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Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 2

Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 2

Key: FD, MC, Sleep

Description: Rayne visits Laura with more than just small talk in mind. 

        Laura was sitting inside of her dorm room working at her computer, absentmindedly tapping her foot to her favorite song that only she could hear in the back of her mind. Luckily for her a knock at the door interrupted the ear worm stuck in her head. “Come on in!” she shouted as she swiveled to look at the door. 

        The door opened a crack as Rayne poked her head inside. “Hey, you mind some company?” she said softly, almost timidly. 

        “Not at all!” Laura said, happily slamming the lid of her laptop down. “Whadda ya bring me!” she whispered under her breath. 

        “Huh?” Rayne asked, confused. “I…didn’t really bring anything?” she trailed off, unsure of how to answer. 

        Laura smiled and shook her head. “Never mind, it’s just a meme online. What's up?” she said, offering Rayne a seat in the chair next to her bed. Rayne, however, declined and instead paced the room nervously as she looked around. 

        “I just wanted to get your thoughts on last night's induction.” Rayne said, blushing. “It seemed to work pretty well on you, I think. But I wanted to get your thoughts on it now that you’re more…awake.” Rayne seemed a bit guarded as she leaned against the wall, folding her arms and watching Laura carefully. 

        Laura’s face turned beet red as she remained oblivious to Rayne’s unusual mood. “It was kind of hot actually!” she giggled. “The way that you just stared into my eyes and used them to draw me in. Wow!” Her blush deepened as she smiled at Rayne. “It’s a good thing you have such compelling eyes or else it might not have worked!” Laura laughed nervously, trying to break the tension and ease her own embarrassment.

        Rayne smiled as she continued scanning the room, almost as if she were stalling. “Thank you.” she said, glancing at Laura’s closet. “I was really happy with how it worked on you…and the others.” she said, smiling despite herself.

        “The others?” Laura asked in confusion. “Who else did you get with it? I was a bit…um…hypnotized at the time and didn’t notice.” The blush continued creeping across her face.

        “Eve went out a few seconds after you did.” Rayne said, still pacing as her eyes scanned every available surface in Laura’s room. “I put Christine under not long after that. I would have gotten Klaire, too, but she woke up when Eve’s head landed in her lap.” The annoyance in her voice was still easy to pick out. 

        Laura laughed at the image. “Yeah, Eve is pretty weak against hypnosis. Do you think Klaire will join the sorority?” she asked excitedly, already thinking about having a new member and someone else to practice on. 

        “I’m not sure.” Rayne admitted. “She doesn’t want to, but I have a plan.” Rayne’s face twisted into a devious smirk for a split second.  “And it is a hypnosis sorority, after all…we’ve recruited members that way in the past.” 

        Laura smiled for a moment as her eyes glazed over and the programming in her mind kicked in, making her forget that not all of the members had been volunteers. “What…”  she started, shaking her head. “What’s your plan to get Klaire?” she finished.

        Rayne smiled, seeing Laura struggle with the memory. “It’s not fully formed yet, just in the planning stages.” she admitted. “So, what do you think about the sorority, in general?”

        Laura beamed with excitement. “It’s so much fun!” she admitted. “I’m looking forward to my turn as the hypnotist. I think it’s the meeting after next. And I hope Klaire comes along, she seemed nice for the few minutes that I got to talk to her.” Laura stopped for a moment to gather her thoughts. “All in all, I really like the sorority and what we are doing with it. I’m excited to see where it goes!” 

        Rayne nodded as she caught a glimpse of something in Laura’s closet that made her smile. She may have found just what she was looking for. “I agree, more or less.” Rayne said, taking a step past Laura.

        “What do you mean?” Laura asked, confused, as she watched Rayne move over to her closet. “Hey, what are you doing?” she said, getting up to follow the freshman. 

        Before Laura could reach her, Rayne pulled out a surprisingly long, wax wood staff. It was just under six feet tall, which was easily taller than both Laura and Rayne, and was wrapped in a surprisingly thick layer of yellow wrapping paper with an intricate head piece on the top. It looked like a combination of LED lights and 3D printed plastic had created a kind of diamond shape around the top of the staff, as well. “What is this thing?” Rayne asked, hoping it was exactly what she thought it might be, and exactly what she was looking for. 

        Laura’s nervousness and annoyance instantly vanished as she took the staff from Rayne with an excited smile. “This is my sorceress staff!” she explained proudly. “I cosplay as a female version of the Istar from Lord of the Rings. I go as Lorien the Gold!” she explained excitedly. “I can even cast spells with it!” 

        Rayne practically bit her tongue as she tried to keep herself from smiling. It was exactly what she had hoped for. “Oh?” she asked out loud “How so?” 

        Laura aimed the staff in the air, grinning excitedly and exclaimed, in perfect Elvish, “Calad e-thel!” At the same time, she pressed a button on the staff’s handle, causing the LED lights on the headpiece to flash in a circular pattern around the staff. It was actually an impressive light show.  

        Rayne smiled as the head piece lit up the ceiling, and most of the room, with a beautiful display of colors. But she did notice that one light near the top seemed to be brighter than the rest. “Did you make this directional?” she asked curiously. 

        “Yes!” Laura exclaimed excitedly as she turned off the staff and lowered it to show Rayne. “I put a concave mirror in the middle so that the lights in front would project forward and it would glow all around, but in the right lighting and with a little fog it would project a beam out. It also helps in LARPing to be able to aim my spells. 

        Rayne smiled and held out her hands, as if subconsciously asking to see the staff. Laura handed the staff over without a second thought and watched as the younger girl looked it over with a smile, gently flipping the lights in the room off. The room was well lit since it was still daylight, but it was at least a little darker. “Thank you.” Rayne smiled, aiming the staff at Laura and turning it on. “Your mind is going blank now Laura.” Rayne said with a confident grin as she took a step forward. 

        Laura was practically blinded by the sudden activation of the LED lights and squinted, taking a step back. “Wow, those are bright!” she said as she shielded her eyes and tried to look at Rayne. “What are you doing?” asked curiously. 

        Rayne didn’t respond and continued her induction. “Your mind is blank. The power of the sorceress’s staff is flooding into your mind, slowly, deeply, sliding past your thoughts, into the depths of your mind. You can’t look away, you can’t resist. The power of the magic simply dives deeply into your mind. Blanking your thoughts, making you a servant, a thrall to the magic. You can feel your arms falling to your side. Heavy and tired, slowing down, deeply…easily…the magic has you Laura. You can’t resist…you must simply…sink, you must simply, descend…down into the spell, down into submission…down into…“ Rayne raised the staff and tapped it on Laura's head softly. “Sleep!”

        Laura was blindsided, literally, by the staff and Rayne’s induction. At first she smiled at the antics of her fellow sorority member, but then the lights and the soothing tone of Rayne’s voice began to draw her in. It made her feel so much more, relaxed, so much more, enthralled. She didn’t even notice as her arms relaxed and slid down her sides. She didn’t realize her mouth had slowly opened ever so slightly, probably to make a comment that never came out. Instead her jaw hung open, relaxed and calm as she stared ahead at the sorceress that had stolen her staff and turned its magic against her. Her eyes had glazed over long before Rayne lifted the staff up above her head, and she nearly fell over as it rose even higher, full of the magical power that she had subconsciously given to the staff. The tap on her head was gentle since the staff itself wasn’t very hard, but when the word “sleep” echoed through her mind, her eyes instantly rolled into her head as it fell to her chest. The force of that fall made her entire body tilt forward and start to fall towards Rayne. 

        Rayne quickly stepped in and grabbed the young woman before she could fall. “Easy there girl.” she whispered, “Nice and sturdy, nice and strong, able to stand up straight and tall for me now. Straight and tall for your sorceress.” She rolled her eyes at the idea but couldn’t help but notice Laura’s legs became stiffer and straighter as they supported her weight. “That’s it…able to stand so easily now, isn’t that right Laura?” Rayne asked as she set the staff back in the closet.

        “Yes…” came the very relaxed, almost sleepy reply from Laura. 

        “Very good.” Rayne said with a smile as she leaned up and kissed Laura, just a peck for now, and started to slide her hands along the hypnotized blonde’s body. “Just let yourself feel my hands, sliding so easily along your body.” Rayne moved her hands along Laura’s legs at first, slowly massaging them inch by inch as her hands roamed Laura’s body. 

        Laura couldn’t help but inhale deeply and let out a soft moan as her head tilted to the side. But her body was so limp that it simply lolled back to her chest as a flush slowly formed on her neck and upper chest. 

        “Yes, you like that feeling.” Rayne whispered seductively as she slowly moved Laura’s body towards the bed until her legs bumped the edge of it, almost as if she were aiming her hypnotized friend. Meanwhile, her hands moved higher and started to massage along Laura’s stomach until they reached the bottom of her breasts. “Just let the pleasure build in your body Laura, the more you feel, the deeper you start to go. The more you start to give in. And the more the spell starts to affect you, it starts to take hold deeply in your mind, in your body now.” 

        Laura’s head tilted up and back, leaving her hair to fall down along her back as she gasped in surprise and swayed on her feet. “Yess…” she whispered softly. 

        Rayne’s hands moved up just a bit and began to slide along the bottom of Laura’s breasts, cupping them in her hands and lifting them up as much as her bra would allow. “You are under my spell Laura. You are my servant.” Rayne squeezed the young woman’s breasts in her hand and smiled at the moan that greeted her in response. “You want to be loyal to me Laura, you want to do whatever I say. It just feels…right…that I should be the one to decide things, that I should be the one to be in charge…of this encounter…” She gave Laura’s breasts another soft squeeze. “Of this relationship…” Rayne’s voice sounded even more seductive as she said that, then kissed Laura’s neck gently before continuing. “And…of the sorority.” She squeezed Laura’s breasts deeper this time, reinforcing her suggestions. “Those who obey…those who serve…will be given…pleasure.” she said with a smile. “You want pleasure…don’t you Laura?”

        Laura was practically panting as she moaned again in response. “Yes…yes please…obey…serve…please!” she pleaded softly. 

        Rayne gave a very satisfied smile and leaned in, pressing her hands deeply into Laura’s breasts. “Then sink…obey…and feel that pleasure…now!” She whispered commandingly as she squeezed both of Laura’s nipples deeply and slowly pushed her friend back onto the bed. 

        Laura let out a high pitched squeal as her body shuddered in a short but intense orgasm while her body fell back onto the bed. As she did, her hair spilled out and framed her sleeping face and her entire body, especially her chest as it softly bounced when she landed on the bed. “Ooohhhh…” she moaned as the pleasure subsided “Thaaannk  you…” she whispered. 

        Rayne grinned deviously and climbed slowly onto the bed, sliding her hand along her friend’s body as she laid down on her side and whispered into Laura’s ear. “You’re welcome, my loyal servant.” she said, grinning. “And now, Laura, I’m going to give you some suggestions…” she started as her hand slid down to Laura’s jeans and slowly slid the zipper down. “And with every suggestion…” she continued, slowly moving her hand into Laura’s jeans. “You will be given…more…” Her finger gently began sliding along Laura’s already wet slit through her panties, “and more…” swirling around her clit, “pleasure.” She paused, tapping Laura’s clit softly “And with each suggestion…” she slid her finger into her friend's panties, “you will go deeper…” Rubbing her finger along Laura’s clit, skin to skin this time. “and deeper…so…so…much deeper.” Rayne paused again as her fingers slid between Laura’s folds. “Isn’t that right now Laura?” she whispered as she started to nibble the helpless blonde’s earlobe. 

        “Yeeesssss….ohhh yess!” Laura panted and moaned as her body writhed under Rayne’s hands. 

        Rayne smiled as she moved her finger deeper into her hypnotized friend. “Very good, my friend. Now, let's talk about Trisha…and who should really be in charge of the sorority.” 

        Laura could only squirm in pleasure as Rayne slowly programmed her, making her an…almost unwitting accomplice in her little insurrection. 

To be Continued…

Curious how this might have played out had Laura been the one to get the drop on Rayne? There is an Alternate Ending to this story available on my Patreon page!

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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