Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vacations and Transitions Part 1

Key: Mc, FD, MF, FF

Barbara sat quietly at her desk, reading a report on one of the experiments. Her white lab coat covered her professional, if not a little bit tight, dress skirt and blouse. She sighed calmly and looked out the window. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day as she looked out onto the island’s beach. She had been here almost a year already and really found it the most peaceful place she had ever been.
Suddenly the door to her office flies open and Yuta barges in shouting, “Barbara!”
Barbara barely had enough time to stand in shock before the bubbly blonde grabbed her and spun her around in circles in a huge bear huge remarking, “Barbara I missed you so much!” as she put the confused scientist down with a huge grin.
Barbara shook her head to clear it and smiled at Yuta, “Hey Yuta, what are you doing here?” Behind Yuta, Barbara noticed Sarah and Jen peeking their heads through the door and waving meekly.
“Is it safe to enter?” asked Jen in a mock nervous tone.
Barbara’s eyes lit up as she ran to hug Jen and Sarah and then noticed Diana and Mina behind them. “Hello, hello, all of you! It’s so good to see you all!” she said with her eyes almost tearing. Barbara then let out a yipe as Dawn landed right behind her and hugged her with a devious smile.
Remember me?” she asked playfully.

Barbara giggled nervously and turned to hug Dawn.
Yes, I remember you,” she replied when she noticed a group of four other girls standing behind Sarah and Jen. “Who are all these people?” she asked politely.
Sarah smiled and pointed to the girls in turn. “This is Jessica, a friend of mine; this is Katia, the princess of the elf kingdom. This is Fawn, who is also the singer ‘Siren’, and this is Lucia, who is…. Well, it’s a long story, involving lots of zombies,” said Sarah finishing the last part with an odd look of confusion at the complexity of the story she would have to tell later.
Each of the girls nodded and smiled in turn and Barbara said hello to all of them. “I’m thrilled to meet you all, and to see all of you, but what are you all doing here?” she asked a bit over whelmed.
We’re on vacation!” Yuta shouted excitedly, “this is my first one you know!” she added with a beaming smile.
Sarah smiled at Yuta’s enthusiasm and nodded to Barbara, “Mato and Jake are busy working on Mato’s newest project, so we figured a vacation could do us all some good. And, seeing you would be a plus. Oh, by the way, Mato says you’re on vacation for the next week,” said Sarah with an honest smile.
Barbara stared at Sarah for a good long moment so that the rest of the girls were beginning to wonder if she was ok when she shouted out, “Yes! No work for a week!” She ran around her office throwing off her lab coat and jumping on her desk striking a perfect ‘X’ pose before hopping off the desk calmly. “Mato’s working on a new project?” she asked as a look of concern coming over her face. “What new project?”

Jake walked into the Spirals nightclub and looked around. Several workers were busy rewiring, repainting, and, in general, rebuilding the interior. He was about to leave, thinking he was in the wrong place, when Mato appeared right beside him. “Jake, isn’t it great? I’m a genius!” said Mato with a proud smile.
Jake jumped with a start “Yaaaah! Don’t do that!”
Mato ignored Jake’s comment and immediately went to direct a few of the workers. “Be sure you replace those coax cables with fiber optic. I will need the extra bandwidth,” he said, sounding rather gentle and calm for a change.
Jake, having finally caught his breath, moved to stand next to Mato. “So why did you buy this place anyway? Wasn’t this the nightclub that the girls had that run in with the crazy stage hypnotist?” Jake asked, not waiting for Mato to answer the first question.
Mato pulled out a small pocket sized blueprint and a pen and began to make some notes. “Yes, yes this is the place. Nadia was the stage hypnotist’s name.” Mato paused for a second to think and then made some more notes. “You may have helped me solve a problem I was having with the staffing as well. But to answer your first question, this is the perfect place to field test my hypnosis experiments and to gather as much data as possible, and most importantly, the bartenders can make a perfect Covald Starburst! I’m a genius!” Mato exclaimed excitedly then glanced at the blueprints and ran off.
Wait I helped you with…,” Jake stopped, realizing that Mato was no longer next to him. “Hey get back here!” Jake shouted as he darted after Mato.

The eleven girls all walked down the street towards the beach, each in a bikini with a beach towel or robe wrapped around their waists. Oddly enough, each girl’s bikini seemed to match her hair color, Yuta in a yellow bikini, Lucia in a white one and so on. The only exception to that pattern was Dawn, who was in a black, 100% spandex bikini. All the girls were laughing and having fun. Even Dawn and Sarah managed to get along as the sun shined down on the street. Behind them unbeknownst to the girls, a major twelve car pileup had occurred when a young sixteen year old driver had become distracted and swerved into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, no one was hurt.
Mmmmm,” smiled Barbara, bedecked in a light brown bikini with a white towel wrapped around her waist. “I forgot how nice it was to be away from the lab and out in the sun.”
Look at all the stores!” gasped Mina as they passed a small strip mall filled with clothing and jewelry stores.
Fawn squealed as they passed a poster. “The local theatre is showing ‘Once Upon a Moonlit Night.’ It’s supposed to be so romantic.” Fawn said with a sigh as her eyes became distant and dreamy.
Dawn just smiled and enjoyed the breeze in her red hair. Her thoughts drifted, planning out just how she would relax. She noticed a group of young men walking down the opposite sidewalk and tried to hide a devious grin. She knew exactly how she was going to spend her vacation. Dawn’s train of thought was broken when she walked straight into Sarah’s back. “Oh, I’m soorrr….wow!” was all Dawn could say as she looked out onto the beach.
The beach was huge, extending for miles, with perfectly golden sand and crystal blue water, capped with white foam as the waves rolled onto the sand. The sky was a clear sapphire blue with only a few puffy pure white clouds floating high in the distance. Along the edge of the sand, the beach was lined with a massive outdoor shopping complex, a food court serving food from all over the planet, and a gigantic 60 screen Cineplex. All the girls just stood there in shock with their mouths gaping open as they stared out at the scene before them.
After a few minutes of just staring blankly at the scene, all of the girls seemed to come to life at once. “There's the perfect spot to sunbath!” shouted Barbara, running off.
I’m with you!” yelled Sarah, dashing after Barbara with Jessica close behind.
Wait for me!” exclaimed Jessica.
Mina bounced forward suddenly, darting towards the shopping area. “I see the cutest pair of shoes!” she shouted
Yuta squealed, following Mina. “Do you see that bow?”
They have a diamond studded collar near the magazine stand!” yelled Diana.
They have ‘Essences of Elf’ perfume!” Katia said calmly as she glided past the other three girls.
Fawn, Lucia and Jen, almost as one, started to walk serenely and quietly, their eyes fixated on the movie poster on the Cineplex for the ‘Once upon a Moonlit Night’. All three seemed to sigh softly as they moved closer and closer to the Cineplex.
Dawn shook her head and looked around. “Wow, so many choices,” she murmured, then spied a group of volleyball players. She smiled deviously as she quietly snuck her way down the beach towards her first victims.

In the control room of the Spirals nightclub, Mato was sitting as the main desk looking at several security monitors. Just about every inch of the night club was on surveillance; even the sink area in the bathrooms was monitored. Jake was standing behind Mato with a curiously confused look on his face. “Why exactly is every inch of this place monitored?” he asked, rather disturbed at the cameras in the bathrooms.
Mato just shook his head. “You need to be able to monitor your experiments wherever they may be placed, even the bathroom,” said Mato with a smile.
Jake just rolled his eyes, as he usually did these days it seemed. “Just don’t angle them over the toilets.”
Mato’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “That’s it! Hypnotic toilet paper, we could… ouch!” Mato yelled as Jake slapped him upside the back of the head.
No!” shouted Jake.
From the door to the office a female voice cleared her throat. “May we come in, Professor Mato?” queried Celene calmly. She was a beautiful young woman, in her mid twenties with smooth red hair. She had decided she didn’t like being a red head anymore. Her uniform, a green jumpsuit with two spirals on her chest, was tight but professional.
Mato looked up and smiled. “Yes, yes, come in.” Celene walked in and stood in front of Mato’s desk as behind her came a young girl, about twenty three, with long brown hair and a white tank top with spirals on the chest. Behind her came a young man, dressed in a blue mechanics jumpsuit, completely clean in spite of the fact that he had been working all day. “This is my grandson Jake.” said Mato with a smile. Jake waved and nodded. “Jake, this is Celene, one of our bouncers, our DJ Tammy, and our new head of maintenance, Tucker.” The three employees nodded and smiled at Jake.
Everything is almost completely ready to go sir, we need about another week to finish lying the new cabling and finish up the drywall, and then the site is completely ready,” announced Tucker with a proud and accomplished grin.
Excellent!” exclaimed Mato. “What about the sound system?” he asked a bit calmer.
Tammy beamed. “The new system is great. We can play forty cd’s at one time, sending different tracks to different parts of the club. It’s going to be great!”
Mato nodded happily and handed Tammy a stack of cd’s. “These are for you. I made them myself.” Tammy took the cd’s and quickly started shifting through them excitedly. Jake just rolled his eyes again, knowing that the cd’s contained some sort of hidden hypnotic function.
Mato then smiled at Celene warmly. “And all of the new security measures are in place I trust?”
Celene nodded with a grin. “Yes sir, and everyone is trained. All that we need is a new head of security and we will be ready to go.”
Excellent!” replied Mato. “We also need a manager and an assistant manager.”
Oh that reminds me,” remarked Celene, taking out a small folder and handing it to Mato “These are the applicants for the manager positions. Resumes and all of the background checks are in the folders exactly as you requested, Professor.”
Mato smiled as he took the folder. “Wonderful! Excellent work Celene. Thank you.” Celene blushed a bit and tried to hide a smile.
What happened to the previous management of this place?” asked Jake almost bored.
She was arrested actually,” answered Celene with a frown.
Arrested?” asked Jake, his curiosity having been perked.
Yes, she was using this place to make some sort of hypnotic harem or something, hypnotizing all of the employees and the guests,” commented Celene in an annoyed tone.
She got just about everyone. We don’t know how, but someone managed to defeat and arrest her. None of us remember what she looks like though, it’s weird,” added Tammy.
Well, why don’t you just go to the police station and see her?” asked Jake, curiously
We can’t,” said Celene, rather blatantly. “As a matter of fact, she escaped.”

In the lobby of the Hotel Diego, right off the beach, a young dark haired, raccoon girl sat at the front desk. Her body was covered in soft grey fur, with a fluffy black and grey tail and darker fur about her eyes. She was dressed in a nice neat blue button up shirt, red tie, and a dark blue vest, with a name tag. The girl was busy flipping through a magazine when a woman wearing a cloak came up to the counter. The raccoon girl perked up immediately and put down her magazine. “Hello Miss, can I help you?” she asked eagerly.
The cloaked figured replied softly, almost rhythmically. “Yes you can my dear. I need a room, a place to rest and relax. Can you do that for me now my dear?”
The raccoon girl smiled and took a deep breath, relaxing ever so slightly. “Yes ma’am I can do that for you now. Would you like a normal room or a suite?”
A suite would be perfect. The view would be so comforting and relaxing, watching the waves roll onto the beach, gently and softly. I could listen to them as they crash onto the sand and slide back into the ocean. I could feel the comfortable bed as I relax into it, making every body part just go loose and limp, relaxing to the wonderful sounds, and feelings as well as images of the room now, isn’t that right my dear?” The raccoon girl didn’t answer. She just stood there gently swaying, her eyes half closed with a dreamy expression on her face as she took in a deep breath and nodded softly. “That’s a good girl. Just let your mind continue to stay in the suite, relaxing and resting, while your body follows my commands. First off, my dear, give me the key to the suite that most matches the image in your mind.”
The tranced raccoon girl worked beneath the counter and then produced a swipe card and handed it to the hooded woman. “That’s a good girl. Now I have a job for you my dear. I want you to take these and distribute them.” The woman produced a stack of fliers for a stage hypnosis show that would be held every night this week. “Once you have finished, you will return here, and meet me in my suite. I have more work for you to do tonight. Do you understand my dear?”
Yes,” the raccoon replied peacefully.
The woman in the cloak smiled and motioned for the raccoon girl to begin working on the given commands. The tranced girl left the counter and walked towards the door to the hotel while the cloaked figured moved to the elevator and walked in, removing her hood to reveal her long red hair. Nadia smiled as the doors closed.

Dawn smiled as she walked down the beach slowly trying to look as innocent as she could as she approached a group of ten people all in their twenties playing volleyball. The group was in really good shape and had five girls and five boys all laughing and having fun as they played, not realizing what was approaching. “Could I join you?” asked Dawn in a soft and innocent voice, standing in such a way that her chest seemed to jut out of her bikini top more then usual with her hands behind her back and a shy smile upon her face.
One of the boys, a red head gave a cocky smile. “Sure thing Darling. You can play on our side if you want.”
No, no, you are full. She can play over here,” replied another one of the boys, this time with brown hair.
Nah, I think she should be on this side,” agreed a blue haired young man nodding to the red head.
Dawn faked a blush and moved her foot through the sand shyly as she looked away. Then her smile faded a bit as she heard one of the girls, a blonde, comment in a rather rude tone. “Both sides are full. There is no room for another. You should be able to see that.” The blonde was glaring rather angrily at the males. The other girls didn’t seem any happier all standing in angry poses staring at the boys.
Dawn thought for a moment then innocently asked, “If it’s ok, could I just sit and watch instead?” hiding her annoyance with a smile and soft cheerful tone.
The blonde who had been the only one of the women to voice a complaint rolled her eyes and sighed. “It’s a free beach; do what you want,” she retorted then dusted off her dark blue bikini and turned around to get into her position on the court.
Dawn smiled and sat down in the sand, finding a place where she would most likely be able to come in physical contact with the ball, about 5 feet behind the fair game line of the court. Her plan didn’t take long to succeed as after about three minutes the ball landed right next to her in the sand. “Hey, throw it here,” shouted a red headed girl as she moved into the serving position on her side of the court.
Dawn smiled sweetly. “Of course,” she commented as she picked up the ball. But, before she threw it to the young red head, she gently slid an orb into the center of the ball, keeping it nice and safe as she threw the ball back to the girl. The girl adjusted her yellow bikini top and then gently held the ball with her left hand and bopped the ball with her right fist. As she did, the ball flew from her left hand, but the orb that had been inside of it absorbed into her right hand. No one noticed the red head’s smile slacken a bit as her eyes glowed in a myriad of colors for a split second as the orb gently took control of her. Dawn closed her eyes and gently made suggestions into her the girls mind.
About two minutes later the young red haired woman smiled and held her chest in exhaustion. “I think I’m going to sit out a while guys,” she commented as she sat down next to Dawn.
Jenny!” complained the blonde woman. “We can’t play with nine!”
The young red head looked at Dawn. “She can play in my place.”
Dawn smiled widely although not surprised by the suggestion since she had made the young woman say it. “Oh please!” she pleaded innocently.
The annoyed blonde sighed in a visibly annoyed fashion. “Fine, just don’t screw up,” she shouted.
Dawn stood up and took her position on the team opposite the blonde. “Oh I won’t. You can count on me,” she replied as confident as ever, which made the blonde even more annoyed.
As the game progressed more of the guys started to pay attention to Dawn, much to the annoyance and aggravation of the girls who were there from the beginning. Dawn on the other hand was skillfully starting to take over the players one by one.
She purposely missed a spike and landed in the sand, as the other girls laughed at her. One of the young men offered her his hand to help her up, while she gladly accepted and slid an orb into his body. His eyes glowed for a second; then he went back to his position. The only sign he was currently under Dawn’s control was the slightly blank look on his face.
Another time Dawn had ‘tripped’ and bumped into a green haired young woman on her team, gently sliding an orb into her as she did. The green haired woman even apologized to her, which infuriated the blonde on the other team even more.
The rest of the team she was on, two males where one was a male cat with black hair and the other a brown haired young man, both fell under Dawn’s control as she walked past them with a smile, and gently raised her hand to caress their arms one at a time, sliding an orb into them one right after the other.
With her entire team under her hypnotic control she now focused on the other team. The two males and three females would fall quite easily. As the ball came over the net towards her, Dawn carefully returned with an underhanded punt, sliding an orb into it as she did. A brunette young woman in a green one piece bathing suit returned it gracefully, but absorbed the orb as she did.
A few volleys later, Dawn gently set the ball for male cat to spike, sliding an orb into it as she did. When the male cat spiked the ball over the net, the red-headed male on the other team returned it, falling under her control in the process.
After that, it was Dawn’s turn to serve. She smiled and aimed at the petite little orange haired cat girl on the opposing team and served right to her. As the girl returned the serve, she slumped to her knees, having absorbed an orb from the ball. Dawn ran up and returned the volley back at the blue haired male on the opposing team; he jumped up and spiked it hard into the sand, landing with a completely glazed look in his eyes. Dawn had everyone except for the annoyed blonde who was getting even more annoyed at her team’s lack of enthusiasm for playing.
Come on guys, whats with you? It’s like your all drained or something move it!” the blonde shouted at her other teammates. They all nodded with lazy replies as she served the ball. Dawn seen her big chance and ran up the net and spiked it hard putting an orb into the ball and sending it towards the back of the court. “Get it!” shouted the blonde when from behind her the blue haired man pushed her towards the spike. She turned around angrily. “Hey! What do you think your dooo….ugh!” she grunted as the volley bounced clean off the side of her head. Her eyes glowed brightly from red to green to blue to purple as her face lit up in a sleepy dazed grin. A few seconds later she sighed and fell flat on her back into the sand, totally hypnotized.
Dawn smiled and blew the girl a kiss. “Welcome to dream land sister.”

On the big screen a young woman and a young man both appearing to be about twenty-five held each other tenderly as the man spoke. “You know I must go. This wouldn’t work, and we both know why.”
Yes, yes I know, but I love you,” cried the woman.
And I love you,” said the man tenderly, “but it can never be. I am too old for you, three days… is a lifetime.... You need to find someone… closer to your age....”
Lucia sitting in the audience with a perplexed look on her face leaned over to Jen and Fawn. “Is three days time really that big of an issue for dating?”
Fawn opened her mouth to answer then burst into tears. She was comforted by Jen who was also crying. “It’s so sad!” wailed Jen as she sniffled while holding the sobbing Fawn.
Lucia just blinked and looked around at all the crying ladies in the room. “Why are they all…. Oh! Popcorn!” She stopped her question and bounded up the isle towards the concession stand.

Barbara, Sarah, and Jessica were all laying out on the sand, all three ladies in bikinis which matched their hair color, while wearing dark sunglasses. “Isn’t this heavenly?” commented Sarah, not moving a muscle.
Absolutely,” smiled Jessica lightly, gently lifting her left arm and sliding behind her head to so she could rest on it.
I can’t believe I have never done this before,” commented Barbara with a slight grin of pleasure. “I live on a beach and I have never, ever just lain down in the sun.”
You need to get out of the lab some more, girl,” said Sarah with a smile.
About fifty feet behind the sunbathing beauties, Dawn could be seen walking past with her bevy of ten hypnotized volley ball players. A young man standing with his arm around a blue haired young woman stared at Dawn as she walked past.
You know what the best part about this is?” asked Jessica.
No, what’s that?” said Barbara in a daze of joy.
No one is fighting. Even Dawn is behaving,” said Jessica almost in shock.
Behind them the blue haired girl was yelling at her boyfriend for looking at another woman. Dawn approached slowly, and addressed the young man. “Aww, were you looking at little old me?” With an innocent smile, she put her finger under his chin and held him there while she kissed him gently. The young man’s eyes flew open, but then slowly drifted down as his arms fell to his sides while Dawn drained his energy.
You’re right. She is behaving,” commented Sarah, oblivious to the scene behind her; “which makes me worry.”
The young man that Dawn was kissing finally went limp and fell to the sand. The blue hair girl stared at the succubus with a look of shock and pure anger. Dawn just smiled. “Looks like I’m too much of a woman for him. Good night, cutie,” she said with a smile as she formed and orb in her hand and gently blew it into the girl’s face like she was blowing her a kiss. The girl jerked in shock and then her eyes glazed over.
Oh relax Sarah. She’s fine. She’s on a beach. If she were up to anything, we would hear the commotion,” said Jessica, confident in her assertion.
Meanwhile, the young blue haired girl fell to her knees, looking up at Dawn. Dawn stroked her cheek, put her palm in front of the girl’s face, and sucked the orb as well as all the energy right out of the girl. Her soft features went slack as her eyes closed and she fell on top of her sleeping boyfriend. Dawn smiled and began to walk down the beach with her ten hypnotized volleyball players in tow.
Sarah sat up and looked at Jessica. “I just can’t shake this feeling that she’s up to something.”
Jessica sighed and sat up, looking at her friend. “Fine, if it will make you feel better, we’ll try and keep an eye on her ok?”
Sarah nodded. “All right, thanks.”
No problem,” said Jessica with a smile then nodding to the young man and his girlfriend that had been drained by Dawn as they laying on one another on the beach. “Aren’t they cute?” she said with a smile.
Sarah shook her head and grinned. “You’re going soft, Jessica”.
Jessica just laughed. “Maybe or maybe it’s just the sun,” she replied, shrugging it off as she and Sarah got comfortable again on the beach, not noticing Dawn at the head of the group of people moving down the beach.

In the open air mall next to the beach, Katia came out of a dressing room, wearing a very slinky, yet very elegant evening dress. It was dark green and showed off all of her assets. “This will be perfect. Jake won’t be able to resist me in this one,” she asserted with a smile. Mina and Diana looked at each other with a sigh.
Here we go again,” commented Diana.
I wouldn’t be too sure about that!” countered Yuta from behind a dressing room door. “He hasn’t seen me in this yet,” she said as the door opened. Yuta was in a one piece leather night club dress, complete with a miniskirt, an attached top that went up her sides, leaving her stomach and back completely open while it folded across her chest and around the back of her neck.
Mina and Diana just stared, with their mouths gaping, while Katia’s ears started to shoot steam. A few seconds later, she began yelling at a speed that would make an auctioneer blush. Mina and Diana just watched and laughed as the two bickered back and forth.
The argument was stopped when a glassy eyed young raccoon girl walked directly between Katia and Yuta and placed a poster for a stage hypnosis show on the door of the dressing room. Katia was about to yell at the girl for getting in the middle of an argument involving royalty when Yuta squealed. “OH! I adore hypnosis shows! Can we go please…please….please… please?” she begged while bouncing up and down.

From across the mall, Nadia noticed the excited girl and stood behind a rack watching the exchange.

I don’t know,” sighed Mina. “We seemed to have problems the last time we went somewhere hypnosis themed.”
Yeah and I wanted to go walk along the beach,” complained Katia.
Besides you live with Jake, you can have a hypnosis show any time you want.” remarked Diana not really wanting to go to the show herself.

Nadia was about to move over to the girls to help persuade them to come see her show when she noticed Yuta’s eyes start to change. The only thing that prevented her from being hypnotized was the angle at which she stood, watching the mesmerizing interaction between Yuta and her friends.

Yuta moved in closer as her eyes spiraled. While the other three girls all started to relax, Mina was in mid-protest when her mouth just started to hang open. “You all realize that going to the hypnosis show tonight would be more fun then what you had planned elsewhere, isn’t that right, ladies?” she said with a devious smile.
Yes, Mistress Yuta,” the girls replied.
With that, Yuta grinned and closed her eyes. When she reopened them again, her eyes were perfectly back to normal. “So it’s settled then,” she exclaimed with finality.
Yeah, I guess, besides it’s dinner and a show so we can get some food while we’re there,” commented Diana.
And the beach will always be there,” said Katia with a slightly glazed expression.
Mina just shrugged. “So what do we do until then?” she asked.
Puppies!” screamed Yuta as she pointed to the pet store advertising newly born puppies. All four girls ran through the mall leaving a dust trail. As the dust settled Nadia could be seen watching them as they ran. She turned and walked away with a smile.

Jake walked into the tiny and very messy DJ booth on the top level of the Spirals Night club. Inside was Tammy who was wearing a pair of shorts and white spirals tank top which was showing off her body more then she realized. Her brown hair was in a pony tail to keep it out of her face as she sorted through all of the CD’s and equipment, trying to get it all fixed up and sorted. “Wow, what a mess” commented Jake.
Tammy screamed and threw four cd’s straight into the air. Jake ducked and then looked at her not knowing what to expect. Tammy laughed as she held her chest and panted from her scream. “I’m so, so sorry, Mr. Mato. You scared me,” she confessed.
Jake just chuckled. “I noticed that and it’s Jake, please,” he said with a smile.
Tammy calmed down and smiled warmly in return. “Thank you Jake, it’s a mess but it’s my mess. Come on in,” she said, sitting back down at her audio console.
What are you doing in here anyways?” Jake asked looking around at all the equipment unplugged and just hanging around.
Well,” she started, “the lead DJ that had this place before your grandfather bought it had all of her equipment set up in an odd style. All these weird CD’s were lying around and just no order in general. Since I was promoted to the new lead DJ, I am fixing that,” she beamed proudly.
Jake raised an eyebrow and looked around. “Not going to well is it?” he asked honestly.
Tammy let out a sigh and put her face into her hands. “No, it’s a nightmare, and we are opening next week.”
Jake moved behind her and gently began massaging her shoulders. “Hey it’s ok. You’re doing a great job. You just need to relax a bit,” he said, trying to be soothing.
Tammy sighed a bit and leaned her head back against Jake chest. “That feels wonderful,” she commented.
Jake was about to say thank you then he looked down and realize he could see straight down Tammy’s shirt. That and the beautiful look on her relaxed face inspired him. “That’s the point my dear lady, to let you relax and to let all of your stress flow out of your body. To let every muscle in your body loosen and let go now. I know you have a lot to do, but you can take a few minutes now to just rest and relax, feeling how all the stress just flows out of your body. Starting down with your feet, you can feel them loosen and relax, letting go now. Breathing deeply and slowly, as your body starts to relax, more and more.” Tammy let out a content sigh as her body seemed to sag a bit. “That’s a girl, just let everything relax. Your ankles, your calves, your knees, all loosen and go limp; be deeply content and relaxed. Feeling your thighs and your hips relaxing more and more as you take deep, slow breaths now.” Jake had a big smile on his face as he heard Tammy’s breathing deepen more and more.
So relaxed,” Jake said in a soothing voice. “Relaxed and calm, feeling your shoulders loosening as all of your stress drains out of your body. Happy and peaceful right where you are, knowing that you will get to all of the things you have to do a little bit later. Isn’t that right now Tammy?”
Yes” Tammy replied sleepily.
That’s a good girl Tammy. So relaxed, calm, feeling warm and peaceful, so happy to be here with me, as your mind turns to thoughts of you and me on a beach, walking along, holding hands as we watch the sunset. It’s warm and beautiful just like you. You can feel the wind through your hair as you look over, realizing now how romantic this scene is while standing on the beach. Only one thing would make it more perfect then it already is… do you know what that would be Tammy?” Jake asked leading her mind where he wanted it to go.
A kiss” she replied softly.
Yes a simple kiss that can lead to so much more, seeing me moving closer to you, my hands holding yours,” Jake moved his hands down Tammy’s arms and took her hands in his. “So close together, feeling so relaxed, knowing that what’s coming will make you tingle and your heart race. Such a beautiful sunset as finally….” With that, Jake kissed Tammy. Tammy responded with a soft moan and after a moment wrapped her arms around Jake’s neck deepening the kiss. Jake returned the passion and gently flipped a switch on the audio console. As the curtain to the DJ booth slowly slid closed he turned Tammy around in her chair and pulled her out of it into an even deeper kiss.

Later that evening Yuta, Diana, Mina and Katia all crammed around a small table in the middle of a quiet dinner hall with a stage along one wall. “This is going to be so much fun!” Yuta beamed still wearing the leather night club dress.
Katia just grinned and rolled her eyes. “I’m glad you’re happy. Diana, can you hand me a menu please?” she asked politely. Diana handed her a menu and together the two ladies started skimming the selection, becoming more and more oblivious to everything else as they debated the seemingly endless selection of fine foods.
Mina on the other hand just nervously sat in the fourth chair looking around the dinner hall. She gasped lightly as the lights dimmed and a spot light engaged to illuminate a lone cloaked figure. She wore skin tight red leather pants, a red leather halter top, and a pair of red boots. Her black cloak covered her shoulders and her face, but not the rest of her body. After a few moments she raised a microphone to her mouth and spoke in a gentle yet compellingly sexy voice. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m glad you could attend my little show.” The audience applauded while Yuta just bounced in her chair. Diana and Katia were still examining the menu.
The woman bowed slightly at the applause then began to speak again. “Thank you. We all know why we are here tonight. And you all know what I am going to do. Some hypnotists ask for volunteers…, but then you miss out on the really good subjects. The ones that are so nervous about being on stage that they sit in their chairs, holding on to the bottoms of their chairs, and trying desperately to make sure they stay wake.”
Mina, who had been doing exactly that, quickly let go of the seat of her chair and folded her arms.
The tall cloaked woman continued. “So tonight instead, I am going to just pose a question to you here. What would it be like if your left hand was a powerful magnet and your right hand was a solid piece of steel? You all know now that steel is easily attracted to a magnet, and vice versa. You can’t help but think about how the magnetic field would reach out from your left hand, find your right hand, and pull it towards the other. You can’t help but realize that as you sit there, focused on my words, that your left and right hands are starting to slowly, gently, move closer and closer to one another. You may try and fight it now, but you can’t help it. They are being pulled closer and closer together. The magnetic field is making them slide ever closer. The more you fight it… the more you say, ‘It can’t happen. I won’t let it;’ the stronger the pull gets. You may be saying, ‘I am too strong for this. I can beat it;’ but your own strength, your own imagination is what is causing your hands to move closer and closer now. The more you fight it the closer they become.”
Nadia smiled out at the crowd as she saw several people’s hands already touching. Mina was fighting it hard, but her hands were already sliding closer together. Yuta looked dazed as her hands were already locked together in her lap.
It’s so hard to fight it now as they get closer and closer. You may need to move some things with your hands, while you focus on my words. You only need one hand to do most tasks, anyways, and even then barely a finger. As the other hand starts to move closer and closer, you may feel a bit surprised as they finally touch now, and so hard to pull them apart. The more they come together, the stronger the field gets. Feeling them pulling your palms together completely now. Nothing can keep them apart. So focused on my words, not even realizing how strong the field was, until now.” She smiled.
Yuta’s hands were completely locked in place and her eyes were already glassy as she stared up at the hypnotist. Mina was aggravated, but her hands were none the less locked in place in her lap. Katia and Diana had barely noticed anything going on as they started to put in their order to a waitress that looked rather familiar…a raccoon girl with a slightly glazed look in her eyes.
As you focus more on my voice, your hands start to rise, just enough for me to see them. That’s it my sweet little victims, so easy to let your hands rise up so I can see them. Knowing in a moment I am going to say a number and point at your hands, and as soon as I do, you will feel your hands pulling you towards the chair that corresponds to that number.” As she said this, the stage lights came up enough to show ten chairs behind her with numbers printed on them.
Yuta’s hands were straight out in front of her, while Mina was keeping her hands as low as she could, struggling with all her might. She glanced up just in time to see the hypnotist point at her and say the number, “One”. As soon as she said that Mina’s hands jerked straight out and nearly pulled her out of her chair. She struggled as she was dragged across the dinning room and up the stage. Several patrons laughed, although those with their hands stuck together laughed a little bit more nervously then the rest. Mina groaned as she finally was pulled up to the chair numbered ‘1’ and her butt plopped down with a thud.
Katia and Diana had finally noticed what was going on and laughed, waving at Mina. Mina saw her friends waving and her pleading gaze turned to one of anger and frustration which made them laugh even harder.
The hypnotist continued pointing to random people and calling out numbers, she finally said nine and pointed at a lovely young woman with curly blonde hair in a long, elegant, deep blue dress that sparkled as she was pulled up the stage stairs and sat down with a smile. Then the cloaked hypnotist turned to the audience and announced, “Out there now is one more subject, one more victim of my power,” smiling with a sly grin that could be seen just enough underneath her hood to make the audience laugh. “One young lady who is already so deeply hypnotized that when I call number ten, she will come up here and stand before me,” pointing to a spot on the ground next to her. Then in a very flashy stage maneuver raised her arm above her head, twirled it around and gently lowered it pointing at Yuta. “Number ten.”
The audience gasped as Yuta stood up in her sexy black dress and walked almost completely blank up to the spot where the hypnotist had told her to stand, her hands locked together straight out in front of her. Diana and Katia both nearly jumped when she stood up, having not noticed that she was being affected.
The hypnotist smiled at Yuta and looked her over. “You’re really dressed for the occasion, aren’t you my dear,” she said and leaned the microphone in to Yuta.
Her reply was soft and somewhat muffled from her current dazed state. “Yes, wanted to look my best for your…games.”
The audience laughed as the hypnotist smiled, her mouth just barely visible under the hood. “Good my dear, and you realize now that the only thing keeping you from falling deep into my power is your hands. And that once they fall, you will be completely and totally hypnotized, helpless to resist.” She moved closer to Yuta staring into her glazed eyes and gently placed her hand on Yuta’s. “Ready to fall, wanting to fall, and knowing it’s coming…. Time… to sleep, my dear.” With that she pushed Yuta’s arms down. The robot girl’s eyes rolled into her head and with a sigh she collapsed into the hypnotist’s arms. The cloaked hypnotist gently lowered the girl to the floor and let her lay there looking peaceful and sexy in that leather dress.
Mina was shuddering now while the audience applauded. Katia and Diana clapped, but looked at each other with a comical look as Diana whispered to Katia. “If they only knew how easy that was normally.”
Katia smiled and replied. “I like her better this way. I don’t have to worry about her stealing my beloved.” Diana groaned and went back to watching the show.
Back on stage the hypnotist turned towards the other nine ‘volunteers.’ She gently strode before them starting with Mina and walking past, she finally stopped in front of a black-haired young man in a suit, looked him over and said, “You look nice,” then offered him the microphone to speak. Before he could, she grabbed his hands and pulled them forward while commanding, “Sleep.” The young man’s eyes closed and he slumped over onto the woman next to him.
The hypnotist smiled as the woman in a comfortable green night dress laughed as the man landed in her lap. She was so distracted she didn’t notice the hypnotist standing there. When she finally did she looked up to see the hypnotist’s forefinger directly between her eyes about an inch from the bridge of her nose. She locked her gaze instantly on it and was about to say something when the hypnotist’s finger touched the bridge of her nose and tilted her head back. “Sleep my dear,” said the hypnotist. The woman’s eyes closed and she slumped onto the man asleep in her lap.
The blonde woman in the blue dress in chair nine giggled a bit, as the hypnotist moved before her. She watched transfixed as the hypnotist stared into her eyes while moving her hand from her left side to her right side and snapping her fingers back and forth. The girl’s gaze started to weaken as her eyes fluttered. She was about to try and move to see the hypnotist better when she saw a hand before her eyes and heard the snap of the hypnotist’s fingers. Her eyes closed and she slumped down in her chair. *
The audience was stunned as the hypnotist turned to two young men, sitting in chairs four and five. She extended her forefinger and put her thumb up to make it look like a gun. Then aiming at them she dropped her thumb to make it look like she shot first the man in four then the man in five while saying, “Sleep, Sleep.” Both men reacted as if they had been shot and slumped over. She then threw her hand out in front of the young woman in a work-out suit sitting in chair six and gently gave her head a push to the right of the stage. “And you sleep too,” the hypnotist said as the woman sighed and her head rolled first to the side then down to her chest.
Mina and the other two girls looked nervous and the cloaked figure moved towards them confidently and said in a sultry tone, “The three of you are linked together, just as your hands are linked together,” placing her hand above all three girls. Their hands still locked together, they seemed to rise up into the air. “Once one of you drops, you all drop deep, relaxed, and powerless to resist.” The hypnotist smiled as she waved her hands over the three girls’ hands. The girl next to Mina wore a mauve skin-tight top and a pair of jeans while the one next to her was dressed in a blue top and jeans. Both had short brown hair and looked close enough to be sisters. The hypnotist stared into Mina’s eyes and hovered her hand over Mina’s. She smiled and said in a confident tone, “Time to sleep my dear.”
Mina shuddered and was about to say something when the hypnotist’s hands moved from being over her hands to being over the girl in the blue shirt’s hands. Pushing them down and remarking, “Sleep.” The girl in blue’s eyes closed and her head sank. The one next to her followed suit perfectly, slumping against her sister. Mina had just enough time to gasp in surprise before she felt a wave of relaxation wash over her. She looked up at the hypnotist and for a split second thought she recognized her. Then her vision went blurry and she felt herself slump against the girl next to her.
The hypnotist turned to the audience and bowed. Katia and Diana cheered with a smile.

By SleepyHypno

*This exact induction was done on a friend of mine at a stage show in college, she was a very good subject of mine at the time and went out like a light on stage. She did own the dress but was not wearing it on stage that night.

Jake, Mato, Dawn, Sarah, Yuta, Jen, Katia, Lucia, Jessica, Mina, Barbara, Diana, as well as Yoto and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it.

Xander, Tammy, Nadia, and Celene are copyrighted to SleepyHypno

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