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The Spirals Spa - SHR - The Return Trips

 Key: MD, MC, Freeze, Sleep,

Description: Sleepygirl tells three tales of a hypnotically induced dream that she won’t remember by the time she is done editing this story.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 10-28-20XX
Subject: Return to the Spirals Spa!

    So it’s been a while since I’ve been able to email you. Actually I’ve had this in my inbox for a few weeks now and just decided to dump everything into one big email to save time. But I had a few dreams recently that I wanted to tell you about. So you can think of this as entertainment while you wait around on Halloween. 

    Anyway, the first dream (since I figured you already guessed that was what this was about) was pretty low key if we're comparing it to the others I've been having lately, but still very fun and…entertaining. But this time I was at the spa, the one I’ve spent more than a few other dreams at, although I think the other times I've been with other people and this time I was alone. So I went inside and told the girl at the desk I was there for a massage...she asked if I wanted anything else or any of the 'perks' that came with it, and since I vaguely remembered what the perks were I said yes. She led me back to the changing room, and as I started changing I noticed a gas filtering into the room. It was up near the vents so I didn't notice it at first, but eventually it started becoming more visible and swirling around my body. I started feeling light headed from it, and then noticed that the more of it I saw coming into the room, the harder it was getting to think. My entire body was starting to feel really relaxed and I noticed every part of me was just starting to go limp. I was relaxed enough to the point where it was an effort to hold up the robe that I'd been trying to change into, and eventually even that just fell to the floor because I was so limp and slack. I'm not sure how much time passed after that but the next thing I noticed was a man picking me up and carrying me into the room where I'd be getting the massage.
    So he laid me down on the massage table and poured some oil on my back, then started massaging down my back, moving back up my shoulders and down my arms, back up to my neck, etc. Things one would expect while getting a massage. :oP That kept up for a little while, he went down my back again, over my butt and down my legs to my feet. For a few minutes he worked on my lower back a little more thoroughly, but after that he flipped me over onto my back and poured some more of the oil onto my stomach. From there he started massaging it into my stomach and then moved to my chest, down my sides, etc. Once he finished with that he moved back up to my chest and started massaging a little more...thoroughly. That went on for a few more minutes, I'm not sure how long exactly, probably because I was more than a little too distracted at that point to keep track. But in any case after he'd finished with my chest he moved between my legs...and needless to say I was more than a little turned on by that point. I'm honestly not sure how long that kept up for, he just kept working at it, getting me more and more aroused, and even when I thought I could have orgasmed (which was at least several times) it just kept getting stronger and stronger. I can only sum it up in one word: damn. At some point I did finally have a very hard orgasm, once again I have no idea how long that lasted but once I recovered I felt him picking me up again and moving me into another room. I was so dazed at that point it was hard to tell where he was moving me to, but not too long after I saw he was taking me into the sauna. Once he sat me down I noticed there were five other girls in the room. I was aware enough just to notice that said five girls were Klaire, Laura, Eve, Julie and Jesse. All of them were just sitting there, staring ahead blankly and looking very relaxed. There was a thin hose above each one of them and before I had enough time to wonder what they did, the one above Klaire had a thick white gas start coming out of it and pouring over her. Her eyes started fluttering as the gas kept moving over her and eventually they slipped closed while her body sank back into the chair she was sitting in. As soon as the white gas stopped, a blue gas started coming from the hose next and moved over her body the same way, except this gas seemed to freeze her in place. The same thing happened to each of the others, one by one, as the white gas put them to sleep first, and then the blue one froze them. There was a rattling noise coming from above my head at that point, and when I looked up the white gas was already flowing out of the hose. So, basically, I got put to sleep and frozen, too. :oP
    And that's basically where I remember it ending. It was an interesting change of pace from the rest of the dreams I've been having, but it was fun and kind of sexy so I'm not complaining. Although like I said it would be nice to know why my imagination is being so overactive and coming up with so many of these lately, but sometimes i guess it’s best not to question these things.  
Part 2!
    So, the email above took me so long to write that I just figured I’d tack on a second email to it and go from there! This way you can get double the fun in just one email. (actually it will be triple as I didn’t finish this email either and added to it at the bottom. What can I say, life is crazy right now.)
    In any case, I think last night was my mind's way of saying ''re kind of fried, you really need to relax' because I was dreaming about hot tubs. Well, and being frozen, too, but still. I feel like when my dreams start involving hot tubs and spas that it's a sure fire way for me to tell that I really need a break and/or to relax. I was dreaming last night that I was, I'm assuming, in some kind of spa because I was in a hot tub...relaxing, enjoying the water, etc etc...and all of a sudden a man slid into the tub next to me. We started talking, and he started flirting a little, and as we were talking he asked if I'd like to see something he found traveling recently. Seemed a little odd, but I said yes and watched as he took a pendant out from his pocket. It was a crystal, a little on the larger side, and at first I thought the crystal itself was blue...but as I got drawn into it I realized that there was some kind of blue energy swirling around inside of the crystal to give it that appearance. And me ended up hypnotized by it as I sat there and watched the energy moving around inside. Every now and then, as I was watching, it seemed like some of it was moving out of the pendant and swirling around me, and as it did I felt myself starting to freeze in place. Eventually all of the energy left the pendant and was moving around me as I sat there motionless in the hot tub. My arms were raised and resting along the back of the tub, head down and frozen as if I were still looking at the pendant, even though at some point he moved it and tilted my head back up so I was staring ahead at him instead. So I sat there helplessly, the water moving around both of us as he moved in front of me and let his hands roam over my body. It started with him removing my swimsuit and massaging me, then moving in closer, straddling me and ultimately fingering me. Not sure how long he kept that up for, but eventually (after I'm pretty sure I orgasmed several times) he disappeared and left me naked and frozen on display in the hot I'm not really sure what form of relaxing my mind thought I needed here. :oP
    I feel like there was something I wanted to add to this, not about the dream specifically, but I'm drawing a oh well, if I ever think of what it was I'm sure you'll hear about that too :oP
Part 3!
    So, as you might have guessed from the fact that there are two parts above this, I have been really really bad at sending out emails lately. :oP But this one is the last one, and whatever it takes I’m emailing this out! Today! I hope.
    That is what is going through my head this morning as I sit here...all the way at the back of the library (where the reference desk is)...watching the whopping 4 people sitting at our public computers, and realizing that it is going to be a very, very long morning (seriously, it's soooo quiet right now...I've been sitting here for an 45 minutes and the phone has not rang once).
    Anyway, you know the email I sent you last night about getting frozen in my dreams? Yeah...that happened again last night. I guess I can't really make an argument about it not happening that much now. :oP I was actually still frozen in the hot tub for all of it, just kind of blankly observing everything, I think. I was also still tranced out in addition to being frozen so I don't think I was really aware of anything that was happening either. But as I was sitting there, Cheyenne, Eve, and Niki all joined me in the hot tub, laughing and talking with one another as they slid into the water. Once they saw me in the hot tub, too, they started trying to talk to me but quickly got confused looks on their faces when they realized that not only was I still naked, but I wasn't responding to them or moving at all either.Niki moved in front of me and waved her hand in front of my face, then poked me a few times to try and get me to move, and soon Cheyenne and Eve were doing the same thing. After a few minutes they were interrupted by a voice asking how they liked the display, and as they looked up the man who had frozen me was sliding into the tub with a smile. Cheyenne started questioning what he meant by that as he motioned over to me and said he felt like the tub needed a model for...display purposes. Niki moved over closer to him and asked why I wasn't moving, which made him grin and slip the pendant out of his pocket. I'm not sure how but there was more energy moving around inside of it again as he held it up in front of them...they started asking what that was and how it had anything to do with me not moving, but I don't think that they ever really got an answer...before long the energy was moving from the pendant and swirling around all three of them as they stared at it, blinking at first as it drew them in more and more, then finally just staring ahead vacantly as the last of the energy left the pendant and spun around them. The man looked the three of them over with a smile as he slipped it back into his pocket and made his way in front of the three of by one, starting with Eve, he undressed each of them and started to pose their bodies. And of course he took the opportunity to feel them up as he did. He slid Cheyenne back next to me and moved her head to the side, so that it looked like she was talking to me (and then moved mine, too, so it looked like I wasn't just staring off into space), after that he paused for a moment as he looked us over, and then with a smirk moved one of Cheyenne's hands onto my breast. As he stepped back from the two of us, he moved Eve and Niki over to the other side of the hot tub and decided to get a little more...risque, apparently. He leaned Niki against the back of the tub and tilted her head back, and positioned Eve so that she was straddling Niki in the water, then moved one of her hands between Niki's legs. Once he finished posing all three of them he slid out of the water and left the rest of his new display to be...enjoyed, if you will.
    Oddly enough my first thought about this when I woke up was “I wonder why he just left us all there?” He could have just as easily carried us off and kidnapped us that way or something. I don't know why that was my first thought, though. Out of sheer boredom the last few days, I've been imagining different ways my friends (and me, by extension) could be kidnapped. The other weird aspect to that is the guys doing the kidnapping have been wearing either Santa suits or elf costumes, so maybe that's how I'm getting in the Christmas spirit this year? I think the most amusing one was someone getting shot with a tranquilizer dart that looked like a candy cane. Nothing else was really Christmas themed, so that one just seemed to kinda come out of nowhere, but I thought it was funny. But now that I’ve finally finished all of these…it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Klaire, Laura, Eve, Jessy, Julie, Cheyenne, Niki, and Sleepygirl

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