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Superhero Misadventures 5 - Hypnosis Session Log

Superhero Misadventures 5 - Hypnosis Log

Being a superhero can be a dangerous job, and from time to time you're bound to get captured. But then a rescuer shows up… or were they there all along?

This session was used to create the real hypnosis video Superhero Misadventures 5

Cover Image made by HeroineArtAi

SleepyHypno 12:15 AM

Alright everyone, to you consent to the usual blanking of yoru mind taking you on a potentially erotic fantasy, making you feel deep naughty things, blanking your mind, and your memories and then posting the log for everyone to 'enjoy'

Amazonian Princess 12:15 AM

Go for it chief

Psyco Turnip 12:15 AM

Consent be given.

SleepyGirl 12:15 AM


Ivy 12:16 AM

Consent granted

SleepyHypno 12:16 AM

Excellant, this session as none of you have been told what it's about yet... was actually suggested by one of you. =cP

[Note: The idea for this script was unknowingly submitted by Amazonian Princess, while we were having a conversation about heroines and fun stories involving them. With a little careful proding I was able to get enough info to make an outline and then a script. She may or may not have noticed that beforehand.]

Ivy 12:17 AM

Powers of deduction , activate!!!

SleepyHypno 12:17 AM

[All of their Sleep Triggers at once]

powers of deduction,  deactivate

along with your mind

[Psyco Comment: Re-reading this makes me chuckle. Let no one say you aren't verbally clever]

[Hypnotist Comment: Awww Thank you!]

Ivy 12:17 AM

...neve r mind

SleepyHypno 12:17 AM

along with your brain

just let everything

fade away

let everything



deeper and deeper

like you avhe before

just take a deep breathe in

and let it out slowly



and just

let yourself


deep deep sleep

relaxed and focused now

isn't that right ladies?

Amazonian Princess 12:18 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:18 AM


SleepyGirl 12:18 AM


Ivy 12:19 AM

Nod nod yes

SleepyHypno 12:19 AM

good girls

I know it's late for all of you...

and some of you are very tired

so fi you happen to fall asleep

it's ok for you to simply


and rest

either where you are

or to simply get up, deeplly hypnotized

and move to your bed.

sleeping deeply and soundly


Ivy 12:19 AM


Amazonian Princess 12:20 AM


SleepyGirl 12:20 AM


[Hypnotist’s Note: One of the things you will notice with this script more so then others is that the lovely participants fade in and out off and on (in this case Psyco) Sadly we started this script pretty late on a day when everyone including myself was very worn out. By the end of the session Amazonian Princess and SleepyGirl will have both fallen asleep during the session.]

SleepyHypno 12:21 AM

Very good

Just allow yourself

to get into a comfortable position

a place where you can simply


and focus on my words

a place where you can simply let your mind

and your body

just drift

deeply down

like you have for me

so many times before

just let everything simply




deeper and deeper

down to sleep

down into a nice


hypnotic trance

you can do that for me now can't you ladies?

Ivy 12:22 AM

Oh yes

Psyco Turnip 12:22 AM

Yes Sir.

Amazonian Princess 12:22 AM


SleepyGirl 12:22 AM


SleepyHypno 12:22 AM

very good ladies

and as you relax

just allow the world around you

to fade away

and allow a new world

to take it's place

a new world to form



in your mind

you are back in your

superhero persona

maybe you have one you like to use regularly

or maybe you want to try on

a new one

just allow yourself to see yourself

as a super hero

complete with the special

fitted uniform

that fits your personality

and your powers

and allow yourself to

discover your abilities

whatever they may be

maybe your super strong

or super fast

maybe you can fly

or light things on fire

or maybe you are simply

incredibly smart

and clever

it's all up to you.

just let that persona

form in your mind

as clearly as you can

you can do that can't you ladies?

Ivy 12:24 AM

Yes yes

[Ivy Comment: I had not mentioned to anyone before the session that I was trying on a different persona in my mind, one that's lived in my head for a really long time; this was way before I knew what was about to occur, and as you may notice further along in the session, between the session and that persona I had in mind, this whole thing hit pretty darn hard in the best way!]

Psyco Turnip 12:24 AM

Yes Sir.

SleepyGirl 12:25 AM


Amazonian Princess 12:25 AM


SleepyHypno 12:25 AM

very good.

of course,

as a super hero

you are always busy

always on the move

crime waits for no one.

and as usual

it's been a busy night for you

stopping two robberies

and one car chase

it's amazing this city still functions at all.

but yet you love your job

love the feeling of power

of confident

love the feeling of helping out someone


[Ivy Comment: That's pretty much what drives me]

SleepyHypno 12:25 AM

but of course there is also...

the danger involved

and that can be just a bit

exciting too.

the idea of being captured of made helpless

struggling and resisting

only to succumb

it's alwaysin the back of your mind

while you focus on more... pressing matters

isn't that right ladies?

[Psyco Comment: well just call me out why don’t you!]

[Princess Comment: oh he called us ALL out]

[Hypnotists Comment: I do, on occasion, have a plan]

Ivy 12:27 AM

Ooooh yesss

[Ivy Comment: Sure, just ADMIT that to the world, me!]

Psyco Turnip 12:27 AM

Yes Sir.

SleepyGirl 12:28 AM


Amazonian Princess 12:28 AM

yes, but still wanna win overall

[Ivy Comment: A quintessential Princess sentiment!]

[Princess Comment: If you're not looking to win, then what actually is the point, ya know?]

[Ivy Comment: A favorable outcome for all ~-grin-~]

SleepyHypno 12:28 AM

Of course

it is always nice to come out...

shall we say...

on top.

but as your evening progresses

you get called away

called to a warehouse

in a dark abandoned part of the city

your first glance doesn't reveal


anything at all.

it must be a false alarm you think

but investigate none the less.

walking into the warehouse


looking around

it's dark


but you can't shake the feeling...

like you are being watched...

and then a light turns on

bright and blinding

you can't see who turned on the light

all you see is the outline

of a pocket watch

swinging in front of the light

it's shadow washes over your eyes



side to side

creating a kind of flashing sensation

a flash, then shadow, flash, then shadow

as it swings back and forth

you can see that can't you ladies

[Princess Comment: Like the visual here. People tend to look when a light flashes, and the constant flashing here would be very eye catching.]

[Hypnotist Comment: That was the exact Idea I was going for!]

Amazonian Princess 12:31 AM


Ivy 12:31 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:31 AM

Yes Sir, back and forth.

SleepyGirl 12:31 AM


SleepyHypno 12:31 AM

very good, doing so well ladies.

the watch simply moves,

back and forth

befor your eyes

you want to look away

but the light

and the shadow

the constant swing

just seems to hold you there



you can't see who is holding the watch

but you can feel it's power

every swinging

pulling you down

more deeply

more completely


down into a nice

peaceful state

your feeling your mind getting fuzzy

your arms and legs

starting to simply




heavier and heavier

thier weight starts to pull you forward

just a bit

leaning you towards the watch.

a watch that seems to be getting


with every swing

how do you feel now ladies?

Ivy 12:33 AM

Yes i see it

SleepyGirl 12:34 AM


Amazonian Princess 12:34 AM

heavy and fuzzy

Psyco Turnip 12:34 AM

Feeling serene Sir, watching the sway.

Ivy 12:34 AM

Makes me feel cozy

SleepyHypno 12:34 AM

good girls

you hear foot step si nthe distance

as the watch gets closer

and closer

every swing seems to block out the light

just a bit more

your mind is spinning

and swirling



completley on the watch

unable to look away

unable to fight

you know you should

but there is just something

exciting about this

exciting about being capture

exciting about...

you hear the snap of a fingers

and the word


[Princess Comment: Always love the trance within a trance]

[ Psycho Comment: Can I get an Amen! Tranception.]

[Hypnotist Note: Tranception script coming soon.]

echo through your mind

and your thoughts simply


your eyes close

and your head falls forward

your body starts to teeter

but the person there gently steadies you

how deep are you now ladies?

Ivy 12:36 AM


Amazonian Princess 12:36 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:37 AM

126% Master.

[Hypnotist’s Note: Not bad for a start, fatigue is definitely playing a part in the lack of depth we get here. Hypnosis is not ‘Sleep’ it is a state of focus, if you are tired, you don’t focus, but if you are tired and you relax, you fall asleep, into normal sleep. You can already see SleepyGirl isn’t responding as she is struggling to stay awake]

SleepyHypno 12:37 AM

very good, doing so very well now.

you feel the person slide their hand

along your body

along your form



they whisper into your ear

but your mind is

too far gone

too far asleep now

to really 'hear' what they are saying

you more hear the tone of their voice

playful, and confident

you can learn a lot from a person

by they way they talk

and this person seems to be

the kind of person that you wouldn't mind

letting go too for a while

letting yourself slip away

a person you can trust now

a person that you might find yourself

feeling attracted too.

of course the question is

as these your thoughts

or theirs....

[Ivy Comment: ~**audible "OOOOOH" out of me just now**~]

SleepyHypno 12:37 AM



whispered into your mind

programming you for a very specific

little adventure.

how do you feel about that ladies?

Ivy 12:40 AM

Ooooooooo excited adn curious

[Ivy Comment: ~-GASP-~ a typo; it begins!]

SleepyGirl 12:40 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:40 AM

Programmable Master. Open to brainwashing.

[Psyco Comment: Open and ready~]

[Hypnotist Comment: I honestly don’t know if she means “open and read” then, or when she was rereading the script… or both…. … … probably both.]

Amazonian Princess 12:41 AM

skeptical but tu gone to fight it

SleepyHypno 12:41 AM

very good ladies

just let go

just relax

just enjoy

after a few moments you hear the person voice

fade away

and for a few seconds

the world is silent



only the sound of your breating

only the sound of your heart beat




and then you feel a cloth

being placed over your face

it's damp

and has a very

strong scent

a scent you've smelled before


but your too hypnotized

too deep

to struggle

you simply stand there

breathing normally

feeling every breath

make your body feel so much heavier

a very different kind of fuzzy feeling

washes through your mind

the world feels like it's spinning

spinning out of control

you feel like your floating

or is that


your not really sure

all you know is that you never manage

to find the ground

the person with you

catches you

you feel their body against yours

strong and in control

[Princess Comment: Love it when a man can sweep me off my feet]

[Hypnotist Comment: I know, that's why it’s in the script]

SleepyHypno 12:41 AM

a contrast to yours

weak and helpless

and then you simply


and everything fades away

isn't that right ladies

Ivy 12:44 AM

Mmmhhhmmmm mmmmhhhmmmmmmm

SleepyGirl 12:45 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:45 AM

Yes Master, faded and blank.

Amazonian Princess 12:45 AM


SleepyHypno 12:45 AM

good girls

doing so well

so calm and deep now.

your not sure how long your asleep

mainly because you never remember

entering the warehouse

you start to stire

start to struggle

but you instantly find that you are

tied up.

tied to an X specifically

your arms tied tight over your head

and your legs spread out beneath you

strong binds around your wrists

around your ankles

around your waist

and your chest

the more you struggle

the tighter the binds seem to get

strong powerful binds

made out of a material that seems to almost

negate your super powers...

you grunt and moan


and shifting

trying to wiggle yourself free

but nothing happens.

nothing moves

you simply


pulling and grunting

but you...

you are stuck.


and totally now

arn't you ladies

Psyco Turnip 12:49 AM

Yes Master, completely bound.

Ivy 12:49 AM

Com...pletly stucj

SleepyGirl 12:49 AM


[Hypnotist’s Note: here we lost Princess for the night. Poor girl has to wake up insanely early and stayed up late to help me out with this, Which I greatly appreciate. Nighty night Princess]

[Additional Note: at this point the idea of the script was to make the person feel helpless, so they can be ‘rescued’]

SleepyHypno 12:50 AM

Very good, doing so very well now

as you struggle

a door poens

and to your surprise

two robotic guards walk in

clearly not human

metal skin

and red lights for eyes

they tell you in a very

robotic voice

[Ivy Comment: CYLONS!!]

[Psyco Comment: I've been playing too much Helldivers 2, I saw an automaton devastator... nearly woke me up with panic. >.> ]

[Hypnotist’s Comment: and that’s when she shot her monitor.  On a more serious note, had I even thought that would be a reaction I wouldn’t have used that visual]

that you should cease your struggles

but of course you don't

your a super hero

thats not in your job description

so you continue to struggle

and shake

the robots repeat their command


and again

your surprised they aren't trying something more to stop you

something omre to make you


but they just repeat

cease your struggles

and then the one on the right

shorts out

and falls to the ground

the one on the left turns

and is hit in the head with a crow bar

and falls to the ground as well

both sparking and shaking

as their power fades

and a figure stands in the shadow

how do you feel now ladies?

Ivy 12:52 AM


Psyco Turnip 12:52 AM

Rising hope of escape Master.

SleepyGirl 12:52 AM


SleepyHypno 12:53 AM

as the person steps out of the shadows

your heart races

They are famliar to you

but yet... not

you recognize them as an old friend

one who you've always been

rather attracted too

but somehow they seem to be

a complete blank

it's almost as if the memory of them was...


[Psyco Comment: This one was weird for me, I saw an androgynous person with essentially censorship fuzz over their face, it was kinda disconcerting.]

[Hypnotist’s Comment: This and the automaton comment above are part of the dangers of a group trance. I wasn’t getting any of this feedback at the time, and had no real way of knowing this was causing issues.]

SleepyHypno 12:53 AM

into your mind.

but before you can think about that

they say in a rather corny way

I'm here to rescue you...

and your heart skps a beat

you never thought the idea of being


of being rescued

would be so...


so exciting

but as they move to start undoing your binds

you find yourself simply

watching them

feeling your pulse racing

feeling your body tingling

unable to take your eyes off of them.

how do you feel ladies?

Ivy 12:56 AM

Allured....yte cautious

Psyco Turnip 12:57 AM

Mesmerized by my savior, unable to look away Master.

[Psyco Comment: Was trying to look past the censorship fuzz.]

[Hypnotist Comment: this is why working with the same people over and over again comes in handy, Psyco was having an issue but dealt with it herself in her own mind.]

[Hypnotist’s Note: and this is where SleepyGirl followed suit on her name and conked out for the night as well.]

[Additional: And now that the ‘rescuer’ has arrived you can start to see what suggestions might have been put into their heads.]

SleepyHypno 12:57 AM

very good doing so well ladies so calm and relaxed

you don't even pay attention to the fact

that they seem to know exactly how to free you

from a rather complicated device

you just feel your body slowly being freed

and as they stand in front of you to remove

the binds around you waist

you can't help but grab them

and kiss them


a feeling of intense


and even more intense


seems to wash over you

staring into their eyes.

as you are finally free'd

the idea of leaving this place seems

to fade from your mind

as if it was veiled

yoru safe here

safe with your rescuer

you hold them close

and whisper a deep

thank you for rescuing me

into their ear

and then another line


more sublte

however can i ... repay you.

the individual smiles

and says

I think I know a way...

how does thi smake you feel now ladies

Ivy 1:00 AM


Psyco Turnip 1:01 AM

Mischievous and sensual Master.

SleepyHypno 1:01 AM

Good girl

how deep are you now ladies?

Ivy 1:02 AM

310 ish

SleepyHypno 1:03 AM

very good

for some reason

it doesn't even phase you

that there is a bed

in the back of the room

the person moves you to the bed

and leans you down

softly on the bed

kissing you deeply

and slowly

as you slip back into the bed.

how does that make you feel now ladies?

Ivy 1:04 AM


SleepyHypno 1:04 AM

very good

deep and calm

as the person sits with you on teh bed

you feel a deep

well of gratitude

of desire

swell up in side of you

it's as if

you simply need to thank this person

as if that is all that matters to you

is to simply

repay them

repay them for thier deed

for their act of heroism

in resucing you

isn't that right ladies

Ivy 1:06 AM

Oh yes!

[Ivy Comment: wouldn't a gift card suffice?]

Psyco Turnip 1:06 AM

Yes Master, must repay.

SleepyHypno 1:06 AM

very good

doing so wel now

you allow your body

allow your desires to simply

take over for you

sliding your rescuer onto the bed

and sliding your hands along their body

along their form

you almost feel like yoru being


like your being moved

and controlled

to know exactly where to touch

exactly where to kiss

exactly how to...

repay them for their heroism

the more you touch

the more you massage

and slide your body along theirs

the deeper the arousal becomes

the more intense you feel it

staring into their eyes

you can't help but whisper

you deserve this..

[Ivy Comment: Confession time: I've never seen this line before: in erotica, in sessions, ect....and it hit me HARD!]

[Psyco Comment: Couldn't agree more, One of the unique things about this session is Mr. Sleepy telling you/us our inner thoughts/monologue. Really struck a chord for me.]

[Princess Comment: It is a great line. Whispering whether it's myself or the person I'm with, it's very sexy. But that was definitely an interesting twist on this one. Essentially being told what to think. Which is like "Duh, that's the point of hypnosis." But the way it's worded, it's almost as if our reactions are scripted and being so deep, you feel like "Yeah, I'd react like that," and just go with it.]

[Hypnotist Note: The intention of the way the script was structured was the idea that you had already been programmed to react, or to have a trigger that the person could whisper to you and you would just hear it as your own thoughts. Sort of like a kind of jedi mind trick without the hand waving. The person with our brave heroines is literally telling them how to think and feel in real time and it’s translating into their thoughts in the moment. It appears to have worked remarkably well.]

SleepyHypno 1:06 AM

as you find yoruself

removing your uniform

piece by piece


sensually for them

as if you were putting on a show

a show for them.

how does this make you feel now ladies

Ivy 1:09 AM

Contrilled, energized

Psyco Turnip 1:09 AM

Sexy Master.

SleepyHypno 1:11 AM

the words keep coming to mind

but you shake them away

and make a most

intimate of connections

with your captor.... i mean rescuer

[Ivy Comment: Nice save there, I'm sure no one involved noticed!]

[Psyco Comment: Not gunna lie, totally missed it. ^^; ]

[Hypnotist’s Note: This line was not an accident on my part, it was in the original outline that I was following. The idea being to give one, semi-blunt comment that set the tone that, yeah this person didn’t actually rescue you, they were the one that put you in the situation in the first place. This whole thing is just an elaborate setup to bang a superhero/heroine. The fact that it slipped past both of them means I did my job exactly right.  This line also only appears in the extended version that is the patreon exclusive.]

allowing your bodies to move as one



feeling their temperature rise

as your moves higher

and deeper

all at the same time

moaning and gasping

as you find yourself

commiting to the act



letting yoruself feel everything

in every way

and then simply

allowing them to release

their pleasure was your goal

and feeling them shake and shiver

under neath you

makes your own body release it's wave

of deep intimate pleasure

a pleasure that just washes through you



totally now

you can feel that pleasure... NOW,  can't you ladies

Psyco Turnip 1:13 AM

Yes Master, very much so.

Ivy 1:13 AM


[Ivy Comment: ~-blink blink-~ ...yeah.... she's not wrong.]

SleepyHypno 1:13 AM

how deep are you now ladies?

Ivy 1:14 AM

780 -800 ish

[Ivy Comment: Whow, that's a jump!] (Previously she was around 310)

Psyco Turnip 1:14 AM

950% Master

[Hypnotist’s Note: Not bad for a night when we were all pretty wiped out]

SleepyHypno 1:14 AM

good girls

doing so very well now.

as your pleasure subsides just a bit

you find yourself rolling over

onto the bed

as they look down at you

with a smile.

you find as the night goes on

that you just can't help but

thank your rescuer

thank the person whose heroism

saved you


and again

[Ivy Comment: No wonder we were tired that night, all our IRL energy went into our characters!!!]

SleepyHypno 1:14 AM

feeling that every time they

reach the peek of their pleasure

that you yourself

reach the peek of yours

again and again

through the night.

until you find that you are simply


and totally exhausted

isn't that right ladies?

Ivy 1:16 AM

Sooooo spent!!

Psyco Turnip 1:16 AM

Yes Master, completely spent.

SleepyHypno 1:17 AM

good girls

as you lay there

next to the person who rescued you

they simply lean over

and give you a devious kiss

and whisper

that you get better every time.

[Ivy Comment: I'll confess...THIS line, in context, really pushed my buttons!]

SleepyHypno 1:17 AM

before you can think about what that means

what they might be implying

you hear them snap thier fingers

one more time

and your eyes slam shut

your body goes limp

and helpless

you feel yourself simply


and drift away

completely adn totally

lost in the voice

isn't that right ladies

Ivy 1:18 AM

Mmmm yes master

Psyco Turnip 1:18 AM

Yes Master, lost.

SleepyHypno 1:18 AM

good girls

you find yourself

simply shaking your head

clearing it

a fog had strangely rolled into your mind

and for a moment you felt disoriented

you look around the abandoned warehouse

like you thought

no one was here...

just a false alarm .

you look out the window and see the sun is rising

you must have...

lost track of time.

how odd,  you think.

as you leave the warehouse

in the back of yoru mind you can't help but feel

can't help but wonder

if you shoudl come back to this warehouse again

say... a week from now

just to make sure that there isn't.

anything here.

just to be safe

that sounds like a wonderful idea to you.

doesn't it ladies?

Ivy 1:21 AM

Ooh yes! Incredible idra... have to be sure ut is Safe

[Princess Comment: It's always fun to see Ivy really out of it, since out of the 4 of us her defenses are usually the highest. Don't know if my reasoning is purely because I'm happy for her, which I am. But the dormant dominant that enjoys watching someone who resists kinda hard fall just as hard might also be in there too. ]

[Ivy Comment: How dare, after years of sessions and, you know me so well ~-ahahah-~ I'll admit my defenses were... stripped... pretty well at that point. And yes, that dormant dominant probably DOES enjoy the valiant yet futile resistance ~-grin-~]

[Hypnotist Note: This session was based off of an idea unintentionally submitted by Princess. So in effect, she is partially responsible for Ivy’s (and Psyco’s) submissive state at this point.]

Psyco Turnip 1:21 AM

Yes Master, return in a week. Make it safe.

[Hypnotist’s note: this is a personal favorite story element of mine, the idea that this ‘encounter’ is not only scripted in advance, but has been done in the past and is ‘scheduled’ to happen again in the future, all while the heroine is completely unaware of it.]

[Psyco Comment: Couldn't agree more, absolutely love the casual scheduling of the hypnotist in this one.]

SleepyHypno 1:21 AM

good girls

this is where our littel fantays will end

it went a little longer then i had intended

but I think you are all so


and passive

so relaxed

that you won't notice

that we went a little long

you'll simply

when i tell you

slip away to bed

slip away to sleep

and just


deeply and soundly

remembering how relaxing of an evening it was

being a superheroine

making the city safe

despite that strange little detour

into the warehouse

you can do that can't you ladies

Ivy 1:23 AM

Sooo easiky master

Psyco Turnip 1:23 AM

Yes Master, forgotten detour, making the city safe.

SleepyHypno 1:23 AM

good girls

anything you'd like to say to the audience before you slip away to bed for the night

Ivy 1:24 AM

How usual gadgets are in the wrong sure it is nothing

[Ivy Comment: That's what happens when you have to put your gear back on while in a complete HAZE!]

[Hypnotist Comment: This is also a good sign of just how into the fantasy she was that she added this little element to it.]

Psyco Turnip 1:25 AM

Yes Master, stay in school and always obey the law.

Ivy 1:25 AM

Or else a heroine will visit you

[Hypnotist’s Note: LOL Psyco always manages to make me laugh during these things!]

[Psyco Comment: What can I say, an iota of sass reared it's head at what a hero would say after the credits so to speak. I regret nothing!]

[Princess Comment: Now we know...and knowing is half the battle. GI JOE!]

SleepyHypno 1:25 AM

a wonderfully helpful advice my heriones.

now it's time for you drift away to bed

and to sleep


Ivy 1:25 AM

Yes to skeep

Psyco Turnip 1:26 AM

Yes Master.

SleepyHypno 1:26 AM

good girls

off to bed with you now... good night.

Ivy 1:26 AM


Psyco Turnip 1:27 AM

Yes Master, goodnight.

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