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Hypnotic Testing and Programming of SleepyGirl (Hypnosis Log)

This log is from way back in 2012, it is basically me digging through Sleepygirls interests while she is hypnotized to figure out what pushes her buttons, and leaving a few suggestions to lay the ground work for future trances. [SleepyGirl will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget she read it once she clicks off the page.]

Key: Log, MC, Hypno, Sleep, MD, FD,

Me: Good girl
Me: now i want you to imgine for me in your mind. Lorie, and look her over, talk with her, then imagine her being put to sleep, hypnotized, frozen, and seduced. which one of those four seems to excite you the most to see done to Lorie SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: hypnotized

Me: Good girl, now go through all the ways you have seen people hypnotized, real an imaginary, from spirals and watches, to clothing and powerfully hypnotic creatures, and pick the one that seem to really excite you the most while watching Lorie get hypnotized by it.

SleepyGirl: the crystal in the necklace from the shop

Me: good girl, take a moment to see that being used on her in the way that is the most exciting to you.. and then describe it to me please SleepyGirl, the more you describe the more exciting it will become.

SleepyGirl: i see her picking it up off of a shelf or a rack in a shop, looking it over, touching and examining it, going over to a mirror and trying it on...admiring it in the mirror, touching it again and accidentaly turning it on, seeing it glow in the mirror and then going limp and relaxed

Me: godo girl, any reason you picked having her trance herself without knowing it?

SleepyGirl: no reason

Me: It would be somethign that would happen to her wouldn't it.

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: how does it make you feel to see her do that ot herself?

SleepyGirl: excited

Me: good girl
Me: now i want you to imgine for me in your mind. Jesse, and look her over, talk with her, then imagine her being put to sleep, hypnotized, frozen, and seduced. which one of those four seems to excite you the most to see done to Jesse SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: put to sleep

Me: good girl, now imagine all the ways you have seen people put to sleep, in movies and stories, from gas to darts, head hits to drugged drinks. and pick the one that you feel would excite you the most to see happen to Jesse.

SleepyGirl: gas

Me: gdo girl
Me: Now picture all the ways that you have seen gas used on poeple, and describe how you think it would be best and most excitedly used on Jesse now SleepyGirl.

SleepyGirl: not sure

Me: take a moment, and just let your fantasies flow picturing more and more way sto gas Jesse, then just let one form in your mind the one that forms will be exciting for you SleepyGirl let it be and describe it...

SleepyGirl: Still drawing a blank

Me: do you think it would be more exciting to see her surprised by a trap, or sprayed by someone with her...

SleepyGirl: surprised by a trap

Me: something that someone slipped on to her, like a makeup case, or something she walks past, or into..

SleepyGirl: Something she walks past

Me: Imagine in yoru mind, what kind of item might hide a gas trap for her SleepyGirl...

SleepyGirl: flowers, or just one flower, either one

Me: good girl
Me: Then imagine what it would look like tohave Jesse gassed by a flower that she was walking past, see it in your mind and work it out perfectly. and describe it ot me SleepyGirl and how it makes you feel?

SleepyGirl: shes walking through a garden, stopping to admire the different kinds of plants and flowers in it, as she walks past one a clear gas comes out of it, she doesnt see it but starts to feel the effects of it, a few moments later she passes another flower and the same thing happens

Me: godo girl, what happens to her then SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: more and more gas comes out of each flower, and the effects start to take hold more until they eventually put her to sleep

Me: and where does she end up SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: She sits down on some grass as she starts getting lightheaded from the gas, and once the last flower gives off the last bit of gas she just leans back against the rest of the grass and is out

Me: godo girl ando how does that make you feel?

SleepyGirl: more excited

(There was a break in the log here for some reason... it picks up below).

Me: well, just think about it for a moement, imagine seeing what you saw, in teh first dream with just random strangers, then imagine say, what you saw with the incubus in the hall happening to.. Lorie.

SleepyGirl: well, yeah, i guess it has been more entertaining when it's been friends

Me: Think about that for a few minutes, close your eyes, and clear your mind, let the triggers i used on you completely blank your concious mind. and answer subconciously, why do you think it's more exciting to see friends get effected. there is no wrong answer so just answer with what comes to mind.

SleepyGirl: honestly don't know

Me: have you ever thought about the fact that you would see that person again and remember what happened to them even tho they would not?

SleepyGirl: Never thought of that

Me: do you think that might play a role in enjoying seeing friends get hypnotized

SleepyGirl: yes, it might

Me: Well imagine in your mind, your nice deep open mind, seeing Lorie, or Jesse, or Lissa, a week after the fest, remembering them in the states you saw them and yet knowing they didnt' remember a thing...

SleepyGirl: when you put it that way, it seems much more likely that that might play a role

Me: how deep areyou SleepyGirl? how awake is your concious mind?

SleepyGirl: not sure, it doesnt feel that awake

Me: good girl  pick one of the girls you saw hypnotized in the shop.

SleepyGirl: Lorie

Me: good girl, now imagine seeing Lorie a week later, maybe sitting and talking to her over a cup of tea, what do you see when you look at her?

SleepyGirl: i'd be remembering her being hypnotized

Me: how would that make you feel?

SleepyGirl: not sure, maybe a little excited again

Me: now imagine yourself dropping a hint about the shop, how she seemed to really like the crystal that the guy showed her. and have her just ramble on about how pretty it was, but never show a single sign of knowing what it did to her. how would that make you feel?

SleepyGirl: a little more excited

Me: now imagine that she is wearing that necklace that hypnotized her, around her neck. and all you had to do was touch it to reactivate it and hypnotize her,  would you?

SleepyGirl: dont think so

Me: how would it make you feel to know it's there,

SleepyGirl: not sure, i might be excited knowing its there and what it could do, but still wouldnt do anything with it

Me: and if you were to see her, accidentally turn it on and hypnotize herself with it, how would it make you feel?

SleepyGirl: little more excited, i think

Me: would you turn it off for her, or just let her sit there dazed, see how long she stays under

SleepyGirl: Probably turn it off for her

Me: immediately or after a few moments?

SleepyGirl: after a few moments

Me: and now imagine someone else, accidentally turn ing it on, and hypnotizing Lorie, and then trying to wake her, only to figuere out what it was that hypnotized her. would you try and prevent them from telling her?

SleepyGirl: think so

Me: and if they insisted, would you use the crystal on them, and maybe Lorie in order to make them both forget?

SleepyGirl: not sure

Me: if you don't they will tell Lorie and she'll remember what happened, does that help your decision?

SleepyGirl: a little

Me: And what woudl that decision be?

SleepyGirl: might use it on them, still not entirely sure

Me: imagine walking up to Lorie awake and confused, and... who would be the one that noticed SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: Jesse

Me: good girl, imagine Jesse trying to explain it to Lorie, and Lorie being confused
Me: how would you go about using it on them SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: no idea

Me: Is the necklace still around Lories neck SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: You remember seeing how it was activated before don't you,  a simple tap and the gem will glow, but it has to be visible to both to effect them. can you think of a way to make that happen SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: get her to take it off so it's visible to both of them

Me: so she takes it off and hands it to you,  while Jesse is still trying to explain it to her, what do you do. to ensure you get them both?

SleepyGirl: not sure

Me: why don't you try tapping it to activate it then simply stick it between the two fo them? why don't you try that SleepyGirl and see what happens?

SleepyGirl: they looked down at it after i stuck it between them

Me: good girl, now just watch what happens and describe what happens and how it makes you feel?

SleepyGirl: the gem starts to glow as they're looking down at it, both of their faces relax and take on a dazed look, and they start to go limp, then they just sit there staring at it

Me: how does it ake you feel SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: a little aroused

Me: good girl,
Me: now what would you tell them to make them forget?

SleepyGirl: not sure

Me: why don't you suggest they forget ever knowing tha tthe crystal could hypnotize them, and if they noticed again, they will forget instantly. how about that?

SleepyGirl: ok

Me: try that and tell me what happens?

SleepyGirl: suggested that and asked if they understood, they nodded and kept staring at it

Me: how does it make you feel to know you have erased your friends memories?

SleepyGirl: little more aroused

Me: do you want to give them any more suggestions SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: Dont think so

Me: then why don't you turn off the crystal and see what happens.

SleepyGirl: they look up from it, blink a few times, and go back to talking as if nothing happened

Me: how does that make you feel to have played a part in hypnotizing your friends and making them forget?

SleepyGirl: excited

Me: can you see the appeal to hypnotizing your friends from time to time SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: a little, yes

Me: go back to the situation again, see Jesse trying to explain to Lorie that she is hypnotized. do you hypnotize them to forget SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl.
Me: now slip back in time a bit, to when you were talking to Lorie, and saw the gem around her necklace. you know to hypnotize her while it's there all you have to do is touch it.
Me: would you touch it SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: i think so

Me: then do so SleepyGirl, describe what you do, what happens and how it makes you feel as you do it.

SleepyGirl: I lean over as though i just want to look at it, and tap it so it activates...her face relaxes again and her arms fall limp at her sides while she stares ahead with the dazed look...its exciting to watch

Me: do you give her any suggestions SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: no

Me: then wake her SleepyGirl, describe how you woudl do it, and tell me how it makes you feel

SleepyGirl: would just lean across the table and tap the crystal again to turn it off...makes me feel a little more excited

Me: good girl, i think you can see that all hesitation on being the one to hypnotize your friends is gone now, isn't it SleepyGirl?

SleepyGirl: Yes

Me: good girl, how does this make you feel?

SleepyGirl: a little more aroused

Me: good girl, im sure your looking forward to using some of these thigns on your friends again arn't you

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl
Me: any questions?

SleepyGirl: no

Me: Good then you can wake up, no need to remember exactly what happened, only need to remember the infomration that you learned here, understand?

SleepyGirl: yes

Me: good girl
Me: 1
Me: 2
Me: 3
Me: WIde Awake

Jesse, Lorie and Lissa are all based on friends of ours, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
SleepyGirl and myself (SleepyHypno) are also real people... I think...

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