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Frozen at the Museum - SHR

Frozen at the Museum - SHR

Key: MD, FD, MF, MC, Freeze

Description: In this dream, Sleepygirl visits a museum exhibit with a faulty stasis line that ends up accidentally spraying the girls with its freezing mist.

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 12-06-20XX
Subject: **pokes you repeatedly!**

    Or however that conversation went the other night. Actually I think it was trying to get myself into trouble, right? Same difference. One usually leads to the other. In any case, I was going to tell you about a dream I had the night before last, but I passed out really early last night , otherwise I would have just done it then. But I digress, I found it entertaining that we were having a conversation about me getting myself frozen and being a brat, then low and behold I had a dream about being frozen.
[Hypnotist’s Note: It was not an irony… It was by design. My design.]
    Anyway, in the dream I was walking around a museum with Jill, Nikki, Eve, Laura and Klaire. And we came to an exhibit that I can't remember the name of now, which had a display in front of two kittens on their backs playing with each other. Neither one was moving so I thought maybe they were just, you know, displays. But as we got closer I noticed that they really looked pretty lifelike, not that that's unusual at museums, but I digress. So we all walked in to see the rest of the exhibit, which had even more animals from elephants to birds, all of them unmoving just like the kittens, and all of them looking just as lifelike too. In the middle of all of the animals spread out throughout the display there was a small glass box with a hamster inside of it, only this one was actually moving and running in a wheel. There was a small clock sitting next to the box, too, but I didn't pay any attention to it until I saw a cloud of gas shoot up from the floor of the box and watched the hamster stop mid-run. The clock next to it turned on and a countdown of 30 seconds started. Once it reached zero, the hamster started running again as if nothing had happened. By the time the countdown stopped and it started running again, Eve and Jill had noticed it as well and were standing next to the two of us and watching in awe. After watching it for a few more moments, we shook our heads in confusion and moved on to the next exhibit.
    As I wandered around to the back of the room I saw a larger glass case and a few smaller ones sitting next to it, all of them with animals inside. Next to them was a tank with a hose attached to it, and as I watched I saw a man walk over to the area and place a mouse into one of the smaller containers. Once it was inside, he pushed a button next to it and gas started to fill the case. What he didn't seem to notice was that gas was also leaking out of the hose that was hooked up to the tank. Laura and Eve seemed to notice what was happening as well and walked over to the man just as he was taking the mouse out of the container. When they asked what he was doing, he explained that he was putting them in stasis like the other animals who were on display up front, only with a stronger dose that would keep them frozen for a day. When he asked if they wanted to see another example for themselves, they nodded and he took out a small rabbit to put in another empty case. In the meantime, Laura had moved closer to get a better look, and as he went to turn on the gas, the hose that was leaking earlier broke completely and a white cloud of the gas sprayed her directly in the face. Enough that it even made her hair move a little like it was being blown by the wind, and when the gas finally stopped, she was left standing in front of the case, staring down at it with a curious look on her face. Her mouth was open as if she was about to speak, and hair was frozen the way it had been blown, with one of her hands resting on her hip and the other hanging stiffly at her side. Eve, who watched the whole thing happen, seemed more than a little amused at seeing Laura being frozen. The man who was demonstrating this to them, however, started panicking when he realized what had happened. He asked Eve to help move Laura so he wouldn't get in trouble, since she wouldn't unfreeze til the next day. Once Eve agreed, the two of them picked Laura up, grabbing her around the chest as Eve took her legs, and tried to move her behind a curtain. Before they could get her completely moved, though, Klaire noticed the two of them and asked what was going on. Eve let the man finish moving Laura as she tried to distract Klaire and then made up a story about what happened to Laura. Klaire, of course, didn’t believe a word of it and started yelling at the man, who'd reappeared next to Eve in the meantime.
    While she was focused on yelling at him and making a scene, Eve slipped away and grabbed the canister of gas that we were standing next to. Klaire didn't even realize that she'd left and come back, and as she asked one more time what happened, Eve held up the canister and hose and sprayed her directly in the face. As she turned to face Eve, the puff of white smoke hit her directly in the face, making her freeze instantly. She was left with an annoyed expression on her face and her hair just slightly blown back to frame said expression very nicely. One hand was raised to exaggerate everything as she stood there in front of them, completely still. Eve looked over to the man and, with a smirk, said that she wasn't going to be happy about that when she woke up. With Klaire frozen, Eve and the man finished moving Laura into the back behind the curtains of the room. In the middle of them disappearing behind the curtain, however, Jill wandered over to the gas canister they'd left behind and began to examine it curiously. When she looked up, she saw Klaire’s frozen form standing almost right next to her, which took her even more by surprise. After a few moments, she picked up the canister and walked over to where Eve and the man had disappeared with Laura. As she walked into the back room she literally ran into Eve. In doing so, she accidentally turned on the canister and a hissing noise escaped as a cloud of the gas sprayed in Eve's direction. She had just enough time to realize what was happening as she reached out to grab the canister, but not before the soft white cloud of gas enveloped her face, causing her body to go instantly still. Jill grabbed it quickly and started fumbling with it to try and turn it off, but in doing so she only got it turned in her direction and sprayed herself in the face, making her stop immediately and just hold the canister as the valve on it automatically closed on its own after a few seconds. Eve had already frozen and was standing in front of Jill, with one foot behind her in mid-step, eyes wide with surprise and arms out like she was going to catch or take the canister. Jill, meanwhile, ended up frozen and still grasping the canister with both hands, looking down at it with a mix of confusion and panic frozen on her face. In the middle of all this, the man who was with Eve reappeared and saw the two of them frozen, bringing his grand total to four. And in the middle of all the commotion, Nikki had also noticed what was happening and was staring at the man expectantly, asking him why they were all frozen and what was happening. Looking between her and the others, he gave an almost resigned sigh and quickly grabbed the canister from Jill, only to turn it on Nikki, spraying her with a cloud of the gas. As it settled she was left standing in front of him, arms crossed with a questioning look on her face while she looked straight ahead at him. I’m sure she didn’t know what the gas would do, but from her posture and expression it was definitely clear that she wasn’t aware that she was about to be hit with the gas at all. It was kind of button pushing if I do say so myself.
    I was so distracted by everything that happened in what seemed like a very short amount of time, so I didn't notice when he finally saw that I was in the room with them, too. I saw how flustered he was and explained that I would help him hide the others, but at that point I think he was so overwhelmed that he just turned the canister on me, too. Before I knew what was happening there was a cloud of white gas hitting me in the face as I opened my mouth to say something. Of course, nothing ever came out. Instead, I felt my body go completely stiff and rigid as it stopped moving, while my mind locked up along with it, leaving me frozen in front of him. One foot stopped in front of the other, like I was trying to walk towards him, while one arm was slightly outstretched as though I were trying to  move the canister away. A look of surprise  was frozen on my face as every part of my body locked up. If I had been more aware, I would have noticed that I was being moved, behind the same curtain that Laura and the others were hidden behind. The man looked slightly relaxed once he saw that we were all out of sight and incapacitated for the time being.  As he set me down next to the others he took a step back and looked all of us over, as if he were admiring trophies. After a few more moments the panic on his face was replaced with curiosity, and one by one he walked up to each of us and ran his hands over our bodies. As time went on he got more and more curious, and brave, and began kissing and groping each of us. He took full advantage of the situation and felt each of us up individually, even getting bold enough to undress and finger a few of us, since we were a captive audience. Things are a little fuzzy from there, but I do remember that right before I woke up, I was starting to slowly unfreeze. When I finally started to blink again and noticed he was in front of me, there was a bright flash of light and then everything just...went blank. Based on that I can only assume that he neuralized me, and the others, too, of course.
    So that's my latest...adventure, if you will. Proving yet again that I can manage to get myself frozen even in my dreams. Although to be honest it's more fun being a brat and ending up that way. And yes, you can call that an admission, or maybe even a request. But with my story it is now time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Nikki, Eve, Laura, Klaire and Sleepygirl

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