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Mythical Creatures Forest Preserve - SHR

 Mythical Creatures Forest Preserve - SHR

 Key: MC, MD, MF, Sleep, Knockout, Freeze

Description: Sleepygirl and her friends visit a Mythical Creatures Forest Preserve, one where the safety features are a bit lax and some of the creatures are eager to enjoy them. 

[NOTE: These are actual emails written by SleepyGirl, who was hypnotized to have a fantasy/dream while she slept, and then send me a description of it. You can find out more details HERE! ]

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To: Sleepyhypno <>
From: Sleepygirl <REDACTED>
Date: 5-1-20XX
Subject: Mythical Creatures can be fun!

     I had a dream last night that you might find interesting. Knockouts, cavemen, other assorted creatures with the ability to incapacitate unsuspecting females. It was right up both our alleys, in other words. So I'll skip the rambling and get to the good stuff, on that note 

     To start, I was sitting on a bench on the outskirts of a pretty good sized forest preserve. Next to me were a few buildings, but behind them it was just a lot of forest. I was sitting with a (semi) big group of friends - Laura, Eve, Jessy, Klaire, Serena, Siobhan, Trisha, Cheyenne, Jill, and Erica. The group of us got up and went into one of the buildings which, as it turned out, was the only way to get back to the forest. The first...unique thing I noticed was that the building seemed to be part of a preserve for mythical creatures. It was much bigger than it looked on the inside and there were several signs pointing to areas for prehistoric, medieval, Greek, and classical creatures. Each sign had information about the rooms and how to get a sample viewing of the creatures. We all moved toward the Greek exhibit first, where a guide greeted us, and behind him were a number of enclosures for different creatures from Greek mythology. He gave us a little information about the area, warning us to stay behind the red line if we didn't want to find ourselves falling victim to their powers. As we moved over to the enclosure for the gorgons, we caught sight of a woman (well...half woman, bottom half snake) sitting in it, her head full of snakes, not paying any particular attention to us. The guide started explaining that the glass between her and us kept us from turning to stone until we crossed the red line. Serena was the first to step over, turning back at us and making some sort of comment about how none of that could be true. As she joked about the exhibit, the woman started to slide over to the glass in front of where Serena was standing. Serena, of course, didn't notice and finally the gorgon stopped and turned to look at us...for a moment she didn't make eye contact, but then suddenly her head snapped up and she made a jerking motion toward Serena as all of the snakes on her head rose up, their eyes glowing bright yellow as Serena's body made the same jerking motion while she stood completely still. The gorgon stood there like that for a moment before the snakes on her head relaxed and settled back on top of her head while her eyes returned to normal as well. She slithered along the glass, not really looking at the rest of us and slowly made her way back to where she'd been sitting. The guide, meanwhile, stepped over to Serena and snapped his fingers in front of her face, explaining that she was basically petrified and wouldn't remember anything that had happened here. He demonstrated how much of a statue she was by trying to move her arm with no success, and then, of course, Siobhan slowly crossed the line next and tried to move her as well, also with no luck. As she continued trying to move Serena she caught sight of the gorgon slithering back over to her and quickly made her way back across the line. As Serena was gently dragged back over the line by the guide, he told the rest of us that it wouldn't take long for her to wake up once she was back across. While the rest of us moved over to the enclosure with the harpies, I glanced back at Serena and noticed the guard standing her back up and groping her breast in the process. 

     Once I caught up with the others at the harpy enclosure I saw there was the same red line in front of them, however this one also had a small couch on the side where we were standing. The guide gave us some information on the harpies, how they hunt for mates and that their shrieks essentially cause their victims to faint - hence the couch. Laura was watching the harpies, who essentially looked like handsome men with some bat-like features to them. All of the men in the enclosure were completely naked and this obviously had Laura's attention as she moved forward across the red line, partially curious and partially aroused as she continued to look them over. She saw one in particular and inched her way closer to him and the glass that separated them, he looked at her curiously for a moment as he made his way in front of her and smiled for a moment before opening his mouth to let out a loud screech. Laura's body jerked at the sound, probably from the sudden shock of it, but then she simply stood there and swayed on her feet before she started to fall back...landing on the couch gently, her body sagging into it as she went completely limp. Despite the man saying she would be awake in a few minutes, Jessy went over to check on her, crossing the line as she did so. She happened to glance up at the harpy still in front of the glass, too, and before she could step back across the line he let out another shriek. Her body jerked as she wobbled on her feet, falling back onto the couch, instantly unconscious as she slumped against her friend. 

     Having seen that, the rest of us decided to move on to another area. As we walked away I saw the guide leaning over Laura and Jessy, feeling them up while they were still unconscious. Meanwhile, we'd moved on to the classical creatures and found ourselves standing near an enclosure marked for vampires. It was darker than the others and was even decorated like an old castle, at the back of the enclosure there was a fireplace where a man stood in front of it, staring down into it but not looking at us. After a few more minutes of him not acknowledging us, Jill finally stepped over the red line, not really thinking about what the consequences would be obviously. As she did the man tilted his head towards us, suddenly he wasn't in front of the fire anymore at all and stood directly in front of Jill (between the glass obviously), staring deeply into her eyes. She jerked ever so slightly, but after a few moments her arms hung limp at her sides as she stared back at the man, mouth hanging open a bit and completely enthralled by him. The guide, who was still standing next to us, held up a tablet for the rest of us to see that it showed the vampire in front of us, and where the energy in him was coming from - in this case his it passed through the glass and into Jills eyes, it also enveloped the area around her body, making sure she was ensnared by it in every way possible. After a few more moments the vampire disappeared from where he'd been standing in front of Jill and she walked over to the guide, almost a bit robotically, once she was next to him she told him she wanted to enter the enclosure, and that she knew she would be safe there. The guide seemed amused by that as he looked over at her and gently patted her on the head as he told her maybe next time...then he pulled out a small device that looked just like a taser and used it on her quickly. Her body shook as the energy that was enthralling seemed to disappear, when it had she slumped to the floor completely unconscious. As I watched him use the device on Jill, I moved across the red line slowly, waiting to see what would happen. No one else noticed me move over to the glass, but as I looked up there was the vampire again, standing silently in front of me and focusing deeply on my eyes as his glowed softly. I felt my body jerk as everything around me faded away and the only thing I could see were his eyes. Soon my arms were hanging limp at my sides and I could feel the energy from his eyes moving around me as well...even though every thought had pretty much vanished from my mind at that point, i heard him inside of my mind like he was whispering in my ear and seducing me...telling me I was safe and at peace, and that nothing would feel better than being in the enclosure with him. And as if that wasn't enough I felt hands over my body, massaging and kissing me, caressing me...and as quickly as he came, he was gone, and I felt the desire to be with him growing even stronger. I moved over to the guide and asked him to go into the enclosure, instead of answering he just smiled and reached for his taser again. The instant it hit me my body went limp and heavy as I fell to the floor, all of the vampire's energy leaving me immediately. 

     While I was out I felt hands running along my body and sliding up my shirt as I was kissed. When I started to wake up a few minutes later I looked around, seeing that I was on the ground next to Jill who was also groggy and looking around as she woke up, neither one of us having any idea of how we ended up on the floor. On my other side was Cheyenne, who was also starting to stir, obviously having been out for some reason but having no idea why either. Looking around, I saw the rest of the group was already ahead of us at the next exhibit. We caught up with them after we'd gotten up and made our way back to the lobby of the building. Laura saw us and jokingly commented that she'd heard we'd gotten a 'whammy' from the vampire in the last exhibit...of course, we didn't remember any of it happening so we just let it go. We decided to head over to the medieval exhibit next and as we entered we saw sections for elves, wizards, and dragons. As soon as she saw the exhibit for wood elves Laura dragged the rest of us over to it. The area was lined with trees and bushes and looked like a section of the forest outside had been brought in just for this particular area. Laura seemed to be peering inside, having seen something, and crossed the red line in the process. She started pointing something out to the rest of us and as she started to turn around her hand went to the side of her neck. She mumbled an “ouch” as she pulled out a small thorn and as she looked at it, she let out a soft sigh and sank to the floor gently, unconscious once again. Near the back of the exhibit a man stood holding a small blow gun that had obviously tranquilized Laura. As we all moved to get a better look at him, Trisha moved forward to help Laura. She wasn't able to fully grab her to drag her away, so Jessy moved forward to help her, but as she did an arrow flew between the two of them and exploded with energy that trickled and flowed over both of their bodies. The two of them dropped Laura, who they'd finally managed to get up off of the floor, and dropped to their knees as they slumped sideways, one on top of the other. 

     Having seen that, the rest of us left them unconscious in the exhibit, figuring they would wake up sooner or later, and moved to the prehistoric area. This one was different in that it was one giant exhibit with some cavemen and women milling around, and there was no glass to separate them from us. The few females that were in there were dressed the same as the cavemen (which is to say, barely) and were already unconscious. As I looked around I saw the same red line that was in the other exhibits, as well as a yellow one a little further back that the guide was standing behind. The rest of us, however, were far past it and were in between the yellow and red lines. As the guide encouraged us to get a better feel for the experience, Eve, Erica and Klaire all moved over the red line. As they did, three of the cavemen turned to look over them and then seemed to start arguing with each other. The three of them didn't move back but kept watching them curiously as the guide explained that they needed to seem less intimidating for them to come over. Eve kneeled down, while Klaire leaned over...Erica didn't seem to move much at all, but a moment later the three cavemen turned to look at them, each one focused on one of the girls very deeply, their clubs extended out. The three girls watched them, but looked more nervous, like they wanted to move away but couldn' we watched, the guide explained each of the ranks of the cavemen who were watching the girls intently. Explaining that by looking at their 'prey' they'd caused the girls to basically freeze in place...that the one focused on Erica was the alpha of the group. He moved up to her slowly, still staring into her eyes, and as he did he brought his club up quickly and it came down on the top of her head. She gasped as her head dropped to her chest instantly, the rest of her body going limp as she fell backwards. Next he pointed out the one focused on Eve, who moved over to her but brought his club down a little softer. She wobbled on her feet and fell to the side, half landing on top of Erica. The last one was still staring at Klaire and moved in on her slowly, from her eyes it was clear that she was still nervous and wanting to move away. As he stopped in front of her he raised the club quietly and brought it down on her head, firm, but still much more gently than the others. Her head bobbed a bit as she stared ahead at him, but after a few moments her body started to fall forward and she landed with a thud on the floor. 

     The guide looked over at us as the lights in the room flickered and the cavemen retreated a little. We shook our heads and as we continued to watch we saw one of the females, that was now awake, arguing with the alpha. Cheyenne, meanwhile, was checking on the other three and crossing the line in the process. One of the cavemen noticed immediately and started making his way over to her. She made the mistake of looking up at him and as she did her body froze instantly, as he raised his club to hit her the female came over and pushed him aside, breaking his gaze on Cheyenne and allowing her to move again. She shook herself and moved back a bit, laughing as the two fought and the caveman finally slinked away. Once he had, the female turned her attention toward Cheyenne and sized her up as she closed in on her. As Cheyenne backed away a bit, the female seemed to back off and even motioned for her to come she did, a bit reluctantly, the female smiled and then threw a punch at Cheyenne. Her body swayed as the punch connected, her face going slack and her eyes even rolling into her head as she collapsed to the ground in a heap...the female made a few grunting noises, seeming pleased with the outcome, and turned around...only to walk face first into the club of the alpha caveman. The hit knocked her unconscious and landed her on the floor in front of the pile of girls already knocked out. The guide tried explaining to us that even if the female tried taking over the male would eventually fight back, but as he was talking we noticed a whirring sound coming from somewhere in the room....Siobhan and Serena were the first to notice it and when they looked around saw one of the other cavemen slinging a rock and looking over at us. I didn't think he was close enough to be able to affect any of us but Serena seemed pretty immobile as she looked back at him...Siobhan and I stepped out of the way as he kept spinning it, finally letting go a moment later and hitting Serena in the head, making her jerk back and fall to the ground instantly. Jill noticed what was happening at that point and turned around to see Serena get hit, meanwhile Siobhan and I were still looking over Serena. We heard another whirring sound and as I looked over to Siobhan I saw that she was falling to her knees and then to the ground, having been hit by another rock in the back of her head. Jill finally asked the guide how they were able to do that and as he was looking down at his tablet trying to figure out the answer, another rock flew past him and into the side of Jill's head...she swayed on her feet for a moment and then fell sideways to the floor, landing in a pile with the others. This didn't seem to phase the guide much and he kept messing around on the tablet...while he did I walked over to the pile of my friends and started looking them over. As I moved between them and the yellow line one of the cavemen looked straight at body froze in place right away as I felt my heartbeat quicken. While I looked at him, I felt a hand on my back gently moving me closer...before I had the chance to wonder who it was, I heard the voice of the guide in my ear telling me that it was my turn for a nap as his hand moved up my back and around to caress my breast. Before I knew it the caveman was in front of me, still staring into my eyes and raising his club over my head and bringing it down onto mine swiftly. My body jerked as my eyes rolled into my head, I wobbled on my feet for a split second before slumping to the floor in a heap. 

     As I laid there with everyone else on the floor, I felt a hand grab my hair and start to drag me away some point I felt my head drop back to the floor as the hands started to move their way up my body and pull off my clothes, little by little. My body was lifted up as my shirt, then bra, were pulled off and I fell back to the floor with a thud and the pair of hands started massaging my breasts and made their way down my body. The man kept massaging and feeling me up as he started kissing me deeply, moving his hands down and spreading my legs as he moved between them and slid into me. I only finally started to wake up when I started to orgasm minutes I tried to get my bearings, I saw everyone else scattered around the room...Serena, Siobhan and Erica were still in a pile, their clothes still on and looking as though they were still unconscious...Eve, Cheyenne and Jill were all in another pile, completely naked...Laura, Jessy, Trisha, and Klaire were all naked and unconscious as well, but with their own men and in the middle of being used. When I looked up to see the man above me, still rocking deeply into me,  he just smiled and leaned down to kiss me gently...breaking it after a moment and placing a finger on my forehead, pushing it back against the floor and knocking me out yet again. The next time I woke up I was in another room, surrounded by everyone else again - although this time everyone was naked. As we started to get our bearings back and sit up, the lights in the room began to flicker and strobe as a low hum followed them...our minds weren't nearly coherent enough to resist them yet, and it didn't take long before the strobing, the hum, and a voice that was coming out of some speakers in the room (what it was saying i don't remember, ironically enough) started to drop us all into trances...i felt myself standing up and getting dressed, next, as the voice told us we would forget everything that had happened, and to only remember being knocked out by one of the exhibits. The lights strobed and flashed one last time as it told us to sleep, and everyone's eyes - including my own, slammed shut as we slumped back to the floor helplessly.

     And fade to black? That was when I woke up, although it seemed like a fitting place for it to end. So that was interesting...and definitely pushed some buttons...although I'm not sure which buttons were pushed more. Between being knocked out multiple times by the cavemen, and frozen too for that matter, and controlled by the vampire...although i don't know, watching the others basically become living statues because of the gorgons kind of pushed some buttons too. I don't know...don't mind me, just musing out loud. In any case, that was an interesting one. I'm kind of curious if the forest part had anything in it or if it was know...the actual forest part of the forest preserve. Which would probably make more sense. Anyways, now it's time for me to forget.

Thanks to Sleepygirl for doing the editing for me. [and in the case of this story, writing it]

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Featuring: Laura, Eve, Jessy, Klaire, Serena, Siobhan, Trisha, Cheyenne, Jill, Erica and Sleepygirl

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