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The Spirals Spa - SHR - Part 4

 Key: MD, MF, MC, FD, Hypno, Sleep, Freeze

Description: A dreaming Sleepygirl describes acting on the suggestions from the spa to recruit two of her friends in a very straightforward way.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 3-15-20XX
Subject: The Spiral’s Spa! Part 4!

    Well, staying caught up didn’t last very long. Although technically since I'm sending this it means I am staying caught up...ok, disregard that, it was early when I started writing this, let me have it. Anyway, this one is interesting, and your alter ego made an appearance :oP  (it’s kinda long, just an fyi)
    In any case, I started out at the spa...I was frozen and on display in a room, looking like I was in mid-step with one foot in front of the other and one hand on my hip, the other behind my head. As I stood there on display I noticed there was a hum in the room, although I don't know if it had been there the whole time or just started. Eventually I unfroze and moved to the locker room, where I found a small brown package sitting in front of my locker. When I opened it, I found a letter on top with a handful of different objects underneath...the letter was basically a list explaining what everything else was, and at the bottom it only said 'time to recruit'. When I saw the words I felt something activate in my mind, and I knew I had to bring my friends into the spa.

    Next I saw myself walking into a coffee shop and saw Laura sitting at a table, reading quietly. The shop was full of people, reading, talking, just enjoying themselves, and the smell of coffee was strong in the air. I opened the package that I was still carrying, and looked through it, finally settling on a blackjack and pulling it out. It was small, and a little heavier than I expected it to be, but not enough to make it awkward to hold and use. She didn't see that I was in the shop, so I was able to sneak back around her unnoticed. Once I was close enough to her, I raised the blackjack and hit her in the back of the head with it. She jerked for a moment as it made contact, and her eyes widened in surprise for a moment, then glazed over and crossed just a bit before they slowly fluttered closed. Her hands lost their grip on the book she was holding and it fell to the table with a soft thud, and finally her body slumped back against the chair she was sitting in, her head dropping just a bit as one arm fell from the table. There had been two sets of mp3 players in with all of the items in the package as well, and I pulled one of them out and gently placed the ear buds in her ears while she sat there, breathing softly and completely unaware of what was happening. I placed the mp3 player on the table and pressed play and watched as it began to program her. Once that was done I left the coffee shop and made my way to see Niki.
    I walked up to the front of Niki's house and rang her doorbell. She seemed surprised to see me there but let me in and we sat down and began to talk a bit. Before arriving, I had taken a small makeup compact from the package, that was designed to blank her when she used it on herself. Casually, I pulled out the compact and mentioned to her that I had gotten a few as a sample earlier and brought one for her to try, and that it was actually really nice and a decent quality. She took it from me and started to examine it, then opened it up and started to apply it on herself. As her skin is exposed to the dust from the makeup, her eyes slowly start to take on a more vacant expression, and as she continues to use it they seem to become more glassy and glazed over, until finally she just sits there staring into the mirror on the contact blankly. I called for someone to come and 'collect' her rather than use the other mp3 player, and a few minutes later several men knocked on the door with slightly confused looks and asked if I called for someone to be collected. I showed them to the room where Niki was and one took the compact from her and handed it back to me, while the other moved in front of her and simply told her to sleep. Instantly her eyes closed and she slumped back into the couch, then he lifted her and threw her over his shoulder. As he adjusted her on his shoulder, he blatantly copped a feel between her legs. The other man picked up his phone and made a call, asking if the recruiter should be collected as well, a moment later he nodded and said 'yes sir', then - after hanging up the phone - looked at me, and with a quick snap of his fingers said 'sleep'. My eyes closed instantly as my head dropped to my chest, and I felt the man pick me up and throw me over his shoulder - just as the other one did with Niki - and walk out of the house.
    When I came to I was in an empty room, save for some large monitors on the wall and a few oversized chairs to sit on. On each monitor was a different area of the spa - the massage area, the steam room, the hot tubs, and the salon....for some reason nothing looked familiar to me. One of the monitors was also watching the reception area, and as I looked at it I saw Niki staring blankly ahead, while Laura sat next to her, slumped over in her seat. Both of them still had the ear buds in their ears, attached to the mp3 players....I was confused seeing both of them there, but before I could question it any further I heard a door open behind me. As I turned around I saw a tall, strong looking, red haired man walk in, with just the tip of his tail visible around one of his legs - it was Xander. I was confused, but he smiled and explained that we were sitting in his office, then he gestured to Niki and Laura in the reception area and asked if I knew how they got there. I shook my head and said I didn't, he smiled again and pushed another button - where an image of Laura sitting in the bookstore appeared. I saw myself walk in behind her, holding something, and quickly hit her on the back of the head. She slumped back into her chair, surprised for just a split second before she passed out. Before I could say anything he pushed another button and an image of Niki appeared. I sat next to her as she used what looked like a makeup compact, and just seemed to go blank, ending with her staring vacantly into the mirror and placing earbuds in her (like I had done with Laura as well). I looked at him curiously and asked why I was doing that to them. As an answer he pressed another button and images of me at the spa began to appear, one after another, showing all of the times I had visited and been programmed there. He grinned at me and asked if I wanted to see the process from start to finish, still confused, I nodded.
    He smiled again and sat down on one of the chairs, then pushed yet another button. Niki and Laura seemed to jerk to life a bit, and looked around the room. Niki looked around, confused, as Laura tried to get her bearings back, still groggy from her earlier hit to the head. The receptionist at the front desk smiled at them and said their appointment was ready and started to lead them to the back. The two of them looked at one another and commented about not remembering making any sort of appointments here, but followed her anyway. They both looked wary of the spa in general, especially once they saw the robes they were given to change we watched, Xander pointed out a panel in front of me that was labeled 'subliminals' with three options underneath: arousal, compliance, and lowered mental capacity. As he pushed the button under compliance, the panel changed to indicate the subliminals were being pulsed into the locker room, while the computer measured the percentage of how much they were being affected, with a number being displayed above each of their names. As the subliminals continued to be pumped into the room, I watched as they seemed to become more comfortable with their surroundings and change into the robes with no hesitation. As I looked back at the panel I saw that my name was also displayed next to Niki and Laura's...meaning the subliminals had been having an effect on me, too. Xander noted this with a grin and said I should get more comfortable, patting his knee and inviting me to his lap as he said so. Feeling the effects of the subliminals, I smiled and slid onto his lap to continue watching.
    By this point, Niki and Laura were walking into the massage room and laying down on the tables, followed shortly after by the two men who would be their masseuses. They pulled the robes off of them, leaving them naked and exposed as they poured oil into their hands and began the massage. As their bodies started to go limp from the effects of the oil, Xander began to rub my leg and explained how everything was working. Their bodies grew more and more limp, until they were completely unable to move, as the men started to explore their bodies more before flipping them over onto their backs. They seemed surprised at being even more exposed to the men, and a little turned on as well, but the men just continued working the oil into their skin. Their hands roamed up and down their legs, to their stomach and breasts, and finally to their faces. The men both finish the massage by continuing to rub their bodies and ultimately moving down to finger them both until they orgasm. Even though they were unable to move, their bodies still shuddered as they started to cum, I watched the scene from Xander's lap, looking a little more visibly aroused as he grinned and whispered into my ear that I should take off my top - which I did, with no hesitation. Once they had finished, the men picked up both girls and carried their limp forms into the steam room.
    With a smile, Xander explained what the steam room did and pointed to two more buttons below another display, where both of their names were again. The button, apparently, when pushed would release a full plume of steam and blank them completely, if need be. The two of them laid in the steam room, completely limp from the massage...and as they laid there their eyes slowly started to take on a more glassy expression while the steam blanked them. The longer they laid there, the more vacant their expressions became, until their eyes just completely glazed over and their faces went even more slack, while they laid there, breathing gently and staring ahead at nothing. With a grin and a wink, Xander pointed to the buttons and told me to finish them off. One by one I pressed the buttons above their names and watched as the steam flooded over them and blanked them completely. I watched as the men returned to the steam room and picked both girls up, as Xander whispered into my ear for me to take off my bra. The men lowered them gently down into the hot tubs as my bra slid off of my arms and to the floor, and then headphones were placed on their heads. Xander turned to me with a smile and asked if I knew what was going into the headphones, I shook my head and he offered me a pair that I put mantras filled the headphones and looped over and over in my ears, I watched Niki and Laura while they listened helplessly. I didn't even notice Xander slipping off my pants and panties, leaving me completely naked in his lap. As two men moved into the hot tub with Niki and Laura, I was barely aware of Xander moving me closer to him, but was too lost in the mantras to care. The two men started to feel up Niki and Laura, massaging their breasts and kissing them passionately while their hands roamed all over their limp bodies before they finally entered them. While I watched and listened, I felt Xander's tail sliding up my leg, teasing me with the very tip of it, then he pulled me even closer to him and lowered me down into his cock
    I kept watching as I felt him inside of me, rocking deeper and deeper into me, until I finally heard the command to cum, although whether it was from the headphones or from Xander I don't know. As the three of us started cumming, another display with our names popped up - one by one the word 'sleep' displayed above each name. The word echoed into their headphones and I watched as first Niki, then Laura, went still upon hearing the word, sliding back against the tub and slumping forward into the man inside of her. I heard the word come through my headphones next and felt myself slump back into Xander as my eyes closed. There was some movement around me as I laid there, but I wasn't aware of what was happening. A few moments later when I woke up, he was standing in front of me with a grin as I sat there, completely oblivious to being naked in front of him. The monitor had moved on to show Niki and Laura in the salon now. Xander commented that the spa needed another recruiter like me, and nodded toward the two of them - asking if I think either one of them would be fit for the position. When I noted that Laura would, he smiled and pushed a button above her name and I watched as she laid in a chair in the salon, eyes glassy, and was given the right suggestions. Then he looked at Niki and asked what I thought she would be good at...after a few moments to decide I said we could use her as a receptionist, again he pushed the button and she got the same glassy eyed expression on her face while she was programmed. Once they had received all of their suggestions, we decided to put them in one of the displays. I watched as the two of them were walked from the salon chairs into a room full of frozen men and women, all of whom were naked. When they walked in they still wore the same glazed expressions from the salon, but as the door closed behind them they seemed to snap out of it looking confused and disoriented. Laura walked around the room, in between the men an women, finally stopping in front of a man...he was posed next to a woman, but not posed with her, he was facing her, standing straight and tall, while one of his hands rested on his cock, the other one behind his head, on his neck. Almost like he was trying to seduce the woman at one point. She moved closer to him and I could see on the monitor that the pose was starting to have an effect on her, she looked flushed and reached out to run her hands along the man's body. She looked down at his cock and it seemed like she was drawn to it, she couldn't take her eyes off of it and moved to start stroking it, unaware of what the oil covering the man's body would do to her. She seemed more and more taken by it, and was starting to move just a bit slower thanks to the oil, and finally she knelt down in front of him...facing his cock, she kept running her hands up and down its length for a moment before she took it in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on top of it as she started to suck on him, it lasted only a few moments before she froze completely with his member still deep inside of her mouth.
    Niki remained oblivious to what had just happened with Laura and kept walking among the frozen people. As she did, I pushed one of the buttons to activate subliminals in the room that would make her more aroused. Once they started to take effect, she looked around the room with a different look in her eye, a more lustful one, as her eyes finally came to rest on another man in the opposite corner of the room. The man was sitting on a chair with his legs spread just a bit, leaned back with one arm resting on his leg and the other over the back of the chair...looking, for all intents and purposes, like he was waiting for someone to sit in his lap. She moved over to him, running her hands up his chest and neck through his hair, all along his body, as if she couldn't keep her hands off of him. And after feeling him up for a few moments she sat on his lap, straddling him in such  way that he was almost inside of her, and leaned down to kiss him deeply and passionately, slipping her tongue into his mouth and letting it roam along his for just a few moments before she starts to slow down even more, and then freezes a few seconds later - locked in a passionate kiss. Once they were both frozen, Xander took me down to the room to see it for myself...then slowly backed out of the room, closing the door behind him, leaving me surrounded by the frozen individuals with the subliminals still taking effect. As they began to work on me one of the frozen men caught my eye. His pose was simple, strong and powerful, and he stood there covered in the oil...I made my way over him, the subliminals working on my mind even more as I felt my arousal growing. I reached up to run my hand along his face and down his chest, completely overcome with lust at the sight of him. I moved closer and closer, pressing myself to him and not noticing my slowed movements, my hands moved all the way down his body until finally I felt myself kissing him just as passionately as I had seen Niki kiss the man she was now frozen to just moments earlier. I kissed him deeply as I tasted the oil that covered him, my movements slowing more quickly as I moved even closer against him, close enough to feel him against me, until finally - mid kiss - I felt my entire body lock in place.
    And there you go, hopefully you enjoyed it...I thought it was kinda entertaining having Xander in there causing trouble, to be honest. I'm curious if your alter ego is going to start randomly popping up in my dreams now since he showed up in this brain works weird that way, so honestly it wouldn't surprise me, but I'll let you know if he does. :oP Also let me know if this sounds as weird as I think it does, but I think I froze again while I was talking about freezing in place at the end there, and at a few other points during the story, while I was typing it out, I felt like things were happening again...I must be weirder than I thought. Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments I would love to hear them! You can follow more adventures at Spirals Nightclub! You can also find bonus content on my Patreon page!

Featuring: Laura, Niki, Xander  and Sleepygirl

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