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New Years Ball - SHR - Part 2

Before the party can even start, Sleepygirl and her friends end up incapacitated. Happy New Year everyone!

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 1-3-23
Subject: Happy New Years… again!

    I had another dream last night about the ball that I was telling you about in the last email (or maybe it was the one before that, I forget). A few more freezings and knock outs happened, so I figured you would enjoy hearing about it.
    So I believe in the last email I ended up being frozen along with everyone else, aside from the few who ended up unconscious of course, while more of my friends were entering the room with the wardrobe of clothes. Serena was the one that froze me by accidentally touching the button on my dress when she bumped into me, and at the start of the dream she actually unfroze me by doing the same thing. She did it as she was steadying me and asking if I was ok, so I'm not entirely sure if she even realized what she had done. Lucky for her I didn't really notice that she even froze me in the first place, either. As I was looking around, and Serena was waving as she walked off, I noticed Eve, Laura, and Niki were all still frozen while Cheyenne and Jill were passed out and unconscious on the floor. I turned around and headed back to the main room, and saw that in the time I'd been distracted and briefly frozen, Kim had found and already changed into an outfit that looked like a generic female knight Halloween costume. Although it was a little more risque in that it was basically just a black miniskirt, with a black and silver corset with the top made to look like "armor", and see through sleeves attached to it with a black headband. Nearby, Jessy and Serena were both going through the racks of clothes as Serena held up several choices, trying to decide between the two, while Jessy was holding an outfit in her hand, but was looking in the other direction where the others were still frozen. Once she saw them, she started moving in their direction. Once she was next to them, she started poking and prodding Jill and Cheyenne to see if they were really asleep, then waved her hand in front of Niki's face. When she saw that none of them were moving or waking up, she called me over and asked if I noticed that some of the girls were asleep or not moving, pointing over to Niki and the others to demonstrate.
    When I explained what was happening to her, I didn't get the reaction of confusion that I almost sort of expected. Instead, Jessy actually almost seemed a little intrigued and even started examining the buttons on the girls' outfits. In doing that, she ended up switching off Niki's outfit, which got her a look of confusion as Niki blinked back to awareness and asked both of us what was going on. Rather than trying to explain anything to her, Jessy just grinned and then turned the switch back on, taking a step back and watching as Niki stopped moving again. Jessy watched for another moment to see if she really was frozen, and then smirked a little as she took her own outfit and walked into another dressing room. She emerged a few moments later wearing a dark purple dress as well as a bracelet and necklace combination. She didn't seem to even be thinking about the fact that her dress had the same switches on it as the others, and seemed rather intent as she walked back out into the larger room toward Kim. Meanwhile, Kim was standing around innocently enough, looking through the other clothes in the room even though she was already dressed. And as she did, Jessy walked up to her to make small talk, but as soon as Kim looked up, she touched the switch that activated her outfit and watched as a wave of yellow energy started flowing over her body. Within seconds, her skin started glowing the same faint yellow color as she swayed on her feet for a moment then sighed and slumped to the ground. Jessy watched with a satisfied smile on her face, not even noticing as one of the men working there walked up to her and started to flirt with her, saying that he really enjoyed watching her mess with the others. He leaned in closer and started whispering to her more, obviously continuing with his flirting, until out of nowhere he leaned in and kissed her deeply, pulling her close to him and sliding his hand up and down her back. She seemed surprised, and I thought I even heard her gasp a little, but then she started to get more into it until he broke the kiss just as quickly as he'd started it, then seemed to whisper something to her with a grin, and leaned in to quickly cop a feel before pushing the button on her outfit that was placed between her breasts. When I looked around, I noticed Serena and Klaire, the only two left awake at this point, were both watching the scene with curiosity.
    Serena was already dressed in a generic sorceress costume that was basically just a tight dress with a headband, but both she and Klaire were looking at the man expectantly and asking what happened as he tried to play it off as nothing. Of course that didn't work at all with either of the girls since he also looked like a deer in headlights. Finally, when Serena started asking a few more questions he began to explain himself, conveniently leaving out everything except for the freeze functions of the buttons. Needless to say, neither one of them believed him, which led to him demonstrating on Serena. As he stepped toward her and pushed the button on her outfit, she gave him a confused look for a split second before she simply stopped moving with the same expression still on her face, the blue tint covering her clothes to show that she was indeed frozen. Klaire seemed a little more surprised than she had been before the demonstration, and actually even asked to see what happened when Serena was unfrozen. Of course, the man was all too happy to oblige and pushed the button on her outfit again. Serena blinked and looked at the two of them, and asked when he was going to demonstrate, while the man looked over to Klaire and asked if she believed him now. She nodded in response, looking almost impressed, as Serena asked what was going on for a second time. Then, as if Klaire finally realized she had been standing there with an outfit in her hand the entire time, she excused herself to change into a dress and came back a few moments later and as she stopped next to Serena and the man. He reached out without warning and pushed the button on her dress, stopping her immediately and leaving her staring expectantly at the two of them while her clothes took on the familiar blue tint. Serena's mouth all but dropped open at seeing her actually frozen, and as the man looked over to see that, he smiled to himself and reached out and froze her again as well.
    Meanwhile, another man was walking by just as the other had finished freezing Serena and said that almost everyone was taken care of, and that he only had to deal with a few himself. The first nodded and said something about another group arriving soon and to check and make sure that the others were all unconscious and accounted for. As I watched the two of them, I decided to head back toward the dressing rooms to hide for the time being, and as I passed a window I saw Skyla, Kitty and Tanya all walking up to the building with an almost glazed look in their eyes. I kept moving back toward the dressing room and pulled back a curtain, not paying attention to where I was going and tripping over Cheyenne and Jill. Figures that I would be that clumsy even in my dreams. As I fell backwards, I hit my head against the wall pretty hard and managed to knock myself out that way, slumping to the ground behind the two of them and landing on the floor in a heap. Barely a minute later the other man I'd seen poked his head into the dressing room and looked down at my unconscious form, probably assuming that I was knocked unconscious by someone else. He seemed pleased, regardless, and closed the curtain without another thought.

    So that's where this one ended. My dreams never fail to amuse and entertain me, and hopefully you, too. Now it’s time for me to forget!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Jill, Niki, Kim, Serena, Klaire, Laura, Eve, Cheyenne, Jessy and Sleepygirl

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