Tuesday, January 2, 2024

New Years Trigger - Hypnosis Log

Description: In the second session of the night the girls find themselves in another trance this time at a New Years Eve party.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:26 AM
SpaceBalls: The Disclaimer 2, now with more sleep. Do you?

[Sleepygirl comment: do i sleep? yes, frequently, especially in these sessions  ]
[Psyco Comment: Spaceballs 2! The search for more money! XD ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:27 AM
of course

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:27 AM
Still good!

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:31 AM
Good to go. ^^

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:31 AM
Good your tranced, SLEEP!
[Trigger bomb with all of their triggers over and over again]

[Sleepygirl comment: keep in mind, "sleep" would have been more than enough to knock me flat…]
[Hypnotist comment: the word SLEEP is not Sleepygirl’s trigger, she is just conditioned to react to anything in all caps said by me as if it were a trigger. Comes in very handy when I am feeling lazy.]

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:31 AM

[Ivy Comment: It was a sneak attack, wasn't it?!!]
[Hypnotist comment: Yes. ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:31 AM
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:32 AM

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:32 AM
Startled Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:32 AM
surprised, relaxed

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:32 AM
and how deep are you now ladies?

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:32 AM

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:32 AM
225% Master.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:33 AM
100 ish cant tell

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:33 AM
good girls
Just allow yourself to get
into a comfortable position
a place wher eyou can just
focus on my words
and allow yoruself to just
drift away
more and more deeply
deeply down
into that wonderfully familiar
little trance
that you enjoy so much
everything else just seems to fade away
just seems to
from your mind
as your body just
into what ever it is you are sitting on
and your mind just opens
and you let yoruself just
deeper and deeper
down into my words
inot a nice deep hypnotic sleep
you can do that again can't you ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:35 AM

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:35 AM

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:35 AM
Yes Master.

[Hypnotist’s Note: Since this is the second trance of the night for the girls I’m not surprised they are as deep as they are to begin with or that Psyco is already calling me ‘master’]
[Sleepygirl Comment: that...explains a lot. i mean trigger bombing me would knock me that deep, i think, but given that information it's no wonder im almost at 500k]
[Hypnotist comment: A depth of about 500,000 for Sleepygirl is very deep, and about half way to her usual depth for a session like this.]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:35 AM
very good, doing so well for me again.
and as you sink down
you find that you are
at a party
a lot of people
all standing around
talking and dancing
finding it to be
but energized
that is a tingle in the air
an aura of excitement
it is after all
new year eve
and we all love a good party
at the end of the year
a reason to simply
let go for a bit
and celebrate our victories for the year
and learn from our mistakes
and then to forget both as we just dance and drink
the night away
you can see that now can't you ladies?

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:37 AM

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:37 AM

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:37 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:37 AM
good girl
you can find that as the night goes on
you forget more and more about th erest of the year
and ismply focus on dancing
and talking
and enjoying yourself.
that is of course
until it starts
the count down
the end of the year
it's the one time that everyone
seems to focus on the same thing
where everytin gjust
drops what they are doing.
and just watches the time
tick away slowly
feeling the excitement
the anticipationg
knowing what will happen.
knowing exactly how it ends
it is after all the same
from year to year
but yet there is something special
something that just pulls you in
and now you are ready
the time is finally here
ready to yell
ready to celebrate
but instead of a shout
instead of a scream
instead of cheers and party
you find that as the new year turns
your mind simply goes
empty and void
you've simply
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:41 AM

[Ivy Comment: .....ok, this is coming back to me now.... and yes, that response was very.... Accurate. ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:41 AM

[Sleepygirl Comment: may have briefly ended up there again ]

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:41 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:41 AM
the people around you are all
cheering nad celebrating
kissing and congratulating each other
but here you stand
arms at your sides
something left in your mind
something you didn't know was there
has activated
a trigger
a hypnotic suggestion

[Sleepygirl Comment: not wasting any time pushing buttons here are you… ]
[Hypnotist comment: never put off for tomorrow what you can push today ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:41 AM
you don't know how long it was there
or who put it there
but as the clock counted down
your mind shut down
and here you are
standing in a room of cheering
screaming people
as the familiar new years song plays
slowly in the back ground
but you don't notice it.
you are blank
you are helpless
and you have suggestions to obey
don't you now ladies

[Sleepygirl Comment: *Shivers*]
[Psyco Comment: Can I get an amen! *Bites lower lip* ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:44 AM

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:44 AM

[Ivy Comment: Whoaw!! You REALLY came at ALL the buttons, didn't you!??? ]

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:44 AM
Yes Master, must obey.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:44 AM
Without so much as a thought
your body seems to rotate,
turning raound completely
your champaign class falling form your hand
spilling out on the floor

[Ivy Comment: Oooooooo, I like this VERY much!!!! ]
[Sleepygirl Comment: it's a nice touch right? ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:44 AM
it's plastic so it barely makes a noise
but it spills out
unonticed in the party
unnoticed just like you
slowly walking through the crowd
your mind empty
and blank
just a void
just a drone
followering their orders
making your way to a private room
a nice quite little space
in the back of the party
as you move through the crowd
a party goer comes up and wishes you
a happy new year
and give you a nice big kiss
before moving on to the next person
they didn't even notice
that you didn't respond
no so much as a blink
no one notices
no one notices you move to the door
and open it.
and slip away into the room
how does that make you feel ladies?

[Psyco Comment: Does this count as an Irish goodbye? ]
[Hypnotist Comment: I’ll admit I don’t get that reference… do the Irish just leave? ]

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:47 AM
focused and very aroused

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:47 AM
Sneaky and Obedient Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:47 AM
empty, aroused, helpless to obey

[Sleepygirl comment: yeah im...close to gone]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:47 AM
and how deep are you now ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:48 AM
i see 225-230

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:48 AM
683% Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:48 AM

[Hypnotist’s note: all three are about half to 2/3rds to their maximum depth, which isn’t bad at all!]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:48 AM
good girls
so deep
so blank
you knowin the back of your mind
that oyu will obey.

[Sleepygirl Comment: just going to keep driving that point home while im fuzzy arent you… ]
[Hypnotist comment: That would be the best time to do that yes. ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:48 AM
as the door closes behind you
the room is lit only by a fireplace
an dthere is a person sitting next to the fire
the warm glow shines across their form
they are, very attractive
in all the ways that make you
melt for a person.
they smile at you
and comment that
they were hoping their little... suggestion
would still be active in your mind
They don't bother to get up.
they just sit and watch you
helplessly approach
staring out in to the void
lit by the fire.
they smile
they comment that they know
you don't remember them giving you this suggestion
they know you forgot.
but they didn't forget
and they have been waiting.
how does that make you feel now ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:51 AM
excited and very curious

[Ivy comment: Reading this now I don't believe "excited" is the correct term, "allured" is more like it! ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:51 AM
more hepless, more empty

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:51 AM
Incredibly aroused and obedient Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:51 AM
they finally stand up
their face illuminated by the fire.
for the first time you are able to see their face.
see if they are someone you know,
someone you've fantasized about
or if they are... unfamiliar to you
maybe someone you forgot
someone you don't remember meeting.
your mind tries to figure out how this happened
how you ended up..
but before you can
you hear them whisper
inot your ear
and your mind turns off
your eyes close
but only in your mind
and your head falls to your chest
they stop you from falling
and keep you standing on your feet
head down
mind off
and whisper
you are under my control...
you were always... under my control...
you will obey...
you cannot resist...
how does that make you feel now ladies

[Sleepygirl comment: thats...so damn sexy… ]
[Ivy Comment: It's that "you were always....under my control" line that just.....~shivers~ ]

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:54 AM
super aroused

[Ivy comment: ...... yeah, I'm going to need a minute after that last part..... ~Passes out blissfully~]

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:54 AM
Cannot resist, Must obey Master.

[Psyco comment: Not going to lie... Might have said this out loud as I read it. ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:54 AM
helpless, obedient, aroused

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:55 AM
you feel them oving around you
sliding their hands along your body
along yoru form
tilting your head up
and whispering
that they have been waiting for this
all year long
you feel them kiss you
the kiss feels familiar
not simply the person
but the helplessness along with it.
they release your head
and it falls to your chest
and that triggers a memory
a memory of last year
sitting at the bar
chatting with this person
and enthralling
they have a way about them
a way of talking
a way of speaking that just
draws you in.
your completely focused on them.
everything else is gone
as you just listen to their every word.
You ladies know that's like, don't you now?

[Sleepygirl comment: almost like its kind of happening right now ]

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 2:57 AM
oh yeeeesss

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 2:57 AM
Yes Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 2:57 AM
yyes master

[Hypnotist Note: Sleepygirl’s back down to ‘Master’ levels]
[Sleepygirl comment: and far too gone to care ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 2:57 AM
their words draw youi n so completely
that you didn't even notice the count down begin
they just kept staring
into your eyes
counting for you
their face clear as day in your mind
their voice echoing in your ears
number after number
their countdown is all that matters
their voice
all you need
you'd do anything they asked...
and then with a snap...
they tell you to simply...
and the world goes dark
you feel yourself falling
bu tthey catch you
like they did tonight
your mind is open
ready to recieve suggestions
isn' tit ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:00 AM
yes master

[Hypnotist’s Note: and now Ivy is down, three out of three. Gotta love it!]
[Ivy comment: Heck, I'd say it again now ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:00 AM
yesss master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:00 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:00 AM
you remember them speaking...
remember them whispering into your ear
the background celebration
is so far away
you don't even notice it.
you listen only to their words
you feel them lift your head
and you slowly rise from your seat at the bar
and follow
step by step
being lead
being guided
a single finger under your chin
guides you forward
like a pet
like a drone
eyes closed
unable to know where your going
only trusting that they
will lead you
they will guide you
they will show you where to go
and what to do.
how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:02 AM
so controlled master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:03 AM
empty, help,ess master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:03 AM
Puppet-tiered Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:03 AM
very good ladies...
and how deep are you onw?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:04 AM

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:04 AM
900% Master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:04 AM

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:04 AM
good girls
you feel yoruself entering a small room
with a roaring fire
it's warm and inviting
and hear them whisper into yoru ear.
wha they say doesn't seem to register,
doesn't seem to be heard
not by your mind
but you find your eyes
opening up.
and see the person
the person controlling you
smilng at you
a confident
pleased smile.
your not sure if this is happening now
or a memory
but your mind is too blank to care
you see them raising their hands
and as they do
your own hands mimic their moves
their motiongs
the move around and you match their every movement
your a puppet on their strings
helpless to resist
isn't that right ladies

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:07 AM
yes master helpless

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:07 AM
Yes Master, cannot resist.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:07 AM
yes master, just ab puppet

[Sleepygirl comment: shivers from what i remember of this...i was very much a puppet ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:07 AM
they move you around the room.
your body swaying and dancing
there is amusci in the far distance
but it doesn't seem to be connected to the dance
no your being moved
not for a song
but for a show
they are making you twist
and shake
making you move
and dance
not for the sake of it
but for the show of it
moving you in ways that make you
show off your form
sedcutive and alluring ways
all the while you are blank
you are helpless
you are unable to resist.
as they dance you around the room
more and more seductively
more flirtaiously.
until they simply sit on the bed
and smile
and move thier hands
like they are pulling you in
by a rope
or a leash
at first you simply
and then you feel it
a tug
a pull
something have you
they have you
and you can't help but take
after step
you feel that don't you ladies

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:10 AM
yes yes master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:10 AM
yess master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:10 AM
Yes Master, reeled in.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:11 AM
step by step,
you get closer
and closer to them
the pull is so strong
you simply
can't resist
you simply
can't break fre
they have you
and you konw it.
and more importantly
by the look on their face
they know it too.
you feel them pull you in
reeling you in
right up to them
leaning you down
so they can steel a kiss
and pull you onto the bed with them.
and you can't help but fall
into whatever they have in store.
after all
you can't resist.
isn't that right ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:13 AM
yes master cant resist

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:13 AM
yes master cant resist

[Sleepygirl comment: yep..fully gone at this point ]

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:13 AM
Yes Master, cannot resist.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:13 AM
you feel them pull you down
and slide on top of you
massaging every inch of yoru body
one by one
it feels so familiar
yet at the same time
completley new
as they kiss you
and slowly
remove your clothing
piece by piece
you won't need them
after all
it only gets in the way
as piece after piece is removed
oyu can't help but feel their skin
along yours
smooth and warm
there is a passion to their touch,
an aggression.
how does that make you feel ladies?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:15 AM
excited master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:15 AM
aroused master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:15 AM
Pliant for Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:16 AM
they seem to know exactly where to touch
exactly how to touch
to stimulate you
to make your body shiver
and shake
to warm you up in all of those
special ways
for an instant you can't help but wonder
do they know you this well
or did they tell you this would feel good
did they simply decide
what kind of touch
waht kind of caress
what kind of kiss
would make the most impact on you
would stimulate you the most

[Sleepygirl comment: damn that pushed buttons in ways i didnt expect ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:16 AM
the thought seems intoxicating
but then the touch
moves to a new
more pleasurable spot
and the wave of pleasure washes away
any lingering thoughts
you hear them whisper
that you are being naughty
your not allowed to think
they will think for you
you must simply
isn't that right ladies

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:18 AM
I must obey Master.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:18 AM
yes master simply obey

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:18 AM
yes master, must obey

[Sleepygirl comment: i may have...um...whispered this..a little… ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:18 AM
your world seems to shift
as the fleeting thought
and you respond to their touch
moving witht hem
touching them
kissing them
you somehow seem to know
exactly where to go
what to touch
what to caress
to stimulate them
a soft whisper in your ear
too faint to make out
seems to guide you hands
seems to guide you touch
your caress
even in this
they control you
shape your movements
and ti isn't long before
you find yoruself making a very
very special connection with them
with their body
and yours
that feels so wonderful doesn't it ladies

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:20 AM
oh yes master!

[Ivy comment: Me, the internet is reading this! ]
[hypnotist comment: that is something to consider here, for context. They all know that these logs will be read, they are so far gone that they simply… don’t care.]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:20 AM
yyes master so good

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:21 AM
Yes Master, very much so.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:21 AM
your body moves in time with thiers
your breathing increases
you feel them warming up
shaking and shivering
pushing you deeper
and deeper
every movement builds a pleasure
a desire
a passion deep inside of you
something that you simply
can't resist
something that has to be
something that has to be answered
a kiss on your neck
and a whisper into your ear
and find that thie pleasure
simply flows over you
from head to toe
and back again
releasing and shivering
realizing this was
exactly what you needed
exactly what you want
what you were called here...
no ... what you were commanded
to do here.
and that realization
makes the wave of pleasure
so much deeper
so much more
powerful now
doesn't it ladies.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:23 AM
yes master!!!

[Ivy comment: .....oh, I can't fault me for that answer, it's too true ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:23 AM
yyess master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:23 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:24 AM
you can't resist it
you simply oby the orders that you are given
nothing else matters to you
you need only to obey
and as the night lingers on
you do just that.
using your body for their pleasure
being controlled
being manipulated
guided by a whisper you can never quite make out
told where to touch
where to move
told what feels good
wnat what makes you melt
they simply guide you through the evening
and the wave
after wave of pleasure
again and again
until the slightest hint of sunlight
starts to peek through the closed windows
and you feel them land on the bed nest to you
with a smile and laugh
and kiss you
before looking into yoru eyes and whispering
you will obey
you will always obey
isn't that right ladies

[Sleepygirl comment: also very...very damn sexy...to say nothing of the response it got ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:26 AM
yes master, i will always obey

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:26 AM
yes master i will a;ways obey!!

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:27 AM
Yes Master, always obey.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:27 AM
very good ladies.
how do you feel?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:27 AM

[Ivy comment: I was concerned I was going to say "excited" again... Tranced out me is not as verbally creative ]
[Sleepygirl comment: tranced me is rarely verbally creative when it comes to one word answers,...they're going to be the same because it's literally all that's going through my head ]
[Hypnotist comment: Literate people problems ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:28 AM
obedient, controlled, gone

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:28 AM
Deeply aroused and euphoric Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:28 AM
good girls
you feel the one that controlled you
the one that guided you
simple lean in and whisper
that now you will sleep
now you will simply
drift away
but you will always remember the call
always remember the pull
the control
and that when it happens
you will simply
submit to it
simply surrender to it.
and obey
after all
you do want this person to control you again
don't you?

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:29 AM
yes master

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:30 AM
yes maste ri do

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:30 AM
Yes Master, very much so.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:30 AM
good girls.
you feel them slide way from you
and the world fading away
as you drift more deeply
more completely
down to sleep
but just before they leave
you hear the whisper...
Happy new year...
I'll see you on valentines day...
and then the world goes quiet
and your mind drifts away
and dreams
and fantasizes about
what they might mean
by that.
and for now you can simply
sit here
and relax
and rest
and wonder...
how do you feel ladies?

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:32 AM
empty, obwdient

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:32 AM
spent an d oh so satified master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:32 AM
Satisfied and obedient Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:33 AM
good girls
and how deep are you now?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:33 AM
500 mabe more

[Ivy comment: ~stares~ WOW!]
[hypnotist comment: for context, 510 is the deepest Ivy has ever been, and that was in private.]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:33 AM

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:34 AM
1260% Master.

[Hypnotist’s Note: I’m not entirely sure but I’m pretty sure this is either the deepest, or second deepest for all three of them for one of these sessions. Not a bad nights work if I do say so myself!]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:34 AM
very good ladies
your all
very deep
even for you
isn't that right?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:34 AM
yes master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:34 AM
yes master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:34 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:35 AM
and yoiur all
very helpless
and open now
aren't you ladies

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:35 AM
yes master

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:35 AM
yes master helpless open

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:35 AM
Yes Master, very much so.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:36 AM
good girls, and what does that make you now?

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:36 AM
Master's mindless Thrall.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:36 AM
your thrall master

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:37 AM
controlled thralls master

[Achievement Unlocked: Gratuitous Ego Stroking!]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:37 AM
very good, I think the answer is clear
but it's fun to ask anyways.
who do you obey thralls?

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:38 AM
You Master.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:38 AM
obey you master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:38 AM
i obey you master

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:38 AM
good girls.
and what was your favorite part of the evening thrall?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:39 AM
the blankness master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:39 AM
Mindlessly walking through the crowd, both sides unaware of the other Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:40 AM
being manipulated like a puppet master

[Sleepygirl comment: that was a good answer… ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:40 AM
good girls
and how did you like the idea, of being a present, for someone special... someone that needs to only kiss you, to open their present

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:41 AM
Okay with it Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:41 AM
i like the idea very much master

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:41 AM
throughly enjoyed it master!

[Hypnotist’s note: this was from the previous session that night]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:42 AM
Would you like a little suggestion, dropped in your mind, for the holiday season to allow someone to, open up that gift that you have become?

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:42 AM
Yes please Master.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:43 AM
oh yess but only person of my chosi ng

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:43 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:43 AM
[Note: Suggestions removed for their privacy]

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:45 AM
very much sense master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:45 AM
yes master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:45 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:46 AM
[Note: More suggestions removed for their privacy]

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:47 AM
yes master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:47 AM
yes master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:48 AM
Yes Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:48 AM
good girls
this suggestionwill stay activein your mind.
until you either grow tired of it.
or until the day after christmas
then it will fade
and you will finally remember that it was there

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:49 AM
yes master

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:49 AM
yes master understood

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:49 AM
Yes Master, until after Christmas.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:50 AM
good girls
any questions about this?

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:50 AM
no master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:50 AM
No Master.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:53 AM
no master

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:53 AM
good girls
in a moment my thralls
you will go to bed
and sleep
and dream
following the suggestions you were given
but when you wake up
the last thing you'll remember about tonight
was the sleigh bells
and drifting away
you'll know the night was long.
but you won't seem to be able to remember what happened
reading the logs will be like the first time
and when you get to the end
and give your stamp of approval
you'll find that you simply
so that when you see it posted
it will be like new to you.

[Ivy comment: Ah, drat. ]
[Sleepygirl comment: well that was nice while it lasted...]
[Pscyo Comment: Mmmmmmmm~ Forget~ ]

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:55 AM
Yes Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:55 AM
yes master

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:55 AM
yes master understood

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:56 AM
good girls
and as always if someone activates it that you don't trust, you are always free to VETO out of it. even if you simply say VETO in your mind. understand?

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:57 AM
yes master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:57 AM
Yes Master.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:57 AM
yes master  i undesrstand

[Hypnotist’s Note: Despite removing the suggestions they were given from the log, I decided to leave this part as an example of how to help your subjects feel safe.]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:57 AM
good girls
how are you feeling?

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 3:57 AM
wonderfully trancey

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 3:57 AM
calm, floating, controlled

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 3:58 AM
Spacy and obedient Master.

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 3:58 AM
good girl
would you like to say anything to our viewers, before you are sent to bed,  something naughty, something seductive perhaps thralls

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 4:00 AM
yes i would - with so much naughtiness, have you been good enough to open such a special gift??

[Ivy comment: I suspect I know what I was going for here. ]

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 4:00 AM
too spacey to come up with something master

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 4:01 AM
Yes Master.
I am Master's obedient Thrall, I belong to him.

[Psyco Comment: I fully and fervently believed this statement when I said it, Hell, I'm not too far from it now~ ]
[Hypnotist Comment: I’m fine with that =cP ]

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 4:01 AM
good girls.
you will obey my thrall
you will go to bed
and dream a very
very steamy dream
Won't you my thrall

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 4:02 AM
Yes Master.

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 4:02 AM
oooooooo yes master

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 4:02 AM
yes master

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 4:03 AM
good girls
any last thoughts before you sleep?

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 4:03 AM
No Master.

SleepyGirl — 11/21/2023 4:03 AM
no master

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 4:03 AM
blank blank spacey trancey blank

Sleepyhypno — 11/21/2023 4:03 AM
good girls
thank you for your assistance this evening.
I really appreicate it.
but now you have orders to follow.
off to bed with you thralls
good night

Ivy Wilde — 11/21/2023 4:04 AM
gnight master!

Psyco Turnip — 11/21/2023 4:04 AM
Yes Master, good night.

Happy New Years!

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