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Christmas in the Park - SHR - Part 2

Sleepygirl and her friends continue to explore the special Christmas Park and learn about Santa’s
special list.  

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Subject: Christmas in the Park continues!

    So you know how I had the other, Christmas-y, dream the other night, right? Well I kind of had a continuation of it last night, which was unexpected although I will admit I was hoping for one. In any case, while I have a little bit of free time I wanted to email you some reading material for before or after Christmas, depending on when you get to it.
    It seemed to pick up right where it left off, and I was sitting in the room in Santa's workshop. The fire was still going and everyone was still captivated by it, but then it slowly started to crackle and go out, and it didn't take long before it was just ash. With the fire gone, the effects that it had on everyone seemed to fade as well. I was the first one to wake up fully, but once I was awake I couldn’t recall anything that had happened. I only had images flashing through my mind. Jill’s body being encased in ice. Laura getting sparkling dust blown into her face and slumping over onto Santa. A pile of snow landing on top of Jessy while she was pushed against a tree, and her falling asleep in the snow. One by one, everyone else woke up from their trances as well, and when they were all awake we left the workshop and went back out into the park.

    Since we’d already covered quite a bit of ground, we headed over to the area called the Crystal Hall, which was exactly what it sounded like. An entire walkway that was created entirely from crystal. There were tables, chairs, and chandeliers, all perfectly made from crystal and all sparkling and reflecting the lights. Even the walls of the hall glittered and sparkled, making them even more captivating to look at. As I looked around at everything in the hall, I noticed that some sparkled differently than others. They refracted the light in just the right way, one that made you want to look at them even more. It was no wonder everyone seemed to be drawn to them in particular, as if they couldn’t tear their eyes away. I pulled myself away for a moment and saw that Kim, Laura, and Jessy had sat down at one of the crystal tables and begun to talk. Then I noticed that there was a chandelier hanging above them, sparkling with that special crystal and spinning to catch the light just right. And the longer the conversation went on, the more I noticed that Kim and Laura seemed to be talking slower, that their gazes kept lingering on the chandelier a little longer each time. Eventually they stopped talking altogether, and all they could do was stare blankly up at the crystal chandelier as its light reflected onto their faces. Jessy didn't fall victim to it right away, and seemed confused about why the two of them were so interested in it. I pointed it out to her as her eyes followed my finger up to the chandelier, watching as she remarked that she didn’t understand what the big deal was. But as she kept watching her sentence started to slow. She tried to ask what was going on, but the words came slower and slower, until she trailed off and stared at the chandelier with the same vacant expression.
    As I looked around again I noticed two more girls, Eve and Serena, standing in front of a cabinet, staring at the crystals and other jewelry that were hanging inside of it. Both wore the same dazed expressions on their faces. I stood up, leaving the others to stare at the chandelier, and as I walked I noticed a small, toy merry-go-round that was spinning and shining in the light. Niki and Jill were standing in front of it, watching with glazed, glassy eyed expressions as it spun round and round in front of them. They were, for all intents and purposes, completely blank and unaware of what was happening around them. I continued moving through the hall and found a man standing behind a woman that I recognized as Klaire, who was staring down at a crystal that was hanging in front of her. The man was blatantly feeling her up, caressing and massaging her body, and groping her underneath her clothes. That was when I noticed the other men walking throughout the area, wearing sunglasses and moving in on the incapacitated girls. One moved toward Laura, walking directly behind her and putting his hands on her shoulders, massaging them briefly before they crept down and squeezed her breasts through her shirt. After a few moments, he unbuttoned her shirt and moved her bra aside, massaging them more deeply, caressing them and then crossing over to gently pinch and flick her nipples. While he continued to grope her, another man slid next to Niki over at the merry-go-round and moved in front of her. He leaned in to kiss her deeply as one of his hands slipped under her shirt and squeezed her breast. As he kissed down her neck, stopping only to lick and suck on it briefly, his other hand began to undo her pants, disappearing between her legs as he began to rub and finger her.
    As I watched the two of them, the man moved aside briefly, just enough for me to see the merry-go-round that was still spinning. I gasped in surprise, not expecting to see it still spinning, and not expecting to be so taken with it so immediately either. It kept spinning around and around, sparkling and flashing in the light, and the moment I looked at it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to look away. Before long everything around me seemed to disappear, and all I could see were the lights reflecting off of the toy and onto the rest of the crystal that surrounded me. My thoughts started slipping away bit by bit, before everything just went blank as I stood there, staring at it with a dazed, empty expression. I didn't notice the man that moved next to me and began to feel me up, the hands that slipped under my shirt and massaged my breasts deeply, squeezing them and caressing them, then rolling both nipples between his fingers as they stiffened.He leaned in and began sucking deeply on my neck as one of his hands slid down my jeans and rubbed around my sex teasingly, and then as he finally started fingering me. I don't know how long he kept rubbing, massaging and caressing, but the next thing I knew I was back with the group and we were leaving the hall. As we were leaving I noticed that Laura seemed to be missing her bra, and that my panties felt out of place, but I couldn't quite figure out why.
    We walked out of the hall and moved over to the area called Candy Cane Lane, and as we entered there was a vendor handing out different kinds of snacks to anyone that came in. He offered choices of candy canes, hot cocoa, tea, and sugar plums, so I took a candy cane from him while the others picked their own snacks, and we continued on. We walked down a street filled with oversized candy canes, peppermints, and various other red and white decorations. Of course I also couldn’t help but notice how strangely people were acting, too. Jill and Jessy, who had both taken hot cocoa from the man, seemed to be becoming dazed while they were drinking it, and then more and more flirty with each sip. As they each took yet another sip, Jill spotted a young man across the street and walked over to him with a coy smile. She slid up close next to him and they started talking while she made sure to give him extra attention and find excuses to touch him, even slipping her arm around his waist. Jessy, on the other hand, also spotted another young man across the way. Instead of moving over to flirt with him, however, she walked up to him confidently and took his face in her hands, and in one quick motion she kissed him deeply and passionately. She backed him into a wall in the process and held him there with one hand as she pressed herself up against him, almost grinding on him, and continued to deepen the kiss as her tongue slid into his mouth. No one else in the group seemed to notice, and as we kept walking I watched as Niki and Laura both started to eat the sugar plums they had taken from the vendor. As Niki popped hers into her mouth, her face almost instantly took on a dreamy, then dazed, expression. She didn’t seem to notice the change and continued walking along with a far away expression, even though it was clear from her eyes that no one was home. A few minutes later, Laura put the sugar plum into her mouth as well and her eyes almost instantly took on the same glazed, glassy, and dreamy expression. As I watched them, not really thinking about it, I unwrapped the candy cane and put it in my mouth to taste it. Moments after doing this, I noticed that everyone else who was also eating one, had become stiff and rigid, and had simply frozen in place on the street. I tried to reach for the candy cane in my mouth after I saw this, but my hands were already starting to slow down and soon came to a stop in mid air. Not long after, my feet began slowing down bit by bit, and before long the rest of my body followed suit. I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I was just paused and still, in the middle of the street, surrounded by people. Kim and Serena had also taken candy canes, and as I stood there as a frozen observer, I watched as Serena put her own candy cane in her mouth. She thought nothing of it, of course, and continued walking, but little by little her body slowed down just like mine had. At the same time, Kim had been walking ahead of the group and had put the candy cane in her mouth as well. She was able to make it a few feet before her hands and arms started to slowly pause at her sides, followed by her feet. She tried to turn her body around to face us, but only made it halfway before her body went completely still. By that point, Eve and Klaire were the only two not incapacitated in the group, and had begun to move ahead of the rest of us, not noticing what had happened to everyone else as they began to take sips of the tea they had taken. Finally they stopped and turned around, seeing all three of us frozen in place, Laura and Niki with dazed expressions, and Jill and Jessy making out with two strangers across the street. They looked suspicious, but unfortunately had already taken too many sips of tea. Eve's shoulders had started to sag and relax, while Klaire seemed to be wobbling on her feet. As they took another sip, they seemed to visibly relax and become more passive and limp, fading more and more as they continued to drink. Eve swayed on her feet and ended up falling down, sitting on the ground and staring up at the sky with a completely vacant expression in her eyes. Next to her, Klaire stood in place, swaying on her feet as well, but looking just as calm, relaxed and passive.
    Time passed again, though none of us knew how long we were incapacitated. Or that we were at all. As we left Candy Cane Lane, I had a vague memory of what happened, but discarded it as nothing more than a day dream. Though I couldn’t help but notice that Eve and Klaire seem more relaxed than they did when we entered. Kim, Serena, and I were also much more noticeably sluggish, Laura and Niki still seemed far off and dreamy, and Jill and Jessy were acting sluttier than usual. As we continued walking towards the front of the park, we passed the line for Santa again, only this time we snuck behind it to hear what the boys were asking for. Instead of Santa asking what they wanted for Christmas, they were telling him which girls they wanted, which is when I noticed a list he was holding. The list had all of our names marked on it, with the names of the boys next to them. I noticed that me, Laura, Jill, and Kim all had two boys' names marked next to ours. I finally put two and two together and tried to explain to the rest of the group what I had seen with the elves, and how it connected with the list, but they seemed skeptical and didn't believe me. In an attempt to try and convince them, I told them to go to Santa's workshop. When we got there we crowded around the window and saw the room with the fire, where several girls were sitting, staring at it with calm, peaceful, and blank expressions on their faces. One of the elves walked into the room and tapped one on the shoulder, and she slowly stood with a sleepy expression before slowly moving over to the workshop. Once she arrived, the elf held up a giant peppermint pinwheel in front of her that started to slowly spin. She was already fairly gone, but in no time she was slack jawed and looking even more blank as her eyes glazed, leaving her unable to look away from the peppermint spiral. Finally the elf put the pinwheel away and stripped her completely naked, where she was moved into a machine that looked like some sort of pod, where it looked as though she was hypnotized even more deeply. A few minutes passed and she emerged from the machine looking much more stiff, almost like a mannequin, dressed in a short, sexy dress, with white fringe to make it look like a sluttier version of a Santa suit, with a large red bow wrapped around her. The elf walked around her to admire her, placing her into one of the Santa bags where she disappeared in front of our eyes.
    Seeing this convinced the rest of the group that we should find a way out before the elves found us next. Of course as soon as we decided that, two elves emerged from the workshop and spotted our group. One of them was able to silently move over to us and behind Jessy, who was just far enough away from the group. Behind her, he grabbed a handful of snow, flattening it to make it look like a smooth, snowy version of a rag. Quickly, he moved close behind her and wrapped the snowy cloth across her face, covering her nose and mouth. She let out a muffled gasp as her body began to loosen and relax from the effects of the snow, despite her best efforts to struggle against him. Her body tried to writhe and wiggle its way out of his grasp, but with each movement she grew weaker and weaker. Her eyes began to droop as the effects of the snow became stronger and stronger. Eventually her body collapsed limply against him, barely managing anything more than a twitch as her eyes fluttered closed. The elf quickly and silently put her into one of the bags before the others noticed, pulling a crystal from the bag at the same time. One just like the ones so many of us were captivated by in the Crystal Hall. He slipped behind Eve, quickly spinning her around and dangling the crystal before her eyes. The surprise at being spun around and the familiar sparkle of the crystal caught her off guard even more, leaving her easily captivated by the gem in front of her eyes. It didn’t take long for a dazed, relaxed expression to cover her face as her eyes glazed over, all while the sparkles from the crystal pulled her even further down.
The others had noticed what was happening, by this point, and we agreed that we needed to find a way out of the workshop before anyone else was caught. As the rest of us started to run, the elf instructed Eve to help him capture the rest of us. Laura and Kim ran in the opposite direction from the rest of us, directly under an archway with mistletoe hanging from it. As the two of them passed under the arch, the mistletoe sent an arc of electricity down that hit the two of them directly. Once the yellow arc came in contact with them, their eyes glowed the same pale yellow for a brief moment, before they turned to one another and began to embrace in a deep and passionate kiss. While the kiss continued the two of them started to slow down, little by little until their bodies began to go even more limp. Finally the kiss broke and both of them slumped to the floor, falling against each other and leaving the elf to scoop them up and place both of them into yet another bag where they disappeared with the others. As he captured the two of them, Eve ran past him and honed in on Jill, who was oblivious to her approaching. Just as Eve closed in on her, Jill noticed and attempted to run away, Eve was just fast enough though and grabbed her shoulder, quickly squeezing it as Jill’s eyes quickly rolled up into her head. Her body slumped back against Eve, completely unconscious as Eve dragged her over to another bag. When I turned around I saw the elf standing in front of Niki holding something that looked similar to a fire extinguisher. Niki hadn't noticed him yet, but as she turned the elf turned on the extinguisher to release a cloud of what seemed to be white smoke that hit her directly in the face. As the smoke made contact with her, she started to sway and wobble on her feet, her body visibly relaxing as her eyes crossed briefly before she fell to the floor, unconscious.
    As I turned in the other direction I saw Klaire running around a corner to come face to face with an elf holding a small, toy hammer. Before she could turn around, the elf quickly raised the hammer and hit her over the head with it. She swayed on her feet, wobbling gently before falling to the floor in front of him, sound asleep. By that point, Serena and I were the only two left and were still on the run from the elf. As we were running, Serena ran straight across one of the grates from the ice sculpture area, which activated the 'freeze' button beneath the grate as a cloud of fog blew up through it. As it filled the space around her, Serena's body slowly became covered in ice, starting at the bottom of her feet and slowly working its way up her body bit by bit until she was frozen in place like an ice sculpture. I kept running and, after looking back at her for a split second, ran face first into one of the elves. He smiled and somehow managed to stand upright, even though I almost knocked him down. I tried to move again, but he placed a single finger in the center of my forehead and simply said “blank.”I tried to step away, but as soon as he said that I just relaxed and everything around me stopped. Nothing mattered anymore, my thoughts were gone, and my eyes took on a blank, empty look as I stared ahead at him. Once he was sure I was blank he packed me up in one of the Santa bags. The next thing I saw was him pulling the bag off of me to reveal that we were in the same room next to the workshop that we had been left in before. Although this time everyone was still in the same state they had been captured in. The fire in the room made all of us more calm and passive, even though we didn't need to be. All I could do was star ahead at the fire blankly, not really seeing it or even truly aware of it. Klaire, Jessy, Niki, Laura and Kim were all in unconscious heaps on the floor. Serena was still frozen in place, a look of shock etched onto her face, and Eve was standing in place, staring ahead where she still saw a crystal in her mind.
    And that, for all intents and purposes, is where that portion of the dream ended. I have to say I was surprised that I actually had a continuation of it and was able to pick up right where I left off, but I'm not complaining in the slightest. And I have to admit that it really kinda pushed my buttons, all of it, in general. Although for some reason the candy cane lane area and the captures at the end pushed them more than others, especially mine. Even though it was simple, the idea of being blanked with just a finger to the forehead and one word is kind of hot. I'm still curious about what the Christmas dreams and snowman areas were like, and what would have happened with the list of names and the men that 'wanted' us for christmas. But I guess we'll see if I can actually get myself to have another continuation, I don't know what the odds of that are. But we shall see. In any case, I hope you enjoyed it. Now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Kim, Serena, Niki, Eve, Laura, Jessy, Klaire, and Sleepygirl

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