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Insurrection - N.C.U. - Part 4

Key: FD, MC, FF

Description: Rayne makes her final move to take over the sorority with a sexy little twist!

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

In the top floor lounge that was used as the meeting location for the S.L.E.E.P. sorority, Eve and Jackie walked in to find Cheyenne, Carly, Jessy, and Christine all sitting on the couches talking to one another. Each of them was trying to figure out why their meeting had been called early.  

“Do you know what’s going on?” Christine asked as the other two walked into the room. 

Everyone looked at Eve, given that she was technically one of the officers for the sorority. “No. I got a text from Laura asking me to show up early, but she didn’t say that everyone else would be here, too.” Eve responded with a shrug. 

“That’s the text we all got.” Cheyenne replied, holding up her phone.

“But so far you're the first person who is in charge that’s shown up.” Jessy said, using air quotes as she answered. 

Eve shrugged just as Laura walked into the room, bubbly as ever. “Hello everyone!” she said, smiling as she took a seat in the large armchair that was usually reserved for Trisha. “Thank you all for coming in early!” she beamed. 

“What’s up?” Carly asked, nervousness in her voice.

“And where are Trisha and Rayne?” Eve asked as she took her seat on the couch. 

“Trisha was delayed due to a project.” Laura said as her face suddenly seemed much more relaxed. “And Rayne is helping her so that she can be here on time.” Laura continued as her eyes glazed over. “Everyone is here who should be here now.” Laura’s tone dropped as her shoulders and face both relaxed even more. 

“Umm, Laura…” Jessy began, concern on her face, “You alright?” 

“Yes…” Laura responded, sounding even more relaxed as she stood up and took out her cell phone. “I called you here today because I wanted to show you something…special.” As she touched her phone, a flashing light started to reflect off of her face while she aimed the phone at the rest of the group. On the screen was a spiral, half of the arms were black as you might expect, but each of the other arms was a different color. It created a very captivating and overwhelming pattern, since one of the other colors would flash every few seconds. 

“Oww!” Shouted Jackie as she shielded her eyes. 

“That is a bit bright Laura.” Cheyenne muttered as she squinted at her friend. 

“I know, just give your eyes a moment to adjust.” Laura said in a very soothing tone. One that meant she was trying to hypnotize the group, or was already hypnotized. Or both. “I know it’s bright. I know it takes a moment to adjust, but just…relax. And focus on the spiral. Just let the flashing, the intricate little pulse of color and light, help you just, clear your mind. Every flash is another thought that just disappears and fades away. While the swirling colors pull you in ever so gently into a nice relaxing trance. It’s ok to just watch the spiral now ladies, to just let it pull you in, more deeply, making you more relaxed and calm.” 

Back on the couches, the others were all in different levels of trance. Cheyenne was still struggling to adjust her eyes, while Carly was blinking rapidly as she strained to look at the spiral. Next to her, Jackie sat completely transfixed on the spiral, her jaw hanging open slightly.  On the other couch, Christine was more or less already gone and leaning against Eve, whose eyes were fluttering in an effort to stay open and watch the spiral, Jessy’s eyes were also blinking, but more in an attempt to clear out the fuzzy feeling that was starting to drift into her mind. 

“Just follow the spirals and the flash…and let your mind and body start to drift away.” Laura said, starting to snap her fingers softly in time with the flashes. “Every flash helps you to just…” Snap. “sink…and let go.” Another snap. “To surrender to sleep.” she said as Eve’s eyes rolled up into her head and she fell back against the couch. Next to her, Christine followed her down as her head landed softly against Eve’s chest. “Every flash,” Snap. “makes your mind empty,” Snap. “blank.” She snapped again as Cheyenne’s eyes rolled into her head next. Another snap and she sank back into the couch, sighing softly. 

Laura continued her induction as the lights displayed across the girls’ faces. Every few seconds, the soft, gentle snap of her fingers would align perfectly with one of the flashes of the spiral. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Rayne watched with a pleased smile. She couldn’t hear what was going on, and she couldn’t see the spiral, but she could see Jackie’s eyes flutter closed as she leaned over and fell against Carly. The impact made Carly turn, only to see Jackie completely asleep and resting against her. A well timed snap, along with that realization caused her eyes to widen for a split second, just before they fluttered closed as she fell back against the couch. 

Laura’s expression was still completely blank, even as all of the girls laid against the couch, deeply asleep. Everyone, that is, except for Jessy, who was completely transfixed on the spiral before her. Her face was completely slack, her eyes glazed and empty. Slowly, Laura moved to face Jessy, letting the flashes of light play across her face as she moved closer to her friend. Once she was close enough, she gently placed her hand on Jessy’s forehead and slid her hand down across her eyes. “Sleep…” she whispered, aiming the command at both Jessy and the rest of the room. When her hand moved away from Jessy’s face, the young woman’s eyes were completely closed. A few moments later gravity caught up with Jessy and her hand started to slide from her lap, landing softly on the couch, but she didn’t stop there. Her body followed and slowly fell to her side, until she landed gently onto Eve’s lap.

Laura didn’t seem to be phased by any of this. She simply turned the screen of her phone off and lowered her arm to her side. “We are all deeply hypnotized now. Deeply relaxed. Deeply open now.” Laura whispered to the room of hypnotized girls. “I want you to listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you…” she said, starting a preprogrammed set of instructions.

Rayne continued to watch through the window to the room, smiling to herself as she disappeared down the hallway.  

Trisha, as usual, was running late. Actually she had completely lost track of time due to reading a trashy romance novel. A knock on the door snapped her out of her novel-based hypnotic trance. “Yes?” she answered softly. 

The door opened slowly as Rayne peeked her head in. “Umm, are you ok?” she asked, mildly concerned. 

“Yes.” Trisha asked, sitting upland giving her a confused look. “Why?”

Rayne had to fight to keep from rolling her eyes. “Umm, it’s 8:05…” she said, watching Trisha for any sign of recognition as to what that would mean. There was none. “The sorority meeting started five minutes ago?” she finished expectantly. 

“Oh my gosh!” Trisha screamed as she shot up out of her chair and charged for the door. Rayne barely had time to get out of the way before she blew through the door and started to speed walk down the hallway. “Don’t just stand there! We’re already late!” she shouted over her shoulder, rounding the corner and heading towards the lounge. 

Rayne took a deep breath and rolled her eyes, shaking her head and casually pulling the door to Trisha’s room closed. “Yep, kind of what I expected.” Rayne said as she started to follow Trisha’s path down the hallway, albeit at a much slower pace. She arrived a few moments later, only to find Trisha standing outside the door to the lounge, motioning for Rayne to hurry up. Rayne shook her head, smiling to herself. “This should be interesting.” she said, following the taller girl inside. 

Inside, Laura and Eve were standing at the head of the room just behind the lounge chair, while everyone else stood between the couches talking with one another. Everyone seemed to be awake, alert, and acting completely normal. “Well, nice of you to join us!” Laura said with a teasing smile. “We were beginning to worry about you.” 

“I am SO sorry!” Trisha said in an exaggerated but honest tone. “I lost track of time!  It was a really good trashy novel!” she admitted without the slightest hint of embarrassment. 

Several of the girls laughed, including Laura. “That’s alright!” she said with a big smile “But…” Her smile turned devious. “Since you were late I think it’s only fair that you be tonight's volunteer, don’t you all agree?” She said, looking at the group that was spread out throughout the room. 

The girls all responded in a mix of nodding heads and verbal agreements. Trisha couldn’t help but blush before she felt Rayne’s tiny hand on her back softly pushing her towards the front of the room. 

“Alright, alright!” Trisha said, finally showing some signs of embarrassment “I submit…” she said before realizing the wording she had just used. “I mean volunteer!” she corrected with a laugh. 

Laura smiled and stepped back from where she was standing. “Well then,” she beamed, “take your spot!” She pointed to the spot between her and Eve. 

Trisha walked to where Laura had pointed and took a deep breath. “What kind of induction were you planning tonight?” she asked.

Laura gave her a devious look. “Oh, we have something very special in mind for you tonight, Trisha.” 

Trisha blushed much more deeply this time and looked around the room. “Oh, what’s that?” she asked nervously. 

“Oh, just...this. Now!” Laura shouted as she grabbed Trisha’s right arm and pulled it straight out. Not to hypnotize her, but to immobilize her. 

Trisha jerked out of reflex and looked at Laura in shock, trying to understand what she was doing, only to have her left arm grabbed by Eve a moment later. Both girls pulled Trisha’s arms straight out to lock them in place and then Eve, without so much as a hint of expression on her face, swung around and placed her left leg behind Trisha’s knees. “Now!” Eve said confidently as she and Laura both pushed Trisha back as hard as they could. 

Trisha let out a high pitched scream as she fell back, tripping over Eve’s leg and falling back onto the floor. “What are you doing!?” she shouted as her body began thrashing to escape whatever plan they had in mind. But both of her arms were pinned to the ground and both Eve and Laura were using all their body weight to lock her arms to the floor. In turn, she began to struggle again, this time with her legs. She didn’t get far before she felt Carly and Jessy each grab one of her legs and press down as hard as they could to pin them to the floor. 

“What ARE you doing?” she asked again as her curiosity took over. 

"Following orders.” Eve whispered seductively in her ear. 

“What?! Whose orders?” Trisha asked, feeling very confused and more than a little aroused. 

“Mine.” Rayne replied matter-of-factly as she pulled the shade down over the window of the doorway. 

“Yours?” Trisha asked, more confused than ever. “I…I don’t understand?”

“I know.” Rayne said as she slowly walked towards Trisha. But there was something different about her walk. There was a seductive danger to it, almost like a cat stalking its prey. When she was close enough, she stepped over Trisha’s stomach and lowered her body down onto it, then moved her legs into a kneeling position, one on either side of Trisha’s torso. She put just enough weight on her stomach to stop her thrashing, but not enough to hinder her breathing. “But you will understand.” Rayne said as she took out what looked like an old antique necklace with a crystal bauble on the end and dangled it over Trisha’s eyes. “I trust you know what this is for.” Rayne said with a devious smile. 

Trisha’s expression was one of defiance, despite not really feeling threatened. She wanted to struggle because it was part of the fun. But despite that defiance, she couldn’t help but stare up at the bauble that was hanging above her eyes. “I’m not that easy.” she said defiantly, even as her eyes slowly began to follow the sway of the bauble. 

“I knew you would say that.” Rayne said with a smile as she snapped her fingers. 

Trisha blinked for a split second, almost expecting a hypnotic command to come with the snap. But nothing happened. She scrunched up her face and was about to tell Rayne that it didn’t work. But before she could, she felt someone’s hands sliding along her inner thighs and noticed Jackie and Cheyene each move to either side of her, kneeling down between Rayne and the others who held Trisha’s arms down. Trisha looked up at them in confusion before the two women, almost at the exact same time, reached out and started to caress Trisha’s breasts. “OOOhhh!” Trisha shouted in surprise as she closed her eyes and then quickly opened them again, only to watch the bauble swinging slowly. “What are you…what are you doing?” she asked, trying to hide her rapidly spiking arousal. 

Rayne leaned in just a bit, letting the bauble spin and swing over Trisha’s face while the light from the room refracted across her face gently. “I’m taking over, Trisha.” She said bluntly. “I think you’d enjoy yourself…enjoy the sorority and all of the things it has to offer,” She paused to the sound of Christine unzipping Trisha’s jeans, “if you would just…give in, Trisha,” Another pregnant pause fell over the room. “and submit…to me.” Rayne’s voice was seductive yet somehow almost power hungry. 

Trisha could feel Christine’s hands sliding along her inner thighs very seductively. She gave a half-hearted attempt at struggling, but with at least one girl pinning down each of her limbs and another surprisingly bulky young woman sitting right on her stomach, she knew there was no way she was going to break free. And she didn’t want to. She wanted to give in. But she wanted the struggle to last as long as it could. She stared up at the bauble as her body slowly started to stop writhing from the struggle and instead began to writhe from the pleasure of feeling three young women massaging her erogenous zones. “I can…hold out…” she said, noticeably distracted. “I won’...” she trailed off as her moans began to increase.  

Rayne just smiled down at her. “I thought you might say that.” she said as she lifted her hand and snapped her fingers again. 

Trisha paused again, expecting a trigger or command to accompany the snap. She almost expected the snap itself to put her under. But, again, nothing happened. She was trying to clear her head enough to wonder what that finger snap was for, until she felt Christine’s tongue slide along her panties. Then she forgot pretty much everything else as she let out a loud moan. “OHMYGAWD!” she screamed as her eyes widened in surprise and pleasure, locking right onto the bauble. 

“The more you struggle…” Rayne whispered seductively as she leaned in and started to kiss Trisha’s neck, “the deeper you will go…when you finally…surrender, Trisha.” 

“I…I…wonnn….uuuuggggh!” Trisha tried to be defiant, but she felt her panties being moved out of the way and felt the tongue of her longtime friend slide slowly between the folds of her sex, and all she could do was moan loudly in response. Her eyes fixated on the bauble above while sweat dripped off of her body. Whether it was from her own exertion, the body heat of the girls around her, or her own arousal, she didn’t really care. 

“Surrender… and sleep.” Rayne whispered as she leaned up and licked Trisha’s ear. “You’re mine Trisha. You are all…mine!” Rayne said in an almost sadistic tone. 

“You…you…yourrrr…” Trisha visibly jerked as she felt herself orgasm under the constant arousal of the girls around her. She shuddered and moaned for several seconds, even closing her eyes nice and tight. And then her body went completely limp on the floor. She looked as though she had completely fainted from the pleasure. 

But Rayne knew better.  She turned Trisha’s head to face hers and slowly licked Trisha’s lips. “You're mine now Trisha. Say it.” she commanded. 

“I’m…yours…” Trisha responded quietly, betraying that she was, in fact, hypnotized and not unconscious. A slight difference, but an important one. 

“The sorority is mine, isn’t it Trisha.” Rayne said as more of a command than a suggestion. 

“Yes…yours…” Trisha responded as her body started to shake again in pleasure. The others hadn’t let up simply because Trisha had surrendered. 

Rayne gave her a devious smile and leaned in closer to Trisha. “I am now the president… the mistress…in charge of the sorority.” she said, tilting her head up and addressing the whole room. “Isn’t that right?” 

“Yes mistress.”  Came the reply from everyone in the room, including Trisha. 

Rayne leaned in and kissed Trisha passionately.. She couldn’t believe her plan had worked. She had taken over! The sorority and all of the girls in it were completely under her control. She broke the kiss and sat up with a smile. “Now, you all know you won’t remember any of this in the morning. But you will follow the suggestions and obey without question. Isn’t that right?” She asked, almost gloating. 

Another chorus of “Yes mistress” echoed through the room.

“Perfect.” she said, smiling confidently. “Just a few more suggestions. But first,ladies…strip!” 

Several hours later a completely exhausted Rayne staggered down the hallway to her dorm. Despite her exhaustion, both physically and mentally, she still managed to have quite the smile on her face. Not only did she manage to take over the sorority, but the evening’s activities after that were…completely exhausting, you might say. 

She stopped outside of her room and took a deep breath to compose herself. She turned the key and opened the door to find a completely dark room. As she moved inside and let her eyes adjust, the image of Klaire, fast asleep in her bed, slowly came into view. 

Rayne smiled down at her roommate. “She looks so peaceful, so pretty when she is asleep.” She thought to herself, tempted to reach out and stroke the young woman’s cheek. 

But she stopped herself, realizing that would probably wake her and ruin her plans. She needed to be patient, needed to make this work, all in due time. She moved to her own bed and sat down, watching her roommate slowly breathing in her sleep. “I have them now.” Rayne whispered softly, mostly to herself, but also, hopefully, to Klaire’s sleeping mind. “Now all I need…is you!” 

The End…for now. 

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Featuring: Klaire, Rayne, Laura, Eve, Christine, Trisha, Jackie, Cheyenne, Carly, and Jessy

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