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Trance Night Out

Trance Night Out - SHR

Key: MD, FD, MF, MC, Freeze, Sleep, Chloroform

Description: During a night out at a club, Sleepygirl and her friends find themselves being ensnared by a stage show. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 3-13-20XX
Subject: Trance Night Out!

     I had to email you about this while it was still in my head, no random musings this time but I did have an interesting dream last night that I thought you'd like to hear about. Strangely vivid, too, almost a little more so than the others, at least it seems like it in hindsight. Anyway, I know you'll appreciate it. 

     I started out in a dim lit environment, it almost looked like a dance club until I saw that there was a stage very clearly meant for entertainment at the front of it. I was in the back of the room just kind of observing the crowd, looking around, when I noticed three men walking along the stage at the front of the room. They looked like they were talking with one another and then they split up to move through the crowd. I started watching one of them as he moved through the people and stopped at a girl that I realized shortly after was Julie. I couldn't hear anything but I saw him start to talk to her, and as he was doing that he started to slowly wave his hand back and forth. She seemed kind of distracted by it but kept trying to keep her focus on him. It seemed like every time she would glance back over to him, though, that she would get distracted by his hand again. After a few moments it looked like he wasn't even saying anything anymore, but she was still following his hand and her face seemed to have gone slack. Her eyes could barely stay open, too. Didn't exactly take a rocket scientist to see that he was trying to hypnotize her. He didn't really do much after that, but he did take her hand and start to lead her back to the room alongside the stage where he and the others had come out of a little while earlier. I got up and started to follow the two of them to see what was going on, but as I was moving through the crowd I saw another man clearly in the middle of hypnotizing another girl who turned out to be Laura. It looked like he was holding something in his hand and, once I was able to get close enough, I saw that he was holding a cell phone with a spiral on it (shades of the app you have on your tablet, actually). She was, at that point, very focused on it. Her eyes were starting to glaze over while her body was slowly slumping forward. The man took her hand and started massaging it while she was watching and her eyes began to flutter, then he pulled her arm and she fell into him like a ragdoll. He gently straightened her and began to slowly lead her to the back, just like the other man had done with Julie. 

     I started following them and, again, as I got about halfway through the crowd I saw the third man from the original group talking to Krissy, Eve and Jesse. I could see he was hiding a pocket watch in one hand but he wasn't doing anything yet. They were talking and laughing, he seemed very...animated. Kind of reminded me of you, actually. I moved a little closer to see what he was planning on doing, and he started to move like he was going to do a magic trick or something, but instead of doing a trick he let the pocket watch drop down and started to let it sway back and forth slowly. All three of them were watching it with curious looks on their faces, but Eve seemed to be dropping faster than the other two. Krissy and Jesse weren't even showing signs of starting to slip yet and she was already limp and dazed as her head tilted to one side. Her eyes were barely open and they seemed to be drooping more with each swing until finally they just slipped shut. At that point I noticed Krissy was resisting a little and was struggling to keep her eyes open. Next to her Jesse was starting to fall and was pretty much almost out, so the guy started using that to try and bring Krissy down. Once he started doing that she seemed to start falling a little faster, and within a few minutes both of them were out. In hindsight, this club kind of reminds me of Spirals. Anyway, not long after he had the three of them under he snapped his fingers and they woke up laughing and followed him to the back, too. So naturally, me being me, I followed. Again.

     But, again, before I could get anywhere I saw Julie come out of the room she was being led to earlier. Except now she was dressed in a skintight waitress uniform, right as she came out she saw me and came over and asked if I wanted to order a drink. So, clearly, she had no idea who I was. When I said no thanks she went back out into the club and started walking around like she was...well, serving drinks and being a waitress. Go figure. I decided to let her "work" for now and go back to follow the other three, but before I could do anything (can we say "curses, foiled again" yet?) two other girls snuck in ahead of me. Looking through the door, I saw that Krissy, Jesse and Eve were asleep with headphones on. Krissy was naked and had clothes sitting next to her that looked like a very short mini skirt and halter top, and one of the men was dressing Eve in a skintight leather dress (doesn't that dress actually exist? or am I remembering things wrong? it would at least explain something from this dream if it did), and Jesse was being dressed in a skimpy red dress. 

[Hypnotist’s Note: The dress in question does in fact exist and is a dress my wife, whom Eve is based on, wore some years ago.]

     At that point I noticed the two girls that had snuck in ahead of me were Nicole and Klaire. They didn't notice that there were two men walking up behind them, one of whom had a rag in his hand. And before they had time to notice he snuck up behind Klaire and slipped the rag over her mouth. She was taken by surprise, of course, and didn't struggle much so it was a quick chloroform. Nicole was oblivious to it all, which I found highly amusing, and the other man started moving up behind her and held up the spray can he was holding, giving it a quick tap so a light puff came out of it. She blinked a few times but otherwise didn’t seem affected, so he tapped it again. This time she yawned and wobbled on her feet a bit but still kept watching the others. Finally the guy just tapped her on the shoulder and sprayed a puff of it straight in her face...and I need to pause for a moment until my giggling stops because the image of this is frickin’ hilarious (you just have to know her...being this oblivious is not out of character). 

     Anyway! She and Klaire were dragged into the room with the others, and after a moment Krissy, Eve and Jesse came out in the clothes I’d seen piled next to them earlier. They moved out into the club with the others and I kept a close eye on the way they were acting after seeing Julie, who was still waitressing. Laura was acting like...well, kind of a hillbilly, Krissy was being very flirty verging on slutty, Eve was practically pole dancing against a guy (not that he seemed to be complaining) and I think Jesse was in an active competition against no one to see how many guys she could get to buy drinks for her. In the meantime, the three men had come out of the room and were starting to make their way through the crowd again. While I was trying to decide what to do next, one of them came up to me and started making small talk. He offered me his hand to shake and, not really thinking, I took it. When I did he took my hand and started kind of twirling it in front of me slowly, looking right into my eyes and talking to me softly. I knew he was trying to hypnotize me, and even though I was trying to fight it it was still working on me, he clearly noticed this because in addition to twirling my hand he started tugging on my arm when he was saying certain words (I believe that's anchoring or something like that...see, I pay attention). In the middle of all this he made some comment about how I'd enjoy being part of the entertainment tonight, this confused me enough for my guard to drop the rest of the way and when he saw this he tugged on my arm and sent me to sleep. 

     Now, as I'm writing this, I can't help but wonder how well this would all actually work. Ok no not ALL of this, just the inductions. I've already told you I'm on the fence about how well a pocket watch would put me under (not because I have doubts about the induction itself, more about my attention span). Now I'm curious about how well the hand/arm thing would work, too. Even just the arm waving thing (that happened to Julie), although that I'm a little skeptical about...but I guess I could see it working, in a way, I don't know. Anyway, sorry, that was a random musing but I'm in a mood, apparently.

[Hypnotists Note: This email was written many many years ago, in that time Sleepygirl has been hypnotized by every induction listed above at one point or another.]

     After he hypnotized me the next thing I remembered was walking out into the club, just like the others, except I felt different. Much more confident and sexy, I'd even go so far as to say powerful. I felt like I could have any guy in the club, no questions asked, that I could just walk up to them and take them. Strange. As was the case with the others, my clothes were different, too. I was wearing a dark blue halter dress that was very form fitting and somewhat low cut,that  stopped around the knee, and black knee high boots to go with it. Kind of added to the mood, I guess. Case in point, I was walking around the club and just stopped at some random guy, sat on his lap, and started kissing him. While I was doing that they started dimming the lights for the show, I stayed on his lap but turned around to watch a bit and kind of started grinding on him in the process. The hypnotist came out, did his usual spiel, and then said that they weren't asking for volunteers but were instead going to magnetically pull the most attractive and sexy women in the room up to the stage, and how those women were going to feel their breasts pulling them toward the stage from a tingling in their nipples, etc. Not quite what I expected but nonetheless I started feeling a pull to go up on stage, and as I was looking around I saw several other women obviously feeling the same effects (should be noted that since I was under the same effects as the others I didn't recognize them, just like Julie didn't recognize me earlier). Once everyone was on stage he went down the line, one by one and put everyone to sleep by tugging on their arms, tilting their head to the side, and kissing them, just to name a few. He got to me and asked me to follow his finger while he kept one hand on my back and he kept raising it, until finally he tapped my forehead and told me to sleep. The next thing I knew I was waking up in a chair, as were the others, and music was starting to play. As it started we all got up and started dancing seductively while he moved in front of each girl and snapped his finger in front of their eyes, which froze them mid dance. Eventually he got to me and did the same thing, and after he froze me he tapped a finger to my forehead again, which apparently sent me back to sleep. After that I woke up in the chair again, except this time I didn't remember anything after talking to the man in the club and shaking his hand. So obviously I had no idea why I'd changed clothes or was up on stage. Laura was awake as well and seemed to be just as confused as I was, but then the hypnotist moved over to her, smiled, and tapped her behind the ear. When he did that her eyes and demeanor changed and she was back to being the other personality that I saw earlier, the farm girl. At that point he walked over to me and asked how I was enjoying the show, so of course I commented that I didn't really remember much of it. I don't really remember what he said to that but he moved his hand behind my ear and tapped just like he had with Laura, and I was back to feeling sexy and confident. But before I could do anything he tapped my head and sent me back to sleep.

     When I woke up again I was in a room with a few couches, along with everyone else, who were all still asleep. There were footsteps coming so I pretended to be asleep like the others, and a man walked in with Eve, who was still obviously under the suggestions given by the fact that she was all but grinding on him and kissing him. He told her to stay where she was and snapped his fingers in front of her eyes, she froze in place and he snuck in a kiss before he left the room. I got up and moved over to Laura and tapped her on the forehead to wake her up, except when I woke her up she still had the playful grin of the farm girl on her face so I quickly tapped her behind the ear to put her back to normal. She was, understandably, very confused about what was going on. I tried explaining it as best as I could but she stood up and was going to go look for the hypnotist. I didn't want her to blow my cover or get herself in more trouble so I tested out the trigger I saw the guy use on Eve and snapped my fingers in front of her face. Luckily that froze her in place. There were other men outside at that point, and I heard them talking about how they needed seven of the women in the room to be frozen and posed for some sort of display over the weekend, and another griping about how they needed another assistant as well, then mentioning they only had 20 minutes before they needed to pack up the girls. I decided that freezing and posing the other girls was my best bet, hoping that doing so might get me a job as this other assistant they needed since the girls would be pre-posed. So with that in mind I went around to the rest of them and, one by one, woke them up and froze them, putting them in various poses. 

     I started with Jesse, I tapped her forehead first to wake her up. She had a brief moment of confusion about where she was at but I snapped my fingers in front of her eyes before she could ask questions, leaving her frozen on the chair she was sitting in. Then I posed her so that she was sitting normally on the chair, but left one of her hands resting on the back of her head with her chest pushed forward a bit. I moved over to Krissy next and tapped her forehead, she woke up looking agitated like Laura and immediately got up out of the chair to head towards the door, but before she could get far I snapped my fingers in front of her eyes and she froze like the others. I moved her away from the door but otherwise left her posed as she was. Finally, I moved to Nicole and tapped her forehead, immediately after tapping her I snapped my fingers in front of her eyes, leaving her frozen with a dazed and confused look on her face. I posed her so that she was leaning forward in the chair, exposing the low cut of her dress. Next I moved to Julie and tapped her forehead, she woke up still in her altered demeanor of being a waitress and stood up, ready to get more drinks to serve. I snapped my fingers in front of her eyes, freezing her in place so that she was in somewhat of a waitress pose, whatever you might actually call that. And then I moved to Klaire, once she was awake and had gotten her bearings I snapped my fingers to freeze her too, standing her and arching her back ever so slightly so that her chest pushed forward, placing a hand on her hip to accentuate the look on her face. 

     Not long after I finished, one of the men opened the door and blinked a few times, looked around, looked at me, and asked what was going on. When he asked why I did this I explained it was in hopes of getting the job as the assistant that they needed. He stuck his head out of the door and shouted for the others to get down to the room, that they wouldn't believe what they were going to see. Before I could question him about anything he tapped me on the forehead aaaand everything went black from there. So I don't know if that was a good plan in hindsight or not.

     Anyway, that was my long ass dream, sorry that turned out to be like a small novel but you should be used to this by now. I'd say it was interesting, to put it mildly. Hopefully you enjoyed it, too (though I'm guessing you did). Like I said, this was a strangely vivid one, and was definitely longer than the ones I've been having lately which, although I don't really remember much of them now, seemed mostly centered on me finding new uses for various new years related props. Go figure. I don't remember much about those, honestly, it was earlier in the week. Though I do remember noise makers that sent sort of a hypnotic sound at the person they were aimed at or opened in the direction of. There were some other strange things, too, like confetti with hypnotic properties. Nothing overly imaginative, just, you know...shiny confetti that induced a trance as it came down. There was something chloroform or gas related too but I don't remember what it was, at this point. Oh well, on that note I have to leave to go to a movie, ironically with Krissy. Anyways now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Sleepygirl, Julie, Laura, Krissy, Eve, Jesse, Nicole, Klaire

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