Monday, February 6, 2023

Robotic Humiliation - Hypnosis Log

Key: MD, MC, Gas, Sleep

Description: Sleepygirl and Ivy volunteer for a session where a robot captures them and pleasures them in front of a studio audience. This session was used to create the real hypnosis video Robot Humiliation you can find a teaser for it Here!

Sleepyhypno11:22 PM
So you both got the brief on this before... and you konw this one is kind of sexual, and has an audience watching portion that may be kind of humiliating.. to some people.  obviously there isn't an audience here unless you count the log readers.  are you two both still ok with this?

Ivy 11:24 PM
Yes, the way I'm picturing it I can't see the audience themselves, they'll be more like shadows than anything

Sleepygirl 11:24 PM
im still good

Sleepyhypno11:24 PM
and your ok with the rather... bluntly sexual natural of this script?

Ivy 11:25 PM
While it isn't something I'd typically seek out, I am open to trying the experience

[Ivy Comment: This mentality has gotten me into some very....interesting scenarios!]

[Sleepygirl Comment: yeah this mentality has gotten me into....a lot :cP]

Sleepygirl 11:25 PM
again, im good :cP

Sleepyhypno11:25 PM
heheh, your sure? (this will be the last time i ask I promise()

 Ivy 11:26 PM
Yes, I'm sure

Sleepygirl 11:26 PM
i am 1000% positive

Sleepyhypno11:26 PM
[A gif of a person making the sign of the cross]

[Hypnotists Note: whenever you’re about to do something that might push a subject's limits, ALWAYS let them know beforehand and give them an out in the middle of it. In case they want to jump ship.]

Sleepyhypno 11:27 PM
heheh alright, I thiank you both I just wanted to make sure since this one was a little outside the normal realm of what we do as a group, i was going to write this one myself but I have the focus of a goldfish so this will be faster =cp

Sleepyhypno 11:31 PM
heheh, alright disclaimer time... like full disclaimer... do i have your permission / consent to hypnotize the two of you into experiencing something naughty, while recording it to post as a log and then turn the swcript  into a video to be posted... all that good jazz.

Sleepygirl 11:31 PM
aye aye cap'n
(yes you do)

Ivy 11:31 PM
Swing Jazz
And yes

Sleepyhypno11:36 PM
ok, so are you girls ready to be hypnotized?

Sleepygirl 11:37 PM
girls were made to be hypnotized
yup, im good to go

Ivy 11:37 PM
girls are meant to be hypnotized

Sleepyhypno11:37 PM
is that a yes ivy?

Ivy 11:37 PM
I would certainty think so 😄

Sleepyhypno11:38 PM
heheh i have to be specific on these things... the eyes are watching... forever scrutinizing...
and i have to set a good example

[Sleepygirl Comment: you do fine with that, don't worry :c) ]

Sleepygirl 11:38 PM
that ship has sailed

[Sleepygirl Comment: pay no attention to the sarcastic ass behind the curtain]

Ivy 11:38 PM
Good point
I am ready

Sleepyhypno11:38 PM
oh the dicotomy of responses i get on these things

Ivy 11:38 PM
Ooooh, good word!

Sleepyhypno11:39 PM
Just allow yourself
to get into a comfortable position
a position where you can easily
focus on my words
and allow yoruself to simply
begin to relax
and let go.
you can easily
and gently
feel yourself
starting to breathe
more easily
more deeply
feeling how your chest
and stomach
easily rise
a little bit more...
and how your body just seems
to sink
just a bit
as you exhale
the more you breathe
the more you focus on my words
the easier it is it just...
let yourself go
and drift away
taking in another breathe
and then letting out
all the way down
letting go
ready to just...
and surrender
to just let your mind
deeper and deeper
down into trance...
you can do that now can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:41 PM

Ivy 11:41 PM

Sleepyhypno11:41 PM
very good
just allow your body a moment
to just relax
and rest
while your mind
simply starts to fog over
feeling all of your thoughts
being slowly
behind the fog of trance
rolling in
more and more easily
more and more deeply
with every breathe you take
and as it does
the world around you
seems to simply
fade away
into the fog
all the remains is the words
and the feeling
of deep
easy relaxation.
you can feel that now. can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:43 PM

Ivy 11:43 PM

Sleepyhypno11:43 PM
good girls
how do you feel?

Sleepygirl 11:43 PM

Ivy 11:43 PM
looser, muscles relaxing

Sleepyhypno11:44 PM
very good.
doing so well now ladies
and as the you sit there
drifting deeper and deeper
you begin to notice
a new world
forming around you
it's a cool
damp night
on a dark
deserted city street
the street lights barely manage
to light up the street
and what light they shine
seems to illuminate the fog
more then the street itself
in the distance
you can hear the more
busy parts of the city
the cars
and random dogs barking
but where you are
is very quiet
almost... unnaturally quiet
you can see that now can't you ladies?

Sleepygirl 11:46 PM

Ivy 11:46 PM

Sleepyhypno11:46 PM
Despite the quiet
you continue to walk
slowly down the street
there is no reason to be...
after all the street is quiet
and the lights are
at the very least
but you can't help feeling...
like you are being watched
like someone...
or some thing...
is observing your movements.
you stop for a moment and scan your surroundings
but nothing stands out to you
nothing at all
the street is...
perfectly still
perfectly empty
you shrug your shoulders
and let out a little laugh
as you continue to walk
down the street
until you hear a noise
it sounded like something
something heavy
had just fallen
no... not fallen...
fallen implies it it was uncontrolled
whatever this was...
it landed...
with a heavy thud...
but a controlled thud
the sound echos around the street
off the buildings
and no matter where you look
you can't seem to figure out
where it came from
you call out ...
asking if anyone is there...
but only silence...
and eerie unnatural silence
is your response
how does this make you feel ladies?

Ivy 11:50 PM
On alert

Sleepygirl 11:50 PM
on guard, curious

up against one of the buildings
it's too dark to see the figure on the building
so you decide it's time to run
you turn to flee
turn to run...
but as you do you hear a strange sound
like brick crumbling
and then hear that loud controlled thud behind you
and feel a cool
metalic arm
grab you around your waist
and pull you backwards just a bit
you go to shout
go to make a noise
but the moment you open your mouth
you feel a stream of gas
hit you in the face
that gas surrounds your body
as you breath it in
it caught you right as you were inhaling
right as you were about to shout
and the gas seeped right inot your body
into your mind
you rfeel the world getting fuzzy
feel your body getting
as you simply hear yourself
almost from a distance
let out a soft sigh
as the world seems to fade
and you feel your body
go limp
and start to fall
but you never feel yourself
hit the ground
in fact your last conscious thought
is that you seem to be...
and then you slip away
into a deep sleep.
how do you feel aldies?

Ivy 11:55 PM

Sleepygirl 11:55 PM
heavy, relaxed

Sleepyhypno11:55 PM
good girls
do you like that feeling?

Sleepygirl 11:56 PM

Ivy 11:56 PM

Sleepyhypno11:56 PM
are you aware of the girl with you...
your partner...
also being hypnotized...
also being gassed...

Sleepygirl 11:56 PM

Ivy 11:57 PM
girls are mean to be hynpotized

Sleepyhypno11:57 PM
very good
howdo you feel seeing her be gassed along side you?

Ivy 11:57 PM

Sleepygirl 11:58 PM
enjoy seeing it

Sleepyhypno11:58 PM
good girls
are you both ready for that part that is going to be

[Ivy Comment: Checking in again, very good!]

Ivy 11:58 PM

Sleepygirl 11:58 PM

Sleepyhypno11:58 PM
good girls
your not sure how long your asleep...
not sure where you are.
but you feel the fog
slowly clearly
and start to wake up
but the first thing you notice
is that you appear to be...
tied down
your arms and legs
spread eagle
on a metal table
it's dark
so you can't see much of anything
but you can hear
what sound like ovices
in the distance
and then a curtain opens
and the table your on
rotates a bit
and you become aware
of an audience...
watching you
observering you
applauding and laughing
while they notice you
tied down
on display
completely exposed
completely naked
you struggle against your binds
but you simply
can't seem to move
can't seem to struggle
how does this make you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:01 AM

Ivy 12:01 AM
rebellious but helpless

Sleepyhypno 12:01 AM
good girls
as you struggle you begin to hear
the sound of heavy
foot steps
and as you look to yoru side
you see a very humaniod robot
slowly walking out on stage
you can take a moment
to examine the shape of the robot
maybe it's very sparsely covered
only an endoskelton
or maybe it has full plates
and coverings
maybe even realistic skin
it's all up to whatever you find
the most appealing

[Ivy Comment: Readers, take note as this is VERY important. (The above line) ]

Sleepyhypno 12:01 AM
and whatever you are the
most comfortable with.
what kind of robot.. do you see ladies?

Ivy 12:03 AM
realistic skin, very human looking but its eyes are robotic looking

Sleepygirl 12:04 AM
one covered in full, realistic skin, some parts look more robotic than others though

Sleepyhypno 12:04 AM
how does this robot make you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:05 AM

Sleepygirl 12:05 AM
helpless, exposed, curious

Sleepyhypno 12:05 AM
as you watch the robot move closer to you
the one thing tha tseems to stand out
is how expressionless
it is..
this is clearly
despite looking humaniod
a machine
merely following orders
orders given to it... no doubt
but those the people in the audience
paid to be here.
you are their entertainment.
their... show... for the evening.
how does this make you feel ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:07 AM
more helpless and exposed

Ivy 12:07 AM
a bit angry, more nervous

Sleepyhypno 12:07 AM
as the robot finally reaches you
to seems to move
and come to life
it's hands slide along your body
rubbing and massaging
fondling and caressing
to your.. great surprise
the robot is incredibly skilled
it's touch seems to be
just perfect
like it knows exactly how to work your body
how to arouse you
and pleasure you
without even touching
anything too private...
just yet]
and you notice that if at any time
the robot touches you in a way
that isn't simply...
the most pleasurable thing
you've felt in a while
that almost instantly it adjusts
maybe a little softer
maybe a little harder
a caress or a squeeze
but instantly it adjusts
and within seconds it corrects its' mistake
with in seconds it is one again
working your body
with a skill
you haven't seen or felt before
working more and more depely
you can't help but feel your body
turning on
feeling your arousal building
a blush washing over your body
as despite yoru best attempts
your getting aroused
yoru starting to feel tingles of pleasure
and shivers

[Sleepygirl comment: not at all replicating that feeling by re-reading this log...not even a little…]

Sleepyhypno 12:07 AM
your body jerking
and reacting to the pleasure
you can't help it
the robot
with it's unfeeling
emotionaless face
is working you simply...
too well. for you to fight
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:11 AM
like surrendering

Sleepygirl 12:11 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:12 AM
you feel your pleasure building
more and more
as the robots hands move to your more
more erogenous areas
of your body
working them just as expertly
as the rest of your body
it may even have...
an attachment
if you rfeel comfortable with it
that can...
with your most.. private...
most intimate of places
working those places
and completley
cold and emotionless
a simple machine
designed to give you
intense pleasure
and that pleasure is building
more and more
maybe your still resisting
maybeing your struggling
at least in your mind
but your body...
your body can't help
but get aroused
get stimulated
the robots touch is too...
too precise
if you so much as wiggle
the robot adjusts
keeping all the right pressure
all the right tension
the perfect touch
in all the right places
building you to your fist
deep climax
that just rolls throug your body
deeply and completely
making you sweat
making you pant
making you drip.
you can feel that can't you ladies?

Ivy 12:15 AM
nod nod no dnod nod

[Ivy Comment: Well, I held out as long as I could.]

Sleepygirl 12:15 AM

[Sleepygirl Comment: yeah im sufficiently a puddle of goo at this point]

Sleepyhypno 12:15 AM
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:15 AM
soo floaty

Sleepygirl 12:16 AM
aroused, helpless

Sleepyhypno 12:16 AM
you notice...
as your climax comes to an end
that your body isn't...
calming down
it can't...
the robot is still working you
still pleasuring you
railing your body
in all the ways that stimulate you
while you are barely aware
of the crowd
enjoying their show
beore you have a moment to catch your brathe
another climax
washes through your body
exhausting you
making you shiver
making your mind and body
simply overload with pleasure
tinlging and panting
gasping for air.
mind swirling
all the while
the blank
robotic eyes watching you
examining you
scanning yoru body
keeping your aroused
adjusting as needed
the moment a part of you starts to be
less pleasurable
it instantly moves to another
it's hands moving at the perfect speed
this'... attachments
and interfaces
working your body
in ways you didnt know were possible
as you feel yet another wave of pleasure
build deep inside of you
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:19 AM
far away, aroused

Sleepygirl 12:19 AM

[Sleepygirl Comment: yeah i think we were both gone at this point…]

[Ivy Comment: //mumbles incoherently// ]

Sleepyhypno 12:19 AM
that next wave of pleasure
seems to stall
at the last second
the robot eying your body
rapidly up and down
holdling you on the very edge
the very line...
the point where you body is just about
to release
just about to climax
but there it holds you
and holds you
every time your heart beats just a single beat faster
it slows down
lets the arousal fade
just a bit
but the moment your heart rate slows
by just one beat
it speeds up
to keep you exactly
on the very edge of climax
and it holds you there
and holds you...
body shaking and panting
moaning and gasping
needing to release
needing to let go...
but there it holds you
and holds you
and holds you...
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:21 AM

Sleepygirl 12:21 AM
aaroused, nned release

Sleepyhypno 12:21 AM
after what seems like forever..
what seems like...
an eternity
stuck on the edge
the dge of bliss
but unable to cross over
all of a sudden the robots body
it's hands
it's attachemnts
its interface
instantly light up
sending shocks of electricty
into yoru body
shocks and stimulate your nervous system
and push you instantly
over the egde
way over the edge
you can't help but let out of loud
shout of joy
as your body explodes
with what feels like hours of pleasure

Sleepyhypno 12:23 AM
all at once
but the robot holds you there
the tingles
the trickling electricy
all washing over your body
keeping your climax
and going
from an eternal stalemate
to an etreranal release
the robot keeps your pleasure
never letting you calm
never letting you quiet
it just keeps it going
and going
and going...
for what seems like forever...
and then all at once
it stops
and youa re able to finally breathe
and relax
how do you fele now ladies?

Ivy 12:24 AM
felt like i was going out

Sleepygirl 12:24 AM
dizzy, floating

Sleepyhypno 12:24 AM
how deep are you now laides?

Sleepygirl 12:25 AM

Ivy 12:25 AM

[Hypontist’s Note: Average depth for Sleepygirl, and a decently deep depth for Ivy.]

Sleepyhypno 12:25 AM
good girls...
did you enjoy your... elongated climax?

Sleepygirl 12:26 AM

Ivy 12:26 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:26 AM
good girls...
as your body is finally allowed to calm down.
you finally start to relax
and pant
the audience seems to cheer
and applaud
as the robot simply stands next to you
looking out at the crowd...
and then in a very
very stiff
kind of way
bows to the audience
then turns
and bows again
and finally one last turn to bow to the last
section of the audience
that is something very...
about the way it bows
every time
exactly the same.
every time...
as you sit there gasping
the robot finally turns to you
and raises it's hand at you
it's fingers curled down
aimed at your face
as five jets of gs
seep out of it's fingers
and cover your face
once again
in gas
your body is so tired
so exhaused
you can't help but inhale deeply
and completley
and then simply
as the gas takes you
and you just
give in
and surrender
surrender to sleep.
isn't that right ladies?

Sleepygirl 12:29 AM

Ivy 12:29 AM

Sleepyhypno 12:30 AM
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:30 AM

Sleepygirl 12:30 AM
spent, relacrfd

Sleepyhypno 12:31 AM
very good ladies
you will stay in this place...
deeply asleep
calm and passive
for as long as you woud like
as long as you need
to recover
when you have finally recovered
you may find that you wake up again
still tied to the table
another audience waiting their
another group to be displayed too
another round with the robot.
or you may find that you wake up
someplace safe...
thinking it was just a dream
i'ts all up to you
whatever you choose
when you are ready to wake up completley
all you need to do
is simply take a deep
slow breath
and allow your mind
and body
to awaken
but until then
simply allow yourself
to rest
and relax...
and see where
and how...
you wake up .
as for you ladies.
just relax
and rest
breathing deeply
and slowly
and tell me how deep you are now?

Sleepygirl 12:33 AM

Ivy 12:33 AM

[Hypnotist’s Note: Sleepygirl is doing well this is about how deep she gets in something like this. Ivy is more or less around her usual max depth of about 100]

Sleepyhypno 12:34 AM
good girls
how did you like yoru little... adventure

Sleepygirl 12:34 AM
enjoyed it

Ivy 12:34 AM
it was goood

Sleepyhypno 12:34 AM
good girls...
and how are you ladies feeling...
are you tired...
in need of some sleep
or would youl ike to stay up...
for a while...

Ivy 12:35 AM
spent bt not sleepy

Sleepygirl 12:35 AM
stay up for a while

Sleepyhypno 12:35 AM
good girls
in a moment ladies...
i am going to wake you...
going to let you return to normal...
awake and alert
so we can discuss...
the next phase of our evening.
but before you wake up...
before you are...
to normal
is ther anything you'd like to say...
to the readers of the log
or to me...
anything about yoru experience here tonight?

Ivy 12:37 AM
I hope the creator of that robot has the patent

[Ivy Comment: //facepalm// I was wondering if I said anything ridiculous to close this out with. ]

Sleepygirl 12:37 AM
nothing i can think of

Sleepyhypno 12:37 AM
good girls
just take a deep
slow breathe
and on the count of five
i will wake you up...
wide awkae.

Sleepygirl 12:39 AM
well that was...interesting

After this we moved on to start another script, but that is a tale for another log.

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