Thursday, December 28, 2023

Sleigh Bells - Hypnosis Session Log

Sleight Bells - Hypnosis Session Log

Key: MD, MC,

Description: A group of young women get together with me to help me write a script for a hypnosis video, but end up feeling far more compliant than they anticipated.

SleepyHypno 12:33 AM
Alright time for SpaceBalls: The Disclaimer.   Do you consent?

Ivy 12:34 AM
Yes, how can I NOT

SleepyGirl 12:34 AM
how can i say no to that?

[Sleepygirl comment: you can't say no to a Spaceballs disclaimer :cP ]

Psyco 12:34 AM
*Gif of Neil DeGrass Tyson saying yes basically*

SleepyGirl 12:34 AM
(but yes of course i do)

SleepyHypno 12:34 AM
Close enough for me =cP

Ivy 12:34 AM
Anything for you, Neil!!!

Psyco 12:34 AM
Absolutely ready.

SleepyHypno 12:38 AM
Ok lets get going, Pick a number 1, 2, or 3 first person to get closest wins.

Ivy 12:38 AM

SleepyGirl 12:38 AM

Psyco 12:38 AM

SleepyHypno 12:39 AM
Ivy would you please knock out Sleepygirl and Psyco.

 Ivy 12:39 AM
Submitting multiple votes, Psyco, very Chicago of you
[SleepyGirl and Psyco’s Triggers repeated a few times]

SleepyHypno 12:39 AM
thank you.  Ladies how do you feel?

SleepyGirl 12:40 AM

Psyco 12:40 AM
Loose Sir.

SleepyHypno 12:40 AM
Good girls,  now trigger bomb Ivy

Ivy 12:40 AM
o h oh

Psyco 12:40 AM
[Ivy’s Trigger about 10 times]

SleepyGirl 12:41 AM
[Ivy’s Trigger about 10 more times]

[Ivy Comment: 20 times??!!!! No wonder I barely remember this]
[Sleepygirl Comment: cue innocent whistles]
[Ivy Comment: ~glare~]
[Sleepygirl Comment: what? i was hardly in a position to disagree :cP ]
[Psyco Comment: I was just doing what I was told. ;p ]

SleepyHypno 12:41 AM
Very good, how do you feel Ivy?

Ivy 12:41 AM

SleepyHypno 12:41 AM
Very good,
Just allow yourself to get
into a comfortable position
a place where you can simply
allow yourself to relax
and focus on my words
Just feel the world around you
fading away
as your muscles
just let go
and you sink
and gently
into whatever it is that you are
or laying on now.
and as your body relaxes
just let your mind
all the way down
deeper and deeper
down into a nice
hypnotic sleep
you can do that can't you ladies?

Ivy 12:42 AM

SleepyGirl 12:42 AM

Psyco 12:42 AM
Yes Sir.

SleepyHypno 12:43 AM
That's it, doing so very well.
and as your mind
slips away
into this deep hypnotic sleep
the world around you seems ot just
fade away
and a new world
starts to take it's place
you find yourself outside
all bundled up
on a cold december evening.
the sun is starting to set
over the horizon
and there is a cold
wintery breeze
blowing across your skin
but despite the cold
there is a peace in the air
a calm feeling
there are people moving about
busily down the street
and the christmas lights
are starting to turn on and twinkle
it's very... calming
and relaxing
just let yourself take in the scene
and relax
you can see that can't you ladies?

[Ivy Comment: This is a nice scene ]
[Sleepygirl Comment: I was just about to say the same thing! very relaxing ]
[Psyco Comment: Amen! ]

Ivy 12:45 AM

SleepyGirl 12:45 AM

Psyco 12:45 AM
Yes Sir.

SleepyHypno 12:45 AM
very good
just let it become clear in your mind
what is it that you find the most
relaxing about this scene in front of you now ladies?

Ivy 12:46 AM
the twinkling lights

SleepyGirl 12:46 AM
thw twinkling lights

Psyco 12:46 AM
The cold twilight Sir.

SleepyHypno 12:46 AM
Those are all very good answers
there are so many things at christmas
that are unique to that time of year
so many wonderful things to help you just
relax and let go for a while.
but you are out on this chilly winter twilight
for a very specific reason
you are going on a sleigh ride
a little tour of the frozen country side.
and as you stand there breathing in the cold
crisp air
you notice your horse and sleigh
pull to you.
the horse is large and strong
but friendly
and the driver gives you a wink and a nod
and helps you climb into the sleigh
it's a very comfortable seat
with a nice thick blanket to help keep you warm
made of your favorite material
thick and sturdy
and you can just feel it
feel it's weight
feel it warmth
as you wrap it around you
and the horse starts to pull the sleigh
out into the twilight.
how does this make you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:49 AM
surprisingly cozy for it being cold

SleepyGirl 12:49 AM
calm, cozy

[Sleepygirl Comment: this was a very...cozy beginning :c) ]

Psyco 12:49 AM
Right at home Sir.

SleepyHypno 12:50 AM
It is very cozy and calm, and familiar for you.
as the sleigh moves through the country side
you can't help but notice the soothing sounds
of the sleigh bells
Sleigh bells have a very
uniqure tone to them
they don't sound like other bells
they jingle softly as the horse pulls forward
and you find that you just start
to lean and watch the view
the sun light disappearing over the horizon
house after house
with their lights coming on
some of them steady and solid
some of them blinking randomly
others have a chasing pattern
that just makes you follow them with your eyes
almost trying to beat the lights
to race them to their destination
only to catch yourself doing it and smile
and relax
and all the while the bells
jingle slowly
and gently
as it gets darker
and darker now
how do you feel ?

Ivy 12:52 AM
cozy and sleepy

[Ivy Comment: I really was, this last paragraph was a very effective slow descent for me ]

SleepyGirl 12:52 AM
comfortable, relaxed

Psyco 12:53 AM
Safe and warm Sir

SleepyHypno 12:53 AM
doing so well ladies.  so relaxed and calm
as the ride goes on,
you barely notice that you have stopped
thinking about the sights around you
that you are more or less just
sitting back
and watching the world
pass you buy.
your own thoughts seem to have been drowned out
by the jingle of the bells

[Sleepygirl Comment: the combination of the bells and watching the lights was...very effective ]

SleepyHypno 12:53 AM
echoing slowly
in your mind.
there is a rhytm to them.
a steady
jingle, tingle, jingle, tingle
that you find yourself just
slipping into
so easily
so gently
it's like everything else
just fades away
you don't even realize that you've stopped
paying attention to the scenery
that you've stopped
watching the lights
just breathing slowly
and steadily
as you listen to the bells...
you can hear the bells can't you ladies?

[Sleepygirl Comment: may or may not be slightly hearing those now ]
[Ivy Comment: Saaaaaaaaaaaaame! ]
[Hypnotist Comment: for those playing the home game, both of the participants have been hypnotized by reading the log of the session that hypnotized them earlier. Carry on. ]

Ivy 12:55 AM

SleepyGirl 12:55 AM

Psyco 12:55 AM
Yes Sir.

SleepyHypno 12:55 AM
how do they make you feel?

Ivy 12:56 AM

SleepyGirl 12:56 AM
fuzzy, drown everything else out

Psyco 12:56 AM
Soothed Sir.

[Psyco Comment: Sleigh bells have always had a very soothing ring to me. ]

SleepyHypno 12:56 AM
thats it, doing so well now.
you don't even feel the sleigh,
make turn after turn
and slowly move down a dark country road
the lights seem to have faded away
as you feel your body just bouncing softly
limp and relaxed
your face has lost it's expression
and your just
staring off into space
dazed and zoned out
just calm
and empty
your mind filled only with the sound
of the bells jingling
and easily
again and again
drowning out everything else...
and just letting you become empty
and blank
and so deeply relaxed
how deep are you now ladies?

Ivy 12:58 AM

SleepyGirl 12:58 AM

Psyco 12:58 AM

SleepyHypno 12:59 AM
good girls, doing so well now.
your not sure how long the sleigh ride lasts
you don't really need to worry about it
you forgot you were even on the sleigh
all you remember
all you notice
is the jingles of the bells
you barely notice that sleigh comes to a stop
but the sound of the bells continues
The drive steps out of the sleigh
holding one of the bells
and jingling is softly
in perfect time
they start to move away
and you find taht your body
just seems to follow
rising up out of your chair
removing the warm thick blanket
and following the sound
step by step
jingle, jingle
you follow the sound
the cold air doesn't even register.
you simply follow
step after step
how does that make you feel ladies?

SleepyGirl 1:01 AM
dazed, empty

Ivy 1:01 AM

Psyco 1:02 AM
Dazed Sir.

SleepyHypno 1:02 AM
Very good ladies,
Doing so very well.
as you walk
you barely notice the sound of the snow
beneath your feet
changing to the sound of wooden planks
you don't notice when the cold windy air
turns into a warm quiet cabin
with only the sound of a crackling fire
and the bells
you simply follow the bells.
step by step
until you find yourself standing
in front of a christmas tree
the sound of the bells continues to move around you
as the lights come on
chasing around the tree
slowly in a circle
the gets smaller
and smaller
and smaller
every time
down into the middle
and then a bright flash of all the lights at once
and then you just
feel yoruself sinking down
as the lights start again
round and round
and deeper
and deeper
you can feel that pulling you in now
so easily
so deeply
can't you ladies?

SleepyGirl 1:05 AM

Ivy 1:05 AM
yes yes

Psyco 1:06 AM
Yes Master.

[Hypnotist Note: Psycho always the first to call me master =c) ]

SleepyHypno 1:06 AM
the lights just seem to pull you in
more and more deeply
as the sound of the bells fade away
the lights have you now
flashing and chasing
you feel your coat being removed
sliding off of your body
it almost feels
to have it fall away
it was so heavy
and thick
you feel almost lighter
more care free
as the lights swirl you down
more and more deeply
your knitted hat is removed

[Psyco Comment: Toque Dammit! Legit this line nearly woke me up. ]
[Hypnotist comment: Toque (I had to look it up) is a type of hat. I wouldn’t have ever known this was a thing, or to use it. But apparently it didn’t really hurt past this point in the script. ]

and you feel the cool air of the cabin
against your scalp
slightly wet from sweating in the hat
but soothing
and relaxing
to feel your hair exposed ot the air
it's so
so peaceful
just watching the lights
and listening to the fire
how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 1:08 AM

SleepyGirl 1:09 AM
blank, floating

[Sleepygirl Comment: accurate description is accurate ]

Psyco 1:09 AM
Detached but mesmerized Master.

SleepyHypno 1:09 AM
good girls
but as you stand there
staring at the lights
you feel their hands
sliding along yoru body
and removing more and more
of your clothes
feeling your top
being pulled up and over your head
yoru arms going up
and loosing sight of the lights
for just a second
before they return
and your arms fall
limp and helpless
to your sides
you feel your pants being undone
and your shoes being untied
feeling the material of your clothes
sliding down your legs
inch by inch
taking care to enjoy the feel of your legs
as they lower your pants
little by little
down your legs
down to your ankles
before gently lifting your foot
and settping you out of your pants and your shoes
one by one
how does this make you feel ladies?

Psyco 1:11 AM
Liberating Master.

Ivy 1:12 AM
mannequin like

[Ivy Comment: Not the stiff mannequins, the ones that are easy to pose, almost like marionettes or figures with armature wiring in them. ]

SleepyGirl 1:12 AM
helpless, exposed

[Sleepygirl Comment: exposed for obvious reasons, but helpless i think just because of being continuously pulled in by one thing after another :cP ]

SleepyHypno 1:12 AM
do you likethis feeling?

SleepyGirl 1:12 AM

Ivy 1:12 AM

Psyco 1:12 AM
Yes Master.

SleepyHypno 1:13 AM
good girls
so deep and calm
the lights keeping you very relaxed
and blank
they slide their hands
up along your body
along your legs
along your back
along your chest
and your shoudlers
along your neck
slowly massaging
every inch of you
less for your relaxation
and more for thier enjoyment
but with yoru mind being so
and helpless
you can't help but feel how stimulating
how enticing
how exciting the feeling is
your body starts to react
starts to get excited
just a bit more now
with every cycle of the lights
and every touch of their hands
along your skin
exploring you
inch by inch
as you stare helplessly at the lights
you are helpless now, aren't you ladies?

Ivy 1:15 AM

[Ivy Comment: I forgot how good this was! ]

SleepyGirl 1:15 AM

Psyco 1:15 AM
Yes Master, helpless.

SleepyHypno 1:16 AM
good girls, just let go,  and sink
as you stare into the lights
they move their hands to your most
sensitive of places
the place that stimluates
and excite you
the most
your more private and intimate of places
despite how deep you are
how blank and helpless
you can't help but let a small moan
slip out of your lips
letting them know they ahve found their spot
they expertly start to massage
along the spot
every swirl of their finger
every sqeeze of their hand
timed with the lights

[Sleepygirl Comment: that is...a hell of a combination shivers ]

SleepyHypno 1:16 AM
yoru pleasure is building
more and more
with each
and every
tiny little flash
each and every
swirl of the lights
as your pleasure goes
you fall deeper
and deeper down
down into the pleasure
down into helplessness
down into the void
as your pleasure builds
swirl after swirl
more and more deeply
how do you feel now ladies?

Ivy 1:19 AM

SleepyGirl 1:19 AM
helpless, blank, so aroused

[Sleepygirl comment: if i'm not completely gone by this point i probably will be soon ]

Psyco 1:20 AM
Deeply sinking Master.

SleepyHypno 1:20 AM
just feel their hand
stimulating you
more and more deeply
as the lights pull you down
you very quickly
reach a point where you simply
can't take it any longer
you have no resistance
no thought

[Sleepygirl Comment: stop hitting my buttons like that… ]
[Psyco Comment: mmmmph… Love the sensations that came with this. <3 ]

SleepyHypno 1:20 AM
and your body simply
lets go
and releases your tensoin
releases your pleasure
as you feel your captor
hold you close
to feel your body shiver
and shake
as you reach the logical climax
of their actions
but the pleasure
merges with the lights
so now every flash
every blink
takes you deeper
but makes you a bit more
a bit more
turned on
the deeper you sink
the more pleasurable you feel
isn't that right ladies.

Ivy 1:22 AM
yes yess

[Ivy Comment: Gee, if only we knew how I was feeling at that moment, hahahaha! ]

SleepyGirl 1:22 AM
yyes master

[Hypnotist Note: And Sleepygirl drops deep enough to call me master…]
[Sleepygirl Comment: surprised it took that long, honestly… ]

Psyco 1:22 AM
Ywes Master.

SleepyHypno 1:23 AM
good girls,
did you reach your,
logical climax of the situation?

Ivy 1:23 AM
mentally yes

SleepyGirl 1:23 AM
yes ,master

Psyco 1:23 AM
Yes Master.

SleepyHypno 1:24 AM
and how does this make you feel ladies

Ivy 1:24 AM
sooo goooood

Psyco 1:24 AM
Euphoric Master.

SleepyGirl 1:24 AM
good, more helpless

SleepyHypno 1:24 AM
and how deep are you now ladies?

Psyco 1:24 AM
362% Master.

Ivy 1:25 AM

SleepyGirl 1:25 AM

SleepyHypno 1:25 AM
very good
as you stand there
relaxing in the glow of the lights
the warm crackle of the fire
slowly warming you up
you hear the person
whisper into your ear
telling you that you are
that you were choosen
asked for
by someone who was very good
someone asked for you
for their christmas present
the idea barely registers in your mind
over the swirl of the lights
simply taking in the suggestions
taking in the words
you are going to focus on the lights
focus on the swirling
on the flashing
letting them take you down
blank and empty
deeper and deeper
all night long
and in the morning
someone very special
is going to arrive
you won't notice them arrive
won't notice they are there
looking at you
examining you
you will be trapped in the lights
as they swirl
how does that make you feel ladies?

Psyco 1:28 AM
Blank and on display Master

SleepyGirl 1:29 AM
helpless, blank

Ivy 1:29 AM
special , limp, good

SleepyHypno 1:29 AM
good girls, don't so very well.
but once the very special person
has decided they want to
unwrap their present
they will do so with a kiss
and you will find yourself
waking up
feeling so completely
so completely obedient
and loyal to them
willing to do whatever they want
willing to be
whatever they want
you are their gift
their special present
they choose you
and you will be theirs
for as long they would like.

[Sleepygirl Comment: it's almost like you know what buttons to push or something ]
[Hypnotist comment: I do indeed, know what buttons to push]

all of these words
simply drift into your mind
while you watch the lights
swirling around
sinking deeper and deeper
into your mind
you are a gift...
for someone special
aren't you ladies?

Ivy 1:31 AM

[Ivy Comment: Girl, have SOME chill! ]
[Sleepygirl Comment: where's the fun in that?! ]

SleepyGirl 1:31 AM
yes master

Psyco 1:31 AM
Yes Master.

SleepyHypno 1:32 AM
very good laides,
how does this make you feel
to be a gift for someone else?

Ivy 1:32 AM
very excited

SleepyGirl 1:32 AM
excited, special

Psyco 1:32 AM
Honoured Master.

SleepyHypno 1:32 AM
very good,
doing so very well.
And here you will stay
for a while
watching the lights
and awaiting the recipient
awaiting the person to whom you are gifted
and you will find
that for the next few nights
when you dream
when you sleep
you will feel that person
maybe someone you know
maybe someone you have a crush on
maybe a fantasy,
coming to you
watching you as you stare at the lights
and then kissing you
and then from there
you will be free to
explore your desires
expore your dreams
and your fantasies
and live out whatever romantic
or erotic
fantasies you'd like with them
deep in your mind
in your dreams
knowing you can come back here
any time you want
to get a little
mental boost
and to recharge the dream
and again
so you can enjoy being
a christmas gift
for someone special
how does that make you feel ladies?

SleepyGirl 1:36 AM
excited, helpless

Ivy 1:36 AM
warm cozy naughty special

Psyco 1:37 AM
Warm and wanted Master.

SleepyHypno 1:37 AM
very good ladies.
but for now
simply allow yourself to watch the lights
swirling slowly
and gently
taking you more and more
deeply down .
after all
you are a present
you are a gift
and gifts sometimes have to sit
under the tree
waiting to be opened
but after a few minutes
you'll find that you can wake up
relaxed and refreshed
eager to find out
who it might be
that opens you...
as you sleep in your dreams.
and when your ready to wake up
just allow yourself to take a deep slow breath
and tell me how you feel.

Ivy 1:42 AM
I'm feeling lighter, still warm, less tingly but it's still there.

SleepyHypno 1:43 AM
good,  are you awake?

Ivy 1:43 AM
Getting there
Ok, I believe I'm as awake as I'm going to get

[Ivy Comment: Awake enough to be conscious of my responses but still feeling fairly dazed, no usage of heavy equipment happening over here ]

SleepyGirl 1:45 AM
feeling warm and tingling a little still, and just kind of...calm

[Sleepygirl Comment: oh yeah there's no way i'm fully awake here ]

SleepyHypno 1:45 AM
good girls =c)

Ivy 1:45 AM
Ooooh, that felt nice

SleepyGirl 1:46 AM
it did

Psyco 1:46 AM
Body feels all loose.

[Psyco Comment: Not convinced I could have stood from my chair if I needed to. ]

SleepyHypno 1:46 AM
good girls,  did you have fun?

Psyco 1:47 AM
I did, very much so. ^^

SleepyGirl 1:47 AM
very much so, that was a good one

SleepyHypno 1:48 AM
The problem with winging this kind of thing is... i didn't have an ending worked out =cp

[Ivy Comment: Could have fooled me. ]
[Hypnotist Comment: Thank you =c)  ]

SleepyGirl 1:48 AM
it seemed to work well that way though

SleepyHypno 1:48 AM
yeha i came up with the ending on the fly, i didn't want to describe the encounter with the 'recipient' =cP

[Sleepygirl Comment: and you're quite good at winging it you know ]
[Hypnotist Comment: Thank you =c) ]

Psyco 1:49 AM
That was the right call.

SleepyGirl 1:49 AM

Ivy 1:49 AM
Yeah, good call

[Hypnotist Note: I had been trying to write a script involving Krampus for weeks and it just never worked in my head, so about an hour before I started this session I completely scrapped the idea came up with a brief premise and then just ran with it coming up with it as I went along.]

Psyco 1:50 AM
Although I enjoyed the premise I can't say I was a fan of these two lines.

you won't notice them arrive
won't notice they are there

Ivy 1:50 AM
Oddly enough, I didn't mind those lines

SleepyHypno 1:50 AM
oh, why is that?

Psyco 1:53 AM
Still a bit of a hang-up, I've gotten past the fictional display but not being watched if that makes sense.
It only loosely does to my brain.

SleepyHypno 1:54 AM
so yoru ok with being on display but want to know your being watched?

Psyco 1:56 AM
It's difficult to explain but despite absolutely loving being unaware of whatever compromised position I still don't like being....leered at? Not sure if thats the right word.

The wording made it feel like they were being creepy and not naughty? I don't know how to explain it. ^^;

Ivy 1:57 AM
If I may ask: was the recepient, in your mind, a stranger or did  you have someone in mind?

Psyco 1:57 AM
I had noone in mind.
So strnager, likely female but even thats uncertain in my brain.

Ivy 1:58 AM
I understand that, if it had been a stranger for me I would feel more of that creepy, predatory vibe

SleepyHypno 1:59 AM
I get what your saying about the wording, how would you have worded it so that it wouldn't be creepy?

Ivy 2:04 AM
If I may make a suggestion: maybe adding the word "admiring" rather than "examining"

Psyco 2:05 AM
And in the morning
Someone very special
Is going to arrive
You will remain blissful and blank
Unaware of the world around you
Trapped as you are in the flashing lights
They snare you deeper in their infinite swirl

Ivy 2:05 AM
"Examaning" feels very clinical, though I didn't think about that at the time

Psyco 2:05 AM
Ya, agreed on the examining.
Maybe just nix that line entirely?

SleepyHypno 2:06 AM
I updated the final script to show that change
any other comments?

Psyco 2:09 AM
None past that and excellent work my dude.

[Hypnotist’s Note: I left this little interaction in the script to prove a point. I have never once been shy about when I make a mistake in a script, this is something that will happen to every hypnotist at one point or another. You should always ask for feedback and if someone gives you feedback about something they didn’t like you should listen to them! Don’t get defensive, don’t argue it, listen! And from there you can learn how to better work with them. In this case, there was a line or two that made Psyco feel uncomfortable, but since this was a script going out to a large group, odds are she wouldn’t be the only one that would feel uncomfortable. So getting her feedback was really helpful!]

SleepyHypno 2:09 AM
Thank you, I had been beating my head into the wall for days to try and come up with something that worked and decided earlier to just say fuck it and do it live =cp

[Sleepygirl Comment: and, as expected, it worked much better ]
[Hypnotist Comment: I do in no way condone the absolute lack of planning that I put into these scripts as being the norm for an aspiring hypnotist. You should always have a plan! Always! Unless you’re me at which point your just hopeless. ]
[Psyco Comment: While I agree with this the main aspect that makes our dichotomy work is trust, it wasn't gained overnight or even within a week. It was fairly earned over months and years of interactions from the mundane to the hypersexualized. ]
[Psyco Comment Cont: Even if you or one of us blunders we know that we will be alright due to that trust in each other. Without question or exception trust is paramount to a hypnotist regardless of what side of the pendulum your swing.]
[Sleepygirl Comment: Agreed, we both know how long it took to build the rapport and trust and it's obviously not something that happens overnight. And the lack of planning isn't an issue because we know you're a good person who has our best interests at heart and will keep us safe. Hence the reason we trust you to copiously mess with our minds.]
[Hypnotist Comment: Awww thanks guys =c)  I would go into it a bit more in detail but they covered it pretty well. ]

SleepyGirl 2:10 AM
pat pat you're welcome  :cP

Ivy 2:10 AM
hm....what if, at the end, you can still hear jingle bells?
Or would that be more of a video edit thing?

SleepyHypno 2:11 AM
oh come on like im not going to add that little easter egg at the end =cp
yeah thats a video thing
like the siren's song at the end of the last one

Ivy 2:11 AM
Hey, just sayin'
yes, like that
Also, I'm noticing a LOT of spelling errors...I may not be as awake as I thought

[Ivy Comment: I was just thinking that, me!]

SleepyGirl 2:11 AM
very much like that

SleepyHypno 2:11 AM
How deep are you ladies?

Ivy 2:12 AM
I don't know, I really thought I had woken up

SleepyGirl 2:12 AM
125,000...i knew i wasnt toally awake

[Sleepygirl Comment: not totally awake is an understatement, i didn't expect to be that gone already]
[Hypnotist Comment: at the depth she is showing she would be deep enough to start experiencing a hypnotic fantasy and believe it was real. She is essentially at this point in a state of waking trance. She is basically hypnotized, but ‘told’ to be awake so she appears to be. And I suspect she is not the only one.]

SleepyHypno 2:13 AM
I knew you weren't awake =cp
and i suspect ivy isn't either, not fully.
psyco how about you,

SleepyGirl 2:13 AM
who? me? i told you i was only mostly awake :cP

Psyco 2:14 AM
Brain went into critical thinking mode so I'm reasonably sure I'm awake. ;p

SleepyHypno 2:14 AM
are you ladies up for another session? or do you need to head to bed?

Ivy 2:15 AM
There's MORE?

SleepyGirl 2:15 AM
im good for another one

Psyco 2:16 AM
How long is it?

SleepyHypno 2:16 AM
shrugs usual session is about and hour or so,
im winging this one completely =cp

Ivy 2:17 AM
I suspect, if you're going for it, that you feel a bit more than a bit confident int he premice
blink ah drat
anyway, yeah, I'm good

Psyco 2:19 AM
Go for it. ^^

SleepyHypno 2:19 AM
so your all up for it?

SleepyGirl 2:20 AM
that seems to be the consensus

Ivy 2:20 AM
A gaggle of agreement

[Ivy Comment: Readers, there was a comment about a "gaggle" earlier, this was me cycling back to it.]
[Sleepygirl Comment: spoilers! or...actually inside jokes...something like that… ]

Psyco 2:20 AM

SleepyHypno 2:21 AM
good anything you want to say to the viewers of the christmas log before we end it? [General trigger to make the following suggestion slip into their mind:] make it something flirty

[Sleepygirl Comment: makes a note to needle the hypnotist about what this trigger is...just for fun]
[Hypnotist comment: Sleepygirl does not remember reading this script, and if she is reading it now she will forget once it is done. So my secret is safe.]

Ivy 2:22 AM
Here's one gift you won't want to wait until Christmas to unwrap!

Psyco 2:22 AM
Make it something flirty.

Be sure to jingle the right bells~

[Hypnotist note: you can see Psyco repeat the suggestion before acting on it!]
[Psyco Comment: *Shrugs* My brain latched onto Jedi mind tricks and refuses to let go.]
[Hypnotist Note: The original suggestion give for this trigger included the phrasing that it would work like the ‘Jedi Mind trick’  and honestly it’s sexy as hell to see!]

SleepyGirl 2:22 AM
if you've been extra good, this will be the best present you get

SleepyHypno 2:23 AM
good girls =c)
merry christmas everyone =cP


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