Thursday, January 5, 2023

Alien Parasite Control - Hypnosis Session Log


Key: MD, MC, MF, FF

Description: Two young women volunteer to be the subjects of a hypnotic trance designed to make them experience being taken over and controlled by an alien parasite.

This session was used to make the real hypnosis video Alien Parasite Control, which is a patreon exclusive, but you can view the Teaser whenever you would like. 

Sleepyhypno 1:25 AM

alright well then 2nd disclaimer of the night.  do you ladies give me permission to hypnotize you, put you into a hypnotic trance, use an alien parasite to control your bodies and make you do interesting and fun things while i log it to be posted later and use the script to create a hypnosis video with?

Sleepygirl 1:25 AM

permission granted

Ivy 1:25 AM

Heheheheh, yes

Sleepyhypno 1:26 AM

good girls...

given the time i probably won't wake you after this. after all i'll have control of your bodies with an alien parasite... is it alright if i send you to bed after this?

Ivy 1:27 AM

Yes, that would be alright

Sleepygirl 1:27 AM

of course

Sleepyhypno 1:28 AM

any last comments before i knock you both out?

Ivy 1:28 AM

It is too preemptive to say "Long live Starro?"

Sleepyhypno 1:29 AM

this won't be starro exactly =cP

[Hypnotists Note: Yeah it’s almost exactly Starro]



Ivy 1:29 AM

hahahaah, I know, I'm kidding

Sleepyhypno 1:29 AM

hehe iknow just clarifying for copyright purposes

[Hypnotist’s Note: Definitely NOT Starro!]

Ivy 1:30 AM

Oh darn, didn't' think about that....

Sleepyhypno 1:30 AM

thats why im the one in charge =cp

Ivy 1:30 AM

points to "Ring Leader" comment above...somewhere

Sleepygirl 1:31 AM

[Ivy’s Sleep trigger, said about 10 times at least]

[Hypnotists Note: Sleepygirl was ‘nudged’ in a private message to send the triggers. You can imagine that kind of mental state she might have been in at the time.]

[Sleepygirl’s comment: i have no recollection of this so I can only imagine the kind of mental state i was in at the time, too…]

[Ivy’s comment: Apparently a merciless mental state!]

Sleepyhypno 1:31 AM

exactly always on the ball (LOL) and always pulling the strings


thank you Sleepygirl =c)

how do you feel ivy?

Ivy 1:32 AM

nkocked OUT

Sleepygirl 1:32 AM

you're very welcome

Sleepyhypno 1:32 AM

didn't see that coming did you?

Ivy 1:32 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:32 AM

how deep are you?

Ivy 1:32 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:32 AM

good girl

Sleepygirl... how do you feeling haveing knocked her flat?

Sleepygirl 1:33 AM

i enjoyed it

[Sleepygirl’s Comment: that means i am definitely out of it]

Sleepyhypno 1:33 AM

good girl

Trigger yourself now please

Sleepygirl 1:33 AM


[Sleepygirl’s trigger, about ten times as well]

Sleepyhypno 1:34 AM

good girl

so compliant after seeing that pocket watch earlier aren't you?

Sleepygirl 1:34 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:35 AM

how do you ladies feel?

Sleepygirl 1:35 AM

very relaxed

Ivy 1:35 AM

very light

Sleepyhypno 1:35 AM

very good

just allow yoruself

to get into a comfortable position

a place where you can easily focus

on my words

and just allow body

to start to loosen

adn let go

focusing on your feet

and slowly


sliding up your body

inch by inch

working your way up



relaxing every muscle

every inch of your body

more and more easily

as you slowly



all the way up

along your legs

along your butt

over your stomach

over your back

up to yoru chest

and down your arms

so easily

so deeply

as the relaxation

slides over your face

and into your head

and into your mind

helping you to simply




deeper and deeper

all the way down

letting go completley

and totally

and just

feel yourself

give in


you can do that now can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:37 AM


Ivy 1:37 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:36 AM

more and more easily

as you slowly



all the way up

along your legs

along your butt

over your stomach

over your back

up to yoru chest

and down your arms

so easily

so deeply

as the relaxation

slides over your face

and into your head

and into your mind

helping you to simply




deeper and deeper

all the way down

letting go completley

and totally

and just

feel yourself

give in


you can do that now can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:37 AM


Ivy 1:37 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:38 AM

good girls

and as you relax

int his state

just allow your mind

to simply empty

and allow the world around you

to fade away

completley and totally

and allow it to be replaced

by a new world

in this new world

you find yourself

relaxing on a bed

waking up for a long nap

as you slowly start to stand up

you discover that you feel



then you usually do

yoru dressed in a jump suit

it's warm and comfy

an dallows you to easily


you find that you feel very


very free

and then you notice

the window...

and the night sky

black night filled with stars

and a bright moon

hanging in the sky...

but that isn't the moon...

that earth...

as you move to the window you realize

you are are on the moon

on a base

a large complex

on the surface of luna

how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy 1:41 AM


Sleepygirl 1:41 AM

energized, excited

Sleepyhypno 1:41 AM

Very good

You take a moment to aclimate yourself

to this new environment

the gravity is far less

then what your used too

so a single skip

can allow you to almost

float across the room

you can easily jump up

and touch the ceilng

or lift objects...

that would be far too heavy for you to list

on earth.

it's a very..

intoxicating feeling

a feeling of freedom

and power

a feeling of... playfulness

like being a kid

in a playground again

[Sleepygirl’s Comment: that is kind of exactly how i would describe that, especially since the space nerd in me was already geeking out about being on the moon]

[Ivy comment: Same! I've always wanted to know what it was like to bounce around in low gravity and how much fun it would be.]

Sleepyhypno 1:41 AM

you decide that you should explore

so you move into the outpost

and being to wander

but as you do

you come across a lab

on the door it says

specimen room

your curiosity gets the better fo you

and you can't help but push the button

to open the door.

how are you feeling ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:44 AM


Ivy 1:44 AM

joy and curious

Sleepyhypno 1:44 AM

Good girls

Inside the room

you discover several containers

large glass containers

and inside

seems to be about an inch

of moon dust

and one large rock

in each container

Now in any other cirumstance

a rock would be..

just a rock...

but your on the moon

this isn't some run of the mill

Black glass lava rock

or lime stone

this is a moon rock.

you can see it clearly

dark almost midnight black surface

dotted with white

sparkling dots

the rocks all appear to be mostly flat

with a ridge alon gthe center

and your curiosity

your playful inner child

just can't help but touch

the moon rock.

you could see doin gthat couldn't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:46 AM


Ivy 1:46 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:47 AM

you open the container,

and take out the rock

for a moment your surprised

by just how light the rock is

but then you remember

your on the moon

and happily bounce for amoment

while holding the rock.

you slide your hands along the rock

it's mostly smooth

with a few very distinct ridges

and as you slide your hands along the ridges

you can't help but lean in

and look more closely

and then those ridges


opening to reveal

two completely transparent eyes

you drop the rock in surprise

and it floats to the ground

and then seems to sproud tiny

6 inch black tentacles

and jupms at you

you shout in shock and move out of the way

but your not used to lunar gravity

your movements are clumsy

you over compensate

and end up flaoting to a fall

and bouncing off the floor

the bounce helps you to land your feet

and you run towards the door

but again

you over compensate

and bump into the door instead

to fumble for the latch

and turn around to see

where the rock...

no ...

where the alien...

disappeared too

only to turn and see it

floating right at you,


how does this maek you feel ladies?

Ivy 1:50 AM



Sleepygirl 1:51 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:51 AM

is this ok with you?

Ivy 1:51 AM


Sleepygirl 1:51 AM


Sleepyhypno 1:51 AM

good girls doing so well.

you flail to block the creatue

but again

your not used to the gravity

and it most certainly

seems at home...

here on the moon.

and it expertly manages to sneak around

your flailing arms

and land right on your face

the tentacles that it sprouted

start to wrap themseles

along your head

you move to grab it

to try and pull it off

but it emits a stange

soothing gas

onto your face

you can't help but inhale it

and find that you feel


and tired

your hands flaot around you as they slowly fall

and then your feet

slip out from under you

and drift to the floor

a soft thud as you land

the alien continues to spray the gas

along your face

along your mouth and nose

as it slowly

settles along your head

covering your eyes

and gently slding

the gas emitters

over your nose

you feel the gas being pumped

deeply into your body

every breath

fills your lungs with the gas

you find your mind

becoming foggy

and distant

your eyes are covered

and you can't see

the gas is strangely..


you can feel it easily sustaining you

at least...

sustaining your body

it seems to be designed

you think to yoruself

almost completely

to put you..

right to sleep...

and then a second later

you feel yoru mind

simply turn off

as you sigh

and sink



into a deep

helpless sleep

how do you feel now ladies?

Sleepygirl 1:56 AM


Ivy 1:56 AM

deeep sleep

[Ivy comment: Honestly… I’m feeling it again]

Sleepyhypno 1:56 AM

good girls

how do you like this little... encounter... so far.

Sleepygirl 1:57 AM

im enjoying it

Ivy 1:57 AM

like it a lot

Sleepyhypno 1:57 AM

good girls

as you sit there

deeply asleep


you feel the tentacles

sliding into your ears

sliding into your head

slowly branching out

into tinier and tinier


that seem to simply

link up to your nervous system

your body seems to jerk

just a bit

as the alien takes control

all the while your mind

is completley off

depely asleep

the aliens eyes open

justa s your eyes do

[Sleepygirl’s Comment: yeah even being a puppet for an alien is still, oddly enough, a turn on…]

[Ivy comment: ~slowly nods in the background~ ]

[Hypnotist’s comment: I’m pretty sure that Ivy is hypnotized again while reading this log.]

Sleepyhypno 1:57 AM

the aliens eyes are transparent

and open both in frotn

and in back of it's body

allowing you to see through it's eyes

you can see it's pupil

hovering in front of your vision

you can see what it focuses on

and where it looks

but you are stuck

staring blankly ahead

no expression

no thought.

as you feel the alien

work your body

and you slowly

easily stand

i'ts controlling you

using you...

like a mount.

your nothing more then a vehicle

for this alien

how does that make you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:00 AM

helpless, excited

Ivy 2:00 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:01 AM

good girls

you feel your body

slowly move

much more gracefully

then you did before

to each of the containes

and slowly pick up the rocks

holding them close to you

carrying them easily

you find yourself

moving along the corridors.

to the crew comparments

slowly opening up each door

and dropping a single rock

a single alien...

in each

and every room

until there is only one alien left

and one room.

you move to the room

and open the door

inside is a person

a person you find

very attractive

maybe it's someone you know

someone you have a crush on

maybe it's someone famous

or someone you've dreamed about

it's all up to you

but you come across this person

sleeping peacefully in their bed

as you look at them

through the clear eyes of the alien

and slowly fele yoruself

moving to them

holding the alien above their sleeping head

and lowering it onto their face.

how does this make you feel laides?

Ivy 2:04 AM

a little evil

Sleepygirl 2:04 AM

aroused, devious

Sleepyhypno 2:04 AM

the mometn the alien is lowered down

it starts to emit the gas

and this person

this attractive person before you

gasps in surprise

then seems to simply go limp

being asleep

they didn't have time...

to resist

didn't have the ability

to defend themselves

they were helpless

and you...

under the control of the alien

just made them

more helpless

[Ivy comment: ........slumps]

[Hypnotist comment: Yup, Ivys out again]

Sleepyhypno 2:04 AM

you watch

empty and blank

as the alien slowly

slides it's tentacles into their ears

forming a seal around their nose

and filling their lungs with the gas

after a moment their body seems to jerk

almost a shiver

as they sit up

and the eyes of the alien


you can see their blank

empty eyes

through the clear eyes of the alien

and can't help but wonder

do you look this empty

do you look this...


how do you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:07 AM


Ivy 2:07 AM


[Ivy comment: ~mumbles in agreement~]

Sleepyhypno 2:07 AM

good girls

while you stare blankly

you start to feel your body

being manipulated


the aliens seem to move you

and this very attractive person


yoru bodies start to kiss

start to caress

the aliens...

are mates

and they needed the perfect...


for their lover to control

you feel yoru body being

artifically aroused

as the aliens easily


work your bodies

slowly stripping away your jump suits

shedding your under clothes

as they glide your hands

along each others bodies

their seems to be an almost

psychic connection

between the two aliens

and they seem to know

exactly where to touch

and where to stimulate

each of your bodies

it's not long before they simply

have you and this person

the person you helped to turn into

a mount for an alien

are intimately connected

in all the ways that you

most desire

to be with this person

you can feel it

as your bodies touch

and move

together as one

feel their kiss

their caress

but all the while


and unaware

as the aliens manipulate you

and stimulate you

building your pleasure

more and more deeply

more nad more completely

how does this make you feel now ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:11 AM

blank, helpless, aroused

Ivy 2:11 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:11 AM

good girls

you feel the person body

shiver in pleasure

and for a split second

it feels like the alien

the one controlling you

seems to shiver itself

to tingle

as if it itself

had just reached climax

and then a second later

the shiver

floods into your brain

and overloads your body

with tingles

and trickls

with the deepst of pleasure

as you and your alien rider

simply climax together

letting it flow through you

deeply completley

and allow it to turn your mind...

just that much more...


completely shut down


deeply asleep

just like the rest of the crew

just like the person you choose

to be the mount

for your alien riders, mate

how does this make you feel now ladies?

Ivy 2:14 AM


Sleepygirl 2:14 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:14 AM

good girls

as your bodies relax

you find yourself

standing up again

and dressing

the aliens seem to understand

that human bodies

need warmth

need protection

an dsoon you find yoruself

safely in your jumpsuit

and exiting the room

in the hallway

standing along the wall

is each and every crew member

that you helped to control

each blank and empty

each with a different alien

attached to their face

each deeply sedated.

but you can't help but notice

that every one is starting out the window

the alien that controls you

also moves you

to stair out the window

and as you gaze out at the lunar surface

you notice a shine...

along the dusty landscape

as a flash

almost a pattern

seems to appear in the dust.

every single flash

every single light

is another alien

just like the one on your face

just like the one

controlling your bod

and as you look out at the land scape

you notice something else

a shuttle...

slowly decending

towards the landing pad

and then your body

and the rest of the crew

slowly turns

and start to move

towards the landing bad.

how does this make you feel ladies?

Ivy 2:18 AM


Sleepygirl 2:18 AM

blank, excited

Sleepyhypno 2:18 AM

good girls

Exactly what will happen...

from this point on...

is up to you

you and your fantasy...

you and your desires.

perhaps the crew of the shuttle...

will free you

perhaps you'll over come the alien

and free yourself

perhaps you'll help to...

take over... the shuttles crew

and maybe...

just maybe...

you'll find your way back to earth...

with a shuttle bay...

full of aliens

it's all up to you

and whatever you might find

the most..


the most stimluating

you may even find yourself

placing more and more

of the aliens

on more and more people

the ones you find

the most attractive

the ones you find

the most stimulating

you are free to enjoy this experience

this fantasy

for as long as you would like

and when you are ready

ready to wake up

you will simply be able to take a deep breathe

and awaken

and go about your day

but for now

simply relax

and dream...

about what your alien

might do with you

and your helpless

controlled body

how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 2:21 AM

sooo floaty

[Ivy comment: Seeing as we're on the moon, how fitting, me.]

Sleepygirl 2:21 AM

relaxed, blank

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM

good girls

andhow do you like the feeling

of the alien controlling you

Ivy 2:22 AM

love it

Sleepygirl 2:22 AM

was very exciting

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM

good girls

and who was it... that you helped to turn into a mount... who was it that you foudn so attractive.   you can tell me here... or in private if you would like.

[Several minutes passed while they messaged me in private]

very good ladies

you have done so very well

how to likehaving your body


while oyur midn is empty

and blank


for the aliens

Sleepygirl 2:25 AM


Ivy 2:25 AM

like it, no worries no thouhgts

Sleepyhypno 2:25 AM

good girls

i thin kit is getting late for all of us... wouldn't you agree now ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:26 AM


Ivy 2:26 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:26 AM

very good ladies

in a few moments

you will find yourselves turning off yoru computers

and moving to bed

you will still feel

still see the alien

attached to your face

feel it controlling you

moving you

like a puppet

you'll fele yourself be moved to bed

and laid down

and then feel it put your body

into a deep

deep sleep

but it's connected to you

it's inside of your head

and it will direct your body

to do the most


and thorough repair

and recharge

that it has done

in a long

long time

finding that every part of you

that needs to relax

or rest

needs to be fixed

or healed

will get the attention that it needs

and hwile you sleep

your body will shiver

and tingle

with orgasm

after orgasm

one after another




all through the night

you can do that can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 2:28 AM


Ivy 2:29 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:29 AM

good girls

at some point during the night

the alien will disconnect from you

and go about it's merry way

maybe that will be the last you see of it

as it wanders the world

moving from person

to person

or maybe it will stay

hidden in your room

and from time to time

while your sleeping

it will slide back onto you

and put you to sleep

healing you

or controlling you

it'sall upto you ladies

you can see that can't you?

Ivy 2:30 AM


Sleepygirl 2:30 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:30 AM

good girls

then you will simply go and follow your orders... NOW ladies... good night.

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