Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Josh's Bad Night

Josh is awoken in his dorm room by a rather annoyed Lycan, who says that it’s time for his tribute. The only problem is… he has no idea what she is talking about.

Written By Psyco Turnip

“Wake Up!”
    Josh is shocked awake, his cheek burning, He sits bolt upright colliding with someone. A deep feminine voice curses as Josh rubs his throbbing forehead, a newly formed headache blaring its contempt to all his faculties. Blinking away tears his eyes focus on a tall woman in a well tailored pinstripe suit rubbing her own forehead, she scowls at him, a bestial growl fills the room “That’ll cost you kid, now get up! You have an appointment with the Boss!” She roughly tosses pants at Josh who reflexively catches them, Josh’s eyes widen as his mind catches up to her statement “Who? Wha-what are you talking about? Is this a prank? Who put you up to this?” The woman squeezes the bridge of her nose in exasperation as she sighs “College kids… I swear to Christ I need to find some way to move districts, listen kid, your appointment with my boss is in about an hour, in three minutes I’m dragging you out of this room. You get to choose how dressed you are for that” A large electric blue tail lashes behind her to accentuate her mood, noticing it, Josh immediately takes a closer look at his intruder. Hard to gauge from his position on the bed but he’s fairly certain this woman is taller than him, that’s saying something seeing as he stands just under six foot four inches. Clearly athletic though it was hard to tell hidden underneath that bulky suit. The suit itself looks… weird, it fits her, its clearly well made and undoubtedly tailored specifically for her but it also looks like it could be stretched out if needs be, even in the bulky suit Josh can tell this woman has a sizable chest, his eyes immediately veer away from her chest for fear of reprisal from this violent stranger, looking anywhere else he moves up to her face, she has very sharp features, strong nose, a beauty mark under her left eye and pouty lips albeit currently in a snarl of contempt with large and very pronounced canines. Crystal blue eyes that have an unmistakably wild look to them, she’s also wearing a matching pinstripe trilby with two large wolfish ears poking out the sides/top and though they are currently flattened to the top of her skull they look velvety soft and fuzzy, the sides of her head are shaved but he can see a loose ponytail of the same electric blue colour over her shoulder, he guesses it ends somewhere around her shoulder blades. She cracks her knuckles menacingly startling Josh out of his reverie, he begins to slide the covers off when he remembers he's naked underneath, he blushes as he looks up at the impatient woman “C-could you give me a minute to dress please?” She scowls, crosses her arms over her ample chest but turns around, tapping her foot in annoyance “Hurry it up!”
        Throwing on his pants Josh begins sifting through several shirts in a pile at the end of his bed. He smells one, scrunching his nose at the smell, he discards it and continues his search. “So where are we going? Who’s this boss? I was told I answered only to the Dean for the servers. He was pretty emphatic about that…” The woman huffs “You ask a lot of questions, don’t you kid?” On instinct Josh fires back “Well we are in a University” He winces and not for the first time internally curses his big mouth. He can feel the seething rage radiating off this woman and redoubles his efforts to find a clean shirt. In his quest to find a shirt Josh finally looks at the clock on his side table, it’s almost 2am! “It’s the middle of the night, who are you!” The woman rounds on him, grabs Josh’s shoulder and roughly pulls him to his feet, immediately his mind goes <Yup, she’s taller than me> “Look Night, I ain’t here to play twenty questions with ya. You’ve got two options, walk with me to your appointment willingly or I drag you there with most of your teeth and a broken bone or six. Pick one” Despite the terrifying circumstances Josh can’t help noticing she smells like a deep forest, pine needles, sap and a dozen other subtler smells overlapping each other “Okay! Okay! Jeez Sorry for asking!” She shoves him as she lets go and whirls around, nearly slapping him with her ponytail, she resumes her position in the doorway, this time facing him.
        Moments later he’s dressed “Alright I guess I’m ready…For whatever this is” She looks him up and down and scowls again “Cute, and where is your tribute hmm?” An incredulous look is Josh’s only response, the woman throws up her hands and hisses out a frustrated sigh “You knew this was happening this evening Night! Don’t play dumb with me now!” Despite the physical danger, anger starts to creep into Josh’s demeanor “Look lady, I don’t know what the fuck your talking about alright, who are you and why are you here in my room?!” The woman looks closer at Josh, narrowing her eyes “...Your Joshua Night…Right?” Josh shudders at his full name “Just Josh please but yes I am Josh Knight, what about it?” She peers closer “...Weren’t you blonde…” “...No?...” The woman’s eye twitches then her shoulders slump “Shit, is there another Joshu- Josh Night on campus?” Josh shrugs in response "Well, we better figure it out quick or I'm delivering you to the boss and damn the consequences” Josh backs up "L-lets not be unreasonable miss...?" "Roxy" "Miss Rox-" "Lose the miss" "Uh..Right, well I assume you have access to the student files since you  broke in here M- Roxy?" Roxy gives Josh a knowing smirk then gestures for him to follow "You could say that fifty three minutes left" She crosses the room and hops out his window, standing on the sill "You comin'? Plan B is still on the table” Reluctantly Josh follows her out the window grumbling. Stepping out onto the sill, Josh remembers he is on the fourth floor and immediately plasters himself against the wall, Roxy just laughs. One hand holding her hat the other casually wraps around Josh’s midsection as she scoops him up, almost cradling him before casually stepping off the edge. Josh screams in terror all the way down, Roxy lands hard, absorbing the impact easily, barely bending her knees. She unceremoniously drops Josh who’s legs buckle. Roxy looms over him, hands on her hips, a smug grin on her lips “Buck up kid! You did better than most, at least your drawers are still clean” She pats his shoulder and picks him up, planting him on his feet. Josh’s mind catches up with his body, he staggers a step away before vomiting, clutching a nearby tree for support “What the fuck Lady?! How the hell aren’t your knees broken?” Roxy’s only answer is a toothy grin, she jerks her thumb, motioning for him to follow “come on, we’re burning…well, not daylight, bah! You know what I mean, whatever, come on” Josh gets his breathing under control, wipes his mouth and scowls at the woman’s back but follows behind, watching her tail swish back and forth rhythmically. Roxy leads Josh to the main office building, plants hands on her hips and glances at him “The student roster is on what floor?” Uhh…Third I thiiiIII!!?!” Josh cries out as Roxy hoists him over her shoulder and leaps straight up, her free hand digs claws into the side of the building and vaults herself and her package the rest of the way up to the third floor. She opens a window and deposits a clearly frazzled Josh before climbing in herself, she looks about, nods and begins sifting through the cabinet marked L-P. Retrieving a folder Roxy looks through it, triumphantly presenting a picture of a complete stranger to Josh “See! Joshua Night…Why is this bloke not you!?” Josh slaps the picture away from his face and stomps over to the G-K cabinet, he pulls out his folder and presents it to her “Wrong Knight, K-N-I-G-H-T! Knight! I don’t know this poor fool” Roxy reads the name on the folder, looks up at Josh, gives him a chagrined smile and shrugs innocently “...Honest mistake?” Josh gives her a flat stare “Ya well godspeed to you in hunting down the poor bastard, I’m going back to bed” Roxy jumps up, quickly blocking his path “Wait wait wait! Look, I know I came on a little..a lot hot but hear me out. I need this…Extraction to go off without a hitch, help me out and I’ll owe you one!” Josh grimaces and attempts to side step her, Roxy steps with him, continuing to block his path “Wait! Please wait! I’ll owe you two favors! Three! Just help me find this Joshua character, three favors, anything you want” Josh gives her a wry grin and raises an eyebrow “Anything?” For the first time Roxy looks uncertain, she looks away, suddenly very vulnerable. She huffs then steels herself looking back at him, meeting his eyes “Yes… Anything” Josh pretends to contemplate this deal for a moment before holding out his hand “Deal” Roxy tentatively shakes his hand.
        “Favor one, and before I do anything else, let me touch your ears” Roxy jumps back ten feet, clutching her tail that has puffed up to three times its original size “What!! Why?!” “I don’t have to explain myself to you, I’m happy to just go back to bed if you want to renege on our deal” Another deep growl emanates from Roxy, her ears flattened to her skull. She tears off her hat and hesitantly approaches Josh, sitting on her knees before him “Fine!...Fine, just…Be gentle, they're sensitive…” Josh feels her left ear with both hands, Roxy lets out an adorable squeak and blushes. Josh barely hears it, enamored as he is with the velvety softness of her ear fur. A minute goes by before Roxy can't hold it in any longer, a moan escapes her lips and she panics, shoving Josh, he’s launched across the room, crashing into the wall “Th-that's enough! N-now we got work to do” She collects herself before helping him to his feet, dusting him off. Grunting in pain Josh staggers to his feet and limps to the nearby computer, booting it up. Using his student ID number Josh easily finds where Joshua Night is on campus and taps the screen “There, male dorms, room Five-Oh-Eight can I go now?” His question is answered as Roxy scoops him up in a bridal carry fashion and leaps out the window “Not yet! We’re partners in literal crime for now!” Roxy smirks, once again casually absorbing a several story fall without much issue, this time however she gently lets Josh down on his feet before pulling him along behind her to the dorms. On their way there Josh’s curiosity gets the better of him “So why does this have to go without a hitch exactly?” Studiously not looking in his direction Roxy deflates a little, her ears wilting “Well…I may have a bad habit of…Damaging marks…Bringing this guy in willingly is my last chance to move up in the family” “So all that bluster about knocking out my teeth and breaking bones was a bluff?” Roxy slowly nods “Remind me to never play poker with you” Roxy chuckles “Gotcha, I’d feel bad stealing a college kids shirt off his back anyways” Josh scoffs but lets the comment go without rebuttal. When they arrive at the dorms Josh braces himself for the rapid ascent but it never comes, instead Roxy surprises him by walking through the front door of the building and pressing the elevator button. “...What? Have you ever tried climbing fifty feet with a two hundred pound sandbag? Shits strenuous” Josh shakes his head in exasperation as they wait for the elevator “One hundred and seventy three thank you very much” Roxy rolls her eyes as they enter the elevator “Oh don’t go all woman on me now, I was just beginning to like you!” Roxy lightly punches his shoulder which Josh is pretty sure is going to leave a bruise but tries his best to not outwardly show the pain. Stepping out on the fifth floor they quickly arrive at five-oh-eight and Roxy pulls out a roll of tools, selecting two thin strips of metal she presses her ear against the door and expertly unlocks it in under five seconds. Josh glances at her raising an eyebrow, Roxy sighs as she carefully replaces her tools in their marked pouches and rolls it back up, she gestures to her wolf ears “These aren’t just for show and I can be quiet when the need calls for it…Whatever, lets go, quietly” She raises a finger to her lips as she slips into the room.
        The main room of Joshua’s swanky single dorm is pitch black when Josh enters but barring any illegal furnitur- Josh trips over an ottoman, crashing to the floor. The bedroom door opens as a bleary eyed senior student hastily rubs his eyes and tries to affix glasses to his face at the same time “Wha? Whatss going on?” Roxy lets him walk down the short hallway then jumps him as he’s focused on Josh’s distraction, she puts the groggy senior in a Full Nelson “Gotcha bitch! Joshua Night, your ass is gunna talk to the Boss!” Joshua vainly thrashes but Roxy holds him fast “Keep thrashin’ and I’ll break your neck kid. The Boss just needs your fingerprint and tribute, you don’t gotta be intact for that!” But Joshua doesn’t relent, his thrashing gets more desperate. Fearing she might actually harm him, Roxy hesitates, losing her grip for a fraction of a second and getting a vicious headbutt for her troubles. Blood fountains from her nose as her head is rocked back, Roxy’s eyes water and she curses aloud giving Joshua time to slip from her grip and roll away, standing quickly. He dives for his broom closet coming up with a badminton racket in a white knuckled grip. Clutching her broken nose Roxy squares up against Joshua only for Josh to smack him in the back of the head with the history textbook on his desk, Joshua pitches forward, bouncing off his own illegal ottoman before landing in a heap. Josh drops the book “Why did I do that?” Roxy checks his pulse while plugging her nose “I don’t know, why did you do that? I need him alive and unharmed, remember!” After making certain he was alive they tie him up and gag him. Josh turns to Roxy “Here, let me see that” Roxy shrinks away from him but Josh swats her shoulder and tuts her “Quite being a big baby” He examines her crooked nose “I’m going to reset this, please don’t hurt me” Mid snide remark Josh gives a sudden twist, resetting her broken nose, eliciting a sharp intake of breath and more tears “Uuhhh!!...Son of a Bitch that hurts!” Josh gestures to the personal bathroom “Go clean that up, I’ll watch this guy” Still blinking away tears and gingerly touching her reset nose Roxy grumbles under her breath about being ordered around by a damned greenhorn but complies.
        Roxy returns a few moments later, nose and face hastily cleaned, her suit jacket folded over her left forearm, Josh gets a better view of Roxy’s physique. Under the jacket she is wearing a short-sleeved dress shirt with suspenders and tie, her forearms are rippling with toned muscles, her left arm has a full sleeve tattoo depicting wolves in their natural habitat, its detail is unreal, it almost feels like the wolves are watching him. Looking at her face, her nose doesn’t appear to have any blemish or bend in it whatsoever, in fact Josh would swear that it’s never been broken before despite resetting it not two minutes ago. Roxy snaps her fingers “Hey! Focus! We’re on a time crunch here, we got about twelve minutes to convince this ding-bat to come along willingly…Any ideas?” She slumps, looking at him helplessly, tail and ears drooping. Despite her rough treatment of him throughout the night Josh can’t help but empathize with her, he lets out a long sigh “I…Might have an answer…I don’t know how well it will work but I can give it a shot” Roxy’s ears perk up adorably as hope fills her eyes, her tail begins wagging. Josh takes a mental picture of this terrifying, sexy and frustrating woman filled with potential joy, he sighs again “You figure out how to wake him up gently and I’ll be right back” Josh steps out of the room and hustles down the stairs to the fourth floor, entering his dorm room, he rummages through his top dresser drawer until he finds what he seeks. Catching his breath as he steps back into Joshua’s room he sees that he’s awake and looking around wildly. Roxy is actively holding down his shoulders so he can’t attempt to wriggle free “So what’s this miracle plan ya got cookin’?” Josh digs into his pocket and reveals a pen light, a many faceted crystal on a string and a portable mini speaker. Roxy raises an eyebrow at the assorted items “We performing a seance or somethin’?” Josh scowls at her, feeling a need to defend himself “Trust me, we just need to get him relaxed and watching the crystal” Josh quickly sets up, the speaker fills the room with a soothing white noise, he sets the light to pointing straight up before Joshua and puts the crystal over that light causing it to shimmer and glow like a mini disco ball. Josh grabs the crystal between three fingers and gently sets it to spinning, Roxy grabs a handful of Joshua’s hair roughly turning his head to face the crystal and holds his eyelids open. Josh begins speaking in soft tones, meshing perfectly with the gentle hum of white noise “Just relax Joshua, focus on the crystal and my voice, sink into the facets as they shimmer and spin, pulling you in with each rotation, feel the relaxation wash over you like a wave. Starting at your feet, feel a calming numbness overtake them and begin flowing up your legs, feel them fully relax, now past your knees. Feel your thighs and hips relax, limp and relaxed, so easy to just sink into the crystal, spinning deeper and deeper into the crystal as the numbness fills up your stomach and chest, easily breathing and relaxed, feeling wonderful and serene, nothing but the warm calmness filling your arms and shoulders, arms going limp as the relaxation takes over fully, all while the crystal continues its endless spinning, sinking deeper, deeper down into blissful relaxation. Your neck and jaw relax, feeling the warm numbness flow up over the rest of your head, filling your mind with warm numbness and my voice. Nothing but my voice and your blissfully limp body. Bask in this simple pleasure, letting your eyes flutter closed, they are so tired and ready to relax for my voice, you are so tired and ready to relax for my voice, your mind drifts away as you sleep deeply for me, just relax into the numbness and sleep deep, deeply asleep for me” Josh snaps his finger and is startled out of his tunnel vision as both Joshua sags in the chair while Roxy slowly sinks to her knees, her head slumped precariously on Joshua’s shoulder.
        Josh, too stunned to move, watches as Roxy’s head slowly slides off Joshua’s shoulder and hangs limply forward, resting on her own chest. Hundreds of scenarios fill Josh’s mind as he contemplates how to wake Roxy without being mauled, beaten or thrown out a window, tentatively he tilts her head up and opens an eyelid, her eyes remaining glassy and unfocused as it rolls a little in her socket. “Roxy, can you hear me?” Roxy responds in a dreamy far off “....Yes…” Wetting his suddenly dry lips Josh continues “Okay…Roxy, tell me exactly what you need Joshua to do, you can do that for me right?” “Mmmmhmm…He needs his tribute to the Silvertooth Clan…He needs to bring it to my Boss to repay his debt…Deliver it in person…He must do this willingly” Josh nods “Very good Roxy, sink deeper into trance for me, in a moment, your going to walk over to Joshua’s bed and go to sleep, sleep deeply and fully, waking a few minutes later feeling refreshed, alert and ready to face the rest of your day, do you understand?” Roxy gives another dreamy mmhmm. Josh nods to himself “Good girl, go do that now” Roxy mechanically stands head lolling limply about as she shuffles past him in a dreamy stupor, she heads to the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Josh watches her go before turning back to the restrained Joshua, he un-gags him “Joshua, sink deeper into the warm numbness for me, in this numbness there is only truth, do you understand?” Joshua nods, somehow relaxing more into the chair. “Very good, do you have your tribute to the Silvertooth clan?” Joshua nods as he mumbles a yes “Good work Joshua, the truth warms the numbness more and more, pleasantly letting you drift in bliss while you answer easy questions” a warm smile splits Joshua face as he sighs contently “Did you have any plans to pay that tribute tonight?” “....No...” “Why not? Remember, the truth is all there is in the warm numbness, the deeper you sink into it the warmer and better you will feel” “Felt I could use them financially then ignore them because they work for my father and they can’t get to me because the University is a safe space” Josh grumbles to himself <Well that was stupid, welcome to the consequences of your actions dumbass> “Very good Joshua, sink deeper in bliss for me, in a moment I’m going to untie you, your going to retrieve your tribute and feel an irresistible urge to follow the woman named Roxy, follow and listen to everything she says for the rest of the night, this, along with my presence in your dorm room will feel perfectly natural to you, just another evening for you. Do you understand? “...Yes” Josh quickly unties the limp senior “Perfect, Follow your orders but stay deep in trance on five, one…remembering your tribute, two…feeling returning to your arms and legs, three…your body automatically obeying Roxy’s orders, four…consciousness remaining deeply asleep and…five! Stand and obey your orders!” Josh snaps his fingers, Joshua’s eyes open half lidded, glassy and unfocused, he stretches and stands, in a dreamlike state he staggers towards the kitchenette. Josh listens as he begins rummaging through cupboards and decides to go get Roxy. He enters Joshua’s room and freezes, Roxy is fast asleep on Joshua’s bed, just one problem…Apparently Roxy sleeps in the nude.
        Roxy clearly didn’t bother getting under the covers, laying on her back, her large  natural breasts resting near her armpits, her clothes lay in an unceremonious heap at the end of the bed, her hat hanging on one of the rear bed posts. He notices her tattoo sleeve extends to the top left half of her chest and breast <Don’t think about that you idiot! Shit shit shit shit! How do I fix this!? What do I do!?> His panicked thoughts screech to a halt as Roxy begins to stir, she sits up yawning, stretching as she takes in her surroundings, her face scrunches in confusion as she doesn’t immediately recognize where she is. She locks eyes with Josh still frozen in the doorway, looks down at her level of undress then blushes scarlet. Roxy leaps off the bed as Josh slams the door shut and barricades it with his body “Imsorryimsorryimsorry!” An electric blue mountain of muscle and fur bursts through the door, throwing Josh into the opposite wall “Oof!” The wind is knocked from his lungs, a giant blue clawed mit roughly grabs him by the throat, shoving him against the wall, feet dangling at least a foot off the ground. Inches from his face Roxy’s fully lupine muzzle curls back in a snarl revealing razor sharp teeth so white they almost glow in the dark. She lets out a deep guttural growl he feels more then hears as she pins him to the wall both physically and with her glare. Despite being a bipedal wolf, easily eight feet tall, at least two hundred pounds heavier and covered in electric blue fur Josh still recognizes Roxy’s crystal blue eyes though they have a more lupin shape and shimmer ominously. Josh weakly paws at her forearm, trying desperately to get her to loosen her grip, gasping for breath, his vision begins to get blurry, going gray, his flailing weakening before she snort-growls in irritation and releases him. Josh slides down the wall coughing and wheezing as Roxy pivots on her padded paws, growling menacingly she slams the bedroom door behind her. Moments later a mostly human Roxy bursts out of the room, her form still shrinking to her regular human shape, her fur slowly being replaced by smooth tanned skin as she storms past him. Fully dressed from the waist down, an unlaced corset and her trilby the only thing up top, the rest of her clothes gathered in a heap under her arm, she gestures to the back of her corset “You know how to lace one of these?” Josh hesitantly nods “Good, explain what happened while you do and maybe I won’t beat you to death with your own spine” Roxy plops down on the ottoman arms crossed quietly seething. Josh grabs the strings and begins tightening the corset, unable to stop himself from admiring her incredibly toned back muscles. Josh begins to explain “So when I went to put Joshua in a trance apparently you fell under too. To keep you from hearing all the suggestions I was going to put into his head and getting them all mixed up and confused I told you to go sleep in his room and to wake up normally in a few minutes. Apparently your brain took that more literally then I intended and sleeping naked is…how you sleep…I’m terribly sorry, I’m always missing little details like that, I should have been more specific” Despite his best efforts his fingers brush against bare skin a few times through the tightening process, it felt incredibly smooth and surprisingly soft, he was expecting her skin to feel tougher, more like leather or maybe scar tissue <Bad Josh!> He mentally slaps himself <Don’t think about that, you’re in enough trouble as it is>
        Tightening the last strand and knotting the cords together Josh gently taps her shoulder signaling that he’s done, Roxy stands and tests her range of motion, satisfied she looks over her shoulder at him, her eyes still shifting back to more human looking irises and lets out a deep sigh “Did it work?” “Huh?” Roxy swats him on the side of the head “Did. It. Work!?” “Yes! Yes, he should do everything you say for the rest of today” Roxy gives him a dubious glare but calls out while maintaining eye contact “Hey Night! Come over here” Dutifully Joshua appears from the kitchen and sways over to them, standing before her, shoulders slumped and glassy eyed, Roxy waves a hand before his face, he doesn’t respond “Freaky…He’ll do anything I say?” Josh nods “Hey Night, gimme a pirouette” Joshua touches his fingers together above his head, stands up on his left tip toes and spins three hundred and sixty degrees before returning to his swaying stance. Roxy whistles in admiration “Fancy, okay Night, punch Josh in the kidney” “Wait! Wha-huuhg!…” Joshua pivots and buries a fist in Josh’s midsection, knocking the wind out of him again and dropping him to the floor, Roxy looms over him, hands on hips “We ain’t even yet but that’ll do for now” Roxy holds out a hand, offering to help Josh up “Truce?” Josh coughs up some blood on the carpet but weakly accepts the offered hand “Night, pick up that rug, we're gunna burn it okay?” Joshua simply nods and rolls up the small carpet, resting it on his shoulder “Night, follow behind us, we are getting in a car at the campus gates” Night obediently nods and begins swaying dreamily behind them. Two steps in Roxy stops and rounds on him, jabbing a finger at him “Night! That walking is creepy, walk normal!” Joshua’s back straightens and his walk becomes more mechanical but still clearly unnatural, Roxy sighs but lets it go turning to Josh as they wait for the elevator “Fancy trick ya got there Josh, besides nooky and blackmail what’cha use it for?” Josh blushes and apologizes again, she waves it off as they enter the lift. “It's chiefly used for relaxation purposes, helping people relax or focus on things… I use it mostly as party games and study assistance, think Adderall only not illegal” Roxy gives him a sidelong glance and smirks knowingly “Uh-huh…’study sessions’....right” Josh hangs his head but lets the comment pass. Feeling incredibly awkward in the elevator Josh attempts some small talk by blurting out the first question that comes to his mind “So uh, you’re a werewolf huh?” She shakes her head “Lycan” She answers simply, not looking at him “Whats…uhh…what's the difference?” Roxy crosses her arms, grimacing at him <Way to go dumbass, you’ve pissed her off again> “Lycan’s are born as shifters, it’s literally part of who we are. Werecreatures are a disease similar to rabies, I could give you the crazies if ya want” Roxy brings up her hands and flexes her fingers, claws extending, framing a dangerous smile on her face. Josh emphatically shakes his head and takes a step back, bumping into Joshua who remains unfazed, Roxy chuckles and pats his cheek “Wouldn’t anyways, I ain’t lookin’ to cause a pandemic” another span of awkward silence is broken as Josh gestures to her dress shirt and jacket casually folded over her forearm “Any reason your not getting fully dressed?” Roxy looks down at her shirt and jacket then glares up at him <Smooth move dumbass, why not remind her you saw her naked, what's the harm?>, she sighs deeply idly playing with the hem of her jacket “I don’t like the feeling of clothes right after a TBT” she responds quietly “Tee bee wha?” She smirks “Total body transformation, Lycans can freely shift any part of their body whenever they wish” Josh watches as her left hand balloons to comical proportions, gets fur all over it and razor sharp claws, it quickly reverts to a human hand “It’s how I took those several story falls without issue, I simply added more mass and muscle to my legs to absorb the shock. But full body shifts are different, they either require tight focus or extreme emotions, regardless they take a ton of energy and calories to do without a full moon and it always makes me itchy afterwards” Josh nods “huh…So you want to be naked right now?” Immediately Josh mentally facepalms but instead of getting punched through the roof Roxy laughs “Honestly? Yeah, I kinda do, though that's not ‘considered proper’ or could ‘cause a scene’ blech” Against his better judgment Josh decides to double down on his forward motion “And why not? Just us chickens here…He doesn’t count” Roxy laughs aloud “Down boy! Let's just leave it at monster cleavage eh?” She shifts her weight, drawing attention to her impressive cleavage, playfully swatting him when his eyes dart to them, chuckling evilly.
        After burning the carpet in a dumpster behind the dorms the three make their way to the University Gate, a black SUV with tinted windows is parked and waiting for them, Roxy opens the door “Get in Josh” Joshua dutifully climbs in, Roxy stares at Josh expectantly, she raises an eyebrow, Josh begins to sweat “But…But I…I thought…you said we were done after…I…Dammit…” Josh grumbles but accepts his fate, following Joshua into the back. Roxy joins the two of them, she taps the divide plate “Hey Mack, everyones accounted for, let’s roll” A pair of brown eyes glare at Josh through the rearview mirror “Who’s the new blood?” “Not important Mack, now drive!” ‘Mack’ grumbles to himself but peels out of the gate entrance. As the divide plate closes Josh turns to her “He's right you know, why am I here?” Roxy’s face gets very solemn, she takes both his hands in hers meeting his eyes “Because, as ancient tradition states, you seeing me naked means we are now betrothed and must be wed within the week or you will be hunted down and devoured by the Silvertooth clan” Josh pales, trying to speak but only a squeak leaves his throat, he remains frozen in place, trying in vain to think of some way free of this debacle. The silence is broken by a muffled snicker, Roxy’s solemn mask cracks, she tries her best not to lose composure but fails miserably. She barks out a fully bellied laugh, cackling and rolling about on the cushions for several minutes. She wipes a tear away as she regains her composure “Sorry hubby, couldn’t resist! But seriously your here because I pay my debts, I still owe you two favors and besides, you’ve earned a boon from me for making this whole shit-show come out smellin’ like roses” Josh scowls at the woman but absorbs the information, he cautiously continues “What’s a boon mean?” “A boon is a favor the Silvertooth clan will fulfill on your behalf” Josh sinks into the chair uncomfortably “I don’t really need favors…I don’t…Is there some way I could…Just go back to campus?” “No dice husband, as I said, I pay my debts” Josh sits up straight and glowers at her “Stop calling me that!” Roxy mockingly puts a hand to her chest agast “Are we having our first fight? Before our honeymoon?!” She wilts into the chair melodramatically before desperately clutching his shirt “We can make this work! We can go to couples therapy! I believe in this relationship!” Despite Josh’s best efforts a smile slowly overtakes his frown “You're an ass” Roxy chuckles, giving him a toothy grin “You're just so easy to tease, how could I not?” Josh harrumphs crossing his arms, Roxy pats his shoulder but leaves him to his stewing.
        “Come on hubby, rise and shine” Roxy gently shakes Josh awake, he sits up yawning, groggily following the other two out of the SUV. Looking around they are in some sort of underground garage, the sounds of vehicular repairs echo throughout the space, he sees three different cars on lifts, one just the chassis the other two clearly being serviced or repaired. Roxy loops her arm in his, actively pressing her breast into his side while guiding him away from the workers, several openly stare at him as she dotes on him “I said lets go lover boy, come on” Josh feels dozens of hostile glares piercing him from behind as they make their way deeper into the garage. Before walking through an unremarkable door near the back Roxy turns to Joshua and jabs a finger accusingly at his nose “Oi! Listen up Night, you are going to walk through that door, allow Lucy to guide you to your destination, your going to kneel in the light and offer your tribute to Miss Hickory, don’t look at her unless she bids you to rise, answer her questions honestly, kiss her hand when it’s offered than once she has dismissed you you’ll follow the guard, allow yourself to be blindfolded and led out. Then walk home once released, capiche?” Joshua blankly nods “Good, go” Joshua shuffles past, a silver necklace with a wolf figurine in hand “So…Silver against Wer- uh… Lycan’s is bullshit then?” “Not at all, silver burns our skin and if pure enough can even prevent shifting, us offering it is a symbol of our mutual trust with an individual, returning it signifies that that trust has broken down somewhere, usually from their end. Not returning it is…A mistake” Josh nods “Weird flex but alright”
        Waiting for what feels like an eternity Josh tries several times to make small talk but Roxy doesn’t seem receptive all of a sudden, she seems rather nervous, pensive even, tapping her foot and looking up every few minutes. Almost as if she’s waiting her turn in the principal's office, awaiting some terrible punishment. A suited woman that Josh guesses is Lucy, she is reasonably short with wide shoulders and a full head of golden blond hair opens the door, gesturing for Roxy to enter, Roxy takes a steadying breath then pats Josh’s shoulder “You’ll be fine, I’ll see you in a few” Josh begins pacing, left to his own devices his imagination conjures up dozens of terrible scenarios, none ending well for him. <Stop it> he mentally chides himself <This isn’t making me feel any better> His brain doesn’t listen, if anything the scenarios get worse. Lucy opens the door and gestures for him to follow. Tentatively Josh trails behind her, nerves frayed Josh begins talking in circles, almost babbling to her, Lucy stops, turns and gestures to her throat, raising her chin. An ugly scar covers most of her neck, Josh’s eyes bulge, he begins apologizing profusely but she just silently laughs, she then pats his shoulder reassuringly while giving him a big cheerful smile, he appreciates the gesture though it's a little undercut by her revealing distressingly sharp teeth. She leads him to a dark room, a metal folding chair sitting under the only lit light, creating a halo around the chair. She gives him a gentle push, closing the door once Josh stumbles past the threshold, looking about he can see nothing but the chair. His shoes echo with each step, this room is clearly huge, he tries to make as little noise as possible shuffling to the chair and honestly thinks he did a good job before sitting in the chair, sinking into himself self consciously. The hairs on the back of his neck stand <Great…What now?> A pair of almond shaped eyes appear before him, one green the other blue almost glowing in the darkness, Josh stiffens, a sultry voice breaks the silence “Welcome Mr. Knight, my name is Lady Hickory, from what Miss Roxanne has told me in her report I believe we largely have you to thank for the smooth return of her tribute” A statuesque woman saunters into sight, still shadowed within the darkness, she slowly begins walking around Josh. She has a graceful gait, lithe frame with wide hips. She shifts her weight and crosses her arms as she circles him, giving Josh a respectful nod, a long white rabbit ear twitches, shifting position on her head, seeing that Josh digs deep and resists the urge to check if she has a matching tail “...And the wedding between you and Roxanne will be held this Wednesday” She whispers right into his ear, Josh jumps to his feet, the chair clattering away, eyes bulging, Hickory gives him a musical chuckle and knowing smile “Glad to see you have rejoined the conversation Mr. Knight” Josh blushes and shrinks into himself stammering out an apology while mentally slapping himself for gawking and getting distracted “Apologies Mr. Knight, that was beneath me, as I was saying, because of your direct and vital contribution to Miss Roxanne’s task this evening I have decided to award you with the…bounty is such a vulgar term, the commission for a job well done” Lucy appears beside Hickory, opening a briefcase, she retrieves a roll of bills, placing them in his hands. Stunned Josh mechanically thumbs through the roll of twenties in his hands “Th-there's more than three hundred dollars here! Why? I’m not…I…I don’t deserve this” Josh attempts to return the roll of bills but Hickory gently closes his hand around the roll “Nonsense, think of it as compensation for your pain and suffering this night, an apology if you will, besides, Miss Roxanne insisted” “Thank you my Lady, however I must insist that it be split evenly at the very least, Roxy deserves half, it was a team effort after all” Hickory observes him silently, considering for what feels like an eternity before giving him a warm smile “Quite the interesting young man you are, very well. Now, you have a choice ahead of you Mr. Knight, you are welcome to sleep within this compound and be returned to the University gate in the morning via Maxwell and his vehicle, or, I can arrange an escort to return you to the gates of the university grounds now, unfortunately you will need to walk. You must choose before you leave this room” Josh considers the pros and cons of each before he nods, looking Hickory in the eyes “I’m happy to walk, is an escort really necessary though?” Hickory nods gravely “You currently hold the Silvertooth’s favor, that comes with many advantages but is not without its dangers. Your safe return to the University is now a point of honor for us” Josh nods “I’ll walk, thank you for your kind words” Acting almost on instinct Josh takes Hickory’s hand in his and gently kisses the top of it nodding in difference “Very interesting young man indeed”
        Fifteen minutes later Josh has been blindfolded and guided out of the compound, Josh gets all turned around, taking sudden turns and going up and down flights of stairs. He finds himself on a fire escape once the blindfold is removed, descending he walks out of the alley to the light post flanking the road. Roxy patiently waits for him at its base leaning against it in a robin blue polka dotted summer dress. Josh gives her a quizzical look “That itchy I take it?” Roxy nods, idly stroking her tail with both hands <Seems to be her way of calming nerves, I’ll have to keep that in mind> “Our first moonlit stroll as a couple! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Josh scowls at her, She returns that energy with a beaming smile “Whatever you say dear, shall we?” Roxy nods emphatically before nearly skipping forward, clearly in good spirits, Josh couldn’t help but notice her tail clearly wagging merrily beneath her dress. The first ten minutes of the walk is done in companionable silence, Roxy slows down till she’s in line with Josh, she looks suddenly uncertain and studies her shoes “Why didn’t you take the whole reward?” Glazing in her direction Josh answers simply “It was a team effort, we both contributed” She looks up at him, attempting to hide her blush while nodding “Thanks” Josh pats her shoulder “Anytime” Roxy looks up and sniffs the air “You hungry? I need calories and need to buy you…lunch? Breakfast? Food, I need to buy you food, come on, my treat” Once food is mentioned Josh realizes he is famished “It’s almost four AM, I assume you know a place?” Roxy smirks knowingly “You like Pizza?” Leading the way Roxy enters a twenty four hour diner, she collapses into the nearest unseated booth, lounging. Josh sits at the other end, her ears nearly brushing his hip, the four customers and waitress either don’t care or are accustomed to her antics because they seem unfazed by her actions. Menus are pushed into their hands by the single waitress, an elderly southern woman who greets them both warmly. Josh orders a personal Chicago deep dish pepperoni pizza while Roxy orders a personal deluxe pizza hold the olives. After a few minutes a rotund man in a flour stained apron comes storming out, he marches straight up to their booth and slams his hands on the table. He points a meaty finger at Roxy who slowly sits up and begins loudly shouting at her in Italian. Roxy gets up from the table and gets right in his face yelling right back at him in fluent Italian, jabbing his chest with a finger. The man doesn’t give an inch, Josh does his best to make himself as small as possible, wishing to avoid the ire of both combatants. Other than the waitress disappearing into the back room, nobody seems even bothered by the animated screaming match mere feet from them, the shouting is cut off abruptly as the man openly slaps Roxy across the face, Josh cringes, awaiting the impending violence but it never comes. Staring at the man dead in the eyes Roxy feels her cheek and burst out laughing after a pregnant minute of silence, he joins her in laughing, they embrace then kiss each others cheeks, she claps him on the shoulder before unceremoniously flopping back into the booth, the man returns to the kitchens. Josh stares down at her befuddled “The hell was that?” Arms folded behind her head Roxy lazily opens one eye, looking up at him “I’ve been trying to get olives off my pizza here for years, Luca doesn’t alter his ‘masterpieces’ so we argue every time. If he wasn’t the best I’d have gone elsewhere a long time ago” “Okay but…why’d he slap you? Why’d you Let him slap you?” Roxy shrugs “It's…difficult to explain, call it a game between friends” Josh shakes his head but takes that as the closest to an answer he’s going to get. Their pizzas arrive quickly there after, they both dig in with gusto. A few bites in Josh has to admit, this is one of the best pizzas he's ever had, he is enjoying his third slice when he realizes Roxy’s already done, he doesn’t see a small pile of olives next to her plate, between bites he mumbles “Any reason you didn’t just take the olives off yourself?” Roxy unapologetically swipes a slice of his pizza and points at him with it before chowing down “Part of the game, besides that's disrespectful, I don’t do disrespectful” Josh accepts the answer while glaring at the stolen piece in her hand but lets it go, knowing she’s paying.
        Finishing their meal without any more preamble, Roxy pays and they head out, making their way Josh hears a familiar voice emanating from the darkened alleyway beside the pizza joint “Long time no see little bro” Josh pinches the bridge of his nose and grumbles under his breath “What is with today?” He can practically feel the smug smile on his clone’s face as he steps out of the shadows next to the pizza joint. Roxy gets between the two in a protective stance but hesitates, glancing back at Josh “Spitin’ image, you a twin?” Josh shakes his head but the stranger answers “This miscreant is a lesser copy of my greatness, I am Joshua Knight m’lady, charmed I’m sure” Josh gives him a flat stare as Joshua gives her an exaggerated courtly bow “You are aware I’m the original right?” The clone scoffs at him while rising “And I’m the improvement, regardless what are you doing out and about at this hour hmmm?” Roxy jabs a finger at his chest “Ain’t none of your business buddy, now take a hike before I make Josh here an only child again!” Joshua holds up his hands in mock surrender “You seem to bark loudly little doggie, how about you go chase a car or something while the adults finish their conversation” Roxy’s eye twitch and her tail lashing is Joshua’s only warning before she sucker punches him square in the chin. Joshua is thrown to the wall of the alley, he collides with the trash cans, quickly getting buried in a small avalanche of refuse. Roxy huffs while shaking out her left fist as she turns around “Well he’s fun, shall we?” “Serves him right, shame he’ll be okay” Roxy raises an eyebrow “Pretty sure I broke his jaw, alive sure, but okay? I don’t think so” “No you see he's part-” Josh is interrupted by a handful of something slimy squelches into the back of Roxy’s head. Time seems to slow to a crawl as Roxy registers what just happened, she growls deep in her chest, turns and sprints at the smug clone, she throws a wild left hook that Joshua easily catches. Using her momentum against her he flips her over himself, slamming her into the concrete behind him with a thunderous crash, literally cracking the pavement beneath her. Roxy chokes out a gasp, clearly winded and likely dazed. Joshua looms over her, staring her in the eyes, his irises begin glowing red. Roxy struggles, her wrist held above her head firmly in his grasp, she catches his thigh with her knee but it lacks any strength or weight behind it, her thrashing continues for a moment before he pins her eyes to the ground with his stare, her movements become sluggish, she tries to turn her face but her body doesn’t obey her. She attempts to say something but the words are so slurred it’s incomprehensible “That’s it little doggie, stare deep and obey, you should recognize your betters, know that vampires are the apex predator, they always beat silly mongrels, sink into my eyes, become my mindless thrall!” Joshua quickly looks up to see that Josh has disappeared, he laughs in triumph, leaning down he bites her neck, savouring the sweet nectar of his newest thrall, three mouthfuls later he pulls back panting then resumes his mesmerizing stare “Your old master has abandoned you little doggie, such a tragic shame, I suppose I’ll have to take that mantle then won’t I? Hear me my thrall! Obedience is your drug, following orders fills you with an addictive pleasure, but only from your master, your undisputed Master Josh-” Joshua cries out in pain and staggers off her as something strikes him in the cheek, searing his flesh. Joshua looks around to see what hit him, a second clove of garlic connects with his forehead, searing pain radiates through his body once again, he sucks in a breath through clenched teeth and glares over to see Josh with over a dozen cloves in a netted produce bag, another clove in his hand ready to launch “I suggest you slink back to whatever hole you scurried out of before I get creative with these” Joshua scowls at him, warily taking a step back “You can’t expect to defeat me with a bushel of garlic? Really!?” Slowly circling each other Josh feints a throw, Joshua leaps back, eliciting a smirk from Josh “You may be stronger and faster than me but I still have my pitching arm and pinpoint accuracy! If you don’t bugger off right now I swear to all that is holy I’ll stuff one of these down your throat!” Joshua is taken aback by the venom in his original’s tone, realizing he’s willing to follow through with his threat he decides to cut his losses <My lovely new doggie will find her way to me before too long, you’ve won nothing!> Joshua backs off slowly, arms raised in surrender before turning tail and sprinting into the shadows. Josh throws a clove after him just to be sure before rushing over to Roxy who hasn’t moved at all “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Her eyes are wide open, her irises are a deep blood red, almost glowing. Roxy turns to him, blinks then responds in a dreamy far off voice “Yes Master, your thrall is unharmed” Josh falls backwards in shock “That's not funny Roxy, cut it out” She sits up, looking at him with adoration, a disturbingly pleasant smile plastered on her face “What do you need cut Master?” Josh stands slowly, he offers a hand to help her up “Roxy, how do you feel?” Roxy gets pulled to her feet “This thrall feels blessed to be in the presence of its precious Master, how may this one serve you Master?”
        Josh begins pacing <How do I fix this?> “Roxy, I order you to wake up, return to your normal self” Roxy tilts her head in confusion “But this thrall is awake Master, has this one displeased you? This one apologizes profusely, Master!” Roxy falls to her knees and bows, pressing her head firmly to the street, Josh stammers for her to stand which she does so immediately, standing at attention once again “Sorry Roxy, please don’t hurt me!” Josh slaps her hard across the face, her head rocks to the side before returning to staring at him, irises still solid red “Your thrall would never harm you Master! Please punish this one more if it pleases you Master” Josh sighs in defeat, he gestures for her to follow him which she immediately obeys, biting her lower lip, swimming in bliss “Do you have any other tasks given to you by Lady Hickory or anyone else in your organization?” “No Master, your thrall is completely at your disposal” Josh grimaces “Just…Just call me Josh” “Yes Master Josh” He sighs again “Also stop referring to yourself in the third person, you are Roxy, understand?” “Yes Master Josh, I am Roxy” “Small victories…I’ll take it” Josh mumbles to himself. They enter the University grounds without being molested further, he leads Roxy to his dorm room and belines for his clothing, he rummages through the clothing pile for another clean shirt “At least Nick is out of town, Roxy, you are going to take this shirt, change out of your clothes and shower in the shared bathroom then you will go to sleep in Nick’s bed wearing this and everything else you have on besides the dress, hugging your tail tightly to your chest. I’ll deal with this in the morning, do you understand?” “If it pleases you Master Josh I must obey” “Give me your dress so I can wash it” Without hesitation Roxy pulls the dress up over her head, holding it out to him, she’s wearing spanks underneath but no bra, her tail wags incessantly and by her nipples it's clear she is aroused by obeying his orders. Josh takes the offered dress as he physically facepalms <Twice in a few hours man…come on…> He turns around “Follow your orders” “At once Master Josh” Roxy marches straight to the bathroom, the shower is heard a moment later. Josh watches her go for a moment before gathering a load of laundry along with her dress, he grabs his notes and study materials to pass the time. Almost two hours later Josh returns with a basket of clean laundry under his arm, exhaustion causing a delirious state in him he stumbles into the room, he drops the basket on his desk and collapses into his bed, only to realize it’s the wrong one, he lands directly  on Roxy. Roxy remains sound asleep though he dislodges her tail from her grip in the fall. Roxy’s body instinctively hugs him to her chest in a vice grip, rolling to her side she snuggles up to him as the big spoon, try as he might Josh can’t get free of her grip, he tries telling her to let go but she doesn’t respond, only hugging him tighter. Between his exhaustion and her nearly choking the life out of him Josh passes out in her arms.
        Josh awakens, feeling someone grinding against him, it takes him a moment to piece together the events of last night. Josh panics, bucking and flailing “Roxy stop! What the hell are you doing?!” Roxy stops, she rolls him over straddling him, she stares down at him, panting with animalistic need, Josh stares into her glowing red irises and begins to feel lightheaded and dizzy. Through gritted teeth Roxy growls out “I need release Master Josh! Please give your thrall commands!” Josh shakes his head, lost in Roxy’s deep red irises, Roxy’s speech echoes in his head “G-give…commands…?” Roxy leans in, forehead pressing against his, crazy eyes boring into him “Yes Master Josh! Please command me!” Josh blinks several times, vision swimming except those glowing red pools “Commands…I…must…no…I…I must…give…commands” Josh’s eyes begin to glow red even as he continues trying to fight the compulsion “R-Roxy, S-stand at attention” Roxy nearly leaps off him, standing stock still beside Nicks bed, tail wagging “Vouge for me Roxy” Roxy starts posing, about four poses in Roxy begins to get more and more risque. Between the increasingly erotic display, the nagging compulsion in his mind and his own treacherous arousal Josh blurts out a command before he’s able to stop himself “Give me a sexy striptease Roxy” Roxy nips a pointer finger seductively as her eyes flash with arousal “Yes Master Josh! Your will is my command~” Roxy begins playing with the hem of her shirt, rolling it between her fingers, revealing her abs then the underside of her breasts. She teasingly releases the shirt, swaying her hips seductively, slowly turning around, she slaps her ass, twerking in Josh’s face before grabbing the shirt by the neck hole with both hands, tearing it in half. Roxy covers her nipples as she faces him, a coy smile on her lips, she leans down, face inches from Josh’s, she nips his nose then arches her back, then playfully pushes him onto his back with her foot, disappearing from view. She grips the bedpost with her toes, pulling herself up easily, supporting her weight without issue while pushing the sock off with her other heel, the bedpost gives out, Roxy catches herself with one hand, kicking off her socks while maintaining the handstand. Springing off her hand to standing she plays with the elastic of her spanks, playfully exposing her bush before covering up again and winking conspiratorially, she hooks her thumbs at either hip then jumps straight up, pulling them down and off. She stretches the elastic, slingshotting them at Josh. Roxy’s spanks hit Josh in the eye, snapping him out of the weak compulsion that was affecting him, he grunts in pain while rubbing his face and blinking several times, doing his best to reorient himself <Oh shit, what am I doing?!> He’s startled out of his inner thoughts as the bed creaks, he looks down to see Roxy crawling up it towards him in a seductive manner, pressing her breasts together and batting her eyelashes at him “How else may I please you Master Josh? Command me more~” Her voice is low, seductive and dripping with arousal but Josh scrambles back, hitting the wall behind him. Roxy sensually crawls up his body, pressing her body into him, gently grinding against his thigh “I-I…Roxy, please stop” Roxy freezes in place, sighing in pleasure, Josh feels a dampness on his thigh, Josh does his best to ignore that and takes a deep breath, he then gently pushes her off into a sitting position, he checks the clock, 5:40. Pointedly not looking in her direction Josh begins considering his options “tell me your usual morning habits” Roxy pirks up and answers immediately “I exercise for an hour then shower, after that I eat breakfast, are those your orders Master Josh?” Josh nods as he holds out the undergarments “Put these on and a clean shirt of mine then begin your exercise regime” “Yes Master Josh~” Roxy lets out a seductive moan as she gets dressed, one hand gently caressing her breasts through the shirt, her nipples poking prominently through the thin fabric. Roxy begins stretching and while Josh knew she was athletic, knowing something and seeing it in action were two separate entities entirely. His arousal gets away from him once again while watching her do a flawless seated straddle stretch, with a herculean effort he mentally slaps himself and looks away from her, needing a distraction he heads to the cupboard for a cold breakfast. Out of the corner of his eye he sees movement, checking to make sure Roxy’s not about to pounce on him he notices her heading for the door “Stop! What are you doing!?” Roxy freezes, door part way open, she sighs in pleasure before answering “I’m obeying your orders Master Josh, after stretching I go for a two mile run” “Right that makes sense, forget the run or exercise, just close the door and come sit at the desk, have some breakfast” Josh holds out a poptart packet, Roxy almost slams the door off its hinges then lunges for the poptart, nearly eating the packaging as she tears into the cold poptarts, she then sits primly in the chair happily munching away at what's left, tail wagging merrily behind her. Josh sighs once again as he tries to think of some solution, the sun crests the horizon and glares angrily through the open window at him, he squints his eyes grimacing at the realization that the day has begun and he's got virtually no sleep tonight. That realization is cut short as Roxy lets out a pained shriek and begins convulsing in the chair. Thinking quickly Josh leaps to her side catching her and while supporting her head he guides her to the floor, a red tinged foam builds up around her lips before she vomits out what feels like a gallon of blood all over him, Roxy hacks and coughs for another minute before her eyes slowly blink open.
        Crystal blue irises meet his, she wipes her mouth with the back of her wrist and spits excess blood on the floor in a very unlady like fashion before groaning and flopping back on the floor “Well that sucked” Josh, covered in blood shakily checks Roxy’s pulse, she offhandedly slaps his hand away “I ain’t dead, just rockin’ a nasty migraine, top three easy, hangover’s got nothin’ on this” Roxy cracks an eye open, hisses at the sun then shuffles till her head isn’t in the light, she looks over at Josh “Oh God, I can see why you’d be scared, did that all come from me?” Josh wordlessly nods “Shit, no wonder I feel like garbage” her head falls back to the floor. After a long minute Roxy speaks to the ceiling “I was aware the whole time” Josh pales but Roxy continues “It was weird, like someone else was piloting my body and I was just a passenger, I noticed you saw me naked again” She gets up on her elbows piercing him with her stare, she chuckles “I also noticed you trying your damnedest to wake me up and remain professional despite my…best efforts” Josh lets out a nervous laugh. Roxy gets up on shaky legs, trudges over to the window, closing the curtains “Man, you just can’t catch a break eh? I’ll make sure that doesn’t stain the floorboards” She gestures to the literal pool of blood Josh is kneeling in. He looks down at himself then back up at her then just bursts into manic laughter. Roxy gives a nervous laugh then kneels beside Josh, concern clear on her face she puts a hand on his shoulder, feeling uncertain what to do about Josh’s meltdown she gives him a hug. She gently pets his head and speaks in soothing tones while Josh’s laughs slowly morph into exhausted blubbering. Roxy gently cradles him until he passes out in her arms again.
        Josh wakes up staring at his dorm roof, groggily he sits up, wiping the sleep from his eyes. His brain catches up to him and his eyes bulge. He frantically leaps off the bed looking about but nothing seems to be out of order, there's no blood stain or any other signs of what happened last night, he scratches his head before mumbling about the craziest dream. Josh jumps when he hears a knock at his door, he throws on a shirt while getting up, he notices it’s nearly three in the afternoon, he curses aloud “Shit! I’m so late” Hopping into some pants and nearly tripping as he hobbles his way to the door, he opens it just a crack to see an expectant Roxy. She gives him a cheerful greeting before shouldering her way in, carrying a bag of fast food and tray of drinks. She plops the food onto Josh’s desk and smooths out her dress “Don’t know your preferences so I got you nuggets because nobody ever truly grows out of nuggets” She takes out a burger and fries before pushing the bag into his hands. Josh, still stunned mechanically sits on his bed, staring dumbfoundedly at the bag in his hand “Y’all right Josh?” Roxy hands him one of the drinks and sits beside him “I…yeah, I gotta go, I’m already super late-” Roxy grabs his arm and sits him back down “Woah there husband, don’t you worry, I pulled some strings, the servers and University will live without you for a couple days” Josh turns to her skeptically “Don’t look at me like that, I felt like throwin’ you a bone, you need a little vacation. Consider it a…thank you from me for being…a true gentleman” Roxy blushes while fidgeting with her tail, after a moment Josh chuckles, he settles in his seat, digging into the bag for some fries “Really pushing for that honeymoon aren’t you?” He boops her nose with a fry, she snorts in response “Keep dreamin’ casanova” She bites the fry from his hand, he pats her shoulder “Well you just keep throwing yourself at me, what am I supposed to think?” Roxy lets out an incredulous laugh as Josh internally cringes “You really can’t help yourself can you kid?” Josh hangs his head “It’s fine hubby, I find it strangely endearing” She pats his back “Sure you're not still brainwashed?” Roxy shrugs “Jurys still out” They share a laugh, quietly finishing their meal in relative silence. Once finished Josh flops back onto his bed “Buuuhh…feel like I could sleep for a week” Roxy pats his knee “There there husband, get your forty winks, I’ll drop in from time to time to make sure your relaxing properly” She winks at him while making a big production of tucking him in, Josh playfully pats the empty space in his bed “You should join Master Josh in bed” He chuckles until he notices Roxy’s eyes go glassy and she robotically climbs into bed, snuggling in close, noses touching, she blinks awake seconds later. Roxy gives him a chagrined smile while blushing “...Guess not all that obedience juice is gone…sorry mate” Josh nods while doing his best to ignore her closeness or his own arousal “No that was stupid of me, sorry” Roxy gently extracts herself from his bed, gives him a friendly nod, smiles then stops at his desk. She winces as she places a silver necklace on his desk then quietly departs, Josh settles into his bed too exhausted to sleep, he sighs but does his best to drift off regardless.

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