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K.O. Con - SHR - Part 1

 Key: MD, MC, M/F, Freeze, sleep

Description: Sleepygirl and a group of her friends are approached by a rather quirky inventor, who persuades them to attend a very unique kind of convention.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 3-11-20XX
Subject: The K.O. Con! Part 1!

    So, I had a dream the other night, and when I woke up I just had to tell you about it! Funny how that seems to be a theme with my dreams. I wake up, and I just feel that I…have to tell you about them. Like I don’t have a choice in the matter. Weird now that I say it out loud…
    Anyway this was from when I had dinner with Jill and her sisters, and it's been going through my head in bits and pieces ever since, because it started with us sitting in the restaurant we'd been eating in that night. It was later in the night and we were all just sitting around and talking, having finished our dinner some time ago. As we sat there, talking and watching people walk around outside, a man came up to the window, knocked on it gently and waved at us. We looked at one another and tried not to laugh, but humored him and waved back instead. When we did, he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and motioned to it, then to us, mouthing 'please' and making a praying motion with his hands. We were all pretty confused by that point, but we shrugged and nodded to him to go ahead and take the picture. He grinned at us and held up the phone, and the camera flashed as if it were taking our picture...but instead of going back to normal it went from a flashing to strobing very quickly. The brighter it flashed, the quicker it seemed to strobe...but the four of us kept watching, not realizing that we'd stopped moving or that at some point it had stopped flashing. Everything around us was on pause, including us, and we simply stared ahead, still smiling as if we were waiting for our picture to be taken. At some point, although none of us were aware of it, the man walked away from the window and suddenly the sound of a man's voice was coming from behind us. Telling us that it was easy to feel relaxed around him, and how much we would be open to experimenting, and how anything that any of us, or him, did would seem completely normal. Another sound like the snapping of someone's fingers came from behind us next, and we were all able to move again. The man cleared his throat to get our attention and smiled at us, asking if he could sit down. We smiled and nodded, then made room for him to sit down with us...once he was sitting he grinned and asked how we liked his disappearing act. It took a few moments for it to finally register with us, but once it did Jill commented about it being impressive, and asked how he did it.
    He held up his cell phone again and asked who wanted to volunteer for a picture...Jill and Beth (her younger sister) both did and immediately smiled and posed for him. Just as it had moments ago, the flashing turned to strobing and then back the time it had stopped the two of them were frozen in their seats again, still smiling and unmoving as they stared ahead at him. Kaitlyn (her older sister) was practically bouncing in her seat with excitement as the two of us watched, and eagerly started asking him how that had worked and what exactly happened to the two of them. With a grin, he explained how the strobe essentially overloaded them and left them open to suggestion and unaware of everything around them. Then with a wink he quickly kissed the two of them and pulled back, both of them remaining in their paused state, unaware of what he'd just done. The two of us watched and giggled as they stayed frozen, waving our hands in front of their eyes as we did. He watched us, still smiling, and said if either one of us wanted to wake them up all we had to do was snap our fingers and they would return to normal. Kaitlyn took advantage of that, still excited about the whole situation, and snapped her fingers, trying not to bounce too much as she watched them return to normal.The man asked them what they remembered and they gave him a confused look, saying that they were only posing for a picture...with another smile, he explains that they missed the demonstration and held up the camera toward Kaitlyn and I again, quickly pressing the button to make it flash before we had a chance to object or say anything otherwise. The two of us were caught off guard, somewhat smiling at the camera as the flash turned to a strobe and caught our attention while everything around us came to a stop. As we sat there staring blankly ahead at him, he explained what happened and demonstrated by quickly kissing and groping both of us. Everything started moving again moments later when we heard the snap of his fingers, and as we looked down at the table we saw our bras sitting there.
    As he looked around at us, he asked if we might be interested in seeing any of his other...inventions. Kaitlyn was the first to answer, and the man pulled out what looked to be a small flashlight. He turned to her and asked who she wanted to volunteer, to which she quickly answered me. As soon as she answered he turned to me and pointed the flashlight at me as a green and yellow beam emerged from it. A faint green glow surrounded my body while strands of yellow swirled around it...the moment it touched me every bit of my body and mind froze, leaving me suspended in place. Time passed, I don't know for how long, but when the man shut off the flashlight and the light vanished, I was able to move again. I looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to turn the device on...having no idea that he'd already done so. Jill and the others giggled as I asked him if he was going to demonstrate, then explained that he already had...I gave her a confused look and said that wasn't possible, and that Kaitlyn had just volunteered me. The man pointed to my phone on the table and told me to have a look...when I did I noticed a five minute time difference between when Kaitlyn volunteered me and the time it was now. He asked if I wanted to see my own demo to clear things up and I nodded my head...then he pointed the flashlight at Kaitlyn and turned it on quickly. The green light enveloped her as the yellow strands wove their way around her body, locking her completely in stasis and leaving her unmoving, unthinking, only staring at us with a surprised look on her face. As he explained to me what he did to the others, that she was frozen in her own moment in time, he looked over to Beth with a smile and asked if she wanted to try touching her. With a shrug and a grin she agreed and went to touch her sister's shoulder. The instant she did the green glow and yellow strands traveled up her arm and enveloped the rest of her body, leaving her in stasis by extension. Jill happened to be touching Beth at that moment as well, and I watched as the green and yellow glows moved up and around her body, too.
    I watched the three of them, completely frozen and unaware of what was happening...the man set the flashlight down on the table and asked if I was enjoying the demonstration. When I nodded and said I was he asked if the four of us might like to come to a convention he was going to be demonstrating at, about law enforcement. I shrugged and agreed, thinking it might be fun to see, and watched as he printed out a picture of Kaitlyn and myself frozen, then handed it to me with a smirk...explaining that the next time I saw it it would activate a suggestion that would make us want to come to the convention. I gave him an amused smirk and said I wasn't sure how that was going to work, exactly, but before I could comment any further he pointed his phone at me and the camera began to flash. As it began to strobe, everything around me faded away until I was left staring at him with a mix of confusion and shock on my face. The next thing I was aware of was the snap of his fingers and his tongue roaming my mouth...after a few moments he broke the kiss and stood up, asking if I wanted to see the last of his toys. I nodded as he pulled a small laser pistol from one of his sleeves...after inputting a few things into it, he turned off the flashlight and slipped the pistol away discreetly. The other three woke up instantly, talking among themselves...Beth convinced that she'd unfrozen Kaitlyn by touching her, and Kaitlyn convinced that she was never frozen in the first place. When Kaitlyn noticed the man was standing she gave him a confused look and started to ask if he'd been sitting down...but before she could finish her sentence he pulled the small pistol out of his sleeve and fired it at her. A small ball of energy emerged from it, aimed directly at Kaitlyn...when it hit her, her entire body glowed blue for a split second as the impact pushed her back against the booth. By the time she was fully pushed back her eyes were already closed and she slid against the window, completely asleep. Jill and Beth watched, surprised, as she slumped to the he toyed with the settings on the pistol again, they turned toward him, seeming to realize what he was doing. With a grin, he looked over to me and asked who he should test this one on… I looked over at Jill with a smirk and nodded to her, she looked at me - surprised - as he fired another blast, this time aimed in her direction. This time instead of a ball of energy, a ring emerged from the small pistol and hit her in the center of her chest. The impact of this blast pushed her back the same way the previous one had done to Kaitlyn, and she slumped against Beth as her eyes slid shut. Beth watched in surprise as she landed against her, and looked over to the man who was busy fixing the settings on the pistol once more. Before she could question him, he raised the pistol again and fired it at her quickly...this time a beam came out of the gun and hit her chest as a blue glow spread over her body. The instant it hit her, her head slumped to her chest, her eyes slammed shut, and she was knocked back against the booth as well, slumping against it as she slipped unconscious. Finally, the man looked at me with a grin… I knew what he was planning by that point, but he didn't bother to ask anything of me this time, he simply leaned in and kissed me deeply and slowly...after a few moments he broke the kiss and fired the gun at me...this time another blast of energy shoots from it and hits me in the chest...the moment it does everything fades to black and my mind instantly falls asleep, along with my body...electricity from the blast arcs around my body, flowing over it as the impact sends me back against the booth, throwing my head forward and then back, leaving me completely unconscious with my head on my chest, arms spread out to either side, completely limp
    And this is where the dream ended! Although, thinking about it now, I was kind of knocked out by then, and so were the other three so I’m not exactly sure what else could have happened. But I am curious what will happen the next time I see that picture of me and Kaitlyn frozen… but anyways, now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Beth, Kaitlyn, and Sleepygirl

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