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K.O. Con - SHR - Part 2

 Key: MC, MD, FD, M/F, Sleepy, Freeze

Description: Sleepygirl’s programming activates and she invites several of her friends to join her at a special convention. And of course, the girls all end up in a much more compliant state.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details <a href="">HERE!</a> ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 3-14-20XX
Subject: The K.O. Con! Part 2!

    So you know how near the end of my last dream, the guy who was freezing all of us slipped me a card that showed me passed out against Jill's sister, Kaitlyn? Well, weirdly enough, this one sort of continued where that left off. I was in my room going through my wallet when I found the card in it. Me, completely unconscious and lying against Jill's older sister  Kaitlyn, who was passed out too. The card was advertising a law enforcement convention, for police technology...the next thing I noticed was a small line at the bottom saying bring your friends. I think it actually blanked me for a few minutes because all I did next was sort of stare down at it while the words echoed in my mind. The next thing I knew I was calling and persuading Laura, Kim, Eve and Niki to come with me, and we were showing up at the convention. It was odd because the building that it was in looked completely out of place, really futuristic and like something straight out of a sci-fI movie. It was domed, all silver, with bright lights lining its base and windows all over. Maybe that just means I watch too much sci-fi? Nah, probably not.
(Author’s Note: You can never watch enough Sci-fi!)

    The first thing we saw when we walked in was a photo booth. The man running it asked if we wanted our picture taken to pick up later before we left. It seemed like a good enough idea so we all agreed and stood together as he raised his camera. When he went to take the picture, though, it didn't flash like I expected it to, but it started to strobe instead. For a moment I thought it seemed kind of odd, but then everything seemed to just fade away into the lights. At some point it stopped, but by then the five of us were all completely still, just smiling at the camera. I vaguely remember the man telling us how excited we would be about everything at the convention, and how we would want to explore everything, then his fingers snapped and everything came to life again. With a smile he told us our pictures would be ready to pick up before we left and encouraged us to go enjoy the convention. As soon as we walked away I spotted a costume area and felt a strange pull to try something on. As everyone else followed I began going through the clothes and decided on one that was similar to Leia's slave girl outfit from Star Wars. Behind me, Niki and Kim had found matching skintight purple and silver bodysuits,  while Laura had picked out an Orion slave girl outfit. Behind us, Eve had something that looked similar to Inara's companion outfit from Firefly. Once we had all changed, we began exploring. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jill, Jessy, Erica and Cheyenne all walking in and heading over to have their picture taken. We continued on until we came to a man in a martial arts uniform, as we approached he smiled and asked if we were enjoying ourselves, and how much of the convention we'd seen so far. When we told him we'd just gotten there and left the costume area his smile seemed to get a little bigger as he welcomed us to what he called the nerve pinch exhibit.
    He extended his hand out for one of us to shake, and as Kim took his hand, he quickly grabbed her wrist and squeezed it gently. Her eyes widened as she let out a gasp while her body swayed, otherwise as her face was slack and she stared ahead without a word. The rest of us looked at one another in surprise as the man snapped his fingers in front of her face, still holding onto her wrist, and explained that her mind was essentially on pause, and that anything he said to her would go straight to her subconscious. With a wink, he looked at Kim and asked who should be put to sleep with a nerve pinch next. Her eyes stayed fixed ahead as she mumbled “Niki” in response. The man slid her jumpsuit zipper down to her belly button, smiling to himself as he gently dropped her wrist. The moment he did, the light returned to her eyes and she was normal again with no realization of what had just happened. The rest of us just giggled at her as she looked at us with a confused expression, while the man moved down the line and held out his hand to Niki. When he grinned and asked if she wanted it head on, or from behind, I chimed in and said that he should get her from behind. As she turned around to give me a look and playfully complain, the man leaned in and squeezed her neck, giving her a Vulcan neck pinch. Her body rose up so that she was on the tips of her toes as her eyes dimmed, until finally she sighed softly and slumped against him. He gently sat her down in a chair and took a quick picture, then turned to the rest of us and asked if anyone wanted to see any other nerve pinches demonstrated. Kim commented that she did...and then promptly volunteered me to be the guinea pig.
    The man moved closer to me and remarked that I’d make a nice little slave girl as he offered me his hand. I rolled my eyes at the comment but took his hand anyway. While he held my hand, he reached out and touched a spot just under my ear, and the moment he did I felt every bit of resistance drain out of me almost instantly, and found myself feeling much more compliant. As he looked back at the others he explained, with a devious smile, that this was what he called the slave pinch, and that I was helpless to resist any suggestions now. With that, he looked at me and told me to take off my top, which I did with no hesitation as he reached over and blatantly groped me while it fell to the floor. He smiled to himself and asked me who the most conservative and the sluttiest of the group were. Without hesitation, I answered that Kim would be the most conservative, but as she started to object the man simply reached out and squeezed her neck to silence her. She gasped as her body relaxed while her eyes slowly fluttered shut, until finally she went completely limp and slid to the ground, arms and leads spread out. When he asked me who the sluttiest of the group was I answered Eve, who immediately began to playfully complain about being “insulted” that way. In mid sentence the man gently squeezed the back of her neck and she was frozen in an instant. He smiled at the rest of us and asked if we should leave her frozen or put her to sleep. Laura and I looked at one another and said we should put her to sleep and Laura even volunteered, very eagerly I might add, to put her out. As she moved next to Eve the man showed her where to pinch her. Since Eve was frozen she was able to do it rather easily, but there was also no sign that it had even affected her until she simply fell to the ground, completely limp and unconscious. Laura seemed downright giddy at having done it properly, and the man offered her his hand as he asked her name. She was too excited to question his motives and gave him her hand without even thinking about it, and as soon as he took it he flipped it over and pressed a finger into the center of her palm. Her body jerked as she looked at the man in confusion, but with each passing moment her face flushed as she became visibly aroused. She slid herself closer to him and asked which one that was, as he explained that it was one of the more powerful arousal points. While he explained, she began to kiss his neck and slide her hands down his body to his pants. He smiled at her advances and asked if she wanted to end up asleep like the others...she didn't seem to hear or care about the question, and just kept kissing his neck instead, then slid her hand into his pants. But at some point she must have mumbled a 'yes' because he seemed to grin deviously as he took a step back. She moved to follow him but he quickly tapped the middle of her soon as he did her eyes rolled up into her head and her body jerked as she started to fall backwards stiffly (proving that the forehead really is an off switch :oP).
    Once Laura fell to the floor, landing half on top of Eve, the man looked at me and asked if I wanted to try a sleeper hold. When I agreed, again without even thinking about it, he moved behind me and placed one arm around my neck and the other around my head as he gently started to apply pressure. The world began fading and my body started to feel heavier and more limp. Eventually everything started going fuzzy and I felt like I was free falling into nothingness as I felt myself sag against him. I felt myself being laid down....and then hands were massaging my body gently, sliding up and down it slowly and sensually. After a while I felt the rest of my slave Leia outfit being moved around, although by that point I was still completely out and didn't notice a thing. At some point I felt the man slide inside me and start rocking in and out gently as he kissed me, and finally after a few minutes his movements started to wake me up. I returned the kiss and started to open my eyes, seeing everyone else behind us, in a pile and still unconscious, but with their outfits looking moved around and even half off in some cases. The man leaned down next to my ear and said he had one more pressure point to demonstrate, and as he kissed me he gently squeezed my ear with his free hand and I felt myself orgasm hard. In a few minutes when the orgasm subsided, he pressed the point under my ear and I felt my resistance to him melt away again. Once I was nice and compliant he had me dress everyone else in the group, and use a small device that emitted a short pulsing sound into their ears to wake them. One by one their bodies jerked as their eyes opened and they each looked around. None of them seemed to remember being incapacitated, only watching the other demonstrations. Laura, ever the observant one, did ask why I was naked and when that had happened. Hearing that, the man walked up to her and held out his hand, she took it absentmindedly and he immediately took her other wrist with his free hand and squeezed it gently. Just as Kim had at the beginning of the demonstrations, she instantly relaxed as her face went slack.She stared ahead vacantly as the man explained to her that it was normal for a slave girl to be naked, and then removed her clothing slowly and handed it off to Eve before kissing her softly. Then he told her she wouldn't find anything odd at all about being naked herself for the next couple of minutes, and let go of her wrist. Her eyes opened again and she continued talking to the others, unaware of what had happened to her or her current state of dress.
    We began walking around again, and after a few minutes Laura and I both stopped, suddenly aware of just how naked we both were, and quickly changed back into our outfits. As we started walking again, I saw Beth (Jill's younger sister) near the entrance with Klaire, Sara, and Jessica about to have their pictures taken. We didn't stay to watch or say hello to them, but kept walking instead and saw that a few feet ahead of us were Jill and the others in her group. They'd all changed into more revealing outfits as well but as I looked closer I noticed that they all seemed to be frozen and (somehow) made of plastic like mannequins. I was about to walk over to them to get a closer look when I heard a voice coming out of what sounded like a microphone. We all turned to see a man on a stage talking about crowd control and how there was a way that could leave a group in a compliant state. As he looked around for volunteers to demonstrate, a random guy in the crowd around him pointed to our group and volunteered us. Everyone else I was with seemed a little nervous to be volunteered like that, but definitely weren't shying away from being the center of attention either. Before anyone could really object though, the man on stage pulled a sheet off of a large prop that had been behind him, that turned out to be a large spiral, and turned it to face us before switching it on. It began spinning slowly as the white part of it began to change colors, and in what seemed like no time we were all starting to feel its effects as it drew us in. All five of our faces began going slack, and with each moment I watched it spin in front of me I felt my thoughts slowing and getting more fuzzy. One by one it started putting us all to sleep as we sank deeper into it, each of us slumped over as our eyes slipped shut...creating a small pile as we all slid against one another. The man's voice kept going in the background, talking about how helpless we all were, then instructed us to stand and open our eyes and make our way to the stage. Once we were up there he sat us each down in a chair facing the spiral and we stayed there, slumped in our chairs, eyes open but glazed as we stared ahead at it. And the dream pretty much looped on that for the rest of the night.
    And admittedly I remember having a few moments after that, like when it was quiet at work or something, where I was imagining it again and I had to remind myself that I wasn't dreaming.. Weird, I know, but that's just me. Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Beth,  Kaitlyn, Laura, Klaire, Eve, Niki, Kim, Jessy, Erica, and Sleepygirl 

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