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K.O. Con - SHR - Part 3

 Key: MD, MF, MC, Freeze, Sleep

Description: Back at the convention, Sleepygirl wakes up to find that she and her friends are less than fully clothed, and more than open to some post hypnotic suggestions.  

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 4-17-20XX
Subject: The K.O. Con! Part 3!

    Remember a while back I had a dream about being at a tech-related convention with some friends? Well I kind of had a similar one last night, I don't really remember much about the first half other than we all ended up on stage zoned out by a spiral that was in front of us as it ended. When this one started we were all still on the stage, slumped in our chairs and completely zoned out as the spiral kept spinning. The audience had left but the guy running the demonstration was still standing behind the spiral, watching us as he switched it off. Even as it came to a stop we were all still very much blanked out, but slowly I felt everything start to switch on inside of me again. I looked around to see that Niki, Laura, Eve and Kim were still getting their bearings back too, and appeared just as confused as I felt.

    As we all looked over to the man, I asked him how we got up onto the stage at the same time Laura asked why we were topless. He invited the two of us to stand behind the spiral so that he could show us...then smiled a little deviously and added that we could always stay where we were and he could show us, but it wouldn't help us remember much. The two of us hesitated for a moment but then stepped behind the spiral and stood next to him while everyone else stayed put while he flipped on the spiral again, getting the attention of the others. Given that they were still coming out of the last haze it left them in, they were all drawn back into it with no trouble and before long they were all staring into it again, sinking back down into their chairs as their faces went slack. Leaving them zoned out and completely unaware. He explained how helpless and open to suggestions they were in that state and instructed the girls to stand and strike a sexy pose. Once they did, he told them to stay that way until he woke them. Kim held her hands above her head with her chest out, like she was in the middle of a dance, Niki had one hand placed on her hip, leg out as she struck a pose similar to something you would see a model on a runway do, and Eve placed both hands over her exposed breasts, holding them in each hand and posing as if she'd been in the middle of massaging them when she froze. With that, the man switched off the spiral again but the girls stayed in their positions. He smiled and moved in front of Eve and pulled off the lower half of her dress, looking back at Laura with a grin and explaining that this is how everyone ended up topless. As Laura asked what else happened, he moved toward her slowly, commenting that there were just a few other post hypnotic suggestions given, then asked if she wanted to see any of them demonstrated.
    When she said she wanted to see a demo he moved over to Niki and snapped his fingers in front of her face. Her face came to life again as she blinked and looked around, asking us what was going on. Without answering her, the man reached out and placed a hand on her breast...instantly her eyes started to roll into her head as she seemed overcome by pleasure, shuddering and shaking as it rolled through her. When they finally came down her eyes fixed on the man and she seemed like she was almost enthralled by him. She leaned in closer and let her hands roam over his body, then leaned in to kiss him deeply. He kept it up for a few minutes, leaving his hand on her breast as she kissed him, obviously helplessly attracted to him, but as soon as he pulled it away she returned to normal, seeming surprised and even a little embarrassed to be kissing a stranger. The man turned to Laura again and asked, with a grin, if she'd like to experience that one herself or see some other post hypnotics. When she said she wanted to see some more demonstrations he looked at me with a smile and stepped in front of me and told me to remove the bottom half of my outfit. With a roll of my eyes I told him I'd rather not. His smile widened and he waved his hand in front of my face, as if he were doing the Jedi mind trick, and said “You wish to be completely naked.” Instantly my mind turned off as I heard myself softly repeating it back to him, and as soon as I'd said it I smiled and looked at him as I slipped out of the bottom half of my outfit, not seeing anything out of the ordinary about it. Niki and Laura watched, surprised, as I stripped. The man turned towards Niki and waved his hand at her, telling her that she desired to be naked as well as her face immediately went slack and she repeated the man's instructions blankly, then began to strip.
    Laura continued watching, albeit a little nervously, as the man turned towards her. His hand was raised but he didn’t wave it, and instead teasingly asked her if she was comfortable in only half of her outfit. She didn't really answer as he kept moving closer, saying that she really would be more comfortable without it, and before she could reply he waved his hand at her, telling her she would be much more comfortable naked. Her face went blank and slack as she stared ahead at the man and repeated his instructions before returning to normal and stripping off the rest of her outfit. With that he asked if she'd like to see the final trigger, and as she nodded he moved over to Kim and snapped his fingers, grabbing her breast immediately before she had a chance to react. The same look of pleasure crossed her face as she made her way over to the man, and with a look back at Laura the man leaned in and kissed her passionately, massaging her breast and pinching her nipple twice in mid-kiss. With each pinch she shuddered and moaned as an orgasm crashed through her. Once she finally came down from the orgasms and he broke the kiss, her body sagged and relaxed, going loose but not quite limp as she stared ahead with a vacant expression on her face. As Laura and Niki both watched him, looking a little nervous but also flushed from watching Kim orgasm, the man moved over to Eve. As he snapped his fingers in front of her eyes, she unfroze and started to look around, but before she could ask any questions the man reached out and gently grabbed her breast. Her eyes rolled into her head as the pleasure rolled through her body, and as it started to fade he leaned in and kissed her deeply, squeezing and massaging her breast while he did. She pressed herself against him and deepened the kiss as he rolled her nipple between his fingers and pinched it gently. She gasped in shock and arousal and moaned into the kiss, shuddering as the orgasm hit her, and as she finally calmed down from it a few moments later he broke the kiss. When he did her body relaxed just as Kim's had and she stood staring blankly ahead at him.
    The man smiled back at Laura and Niki, making his way over to Niki next. She stayed silent and continued watching him, as if she knew there was no point in fighting him. But before she could decide what to do the man leaned in and slid an arm around her waist, pulling her close to him as his other arm slid up her side and grasped her breast softly. As she was overcome by the pleasure she leaned in even closer to him while he began kissing her hard and deep. His hand openly groped her breast as she pressed herself even closer to him, and as she deepened the kiss he pinched her nipple twice. She let out a combination of a gasp and a moan as her body shivered. Even as she climaxed he kept kissing her, until the orgasms subsided and she leaned against him helplessly. When his lips left hers her shoulders sagged as the rest of her body relaxed and she stared into space. Laura opened her mouth to protest as the man smiled at her like a hunter eyeing its prey, but before she could say anything his hand was on her breast and she was overcome with pleasure. When she finally started to come down from it her eyes returned to the man, full of lust and attraction. He smiled, leaned in and kissed her deeply, letting his tongue slide into her mouth as she all but wrapped herself around him like he was a stripper pole. His hand massaged her breast firmly as he deepened the kiss, finally pinching her nipple twice as he did. Her body started to shake as it was rocked by the orgasms while she leaned against him for support, moaning as wave after wave rolled through her body. Finally she started to come down from it as they slowed and then stopped, the man broke the kiss and stepped back, waiting for the trigger to finish. Once it did, her body relaxed and sagged, her face now slack, as she stared ahead at him with a blank, empty expression on her face.
    The man immediately turned his gaze on me next. I took a step back, watching him nervously as he took another step toward me and reached out, taking my wrist gently and preventing me from moving any further away from him as he pulled me closer and slid his arm around my back. With a devious grin he raised his hand like he was going to grab my breast...moving closer and closer to it...and at the last minute he tilted my head up, kissing me deeply, passionately, and dominantly...making sure I knew exactly who was in charge at that moment. I felt myself leaning into the kiss and began responding to it, even though it caught me off guard. He let his hand trail down my jaw, chin and neck as his tongue rubbed against mine...his hand sliding up and down my back and then around to my chest, where it gently grasped my breast. I gasped as I felt him grab me, eyes rolling into my head and pleasure rushing through me as his tongue roamed my mouth. A few moments went by and I started to come down from the first trigger, deepening the kiss as I felt my attraction to the man growing as he massaged and caressed my breast, then without warning pinched my nipple softly. I shuddered and gasped in the kiss as the orgasm washed through me, and before it could subside he pinched it again, more deeply this time as the second orgasm began. I shuddered helplessly against him as the pleasure got stronger and stronger while he smiled in the kiss and rubbed his tongue slowly against mine, sucking on it gently and then breaking it completely to take a step back. With a pleased smile, he watched as my body relaxed, my face went slack, and everything in my mind drifted away as I stared blankly at him.
    The next thing I knew I heard fingers snapping and I looked around, standing in the middle of Niki, Kim, Eve and Laura...the five of us all still naked. I saw our clothes sitting off to the side, but for some reason none of us seemed in a hurry to put them back on. We started walking around again, passing by some vendors and seeing Jill with her group of Jessy, Erica, and Cheyenne in the process. The four of them had all changed into various sci-fi outfits at that point, and for a moment I remembered them on display for something...almost like they were mannequins, but it disappeared before I could give it any more thought. Jessy and Erica noticed us first and held up their hands to get our attention, looking confused as they finally noticed that we were all naked. A nearby vendor watched the two of them pass by as they made their way toward us and rolled what looked like a small grenade in their general direction. As the grenade rolled between them it let off a very bright flash, hiding the two of them from view for a few moments, but as the flash faded both of their faces had begun to go slack. As the moments passed their bodies relaxed even more and their eyes rolled in their heads and they both collapsed to the ground, half on top of one another and completely unconscious. Jill and Cheyenne both noticed this and were starting to make their way over to all of us...another vendor near the man noticed them approaching and as they passed him he powered up something that looked like a small remote. As he did, a flash of green lightning flew out of it and hit Cheyenne in the head, forming a ring that just continuously circled it. Her eyes turned green and she swayed on her feet for a moment as the beam coming from the remote finally stopped and Cheyenne was left staring off into space with a dazed look in her eyes. Jill tried snapping her out of it, but nothing was working, and as she tried shaking her a bit the other man with the grenades whistled to get her attention. When she turned toward him he tried tossing one over to her...she tried catching it but failed and dropped it to the ground beside her, where it let out another blinding flash of light that enveloped her. As it started to fade she was left swaying on her feet as her face went slack. Soon she was sinking to her knees and slumping to the ground in a heap, landing next to where Cheyenne was still standing and staring off into space.
    And that was the last thing I remember before waking, that was interesting :oP I have to admit the jedi mind trick part pushed a lot of buttons...probably because I've always thought it was a fun trigger and the fact that you're pretty much instantly helpless to it doesn't hurt either. But it's always pushed buttons for me, so I'm biased. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed that, and the triggers were definitely...interesting. And I liked the thing that got Cheyenne, too. I was kinda surprised I had a dream about this one actually because I honestly didn't even remember when the first part was from or how long it had been. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Anyway I'm done rambling, and I hope you enjoyed! Now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Niki, Laura, Eve, Kim, Cheyenne, Erica, Jill, Jessy and Sleepygirl

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