of the energy had been sucked out of her. Her short hair bounced around her face as she tilted ever so slowly to the side. Until gravity took her the rest of the way. Her head landed firmly on Laura’s breast, shaking her body gently before it fell still again. 

“Sleeeee…” Rayne started, letting out a soft sigh as her head tilted to the side while her body fell to one knee. Her arms remained completely limp at her sides. It was only the fact that she fell to one knee instead of both that caused her to spin slowly as she fell, landing more or less face down. Of course she landed conveniently on Abigail’s groin...somewhere she wanted to end up sooner rather than later anyway. 

All three girls laid completely still, breathing slowly and easily. Deeply hypnotized and completely blank. Back in the main bunk room were Nadia, Stacy, and Katheryn, still recovering from being drained by the succubus Midnight. Of course in the room with them was Eve, Eluran, and Midnight herself. All three were still deep in their own hypnotic slumber, and were being kept that way by the binaural beat playing endlessly on a loop to keep them from waking. The only person not in the room was Jessy, who was still blissfully sleeping off her own trance in the bathroom. She was, of course, completely unaware that the girl who had hypnotized her was now sound asleep with two others next to her, completely hypnotized and helpless. They had twenty-six hours until the bus arrived to get them. I’m sure they will all be well rested by that time. 


Among_Us.Exe has stopped working, an unexpected error has occurred at memory location 0000x00234411a4f33c2b1. The application must be restarted to continue. 

Oops…looks like I crashed the game. Knew I shouldn’t have tried to mod this thing. 

The End. 

Authors Note: Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this entire long, drawn out story! I had so much fun writing this! Not knowing how the story would unfold and writing on the fly was a great adventure and also a great challenge for me. I also really liked the video game aspect of it, and I think it created a very enjoyable world to flesh out this story in. As such I have two other games in mind to create a story world in. The first is Phasmophobia, mainly because the girls that many of the N.C.U. characters are based on, are real life haunted house fanatics and I’ve even been dragged along a few times as they went on their ghost hunting adventures (although the results were less than stellar), so I can easily see their characters doing that. The other is Five Nights At Freddy’s. I like the Idea of a security guard watching the hijinx unfold in a hypnosis based night club like Spirals, where all they can do is just watch and then slowly realize the hypnotist is coming for them next. Hopefully I can get to both of those before the end of the year. No promises!

Featuring: LauraRayneAbigail
Mentioned: Eluran  and Jessy

Round 1

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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