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Tag! I'm Frozen! - SHR - Part 3

Description: Sleepygirl recounts a hypnotically induced dream that she had about a trip to the mall, where a group of familiar young men have a new set of toys to make the young ladies stick around for a while.  

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE!

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 7/15/20XX
Subject: Tag! I’m Frozen! Yet Again!

Been meaning to send this for a few days, but things got a little busy...and by the time I had a free minute to sit down, I just wanted to crash. In any case, I had another dream last week that I wanted to tell you about. So I hope this is a welcome distraction for you, enjoy! :oP

I was in a mall with a group of friends including Eve, Laura, Jessy, Klaire, Cheyenne, Abigail, and Trisha (I say 'this time' because the groups and who end up in them seem to fluctuate). Anyway, when we walked into the mall the first thing that caught my eye was a display of three mannequins, who...once we got close enough to look...were actually three girls who had been frozen and posed. Next to them was a sign that said “Living Mannequin Display! Today only!” Oddly enough, no one else in the group seemed to pay any attention to it as we made our way past and began walking through the mall. As tends to happen, we split up into smaller groups and made our way through the stores that each of us wanted to stop in first. While I walked around I noticed, more than once, a few men that looked familiar. Even though I didn’t remember where I’d seen them, I just had that nagging feeling you get when you know you’ve seen someone before. Each time I passed one, they just happened to be “working” in a different store;  the first one that Laura wandered into, the man was selling evening gowns, formal wear, and other types of dresses. She walked through the racks, admiring everything before finally picking up a deep blue gown that she took to the dressing room to try on. As she admired it in the mirror, the man walked up to her and began complimenting her on the dress, being charming and flirting with her, until eventually he took a camera out of his pocket (which also looked familiar, although for the life of me I can't remember why). Next he asked Laura if he could take her picture so she could see the dress at different angles, in different lighting, etc. She agreed and turned around a bit, enough to draw attention to just how low cut the dress was, and flashed the man a smile as he took the picture, but as the flash faded and he lowered the camera, Laura stared ahead at him with the same smile frozen on her face, posed in the same position. Seeing that she was fully incapacitated, he moved closer to her and began to kiss along her neck while his hands moved along her back, down to her butt and legs and then back up to her breasts. Of course he made sure to take his time to feel up her frozen, helpless form. After a few more moments of taking some liberties with her body, he picked her up and moved her to the store window, where he placed her on display for the rest of the mall to see. 

As he put the finishing touches on his new 'display', I saw Jessy and Abigail walking into a perfume store not far from where I was standing. Another one of the men I recognized had already walked up to them, perfume in hand, to show off some “samples” from the store. The three of them began talking and as they did he led them to a perfume bottle in the shape of a snowflake, then asked if either of them would like to sample it. Abigail seemed eager to, so the man sprayed a few puffs of it in front of her so she could smell it. She inhaled and began to talk to Jessy and the man about how much she liked it, but when she went to move toward the bottle a confused expression crossed her face. She looked down, only to find that her feet wouldn't move, and as she tried to move her hands they seemed to be stuck as well. One stayed outstretched, reaching for the perfume, while the other was stiff at her side. She looked up at the man and opened her mouth to speak, but as she did the rest of her body just seemed to lock in place. While Jessy watched Abigail’s body slowly freeze in place, she failed to notice the man with the perfume bottle slip next to her, unnoticed. When she turned around, she was hit with a few puffs of the perfume instead. It affected Jessy much more quickly than Abigail, and within moments her body was completely paused. As the man ran his hands over each of them, making sure they were in fact frozen, another man appeared from the back of the store and began to pose each of them. One began unbuttoning Jessy's blouse so more of her cleavage was showing, while the other tucked in Abigail's shirt to show off her toned muscles and skin. Given that the two of them weren't as stiff and rigid as Laura, they were able to be posed much easier. I watched as the man posing Jessy placed a bottle of perfume in one of her hands and crossed her arms just enough to push her chest up and make the buttons he'd unbuttoned even more noticeable. Meanwhile, the man posing Abigail placed a bottle of perfume in her outstretched hand and the other on her hip, even going so far as to manipulate the expression on her face to one of lust and arousal. Once both of the girls were posed to their liking, the men picked them up and set them at random spots in the store, making them seem even more like mannequins. 

As I left the store I spotted Klaire and Cheyenne walking into a tea shop a few stores down. As I followed behind them, I saw Klaire starting to look at some tea sets, oblivious to a man that was approaching her until he offered her a small sample. After explaining what kind it was, she took the glass from him and sipped the tea slowly. As she lowered the glass and was about to tell the man what she thought of it, she stopped, instantly, in mid-sentence. Her hand was outstretched and holding the glass as her expression was stuck between the glass and the man in front of her. Meanwhile, he leaned in and began to kiss her deeply, licking her lips as his hands ran over her chest. As the man massaged her breasts and deepened the kiss, he began to adjust her clothes as well. First he blatantly opened her shirt to expose her bra, then moved her outside of the store where he began to pose her body. He positioned her arm to make it appear as if she had just taken a sip of the tea, giving her face a more suggestive look in the process. In the meantime, during all of this, Cheyenne was still at the back of the shop, completely oblivious  as she examined some little figurines that were sitting on a shelf. She picked up one that looked like an amazon or elven warrior, dressed very skimpy and posed as seductively as a figurine can be. When she picked it up, there was a brief flicker, almost like static from an old TV show, and it disappeared from her hands. Her skin briefly glowed a pale green color and she began to move, slowly, until her body was positioned the same way as the figurine had been. Once her body was frozen in that pose, another man in the shop walked over and started to cut off her clothes until she was completely naked. Then he put a very short, skimpy looking robe on that barely covered her, and moved her to another spot in the store with the other 'statues'. 

As he placed her near the others, I wandered away from the tea shop and down to a tech store nearby. Inside I saw Eve talking to a man standing behind a counter while Trisha was off in another section looking at mp3 players. Behind the counter, the man pulled out a watch and began to show the stopwatch feature on it to Eve. She seemed interested enough as he handed it to her, and began messing around with the features on it. But the moment she pushed the stop button her body went completely still, hand still on the watch as she looked down at it. With a smirk, he adjusted her shirt a bit more, taking the opportunity to feel her up as he did, before he moved her out to the front of the store with the others. On the other side of the store, Trisha had noticed everything that happened to Eve and, oddly enough, she seemed more than a little intrigued by it. Actually, she was all but bouncing in place as she eagerly asked if she could help him freeze which he seemed all too happy to oblige. He pulled out a toy gun with a small radar dish attached to the end of it and began to explain how it worked, but from where I was standing I could see that as he was explaining this to her he'd also pulled out a smaller version that he was hiding under the desk. As the two of them continued talking, I saw Trisha start looking around the mall and in my direction. When she saw me she smiled and leaned over to the man and began telling him he nodded to her, the gun was suddenly being pointed in my direction, but in the short amount of time that all this happened I didn't have a chance to move out of the range of the gun, and before I knew what was happening the trigger was being pulled. I heard a soft humming noise as ripples began to move toward me from the gun, and once they began to move over my body everything around me slowly started to come to a stop. 

To me I’m sure it felt much slower than it most likely really was...but as I stood there, helpless and unmoving, I watched Trisha strike a pose, satisfied with herself and happy that she managed to successfully freeze someone. She turned around to give the man behind her a flirty smile, but as she did she saw that he was holding the smaller version of the gun she'd just used. In the next instant, the same ripples were moving from the gun and covering her body. She froze instantly, still half in the pose she'd been striking just moments before, gun held up almost like a spy, with both hands around it, but half of her body and her head turned to face the man. He moved from behind the desk and adjusted the gun, pointing it towards me to give the impression that she was about to shoot me with it. Once she was posed to his liking, the man moved to me and began to pose my body next, kissing and feeling me up with every chance he got. He arched my back, like I was trying to avoid the shot, and pushed my chest forward in the process, extending the display to where I was standing opposite of the store on the other side of the mall. 

From that point the rest of us were all frozen as mannequins on display throughout the mall, helpless as people passed us by and stared at our displays...occasionally even being felt up by some of the men that passed, who wanted to see just how real we were. As the night went on a few more people that I knew were even frozen and added to some of the displays. Jackie had her picture taken by the man who was selling dresses, and Sara was frozen by a cloud of perfume. At the end of the night we were all collected by the various men and taken to a loading dock at the back of the mall. The ones carrying Eve, Cheyenne, and Laura all stripped them of their clothes once they were brought back to the area...taking their time to feel them up as their clothes were removed, kissing them, one of the men started to lick Cheyenne as the other two made love to Eve and Laura, then once they'd finished another man would eat out Eve while Cheyenne was made love to this time, etc. The rest of us, those that were more pliable and easily posed I noticed (Jessy, Klaire, Trisha, myself, etc) were stripped as well and posed, then made love to...once the men were done making love to us all, Cheyenne, Eve and Laura were all unfrozen...just long enough to be hit by the gun the Trisha used on me and then used on her as well. All of them had just enough time to be confused for a split second as they woke, only to be turned back to statues a moment later. Once they were all frozen again they were flashed with the camera to make sure they were all stiff and rigid, then reposed with their hands at their sides and carried into a room to be placed in 'storage'. Finally I felt myself being posed again as well, at attention with my hands at my sides while the flash went off in my face, making my body feel like it was being turned to stone as I was carried into the room with the others and placed in line with them...the men stepped back to look at their handiwork and, seeming satisfied with what they'd done, they left the room and turned the lights off.

And, delayed as it was, that was the end of it. Hopefully it was worth the wait! Luckily I've been writing bits and pieces of it when I could so I didn't totally forget any case, I hope you enjoyed. :oP And now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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