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Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 3

Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 3

Key: MD, MC, 

Description: Klaire and Josh meet up for their lunch date, but Josh has a clever way to make sure the date goes smoothly. 

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

Josh was sitting down at the far end of the cafeteria, absentmindedly looking out the window while he stirred his soup in its bread bowl. He wanted to simply take a moment to relax, and calm himself down from his day. “Is this seat taken?” a playful voice said from behind him. 
He turned to smile at Klaire and stood up to pull out the chair next to him for her to sit down. “My lady…” he teased playfully as she took her seat.
“Such a gentleman.” she said, more playful than surprised. “That will get you places you might like.” She grinned, letting him fill in the blanks as to just what those places might be. “Sorry I’m late, my class ran a few minutes longer than I expected.” It was a rare admission that she was, in fact, not perfect.  
Josh sat down next to her. “It’s fine, it was only a few minutes.” he said, sliding a small tray of cookies he had gotten for them in her direction. Klaire took one as the two began to make small talk, discussing things like classes and activities they were involved in. But Josh couldn’t help but feel like Klaire wasn’t really there, that she was lost in her thoughts instead. “You seem like something is on your mind.” he finally expressed, leaning on it a bit harder than he would have liked. 
“Huh?” Klaire asked, shaking herself out of her thoughts to refocus on Josh. “Oh, sorry, yeah it’s nothing. It’s just…something with my roommate that has been stuck on my mind. It’s not a big deal, really.” 
Josh shifted in his seat and gave her a stern look as he adjusted his posture to look a bit more commanding. He gave her a serious look as he held his hand up in front of him and pretended to take notes on an imaginary notepad. “I zee…” he said in his best fake German accent. “Zo, vat zeems to be zee trouble?” Surprisingly, he managed to keep a straight face as he continued. 
Klaire laughed and shook her head. “Idiot…” she deflected. “It’s nothing, really.” 
Josh took a very in character sigh, and tilted his head down as if he was staring over the frames of glasses that he was not really wearing. “Now mizz, how I am supposed to be helpings you if you vill not be tellings me da issue.” He paused for dramatic effect. “Do not be making me be pull out zee hypnosis, to be makings you tell me now, frauline.” he said, playfully scolding her. He couldn’t help but feel nervous about bringing up hypnosis with her for the first time, but excited at the prospect.  
Klaire visibly blinked at the mention of the topic. “Hypnosis? Why would you say that? What…did you mean by that?” she stammered, trying to regain her composure but taken completely by surprise by the comment. 
Josh tilted his head and smiled at the realization. “Your roommate is part of the secret hypnosis sorority that's been meeting on the top floor of the girls dorm, isn’t she?” he asked with a knowing smile. “That’s what's going on, isn’t it.” he said more than asked. 
“What?” Klaire asked, even more taken by surprise “No, of course not! Why would you…” She trailed off as her surprise finally got the best of her. “How do you know about that?” 
“Oh…” Josh said with an air of confidence and smugness, “I have my ways.” He wiggled his eyebrows playfully before leaning in to Klaire and giving her his best faux attempt at seduction. He slid his hand to hers and picked it up, staring into her eyes. “I know…many secrets, Klaire. Many secrets indeed.” he finished with a grin, laughing a bit.  
Klaire looked flustered as she did her best to hide her embarrassment. “I thought it was a secret.” she admitted, looking very nervous all of a sudden. “She said no one knew about it. Figures she would be wrong!” she huffed, yanking her hand away from Josh without realizing it so she could fold her arms across her chest. 
Josh smirked and leaned back in his chair. “To be fair, I only know because a friend of mine is in the sorority and I asked her about it one time. She simply…couldn’t resist telling me about it.” he said, raising an eyebrow and moving his hand in a very typical “vampire hypnosis” kind of mannerism. Waving his palm towards Klaire, then pulling it back and letting his fingers fold forward like a squid, as if he were pulling her mind towards him. He kept this up for a moment before laughing it off and sitting up normally. “Besides, I helped her learn hypnosis so it’s not like I wouldn’t be aware if she was doing something like this.” he oh so skillfully dropped into the conversation as if it was a casual comment, and not purposely put there to inspire Klaire’s imagination and keep her talking about hypnotism.
“Wait,” she said, falling for the trap perfectly. “You know hypnosis?” she asked, suddenly starting to wonder how many hypnotists were on this campus. 
“Oh yeah.” he admitted as he relaxed and picked up his soup bowl to finish his lunch. “I worked in a computer lab as a tutor my freshman year for an entire summer. Fourteen hours a day, three days a week, for five months straight. Not a single student came into the lab during that time, so I had to entertain myself somehow. I don’t like reading, the computer was too old to play games, or run a video or even a DVD. So I used the time to research things and, well, one day the rabbit hole led me to hypnosis and I got interested in it, so I kept studying it.” he finished, wrapping up his (and my own) backstory of learning hypnosis.
“You learned hypnosis…from the internet?” she asked, leaning back with a smirk as if to say she was starting to doubt his abilities. As if the internet was some kind of wasteland of misinformation of something. 
“Of course,” he answered confidently. “I practiced on a few friends, including the one in the sorority, one or two of the girls I dated…” He dropped that line as a test to see how she would react and was pleased to see her blink a bit more rapidly for a second, a clear subconscious sign that she was processing the idea of being hypnotized by him. After all, they were on a date. Kind of. “I found I really like it and I’m pretty good at it. I don’t really use it for anything serious, just, you know, goofing off with my friends, doing a show at parties, things like that.” he shrugged as he picked up a cookie. “If you think that’s impressive, you should see what I can do with a yo-yo!” he said, both seriously and as a little humorous shift in perspective to make the conversation more light hearted. (also a skill I learned in my time in that lab). 
“You're serious aren’t you?” she asked, leaning in closer to him, a clear subconscious sign that she was interested. 
Josh smiled as he watched her play right into this hand. He tried to keep his posture calm and relaxed as he sat back, turning in his chair to face her and also leaning in. “Yes. I could show you…if that’s something you’d like to see now Klaire.” The statement was carefully worded to slip into her subconscious mind and lead her to the decision he wanted her to make. 
Klaire instantly leaned back and moved her arms in front of her, a clear sign that he had pushed way too far. She played it off by laughing a bit. “You are not hypnotizing me.” she said, turning away to eat the bagel that she had gotten before she sat down. “I’m too smart to be hypnotized anyways.” 
Josh pulled back a bit to make sure he didn’t press too quickly. “Actually…” he started as casually as possible, “being smart, like you are,” he complimented her to make the next suggestion slip a bit more easily into her mind, knowing she was on the defensive. “makes it far easier to be hypnotized.” He watched as she rolled her eyes and shook her head, but pressed forward before she could say anything. After all, bagels take a minute to chew. “I’m serious.” he said, “The smarter a person is, the more easily they can use their imagination, and the more they can feel and see what is being described in their mind. It’s why people who read a lot,” he continued, recalling that he had seen a rather large pile of books by Klaire’s bed when he was in her room, “tend to be very good at going into hypnosis. You already have that skill set to imagine things in your mind, you have the ability to focus, so when asked to simply go into a hypnotic trance…you find that you can do it rather easily.” During his explanation, Josh had carefully shifted his comments from a third person, generic “person that likes to read,” which was something he knew Klaire would describe herself as, to a first person wording aimed directly at Klaire. He didn’t think the comment would put her into a trance, but he did want her thinking about it. And he held back a smile as he saw her blink a few times and stare off into space, slowly processing what he had said before swallowing her bagel. 
Klaire didn’t look at Josh, a clear sign that she was a bit embarrassed. She knew she was kind of stuck. She either had to admit that she couldn’t be hypnotized, and therefore not as smart as she really was, or admit that she was intelligent, and a reader, and therefore easily hypnotized. The setup was quite brilliant, even though she didn’t realize on a conscious level that it was done intentionally. But Klaire was also quite crafty herself, and instead created a third option. “That may be the case.” she said with a smile, “But I still don’t have any interest in being hypnotized. if you want to demonstrate you can do so on someone else.” she said, leaning back confidently as she picked up the last cookie and smiled as she bit into it.. 
Josh gave her a knowing smile. “That, my dear, can be arranged.” 
Some time later Trisha heard a knock at her door. “Come in!” she shouted from her desk, where she was busy working on a PowerPoint presentation for one of her classes. 
The door opened and Josh leaned his head through the door. “Hey, you up for some company? I have someone here I’d like you to meet.” he said with a smile. 
“Sure!” Trisha said, moving towards the door to greet her old friend and whomever he had brought with him. To her surprise, Josh walked in with Rayne’s roommate Klaire, who she had met earlier at the sorority meeting. “Klaire! It’s good to see you again!” she said excitedly, looking at Josh “I already know her!” she beamed. 
Josh smiled as he walked in and stood next to Trisha. “I know.” He said confidently, which seemed to surprise both Trisha and Klaire. “But I needed you to let me in, and this seemed like as good an excuse as any.” He said playfully as he blatantly reached up and placed his hands on Trisha’s shoulders, massaging them with night, tight squeezes. 
“You don’t need an excuse to...ooooooh…” Trisha’s eyes rolled up into her head as her head rolled forward ever so slightly and her shoulders began to slump.
Josh was aware that Klaire was watching him and Trisha very closely and tried to hide just how much force he was using to massage Trisha’s shoulders. She was a bit of a masochist and enjoyed her massages very, very rough. Enough that she had mentioned to him on more than one occasion that unless she had a bruise the next day, it wasn’t really a massage. Josh didn’t really enjoy causing pain, no less damage, but Trisha seemed to enjoy it. And the fact that she was already visibly relaxing proved that he was, more or less, doing things just the way she wanted. He did, however, want to hide that fact from Klaire for a little while so as to not scare her. “That’s it…” he said in a soft tone, watching Klaire out of the corner of his eye. “Just relax Trisha…just let your muscles loosen.” he continued, squeezing her shoulders firmly, “let everything fade away. You already know what I’m doing…you already know what is going to happen to you. And you know how good it will feel to just…relax, to let go for a little bit. To simply put everything else on hold…on pause…for a little while, while you simply help me…help me to show off some of my skills, some of my abilities…to our dear friend, Klaire. You’d like to help me, wouldn’t you Trisha?” he asked in a soothing voice, giving Klaire a wink. 
Klaire was visibly flushing again as she watched the head of the sorority almost instantly turn into a rag doll under the touch, and words, of the man she was with. There was this strange sensation of arousal flowing through her, although she wasn’t aware of it on a conscious level. She couldn’t help but take a small step closer to Josh, before turning  in surprise to look at Trisha as she whispered “...yes…” 
Josh smiled as he slowly started to move Trisha’s torso in a slow circle in front of him, still massaging her shoulders and letting her sway on her feet in front of the two of them. “That's it…” he said with a knowing smile, “just relax…just let go…feel your body going limp and loose, but still able to stand, still able to stay upright, strong and steady.” he smiled as she felt Trisha’s arms loosen and started to notice them swaying slowly while her head gently rolled from side to side as she was moved in a slow circle.
He waited for just a few moments, watching as Trisha slowly smiled before letting out a soft sigh as her face relaxed just a bit more. At that exact moment, he used his grip on her shoulders to push her back just a bit and then catch her. The motion caused her head to flop straight back, leaving her staring up at the ceiling, and at the exact moment that happened, using expert timing, he said “Sleep!” in a commanding but soft tone, then helped her to steady herself where she stood. 
Klaire was completely focused on Trisha, unable to pull her gaze away as she moved closer still to Josh without realizing she was doing it. “Is…is she…?” she started to ask. 
Josh smiled. “Trisha, what did I do to you?” he asked calmly. 
“...hypno…tized me…” Trisha said in a very relaxed, calm voice. 
“And how do you feel now Trisha?” Josh asked, gently sliding a hand up Klaire’s back. To his great pleasure he was greeted by her moving even more closely to him, never once tearing her gaze away from Trisha. 
“Relaxed…” was Trisha’s only response. 
Josh glanced at Klaire as she leaned closer to him, watching Trisha all the while. “See…completely hypnotized.” he said with a smile. “What would you like to see her do?” He let the question hang in the air as he watched Klaire finally realize what he was asking. 
Klaire leaned in to Josh and looked up at him curiously. “What…can you make her do?” she asked. 
Josh simply smiled. “Anything. Anything at all, isn’t that right Trisha?” he asked. 
“...yes…” came Trisha’s almost calm reply. 
“Show me.” Klaire said, her voice husky with a hint of deviousness to it. “Make her do something embarrassing. Something she wouldn’t normally do.” 
Now Josh knew that under normal circumstances, you can’t make a person do something they “wouldn’t normally do.” But he knew Trisha very well, and knew that she would happily do whatever he asked, it was normal for her to do so at this point, but Klaire didn’t know that. “She’s the head of your sorority, isn’t she?” he asked Klaire. 
“My roommate’s sorority.” she corrected. “But yeah.” 
“She’s a woman of power, a woman of authority. Wouldn’t you say Klaire?” he continued, leading her to the answer he wanted her to give him. 
“I guess, yeah.” she admitted, arriving exactly where he wanted her to.
Josh smiled and moved a bit closer to Trisha. “Trisha, you're not in control now. Now…you are controlled, you are helpless. You are simply here to obey, simply here to do as you are told. Simply here to comply. Isn’t that right Trisha?” he said as confidently as he could. 
“... yesss!” came Trisha’s excited response. Josh could hear the tremor in her voice, a tremor that he felt run through Klaire as he rubbed his hand up and down her back softly. 
“Very good Trisha.” he said with a smile. “Kneel before us now Trisha…after all, you must obey, you must comply.” 
Klaire watched in awe as Trisha lowered herself down to her knees, with a soft “...yes…master…” She spread her knees apart on the floor and placed her hands palms up on her knees, tilting her head straight up with her lips parted ever so slightly, eyes completely relaxed, staring up at the ceiling helplessly. 
“Holy shit.” Klaire said, smiling and leaning closer to Josh as a shiver ran through her body. Her thoughts weren’t so much on what was being done to Trisha, but the realization that the same thing could be done…to her. The thought was both exciting and terrifying. She turned toward Josh to ask a question but instead found him staring down at her, a confident smile on his face. “Ohh...” she said, feeling embarrassed as she stared up at him. She was trying to think of something to say to break the silence, but nothing came to mind. All she could do was stare up into his eyes until he leaned in to kiss her. 
Josh felt her melt into the kiss, keeping it soft and romantic on purpose, and let it linger for just a bit before pulling back and smiling. “I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you.” he said, ever the charmer. 
“Me too.” Klaire said, being equally flirtatious as she leaned in, whispering into his ear. “My roommate won’t be back for another four hours.” she trailed off, softly nibbling his ear for a second before leaning back and winking at him. She began to move towards the door, letting her hand slide along his arm until it reached his hand and then gave it a little tug.
Josh didn’t say a word, he simply started to move with her as quickly as he could. As he left the dorm room he closed the door behind him and wrapped his arm around Klaire, kissing her with a smile. Completely forgetting that Trisha was still helplessly hypnotized and on her knees, left to wake on her own…eventually. 

To be continued. 

Curious what might have happened had Klaire ended up hypnotized instead of just amorous? There is an alternate ending to this story that can be found here: Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 3 - alt ending

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me.  

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Featuring: Klaire, Josh, Trisha

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