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Volunteering for the Show - Part 5

Key: MD, MC, MF, FF, Freeze, Statue, Sleep

Description: Sleepygirl and her friends encounter a familiar face who is up to his old tricks, this time at a Ren Faire.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 6/12/20XX
Subject: Volunteering for the show…at a ren faire?

I think the ren faire talk we had earlier influenced my dreams a bit last night because that was pretty much where it was centered in. I think it was a continuation/branch of another dream, the freeze/stage show one? (it gets hard to keep track of my dreams, sue me). I think I was technically in a group with Laura, Klaire, Eve, Niki and Kim, but we'd all split up and were at different parts of the fair, but still relatively close to one another. We'd just split up when I saw a man in a black cloak following a bit behind Niki. She was oblivious to his being behind her, thanks to all of the people at the faire. As I watched to see if he was really following or just happened to be part of the crowd, I saw that he had taken out a large wooden staff that was dark and about half of his he got closer to Niki he started to wave it slowly around. The staff began to glow a bluish color and seemed to almost ripple with energy, and as the light seemed to get just a bit brighter, small waves of  energy moved from the staff to Niki, almost as if it was moving around her, not quite enveloping her. Bit by bit, as it moved from the staff, it seemed to slow her down. Her walking slowed until she looked like she was walking in slow motion, even her blinks seemed slower, and continued to slow down until she froze completely in mid-stride. Her left foot arched slightly upwards as if she was in mid step, skirt flowing around her thanks to a light breeze, arms hanging at her sides, and her head turned ever so slightly as if she was attempting to look around to find the source of what was happening to her. The man slipped the staff back into his cloak and stepped in front of her and began to adjust her outfit. She'd been wearing a long purple skirt with a white ruffled shirt that was low cut to begin with, but as the man pulled it down a bit it exposed her chest even he pulled up her skirt just a bit and adjusted her pose, straightening her and pushing out her chest, moving one arm up as he placed a stack of fliers in her hand. Once he'd walked far enough away, I moved over to Niki and waved a hand in front of her face, but she stayed still. As I looked closer I saw that her eyes were glowing the same blue color as his staff had been. Seeing that she wasn't going to be moving anytime soon, I moved on and began to follow the man again, noticing that he seemed to be moving in on someone else.

He continued to move closer to another girl, who - as I moved closer - I was able to see was Klaire. He approached her from behind again, careful to remain hidden, and began to wave his hands around her head, being especially careful to not touch her. As he continued to do this I saw her start to sway on her feet, like she was dizzy, and shake her head. His hands continued moving around her head and with each passing moment I saw her face grow more relaxed and start to slacken, her eyes went glassy as she slowly stopped swaying. Soon she had that telling, vacant stare as the last bit of thought emptied from her eyes and she stood still, standing there blankly. The man lowered his hands and stepped around to the front of her, moving in and blatantly adjusting her breasts. As he 'fixed' her so more of her cleavage would show, then pulled up her skirt, he also leaned in to kiss her deeply and grope her with a free hand. As he pulled back, he placed a stack of fliers into one of her hands and began on his way again. I watched her for a moment before I started to follow after him again...but as I passed Klaire, walking up to a stranger and handing them a flier, I heard her comment that her master was requesting that they attend his show. I continued on and followed until the man stopped at his next target.

The man stopped near a booth where Kim was standing and admiring several pieces of jewelry. She leaned in closer and looked at a necklace that was hanging from a perch on the booth...seeing an opportunity, the man walked up to the booth and took the necklace off of its perch and dangled it directly in front of Kim's eyes. I saw him talking softly, maybe even whispering - because I was too far to hear what was being said. He continued talking, and just as I'd seen with Klaire not that long ago, the more he talked and the longer she watched the gem, the more she seemed to relax. Not just Kim, but the girl that was running the booth as well...they were both fixed on the necklace, visibly growing more relaxed as the girl behind the booth even swayed in place. For a moment I even forgot myself and started watching the gem a little too closely, to the point of feeling myself getting drawn into it as the faire faded around me. Even so, it didn't last long and I shook my head to snap myself out of it moments later. As he continued whispering, their moments became less and less frequent...the girl behind the booth stopped swaying, and before long both of them - though still fixated on the gem - were completely still. The man put the necklace back on its perch for a moment as he posed the two of them, turning them toward one another and raising one of Kim's arms, and adjusting their clothes as well so they would be more revealing. Once he'd done this, he took the necklace again and placed it in Kim's hand, closing her fingers around it so it would be dangling in front of the other girl. Once he'd placed a stack of fliers in both of their hands, he moved away from the booth and left his statues behind.

As I moved away from the booth, I saw the man move into a nearby shop. Inside I could see racks of clothes with a small crowd of women looking through them and trying some on. He walked into the shop and I moved in closer, just enough to see him pull the staff out of his cloak again and raise it, then brought it down to the floor of the shop. As he did, a wave of energy flew from the staff and washed over all of the women on the floor. The moment it touched them they all slumped to the floor, completely unconscious...the man surveyed his work with a smile and walked away. I walked up to the shop as he moved away, but before I could enter I watched another young woman walk up to the entrance and move to step through the open doorway. Before she even passed completely through, she fainted to the ground and was unconscious like the rest. Seeing this, I decided to move on and after the man. It didn't take long before I saw him entering another shop, this one a larger version of the jewelry booth I'd seen Kim at earlier. I watched from a distance as the man walked into the shop and waved his he did, all of the gems on display started to glow. Waves of colors streamed from all of the gems inside and into the faces of the women that were inside admiring them, including Jessy - who I'd spotted inside. As the colors covered their faces, they all seemed to instantly fall under the gems' spell...they all stood there, swaying slightly on their feet, faces slack as the colors enthralled them even further. The man waved his hand slightly again and whispered softly, almost as if he were talking to himself or casting a spell. As he finished all of the girls in the store moved to an open area not filled by jewelry and began to dance in unison, as if it were a sort of planned performance by the shop. While they danced, another girl wandered too close to the shop and was enthralled by the magical energy being emitted from one of the gems. Without thought or hesitation, she moved into the store, dropped her belongings, and began to dance with the others....moments later several others were drawn in as well, none of whom I recognized. The longer they danced the sexier and more erotic it seemed to become...piece by piece, the girls started to remove their clothing until they ended up naked. As they ended up naked they would begin dancing closer with one another, grinding and touching each other, making the dancing seem more and more erotic. I watched the dancing for a few more moments and then left the shop to follow the man yet again.

While I was following him I passed an art shop, as I was passing I noticed a shadow - a creature of some sort - moving around in the store and stopped to watch. As I got closer to the store and looked inside, I noticed three women inside appeared to not only be frozen, but turned to stone as well. I moved back from the entrance just as Jill walked up to the store and entered it. The creature inside the shop started slithering around upon seeing her come inside...she didn't notice the creature itself but seemed curious about the statues in the store and wandered over to them. As she turned around to examine them, the snake lowered itself from the rafters of the store almost directly behind Jill. Hearing something, obviously, Jill turned around only to come face to face with the creature. She had just enough time to let out a soft gasp before she seemed to freeze in she did her skin started to turn a pale gray color as it turned to stone. Once she was frozen solid and completely turned to stone, the snake hissed over her it did, they crumbled to dust and disappeared, leaving her a completely naked statue like the others. After watching the snake slither away, I moved my attention back to the black-cloaked man only to see him moving in on Eve not far away. As he approached her, from behind as was his apparent strategy, he reached into his cloak again, pulled out a wooden flute from it this time and began to play it. As the sound reached the ears of Eve and a few other girls around her, the effect on them was instantaneous...their bodies seemed to jerk for a moment, as a few of them gasped in surprise, and they began to move...writhe, almost, as if they were being pleasured somehow. Four of them total were affected by the flute, and as the man continued to play it their movements became more...insistent. The longer he played, the more it seemed like they were acting as though they were being made love to...their bodies were grinding and rocking against the invisible bodies that were pleasuring them more and more, until finally I saw Eve start to orgasm - followed not long after by the others. As they finished climaxing and regained their composure, all of them seemed to go blank...they stopped, still flushed from their invisible encounter and orgasms, and simply stood there. When I moved I could see the vaguest trace of thought still left in their eyes, but they made no attempt to move. The man stepped up to Eve and turned toward her, kissing her deeply, which seemed to leave her even more dazed and a little more blank than she was previously. He moved in front of the others, and waved his hand ever so slightly in front of all of them, like he was casting another spell, and began to speak he spoke, the spark returned to their eyes and they seemed to come to life they did, they moved over to several other groups of people that were around them. One by one they moved over to the men and women around them, and began to seduce them...two of the girls that were influenced with Eve moved over to a couple browsing nearby and began to flirt with them, touching them, and eventually starting to kiss them. Eve moved to a man nearby...smiling seductively at him and trailing her hand over his body, she leaned in to kiss him at first and eventually had herself almost wrapped around him as she continued to kiss and even rub herself against him. No matter the outcome, the group of them always managed to slip a flier that the man had given them into the hands of whomever they'd managed to corner at the moment. As I walked away, Eve had another man pressed against the wall, sucking on his neck as he stood there almost in shock.

The man had made his way over to Laura, this time, who wasn't far away from where Eve and the others had been standing. As I stood a safe distance behind them, the man made his way up to Laura and tapped her on the shoulder. With a smile, she turned around and he began to wave his staff back and forth slowly in front of her. It began to light up and flash once again, and as it started to flash into her eyes I noticed her getting more and more enthralled by it...not looking away, but not really seeming relaxed by it like so many others had. The smile faded a bit but remained on her face, turning almost giggly as the man started to lower the staff. As he did, her smile turned into a slight grin while the rest of her face went slack...she simply stood there, oblivious to everything around her but looking incredibly happy nonetheless. He leaned in and stole a kiss from her, and as he did he clasped a collar around her neck, with a leash attached to it that ran from the collar on her neck to his hand. As Laura and the man walked away, I turned around to survey the faire...I could still see Niki, frozen in the spot where I'd left her earlier - her hand empty where the fliers had been. Klaire was still walking around nearby, passing out what was left of her fliers...and next to her, Kim and the girl running the jewelry booth were still frozen and posed to make it seem like Kim was hypnotizing her. There were several other girls that were ensnared by the gem standing around the two of them, including Cheyenne and Abigail...Abigail appeared to already be frozen by the gems, but Cheyenne was still swaying gently on her feet. No sooner had I noticed that, though, the gem flashed and Cheyenne was frozen in its spell, too. Moving out near the shops, I saw more girls passed out in front of the first shop, including two more that were just entering and - of course - just as they got inside, fainted and slumped to the floor. The girl that was with her didn't go inside but tapped her friend to see what was wrong, and as soon as she did so she fell to the floor next to her. In the second shop, Jessy and the other girls were still dancing, still making their dance as sexy and erotic as possible for anyone who happened to pass by. One girl passing by the shop stopped to watch the dancing, and ended up being ensnared by the magic coming off of the the magic took her over, she made her way into the shop and started to undress, swaying seductively as she did. Meanwhile, at the third shop with the statues, another handful of girls had ended up inside and were turned to stone as well...

As I was observing all of this I felt a tap on my shoulder, when I turned around I saw the man in the black cloak smiling and holding his staff. Before I could ask what he was doing, he held it up and began to wave it back and forth in front of me. As it moved, the same blue energy began to glow from it...I noticed, with what awareness I had left, that the more it glowed and the more I focused on it, the harder it was for me to think, until eventually everything just faded from my mind. At some point the staff had stopped glowing and the man had put it away again, but I still felt the effects of the glow as he moved closer to me. He leaned in to kiss me as I stood there and his hands roamed my body and felt me up...and if you couldn't already tell, he pretty much had his way with me while I was blanked out. While he felt me up he whispered in my ear and before I could comprehend what was happening (not that I was in any state to, anyway) I was undressing for him while he watched. Once I was naked he leaned in and started kissing me again, moving us back near the first shop as he did - although obviously I wasn't aware enough to notice that at the time...he moved us near the entrance to the shop and deepened the kiss, massaging my breasts as he did. In mid kiss I felt his finger slide into me and start teasing and rubbing me...his lips moved to my neck as his other hand squeezed my breast while the other fingered me. He started fingering me faster as he backed me up closer to the entrance of the shop, and right as I reached the entrance way I started to cum. The man smiled and kissed me deeply as I shuddered, and as the orgasm subsided he stepped back and looked at me with a grin...I stood there, still blank and dazed, coming down from the orgasm, as he looked at me and told me to step back. I complied, and as I stepped back crossed into the entrance of the first shop where the magic took effect. The instant I stepped into the shop I slumped to the floor, completely unconscious near a pile of other girls who had fallen victim to the spell, too.

And that concludes our story for the evening. I hope you enjoyed it! Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Featuring: Laura, Klaire, Eve, Niki, Kim, Jessy, Jill and Sleepygirl
Mentioned: Cheyenne, Abigail

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