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Christmas in the Park - SHR - Part 1

Sleepygirl recounts a trip to a Christmas park where she and her friends seem to be on a very special

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 11-22-20XX
Subject: Christmas in the Park!
    I think that my dreams are either compensating for a lack of snow, or my Christmas spirit has just translated over to them...either way, I had an interesting, Christmas-y dream last night, so bear with me while I get this out of my head. 

    I was walking through a park, which, as strange as it sounds, was kind of a combination of a normal park and an amusement park (at least some parts reminded me of one, but I digress). There was a light snow covering the ground, enough to give it a sort of fluffy look but just hard enough to hear it crunch beneath your feet. I could see my breath in the colder night air, creating small puffs in front of me whenever I exhaled, and the sky above me was clear and dark enough to see all the stars twinkling overhead. All around me I could see trees covered in snow, just enough to make them look like something out of a picture and not weigh them down. There were a few snowmen scattered around, some looked like snowmen you would see on the front of a Christmas card, others were smaller, with lopsided hats and mismatched eyes, and you could clearly tell that they'd been built by children - but they were cute and made me smile nonetheless. Lamp posts decorated the walkway, with garland wrapped around them, and there were Christmas lights everywhere that gave everything a multicolored tint.
    So in I walked, followed by Niki and Eve. Off to our immediate left and right were several entrances with an archway above each, one that read "Christmas Dreams" and another called the Crystal Hall. As we kept walking, we noticed an area in the middle of the park where two lines were set up so people could sit on Santa's lap, but we agreed to save that until last so we could see what the other displays were. Another area, that looked more like it was from an amusement park, had a large building inside of its entrance with people wandering in and out, and was labeled with another archway of Christmas lights spelling out "The Tunnel of Lights.” Finally, near the back of the park, were two other areas. One that appeared to be filled with ice sculptures, and another that was filled with falling snow. Which was interesting as it was the only area in the park that snow was actively falling in.
    The three of us decided to head to that area first and, as we entered, we noticed that the snow was really falling gently throughout the entire display, just as if it were a quiet winter night. Looking around, I noticed that the area wasn't much different from the rest of the park except for the actively falling snow. I looked up and around as the snow continued to gently fall around us, and I couldn’t help but notice that being in that area felt very relaxing and peaceful. It made me think of being inside on a cold night and watching the snowfall by the light of the Christmas tree. As we kept watching I noticed the other people that were inside of the area. Some of them were having snowball fights, but it seemed like whenever they would get hit with a snowball their face would take on a dazed, kind of dreamy expression. They would wobble on their feet and try to throw a snowball back, but they never seemed to be able to before another snowball was thrown at them. Before long they would just stand there, swaying gently on their feet and staring ahead with a glazed look in their eye and a peaceful expression on their face. One girl, who had laid down to make a snow angel, appeared to be completely asleep. I didn't point any of this out to the others, of course, and as we looked around we saw Jessy and with another girl none of us recognized. Jessy picked up a handful of snow and playfully threw a snowball at her friend, laughing as she ran a few feet away. The other girl took the hit from the snowball and seemed to become more dazed, as she stumbled a bit and was wobbling on her feet. I didn't notice anyone else watching except for a man standing a short distance away, who was moving over to the other girl and forming a snowball in his hands. As he moved closer, he took the ball and threw it straight at the girl's chest. She looked up in surprise for a moment, but then her face took on an even more far away look, almost like she was deep in a daydream, while her body started to sway. The man watched her for     a moment and then leaned in to kiss her gently, right before he gently pushed her into a pile of snow behind her. Once she landed in the snow, eyes fluttering while the rest of her features went slack, her body visibly relaxed as she sunk into the snow just a bit and fell completely asleep. By the time Jessy came back, her friend was already unconscious and she was understandably confused. When she asked what had happened, the man simply grinned at her and responded that her friend fell asleep. Of course her next question was how, to which he smiled at her and reached down to grab a handful of snow, answering that it happened just like this, throwing the snow directly into her face. She looked confused and surprised for all of a second before it melted away into yet another dreamy-eyed expression and she wobbled on her feet just enough for him to make his next move. The man leaned into her with a smile and gave her a quick kiss, then gently pushed her back into a pine tree that was behind her. The tree shook lightly and the snow that was previously decorating it started to pour down on top of her, making her fall into the small pile that she was standing on. Once the snow settled it was easy to see that she was fast asleep.
    Once he walked away an elf jumped down from the tree and stood in front of Jessy, examining a list he held in his hand. From where I was standing I could see that her name was written on it, and once he saw this and pulled a large bag from a smaller bag he was holding...and slid Jessy into it. The strange part was that once she disappeared into the bag, it was as if she wasn't in the bag at all because it didn't appear to be any bigger or have anything inside of it. Before I could move forward to examine it closer, the elf and the bag moved behind the tree and, for as much as I could see, disappeared into thin air.
    I gathered up Niki and Eve and the three of us headed back toward the Tunnel of Lights. Once I got closer I was able to see it was more like an amusement park ride than anything. There were cars in a sort of coaster-like formation that sat about six people at a time. Once everyone was inside of the cars, they moved slowly through what I assumed was a tunnel shape going through the building. The three of us picked a car and sat down in it, where we were joined by another group of three girls whom I didn't know. When everyone was seated the car started moving slowly through the tunnel, it was dark at first but almost all at once everything lit up in a bright swirl of colors. There were so many that it was hard to tell where exactly they were coming from, but colors of every kind...blues, reds, purples, whites, greens, etc...they were flashing and blinking and swirling all around us. I noticed I couldn't really look away, and that the more I watched them flash and blink and swirl, the more lost in them I started to feel. They kept pulsing and flashing so quickly and strongly that I couldn't even see anyone else in the car, but it didn't really seem to matter either. The more we continued to ride through the tunnel, the more lost in the colors and disoriented I seemed to feel, and it only got stronger as we continued on. I felt like I was floating through the colors, my mind was lost in their haze and I felt more and more dazed, until finally it all became a blur and I felt myself slip away into them. At some point the ride stopped, although none of us noticed when or how. Once it stopped, two elves wearing sunglasses stepped out of a booth and stopped in front of our group. They looked us over carefully and then stepped in closer and started to feel us up. I was vaguely aware of one of them standing in front of me, placing his hands on my waist and moving them up over my stomach and groping my breasts over my shirt. They slipped underneath my shirt and started massaging my stomach next, while one of his hands slid my bra aside and began to massage them more firmly. While his hand kneaded and caressed them, the other quickly unzipped my jeans and slipped down into them, where I felt his hand move between my legs and start rubbing slowly, almost teasingly, before slipping a finger into me and rubbing a little more insistently. I felt myself getting aroused from his touch, but just sat there in the car, completely blank and too dazed to really register what was happening. If anything I felt myself getting lost in the feelings and slipping away even more until eventually they finished what they were doing. Once they had finished I saw one of them check a list that he had pulled out, then take one of the girls from the other group that had joined us, while the other elf lifted Niki out of the car. Both of them were placed in a bag where they seemed to vanish just as quickly as Jessy had earlier. Once the two of them were collected, the car started again and eventually the lights stopped and the tunnel turned dark once more. When we left the car I looked around and found Eve, remembering that Niki wasn't interested in seeing the tunnel.
    The two of us started to walk back to the area filled with ice sculptures, where I noticed Jill and Kim making their way through the rows of sculptures. They noticed as the two of us walked in and came over to greet us, then started walking back through the area with us. There was a varied mix of sculptures, some were intricately done while others were rather plain looking, and each one was unique in its own way so that no two were alike. As we made our way through the displays I noticed that some looked like actual people. The closer I got to examine, the easier it was to determine that some of the sculptures were definitely people encased in ice, even though they only appeared to be detailed sculptures from a distance.. As we continued walking I also noticed there was fog coming up through the ground from vents that were built into it. One by one we started to entertain ourselves in the fog, finding vents and goofing around on top of them and in the fog itself, too. Jill and I stopped at one and she started dancing around in it, but as she was doing that we found a button on the ground that made even more fog pour through the vents. She pushed the button and began to dance around again, and while she was occupying herself, I noticed another button under the one she just pushed, labeled 'freeze'. She kept dancing and tried to convince me to join her, which I didn't do, but as she kept goofing around I pressed the fog button again so more would billow through the vent, then pressed the freeze button while she wasn't looking. The noise it made was similar to the fog, but instead of more fog I watched her body slowly stop moving, stop dancing, until she was completely still. As the fog began to disappear, I saw her body slowly become encased in ice, bit by bit, until she looked like the sculptures that surrounded us.
    Once she was completely frozen I looked around to find Eve and Kim, when I noticed them and turned back toward Jill, I saw that she was already gone and that another elf was slipping back through the trees. The three of us left the exhibit and began walking around again. As we walked past the area with Santa, we noticed a line of men standing and waiting to talk to him, with a separate line for women marked off next to them. We decided to get in our designated line and wait to sit in Santa's lap. As we were waiting I noticed Laura standing ahead of us in line and waved to get her attention. She moved back a bit to talk to us and asked if we had seen Jessy. I remarked that the last time I saw her was back near the falling snow area, but we had lost her after that. As we stood and talked, the doors to Santa's workshop opened and Laura smiled, waving to us as she went inside. Behind her, the doors slid closed quietly, but I could still see through a crack in them to see what was happening. Through the crack I saw Laura sit on Santa's lap and begin to tell him what she wanted for Christmas with a playful smile on her face. I heard Santa reading over his list, looking for her name, only to find that she was indeed on the good list, then he asked her to close her eyes and make a wish. Once her eyes were closed he held up his hand and blew a puff of magical glitter directly into her face. The glitter fell around her, sparkling as it did, she seemed surprised as it hit her face, but shortly after it did she started to sway in her seat and then immediately slumped against him. Santa smiled and gently pushed her off of his lap into a bag that an elf next to him was holding open, where Laura seemed to vanish like all of the others.
    The elf opened the door and led me in to see Santa next. As I walked in he looked at me with a happy smile on his face and patted his lap for me to sit down. As soon as I sat down I felt a wave of happiness wash over me, almost making me feel giddy and like my inhibitions had just disappeared. He smiled and asked what I wanted for Christmas and instead of telling him about video games, movies, or things you would normally expect to hear someone tell Santa about, I found myself thinking of other things. Being frozen by a freeze ray, chloroformed from behind and slumping back into the man who did so, sitting in a chair with my head drooped against my chest, wearing headphones that have me entranced with soft soothing music, helplessly staring at a crystal dangling in front of my eyes, standing under mistletoe, and then being felt up slowly, groped and teased, and being made love to while blank or helpless. I began telling Santa everything as he smiled, saying something about how that could be arranged as he quickly checked his list and told me to close my eyes. Just as I did, something lightly hit me in the face and through my eyelids I can see the sparkles reflecting from the glitter, and a wave of heaviness and relaxation washed over me. I tried to open my eyes, with no luck, and instead felt myself starting to wobble in his lap, slowly leaning towards him until I finally fell over.
Vaguely, I felt like I was being lowered onto something and landing in something soft and cushioned, almost like a pile of pillows, before more waves of calmness and relaxation began to wash over me. At some point, later, I felt myself being lifted out of the bag, feeling dazed and barely aware enough to realize I was in Santa's workshop, surrounded by girls that were in various states of unconsciousness. I saw the elf who had pulled me out of his bag, pull an unconscious Laura out of another and set her down in a pile of cotton. Jessy was next, still covered in snow, as he laid her down next to the fire in the room. Then he lifted the bag up and revealed Jill, who was still encased in ice, and then shook the bag as Niki fell to the floor, still looking completely dazed and limp. Once he had that group finished he pulled the bag sideways to reveal Eve, who had been frozen, and finally reached in himself to pull out a crystal, followed by Kim, who seemed to be completely fixated on it. I still felt dazed but as the moments passed I felt the fog start to lift, and I woke up bit by bit, as did the others. That was when I realized we were all being kept in a small waiting room with a fireplace and some couches and chairs, very cozy looking. I briefly thought of how long a room this small could possibly hold everyone, but then noticed that some soft music was playing over the speakers in the room. Combined with the smell of the fire, it felt very relaxing, and as quickly as I had come out of my haze earlier, I felt myself starting to slip back into one. It was so relaxing and peaceful to watch the fire, I looked around and noticed the others looking the same way. Each of them had very dreamy expressions on their faces and looked very calm and passive about everything, some were even starting to slowly fall asleep again. My gaze drifted back to the fire and I couldn’t help but feel the same way. The smell of the fire kept me relaxed and limp, along with the soft melody of the music playing in the background, and the more I watched, the more I felt myself start to drift away again. And that is where the dream ended....with the group of us peacefully watching the fire and starting to drift off to sleep yet again.
    So I hope you enjoyed! I'm kind of hoping this one is a recurring dream because I want to see the other areas I missed and I'm curious if that was actually the end or if there's more to it. In any case, I hope you found this entertaining, I definitely thought it was, and on that note I will talk to you later. **hugs you** And now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Niki, Jill, Kim, Eve, Jessy, Laura, and Sleepygirl

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