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Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 1

Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 1

Key: FD, MC, 

Description: Rayne convinces a skeptical Klaire to go to a meeting of the S.L.E.E.P. Sorority, and while she is there Rayne makes a rather poignant decision. 

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

Rayne made her way down the corridor to her dorm room. She had about an hour before she had to leave for the next meeting of S.L.E.E.P., the sorority that she had joined some weeks ago and had been recruiting for. Her recruitment had been very successful so far, their membership had more than doubled from the four founding members to a much more pleasant nine. And Rayne, much to her satisfaction, had hypnotized them all. She took a moment to smile as she thought about how nice it felt to watch another young woman slip under the spell of her words, simply becoming helpless and compliant to her. It was a power she wouldn’t have dreamed of having just a few short months ago. But now it was intoxicating. There was still more to be done, though. She had one more girl that she wanted to have under her power. 

She composed herself as she opened the door to her room and smiled. “Hey.” she said warmly to her roommate Klaire as she closed the door behind her. 

Klaire was where she always was, sitting in her chair and reading by the light of her desk lamp. “Oh…” she said, looking up from her book and smiling softly, almost timidly. “How’s it going?” she asked as she glanced back at her book. 

Rayne hid her pride at just how much more accommodating Klaire had become lately. When she first moved in she had been quite the bitch, to be quite honest. But through her studies in hypnosis, and a little investigation of Klaire’s reading preferences, she had been slowly altering her attitude and approach towards her roommate. She was using Klaire’s love of romance and vampire novels against her. She had begun using a more assertive, dominant tone, a more commanding approach that melted Klaire’s normally abrasive, borderline abusive, demeanor into something much more intimate and sexual. She knew Klaire was confused out of her mind as to why she no longer felt disgusted by the mere existence of Rayne, and that just made it even sweeter for Rayne to enjoy. 

Rayne sat down on her bed. “So, what are your plans for this weekend?” She asked innocently, hiding her ulterior motive.

Klaire shrugged as she flipped the page of her book. “Not much…” she began, “I have a lunch date with Josh on Sunday. Until then I just plan to get through my backlog.” She said, nodding to four neatly stacked piles of books at the foot of her bed. 

“Josh?” Rayne asked in surprise. “Who’s Josh?” 

Klaire couldn’t help but give her roommate a devious smirk and lowered her book to stare at Rayne. “Josh was the charming young man that brought you home from your bender last weekend, when you managed to pass out in the cafeteria.” She teased, looking back down at the book with a satisfied smile. 

“Oh. I still don’t remember anything from that night. One minute we were on a ghost hunt with Trisha and then the next I was waking up here, feeling like someone had gone through my clothes while I was still wear….” She stopped and looked at Klaire, shock forming on her face.

“It wasn’t me.” She said flatly. “Although Josh did have to look for your ID to find the room so he could carry you, over the shoulder I might add, here from the cafeteria.” She finished with a slight smirk.

Rayne blushed at the idea that Klaire’s date might have enjoyed looking for her student ID a bit more than was needed. She would have to bring it up to him at some point. “I don’t think I even know that guy!” she said, betraying her frustration.

Klaire gave her a wicked smile. “He was quite charming, and very cute,” she said playfully but still with an air of superiority, “not to mention a total gentleman.” She turned back to her book, pleased with herself. 

Rayne rolled her eyes. “We’ll see about that.” she said, subconsciously adjusting her bra. “So…” she began again, moving the actual reason for their conversation to the forefront. “I have my sorority meeting tonight, would you like to come with?”

Klaire turned the page without looking up from the book. “Isn’t that the hypnosis thing you were kind of mentioning the other day?” She asked boredly. 

“Yeah, Sigma Lambda Epsilon Echo Pi. It’s a kind of psychology sorority where we get together and discuss different techniques about things like hypnosis and stuff like that.” Rayne lied, giving her a very sanitized version of the organization, which really only existed so a few horny hypnofetishists could find some sexy subjects to practice on. 

“That’s what I thought.” Klaire said, still not looking up from the book. “No thank you.” she said flatly. 

Rayne felt a little deflated for a moment, she didn’t really expect Klaire to agree but she had still been hopeful. Fortunately for her she had a backup plan already in place. Rayne stood up from her bed and adjusted her shirt, taking on the most confident and dominant attitude she could muster as she walked over to Klaire. She leaned in closer to Klaire’s face, but still high enough so she would have to look up, and placed a single finger on Klaire’s book, slowly lowering it. 

“Hey don’t do…” Klaire started angrily, looking up to find Rayne almost at eye level, staring down at her. ”Th…that…” she finished with a quiver of nervousness in her voice, having lost all of her anger almost instantly. 

“Klaire…” Rayne said, holding her roommate's gaze, “I am going to the sorority meeting, Klaire.” she continued confidently, hoping that her voice wouldn’t betray just how nervous she was. “I would like it, Klaire, if you would…decide to come with me now.” She finished,  emphasizing the last part to make it a command instead of a question. “You can do that for me, Klaire…can’t you?” Rayne finished, hoping she had done everything right. 

Klaire was visibly shaken and confused, she felt completely backed into a corner, completely helpless in the moment. There was something about Rayne’s eyes, something about her posture, her stance, her confidence, that went right to the core of her being and made her shake inside, in a very sexual way. “I… I…” she began nervously as the thought seemed to fade away, her lips twitched like she wanted to say something but nothing would come out. She took a deep breath to try and calm herself, but as she exhaled she heard herself say in a soft, uncharacteristically meek voice “...Yes…I can.” 

Rayne gave her roommate a pleased smile and removed her finger from Klaire’s book. “That’s a good girl.” she said in a somewhat condescending tone as she stood back up, still staring down at Klaire. “Don’t forget to put your bookmark in.” She said with a wink, turning towards the door to leave. 

Klaire blinked in confusion as Rayne turned around, looking back down at her book. “What the hell just happened?” she thought to herself as she put her bookmark in and slowly stood up to follow Rayne, who was visibly pleased with herself. And that only made Klaire even more confused. 

The sorority girls were all gathered in one of the mostly unused lounges on the fifth floor of their building. It was furnished with several couches and comfy arm chairs and could easily hold ten to fifteen people without much effort. Klaire was seated in the far corner of the room, sitting not on one of the comfortable chairs, but on one of the folding chairs she had found in the back. It was a way to pull herself away from the rest of the group, to isolate herself just a bit by being slightly further away from everyone else. It wasn’t working. 

“Hi! I’m Laura!” The bubbly blonde beamed excitedly. “Welcome to the sorority!”

“I’m not in the sorority.” Klaire said flatly as she kept her arms folded across her chest and slumped down in her chair a bit more. “I’m only here to observe, and then leave.”

“That’s ok!” Laura said, not skipping a beat “That necklace is so pretty!” she said, commenting on the antique style necklace that Klaire was wearing in an effort to make small talk. 

Klaire rolled her eyes and was about to make a rather rude comment to Laura before Trisha spoke up. “Hello everyone!” she said excitedly, “Thank you all for attending today! It’s really good to see you all!” She continued happily as the room of girls all greeted her. “Today is Rayne’s turn!” She said, turning to look at Rayne. “Are you ready?” she asked. 

Rayne smiled and stood up, hiding her nervousness. ”Of course.” she responded with a smile. Rayne was easily one of the shortest girls in the sorority, standing only five feet tall and usually wearing shoes without heels. At first glance she wouldn’t be very intimidating, especially with her mousy voice, but with all the girls sitting down she couldn’t help but feel as if she was towering over everyone else, and that gave her a rush of adrenaline. 

Trisha smiled and sat down in a comfy chair at the head of the circle. “Did you want to pick a name at random?” she asked, holding up her phone with a wheel-of-names app loaded up on it. Every girl who was in the room had her name on the wheel, everyone except Klaire, who had refused to give her name. 

“That won’t be necessary.” she said with a smile as she surveyed the room, glancing over at Klaire who instantly seemed to turn white as a ghost. Rayne slowly began to move in her direction, not looking at her, but hiding a devious grin. 

Laura turned to look at Klaire with a smile “This is where things get fun!” She said, cackling. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself, it's always….” She was cut off as Rayne puta hand on her shoulder. Laura turned, startled, to stare eye to eye with Rayne. 

“Look into my eyes…” Rayne began confidently as she stared down into Laura’s eyes. “Just feel yourself, being pulled in. Just feel how your mind seems to instantly go blank, as you focus, deeply, and easily on my eyes now. Just feel them, staring deeply into your eyes. You can’t look away, you can’t resist, they just seem to dig, deeper and deeper down, into your mind, into your soul. The longer you look, the more deeply you find yourself sinking, the more you feel the power, the energy in my gaze, unable to think, unable to look away, you can’t help but simply give in now. And just feel your mind, slipping away…little…by…little. Isn’t that right?”

Klaire turned beet red as she watched the scene unfold in front of her. The previously bubbly and excited young woman was now staring up at Rayne, completely transfixed. The smile that had turned to a look of shock upon seeing Rayne, had faded away. Laura’s mouth had fallen open ever so slightly and her shoulders had slumped. The young woman looked completely…helpless. It was like something out of one of her vampire novels. She watched intently as the young blonde woman slowly closed her mouth and swallowed, then whispered a very faint, soft, “...Y-yes…” Klaire felt a wet spot forming between her legs. And then she heard something even more unexpected. 

“...Yesss…” came a slightly deeper, but equally relaxed reply from the tall woman with long brown hair sitting beside her. She hadn’t caught her name, although she thought it might have been Eve. But she had no reason to pay attention, or care, until now. She couldn’t help but glance over at the woman whose face was just as slack as the blonde’s was, and her shoulders were slumped just as far. But unlike Laura, Eve’s eyes were rapidly fluttering as if she was struggling to keep them open. As if some force was pulling at her consciousness and working its way into her mind, ready to simply make her surrender to some kind of magical sleep. The wet spot was growing. 

Rayne watched Klaire out of the corner of her eye, but kept her attention on Laura. She was completely unaware that she also had Eve hypnotized at this point, but it didn’t really matter to her all that much. Her main target was Klaire. And even though she didn’t think she would get her hypnotized today, she was damn sure she was affecting her very prissy, very repressed roommate, and that was enough for now. She gave Laura a bit of a devious smile as she returned to her induction. “Very good, you're doing so very well, so easy to just focus, so easy to watch and observe, to just feel the transfer of power, the energy, the dynamic of control, shifting before your eyes. You can’t look away, you can’t resist. You have to take it all in now. Take it in and feel it, deeply in your soul, completely and totally deeply down in your most personal… most private of spaces. Feel that desire, that desire to simply sink…to simply drop…to simply…surrender, you can feel that can’t you?” Rayne said, having skillfully worded the induction to be aimed at Klaire more than Laura.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as she heard Laura whisper another soft “yes,” but what really made her smile was that Klaire was completely transfixed on what was happening in front of her. She was staring not at Laura, but at Rayne, and she could see the flush in her chest, the relaxing of her jaw as she continued to stare helplessly. But what made Rayne’s heart skip a beat was that she saw Klaire silently nod her head in a very slow, almost unnoticeable subconscious affirmation. She had her, she was sure of it. 

“Yes…” Rayne continued “you can feel that, deep inside of you, you want this, you may not realize why, you may not have felt it before, but you want this, you need this. You need to give in, to explore this feeling, this desire deep inside of you, you need to simply…Sleep!” she said in a commanding tone as she snapped her fingers, more in Klaire’s direction than in front of Laura. One final little push to get her down. 

Rayne watched as Laura let out a soft sigh and her head fell to her chest, her curly blonde ponytail bouncing as she did. She was completely gone. Rayne slowly turned her attention to Klaire, watching as her roommate stared at her, mouth wide open. Her eyes looked so glazed, so empty, her pupils were dilated, and she couldn’t have looked away even if she wanted to. She had her, she could see it. She had her! Klaire let out a soft sigh as her eyes slowly rolled up into her head. She was sinking…she was surrendering. 

Klaire’s mind was a rush of emotion and confusion, thoughts and fantasies as she watched Rayne hypnotizing Laura. She could feel the words herself, though she didn’t know why. She didn’t understand what was going on. All she knew was that her heart was racing, her breathing was quick and rushed like she had just walked up a flight of stairs, and her eyes were focused completely on Rayne. And then she heard it. A loud, sharp snap right in front of her face. Her mind jolted in surprise and went into panic mode, dumping all of her conscious thoughts out of mind to bring in as much information as she could. And of course, the information that came in first was a single word spoken by Rayne. “Sleep!” It slipped right into her mind, and she was ready to obey it.

She watched as the young blonde next to her closed her eyes while her head fell helplessly to her chest. She was asleep. On some level Klaire knew she was asleep, and she could feel that same feeling rolling into her mind, her vision started to blur and her mind was becoming thick and foggy. A sigh slipped through her lips, and the world seemed to fade away. 

And then she jolted awake with a start as Eve’s head landed in her lap. Her body jerked as she looked down at Eve, who was completely oblivious to the fact that she had landed in a total stranger’s lap. Klaire couldn’t help but notice how helpless the woman looked, beautiful and peaceful, completely open, and felt the wet spot between her legs grow as a deep shiver rolled through her body. She wasn’t sure, but in the back of her mind she couldn’t help but feel as if she might have just orgasmed. “What…the fuck…is happening!?” She asked herself, as she looked down at Eve, terrified to look up at Rayne. 

Rayne’s heart sank as she watched Klaire jolt out of her trance as Eve landed in her lap. She hadn’t even noticed Eve slipping under, if she had she could have stopped her, or at least caught her. Now her chance was gone. “Damn it!” she swore under her breath as the rest of the girls in the room started to applaud. She stepped back and glanced at Klaire, seeing just how aroused and flushed she was. “I was THIS close!” she screamed in her mind as the applause began to die down.

“Thank you everyone, '' Rayne said with a nervous smile. “I have been working on that induction for a while.”  she admitted, nervousness creeping back into her voice.

“It’s a good thing those two read so many vampire novels!” Christine joked from behind Rayne. “Otherwise that might not have worked so well.” The older student teased. 

Klaire blushed as she realized that Christine was right, that was like something she’d read out of a vampire novel. Was that why it made her feel this way? She wondered, looking up to see a very familiar expression on Rayne, one she’d seen before.

Rayne was pissed. She had not only missed her chance to put Klaire under, but now she was being mocked. She had had enough. She spun around on her heels and glared at Christine, making eye contact with her instantly. “And how would you know what's in a vampire novel?” she asked. “How would you recognize it, so easily, so quickly?” She started to slowly move closer to Christine. “You’d have to know what it was they were feeling, what they were thinking. You’d have to have…dreamed…fantasized…about what it might be like, to be stuck in a vampire's gaze, to find that your thoughts are just simply drifting and fading away as you are stuck helpless in their eyes. Unable to think…” Rayne snapped her fingers. “Unable to struggle.” Another snap. “Unable to look away.” Another snap. 

Christine was like a deer in headlights. Her heart was racing, her eyes were locked on Rayne’s as the younger, clearly angry, freshman stalked closer and closer to her. In her mind she couldn’t help thinking that she looked just like a vampire stalking its prey, staring into their eyes as they slowly submit, slowly surrender. But then the realization came to her, if Rayne was the vampire in this scenario, then she…was the prey. That realization came just as Rayne started to snap her fingers. Every snap made her body visibly jerk, causing wave after wave of feelings to roll through her. The first snap caused her mind to fog over, the next made her simply relax, and the third kept her eyes glued to Rayne’s. In the back of her mind she heard the defiant part of her soul simply whisper “...shit…” and then she heard another snap.

“Sleep!” Rayne commanded in an annoyed tone as the source of her frustration jerked before her. Her shoulders slumped as she sagged into her couch, her eyes rolled into her head and her head lolled to one side as she sighed deeply and sank even deeper into the couch, chest bouncing as she landed. “Serves you right!” Rayne screamed in her mind as the rest of the girls applauded her once again. 

Klaire felt another familiar shiver of pleasure wash through her body. 

Later that evening, Klaire and Rayne were walking back down the corridor towards their dorm room. “So…” Rayne said shyly, surprisingly nervous about the conversation. “What did you think?” 

Klaire visibly blushed but otherwise kept her composure. “It was different, I’ll give you that.” she responded without ever looking at Rayne. 

“Do you think you’d like to join the sorority?” she asked hopefully. 

“No.” Klaire said flatly. “Sororities aren’t my thing.” 

Rayne felt herself deflate again, even more pissed that she might have missed her chance. But she composed herself and, thinking quickly, asked “What did you think of the hypnosis induction I did?”

Klaire nearly tripped on nothing but quickly composed herself as well. “It was…it was fine. You did a good job, got three of your…friends. It was fine.” she said, visibly flushing with a slight tremor in her voice.

Rayne hid a smile. “It was very exciting wasn’t it? Watching three women, all older than we are, simply fall under the spell of my words.” she said playfully. 

Klaire stopped in front of the room, unable to hide another creeping blush as she turned to Rayne. “I’ll admit, that was really kind of…exciting. I wasn’t expecting that.” she said, clearly embarrassed, as she pushed the door open and headed straight for her bed. “I’m going to sleep. Good night!” She said, almost in a rush, as she closed the door behind her and locked it, leaving Rayne alone in the hallway. She had a key, of course, but figured that Klaire needed some time to herself.

Rayne stayed in the hallway. Something about their conversation had struck a nerve, one she didn’t expect. It wasn’t so much Klaire’s response to the trance, but the idea that it was really very exciting to put the girls in the sorority under her spell. They were older, more confident, more experienced, and yet, every single one of them had been under her spell. Every one had been hypnotized, even Klaire, if only for a moment. She couldn’t help but wonder “Why shouldn’t I be in charge? Why should Trisha be the one to lead the sorority? I recruited almost everyone. I should be the one to run it!” She thought to herself as she glanced at the door and slowly slid her hand along it, almost like she was caressing Klaire.  “Thank you.” she whispered as a devious grin formed on her face. “It’s time for a little insurrection!” she said as she turned and headed back the way she came. 

To be continued. 

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