Monday, July 24, 2017

Elf and the Incubus, A Spellbound Rescue Mission Part 2

Key: Mc, Sleep, M/F, MD, FD, F/F

Yuta was busily tearing apart her room looking for the perfectly colored ribbon to match her bright yellow shirt. “I swear I put that ribbon right here. I wonder if someone else borrowed it,” she said, tossing clothes left and right out of her drawer. She was so busy that she didn’t notice when a small panel slid open above her vanity mirror and a small speaker slid out and angled itself towards her. Yuta stood up rapidly. “Ah ha! Found it,” she smiled then started to hear a soft melody. She turned to see the speaker, but by then she had already dropped her arms to her sides. The sound pulse was similar to what she could emit; however, this one was specifically designed for her. Her face went slack and her arms drifted off to her sides, completely limp. The sound continued for a few more moments then stopped. A computer voice that sounded like Mato’s then spoke out.
“Begin specimen gathering procedure 3fg678Alpha beta Charlie Mato,” said the speaker.
“I understand…and obey,” replied Yuta as she moved to exit her bedroom.

Across town, Jen had teleported herself and the other three rescuers to the top of a warehouse with a clear view of Xander’s converted warehouse. They all spread out trying to see if there were any noticeable defenses.

Back inside Xander’s lair, in the inner most room, Nerual suddenly awoke as though out of a dream. She found herself completely alone, lying upon Xander’s soft canopied bed dressed in a long emerald silken gown that clung to the curves of her chest. Her own clothing was no where in sight, much to her chagrin. The last thing she could remember was attempting to escape, but getting tripped by Xander’s tail. “Ok,” she thought to herself, “if I couldn’t escape him using violence, how else could I accomplish it?” She heard footsteps outside of the door and the door being unlocked. She quickly feigned sleep and heard the footsteps walk over to the bed.
“It’s time for you to awaken, my beautiful doll,” Xander declared as he sat on the bed and leaned over Nerual. Nerual slowly opened her eyes, making sure that her eyelashes fluttered. Upon seeing Xander, she forced herself to softly smile up at her captor and reach up to wrap her arms around his neck.
“Welcome back, Master,” she greeted him as she inwardly grimaced.
“And a pleasant welcome it is,” Xander said, gleefully surprised as he pulled Nerual to him. Nerual ran her fingers through Xander’s hair as she nuzzled his neck, quickly deciding that perhaps seduction would be the way to win her freedom.
Moving one of her hands out of Xander’s lustrous locks of hair, she trailed a finger down Xander’s jaw line, over his Adam’s apple, and over the apex of the collarbone until she reached the first button on Xander’s shirt. Xander fell backwards, stunned at her forwardness, unsure as to whether or not he had included it in the hypnotic programming he had given her. Nerual moved over Xander and played with his shirt buttons. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, she bent down and undid the buttons with her mouth, enticing a growl from Xander while also causing Xander’s eyes to glaze over slightly from the pleasure. However, when Nerual planted a hot kiss onto his bare chest, Xander’s mind regained control and he realized that he had never given Nerual instructions beyond doing his bidding in his initial hypnotic induction. Somehow, she had broken his control over her and the only reason Xander could think of as to why Nerual would be acting in such a way was that she was attempting once again to escape from him.
Not willing to allow her to escape, Xander fought to bring his body under control and grabbed Nerual’s upper arms, pushing her off of him and back onto the bed. Temporarily releasing her arms, he captured both of her hands in one of his and brought them above her head, incapacitating any attempts at bolting.
Nerual realized something had erred in her plan as soon as Xander’s eyes returned to normal and he gazed at her with a very calculated expression in his eyes. When he pushed her down and forced her arms above her head, she panicked.
“Get off of me,” she shrieked at him as she started to struggle, in spite of the knowledge that he was so much stronger than her. “Let me go!”
“I don’t think so, my dear,” Xander replied with a hard tone in his voice. “I don’t know how you broke free of the hypnosis, but your actions just now have shown me that you’re about willing to do anything to gain your freedom. I won’t allow that.” Xander formed an orb in his free hand which formed much quicker due to more successful practice sessions and other occurrences in which he succeeded in forming orbs after Nadia’s abduction. Xander’s tail forced Nerual’s legs apart and rubbed against her inner thighs forcing Nerual to keep her eyes open and end her struggling lest that tail would travel. Unfortunately, with the orb so close to her face, she could not help but focus on it causing her eyes to adopt the same swirling colors as those in the orb. Nerual’s eyes glazed and drooped as Xander also began to drain Nerual’s delicious energy. Within moments, Nerual was entranced allowing Xander to dismiss the orb, but he continued to drain her energy little by little so that it would last long enough until he was through with his instructions.
“My dear, never again will you be able to break my control over you with the power of your own will. You are mine and you will remain so until I decide otherwise. You will do only as I instruct and that includes my pleasuring. You will never naysay me,” Xander demanded as he stared at her heaving chest. “Should I want you to do anything similar to what you just did a few moments ago, I will instruct you to do it and you will comply. In fact, you will remain in a relaxed state and be completely content to be in that state. If need be, your real self shall be buried beneath the chains of my control. Should I wish anything different, I will specifically instruct you on it. Do you understand, my beautiful doll?” Nerual, with her eyes nearly closed, slowly nodded. Xander ceased draining her energy and released her hands, allowing his own hands to roam. “Now then, let’s continuing playing,” Xander thought as he deftly, but slowly removed the emerald gown from his compliant captive elf, relishing the sight of her revealed body. “I’ve never had my own life-sized, anatomically correct doll to play with before....”

Outside, Jake and the girls had discovered that there were two guards about the building, one outside and one inside, with the aid of special infrared binoculars. The outside guard was stationed near the front door while the inside guard was randomly moving through the warehouse. They had identified at least four other females moving around further inside the building.
“Ok ladies,” Jake said, using a kind of battlefield commander tone of voice that he had heard in movies. “Jen, you teleport Sarah to one side of the building and then you teleport to the other. Jen will make a distraction so that Sarah can sneak up on the guard, while Dawn and… Dawn? Where’s Dawn?” Jake, Sarah, and Jen all looked around, but there was no sign of Dawn.

Jessica was dressed in a spandex pair of workout shorts and a sports bra. Both pieces of clothing had the jungle camouflage pattern, of course, and she was busy lifting weights when there was a knock on her door. “Come in,” she said politely then went back to quietly counting her reps to herself.
Yuta walked in smiling, but her eyes seemed more glazed then usual. “Hey Jessica, what you up too?” she asked, in a tone very close to her normal perky tone, just more subdued.
Jessica smiled at Yuta, sat down on a bench, and began to do arm curls. “Hi, Yuta. I’m just lifting weights. I would ask if you wanted to join me, but I don’t have enough weights to challenge you,” Jessica said with a smile, watching Yuta sit down next to her.
“Yeah, plus I don’t like to work out. It’s not my thing,” Yuta replied.
Jessica looked up and thought for a brief moment. She saw Yuta’s eyes turn to a spiral then fade away. “Yeah, everyone is different….” She paused for a second, swearing she seen it happen again. “…but it helps…relax….me,” said Jessica starting to focus completely on Yuta’s eyes.
Yuta was shifting her eyes into spirals once every five seconds. The result was that Jessica was focusing on her, but not figuring out what was happening. “That’s it, Jessica, just relax. With each time you lift that weight, you relax even more, focusing on my eyes so deeply, so intently now,” said Yuta playfully.
Jessica’s eyes were locked on Yuta’s and started to close about half way. The rest of her body was relaxed except for the arm that was lifting the weight which was still going up and down but at a much slower pace. “Yes, I can see that,” she replied softly.
Yuta giggled. “Very good Jessica, now you are going to go and hypnotize the rest of the girls in the house, and bring them to the lab. Use all the methods I taught you, understand, Jessica?”
“Yes Mistress Yuta,” replied Jessica with completely blank expression.
Yuta nodded. “Good girl, now follow your orders.” Yuta watched as Jessica left the room and then heard the doorbell ring. Yuta bounced down the stairs with just slightly less energy than usual. Opening the door, she saw that was a young girl about eighteen standing on the front stoop with long black hair, and green eyes wearing a Girl Scout’s uniform.
“Hi!” beamed the perky young girl “I’m selling boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Would you like to buy some? They are only eighty dollars a box!”
Had Yuta been consciously aware of her surroundings, she would have been completely floored to find someone with as much energy as she had, but instead simply opened her mouth. While to most, Yuta was completely silent, but the Girl Scout’s ears were filled with a beautiful melody. Her eyes almost immediately glassed over as she started to wobble with a soft smile on her face.
“It’s… so pretty,” said the Girl Scout as her arms became limp and she dropped her clipboard to the ground.
Yuta smiled and stroked the girl’s cheek. “You’re cute,” she commented with a half dazed smile. “Follow me.” The Girl Scout silently followed Yuta as she walked towards Mato’s lab.

Jessica walked into Lucia’s room to find the angel staring at a gyroscopic desk ornament that remained in constant motion due to magnets. Lucia looked up for a second and beamed happily. “Hi Jessica! Come on in. I love this thing that you got for me. It’s been spinning since Christmas! How does it do that?” Lucia asked innocently.
Jessica moved behind Lucia, still deeply entranced and began to comment. “It’s simple, Lucia. Just focus on the center and let your gaze follow the rods that make up the sphere. It’s hard to watch them now, but you can see how they spin, and you can imagine the magnetic fields pulling and pushing them. You know where the magnets are and you can see how they will affect one another. Just let your body relax and your mind open and see how easily the magnets move around, pushing on one, pulling on another. See the magnetic fields in your mind, and see them colliding, pushing against another, and pulling another with it. It’s so relaxing to watch, so relaxing and yet so tiring at the same time. Yet, you know the way to truly figure out this device is to simply sleep on it, Lucia. Just let yourself go, and sleep, Lucia, nice and deeply now.”
Lucia’s eyes fluttered. “Yes…sleep,” she said with a sigh and sank back into Jessica’s arms.
“Good girl, now while remaining sound asleep, stand up and walk down to the lab,” Jessica commanded in a monotone voice.
“Yes, Mistress,” replied Lucia as she stood up straight and began walking out the door and down the hall. Jessica escorted her down to Mato’s lab.

Jake, Jen and Sarah appeared out of nowhere next to the warehouse. Jake immediately fell against the wall of the warehouse with a sick look on his face. “I will never get used to that no matter how many times I try it,” he said swallowing his lunch a second time.
Sarah was all business and was working on getting a peek around the corner of the warehouse at the big guard who was leaning on the wall near the main door while Jen just smiled and patted Jake’s head comfortingly.
Jen was about to teleport to the other side of the building when she saw Sarah gasp in shock and then turn an angry red. “I found Dawn,” she said with an aggravated tone. The three all moved to the corner of the warehouse and peaked around. The guard was visible, but neither Jake nor Jen could see Dawn.
“What do you mean?” asked Jen confused. “Where is she?”
Sarah just lowered her head and shook it in a frustrated disbelieving way and pointed up above the guard. Jen and Jake looked up in time to see Dawn, who was standing on the roof, crouch down and start to crawl on her hands and knees down the side of the warehouse towards the guard beneath her.
“How in the…,” trailed off Jen while all Jake could do was stand there with his mouth on the floor.
Dawn crawled quietly to within three feet of the guard then whistled softly. As soon as the guard looked up she jumped off of the building wall, did a 360 degree spin in mid air while twisting to land on her feet, and then using all of her strength pushed the guard against the wall, forming an orb instantly and placing it directly in front of his forehead. The guard, who happened to be Arch, Shadow’s boxing opponent, was taken completely by surprise and, in the shock, accidentally looked directly at the orb. He didn’t have time to react before the orb started draining away his energy. Dawn smiled and eased up on Arch, running her free hand along his chest. “Mmmm,” she cooed. “I just love a big, strong man,” she said with a flirty smile as Arch’s arms went limp and he slid down the wall of the warehouse.
Jen, Sarah, and Jake crept along the wall to Dawn’s position. “Nice, very nice,” Jake said with an impressed smile.
Dawn just winked then looked at the guard. “Nighty, night big boy,” she murmured with a flirty smile as the orb shrank back into her hand and Arch’s eyes closed as he slumped against the wall. Dawn shivered a bit and patted her stomach with a smile. “Yum, I just love draining athletes. Their energy is so…clean,” she commented, smiling at the other three who were watching. Sarah just rolled her eyes.

Katia was busy searching the web on her computer. From the look on her face it was evident that she was not happy and the knock on the door was just one more added frustration to her life. “What?!” she shouted angrily.
“Can I talk to you please, Katia?” came Jessica’s calm reply.
Katia sighed, letting her arms drop in frustration. “Fine,” she said with a huff and went back to computer. Jessica opened the door, her face still relaxed and quite blank as she started to move up behind Katia.
“Is something wrong Katia?” she asked calmly.
“Yes!” she barked as she banged the side of her computer. “They canceled my favorite line of perfume, ‘Essence of Royalty’, I tried to buy the company, but they refused to sell, so I bought all of the remaining 400,000 bottles, but a case of forty did not arrive at my warehouse,” she said in a huff.
Jessica moved directly behind her and placed both hands on her shoulders and began to massage deeply into Katia’s back. “It’s ok, Princess, just relax. The box will show up in time, and you’re far to stressed. You just need to relax now, Katia. Just relax and feel how your muscles loosen and relax. Let go and just enjoy how wonderful it feels to have your muscles massaged deeper and deeper now.”
Katia was taken completely off guard by Jessica’s massage and just closed her eyes and sighed. “Oh, that does feel good,” she said with a small relaxing smile.
“Yes it does, doesn’t it,” said Jessica pressing her thumb into the back of Katia’s head, right where her head and neck meet. Katia’s eyes opened briefly then a strange smile crossed her face as her eyes slid closed. Jessica was using a pressure point on Katia, one that would cause the fluid in her brain to drain out into her spinal column. The process was safe, but it would render Katia quite suggestible. “That’s it, Princess. Just let go and relax. Feel all of your stress flowing out of your body now. So easy to relax and feel the muscles loosen and let go, feeling every press of my hands,” she squeezed Katia’s back deeply as she said that. “Making you so much more relaxed, so easy to just relax and focus on my voice now, Katia, isn’t that right?”
Katia’s eyes were barely open. Her face was slack and her arms slid off of her keyboard and down to rest in her lap. Her head bobbled back and forth gently as Jessica massaged her shoulders. “Yes… that’s…right…,” she answered in a monotone reply.
“Very good, Katia,” Jessica continued her induction. “Just relax and listen to my voice. You can hear it softly in your mind, echoing, clearing out your thoughts. All you hear is my thoughts, nothing else. Your own thoughts are simply an echo of mine. No thoughts of your own, you simply do as I command now, isn’t that right Katia?” Jessica asked still in a trance herself.
“Yes…Jessica…,” Katia said her eyes completely blank. Jessica showed no reply, just commanded Katia to stand up, as she guided her down to Mato’s lab.

Kitty, Diana’s mom, was in the middle of chopping up some vegetables for dinner when the doorbell rang. “Hmm, I wonder who that could be?” she thought as she moved to the door. Opening the door she found Yuta dressed in a very tight Girl Scout uniform. “Well hello Yuta,” she greeted the girl with a genuine smile, “I didn’t know you were in the Girl Scouts?” she asked.
Yuta’s reply was flat and to the point. “I’m not. I’m using the uniform as a disguise to hypnotize you, and Diana.”
“You’re wha….ooh,” Kitty was cut off in mid question when Yuta’s eyes turned to spirals. She was so caught of guard by Yuta’s statement that she didn’t even have time to realize what was happening. The lovely cat woman’s arms slide down to her sides as her face went slack. The only motion out of the entire woman was her tail which was gently swishing back and forth. Yuta’s eyes went back to normal as the last of Kitty’s resistance drained away from her face.
“Go to Mato’s house across the street. Wait for me in the living room,” said Yuta flatly. She didn’t wait for Kitty’s hypnotized reply as she moved passed her into the house.
As Kitty walked out of the house, Diana came into the room playing with her new puppy. She didn’t notice Yuta standing in the corner. As she tossed a small ball to the other end of the room, her little puppy bounced off to pick it up. When it returned Diana was feeling very stranger. She was having trouble focusing. Her arms felt heavy, so heavy and she thought she could hear a voice in her mind. The voice was telling her to relax and let go. She didn’t know what was happening, but it felt so good, so good to just relax.
Yuta was in the corner with her mouth open. Noticing that Diana was completely under her control, she lowered her head and watched as the puppy looked at her, then slowly slide down to lay down it’s eyes not focusing. “Diana, pick up your puppy, and take it into Mato’s living room. I will meet you there shortly,” She commanded.
“Yes…Mato’s … living room…,” Diana responded, picking up the pup and walking out the front door.

Jake, Jen, Sarah, and Dawn suddenly appeared out of no where in middle of a large room in the ware house. Jake immediately fell to all fours. His face was bright green and he was holding down meals from the day before. After a few moments of that he finally was able to speak. “I really, really hate that.”
“What did you want me to do?” asked Jen in protest. “We couldn’t get the door open. We needed the code and the guard won’t be awake for hours.”
Sarah glared at Dawn. “Something we should have thought about before draining all of his energy, don’t ya think?” asked the cop in just as sarcastic a way as a cyborg could.
Dawn just shrugged. “What? We’re in the building. Jake hasn’t puked yet so all’s well,” she smiled.
Before anyone could debate Dawn’s stance on the matter, two females walked into the room. The blonde was wearing a pair of green panties, covered by a see through pair of baggy pants, and a green bra covered in an equally see through long sleeved halter top. The other, who was a dark-haired girl, wore an identical outfit to the blonde, only hers was in gold. Both girls looked at Jake and the girls and in unison said, “Intruders, we must stop them.” With that, both girls charged right at the group, Jake was still too sick to fight and Jen freaked out a bit backing up behind Jake. As the two harem girls charged so did Sarah and Dawn. Sarah simply put her head down and football tackled the blonde. Dawn jumped over the dark-haired girl and landed right behind her wrapping her arm around the girl and creating an orb instantly in front of her face.
To Dawn’s surprise, the girl didn’t even flinch when the orb was placed in front of her. She simply ignored it. Dawn was confused as to what was going on until the girl managed to turn around and shove her against a wall. Then Dawn noticed that her opponent was already hypnotized. She had barely gotten to her feet when the girl grabbed her and started to wrestle her to the floor.
Jake, whose stomach wasn’t feeling any better, was getting an emotional boost out of watching the four girls wrestle one another while Jen stood behind Jake, wanting to help, but not sure what she could do to help.
Sarah had managed to maneuver herself behind the blonde and get her into a sleeper hold. She wrapped her arm around her neck and jammed her throat into her elbow bend so that the girl could breathe, but cut off the circulation to her head. The blonde’s arms flailed about as Sarah tilted her back keeping her off balance. After a few moments the blonde’s arms slowly started to make lower and more shallow movements, as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body went limp in Sarah’s arms. Sarah held her opponent for a moment longer and then lowered her to the floor gently. Turning, she noticed Dawn had the dark haired girl in a similar headlock.
“Nap time, Missy,” said Dawn rather aggravated as she started to drain the young girl’s energy. The girl was struggling and had managed to reach out behind her and pull out a spray can. She quickly raised it towards Dawn and sent a thick green cloud in her direction. Fortunately for Dawn, the girl missed her face and she only caught a small amount, but it was enough to make Dawn’s head spin. She loosened her grip and the dark-haired girl broke free. Dawn tried to stand, but was feeling very faint as she backed against the wall. She looked up just in time to see the dark-haired girl holding the spray can right at her face and as well as Sarah’s baton gently whacking the back of the girl’s head. The dark-haired girl’s eyes went glassy as a goofy smile appeared on her face. Her hands dropped to her side and the spray can fell to the floor. Dawn nodded a thank you to Sarah as the dark-haired girl’s head rolled back and she fell into Sarah’s arms, completely unconscious.
Jake had managed to get to his feet with Jen’s help and move over to Dawn. “Are you ok?” asked Jake, concerned for his friend.
Dawn coughed out a reply. “I’ll…be fine.”
Jake just grimaced. “Right and I’m the king of the elves.”
“You might be if Katia gets her way,” Sarah reminded Jake with a smile.
Jake just shuddered as Jen magically made an oxygen tank appear out of no where, holding up the breath mask to Dawn. “Here it’s oxygen. This will help,” She said with a concerned smile.
“I don’t need any oxy….” Dawn was cut off by a huge hacking cough, as her eyes started to water. “I’ll be fine,” she said in a horse voice.
Jake rolled his eyes and pulled out his pocket watch, dangling it directly before Dawn’s eyes. She didn’t notice it until it had started to glow. She gasped, about to protest, but was then cut off by Jake’s voice. “You are going to use the oxygen mask, aren’t you, Dawn?”
“Yes…Jake,” she replied taking the mask, placing it over her mouth, and inhaling deeply. Jake smiled, put his pendant away, and then looked over his shoulder to Sarah.
“Great work by the way,” he said. Sarah just smiled a little embarrassed.

Meanwhile, back at the Mato household, Jessica knocked gently on Fawn’s door. A few seconds later Fawn could be heard yelling, “Come in, it’s open.” Jessica opened the door and walked in noticing that Fawn was doing her hair in the mirror. “Hey Jess, what’s up?” she asked happily.
“I was wondering if you would like to listen to some music?” Jessica asked not sounding as dazed as before but definitely sounding tired.
“Sure, my CDs are over by the stereo, if you want to put in one of those, I just got the new soundtrack for ‘Serenity’ if you want to put that in?” she offered.
Jessica walked over to the CDs and pulled out a CD, placing it inside of the stereo and turning it on. A few seconds later the music started and Fawn got a confused look on her face. “Jess, isn’t that one of my CDs?” she asked.
“Yes it is,” replied Jessica calmly.
“No, I mean isn’t that one of MY CDs?” she asked again with more emphasis.
“Yes it is,” replied Jessica again just as calmly.
Fawn was getting frustrated, not with Jessica, but because she couldn’t figure out how to word the question right. “No, no, no, Jessica, is that CD that you put in one of my ‘Siren’ albums?” she finally asked.
“Yes it is,” replied Jessica a third time calmly.
“Why would you put in one of those?” she asked, but before she had time to reply, Fawns own voice started to flow from the CD player. Fawn had always listened to her CD’s with a filter on to fade out the hypnotic effects, but this time they were coming through loud and clear. Fawn gasped a bit taken by surprise by the effects of her own voice as she stumbled to sit next to Jessica near the bed.
Jessica, already hypnotized, sank immediately deeper, as her pupils expanded and her head slowly slumped lower on her chest. Fawn barely made it to the bed before her arms went limp and her pupils expanded. Both girls sat there getting more and more relaxed as the CD played. By the time the CD ended, both girls had collapsed onto the bed with a glazed but happy look in they’re eyes. The CD seemed to stop on its own as a small speaker came out of the wall, and a robotic voice that sounded a lot like Mato’s instructed the girls to stand up and walk to the lab.
“Yes… the lab,” both girls replied in unison as they walked out the bedroom door.

Mina opened the door and immediately her eyes flew wide open staring at Yuta, nearly busting out of a Girl Scout uniform. “Umm Yuta, wow, when did you… why is your…ummm… hi,” she got out in one massively confused sentence.
Yuta simply stared at Mina as her eyes turned to spirals. “Focus on my eyes, Mina, focus and relax.”
All Mina could do was comply since she didn’t have time to react otherwise as her eyes locked onto Yuta’s, and her body started to relax. “Yes…focus…your…eyes,” she said slipping down.

Celene was backing her car out of her driveway when she looked over and noticed a young girl in a Girl Scouts uniform that was way too tight, walking with Mina, her neighbor. Normally she wouldn’t have thought anything about it, but Mina didn’t look right. She looked tired like she was about to fall asleep. Celene stopped the car and got out, wearing her white ‘Spirals’ jump suit with the spirals on the chest and walked around the car. “Mina, are you ok?” she asked walking towards her young neighbor.
Yuta turned around and recognized Celene as the bouncer from the night club. She immediately opened her mouth and the sound arc hit Celene like a truck. She was in mid-stride when Yuta opened her mouth. Instantly, she wobbled on her feet, put her hand to her head and began feeling very dazed. “What, what’s that…that sound?” she asked as her eyes started to glaze over and her arms fell to her side. She was wobbling very badly as she was about to fall over when Yuta, who had walked over to her, caught her.
“Stand up nice and straight,” Yuta ordered. “Follow us.”
“Yes…follow,” replied Celene as the three entranced girls walked across the street to Mato’s.

Xander was just waking up, stretching a bit as he gently stroked Nerual who was asleep next to him, exhausted still from their playing, but none the worse for it either. Then he noticed something out of the ordinary. He could feel energy, hypnotic energy, coming from within the warehouse, outside of the inner chambers. He immediately looked over to Nadia and his other two slaves, a red-head and brunette, who was obediently staring at a crystal that he had hung from the ceiling. “Hmmm,” he thought sitting up. “We have some uninvited visitors.”

Dawn was relaxing while breathing in the oxygen. Then her eyes flew wide open. “He’s awake” she said with a snarl and tossed the mask aside. She stood up, charging at a large door near the end of the room.
“Dawn, wait those doors could be locked!” Jake yelled running after her.
Dawn growled loudly and slammed shoulder first into the door, bursting it open and off the hinges. Xander who had just gotten out of bed was hit by the door as it flew in, knocking him to the floor. In a loud groan he managed to squeak out, “Get them.”
The boxer, Shadow, barreled out of a closet located near the back of the room and charged directly at Dawn. Dawn used her quick reflexes to jump straight up and land feet first on the ceiling, hanging upside down. Unfortunately her action left Shadow charging directly at Jake.
“Oh not good,” said Jake, reacting like a deer in headlights as Shadow reached him, chucking him with his right arm clean through a wall on the side of the room. Dawn dropped from the ceiling and landed on Shadow’s, back wrapping her legs around his chest and grabbing on to his head in a headlock.
The red-head and brunette slaves dressed exactly like the previous two girls only in blue and purple respectively, charged with Neural, who had awoken and gotten out of bed at Xander’s command, past Shadow aiming at Jen and Sarah.
Jen’s eyes grew wide as the red-head ran straight at her. Instinctively, she threw her arms out and several leather straps immediately appeared around the red-head, tying her arms to her sides, and her feet together. The red-head struggled then fell to the ground, wiggling. Jen breathed a sigh of relief for a moment before she was shoulder checked into the wall by the brunette.
Nerual charged right for Sarah, jumping off the ground and sending her foot in a horizontal kick towards Sarah’s head. Sarah blocked with her forearm just enough to let the kick go over her head as she ducked under Nerual’s leg and moved behind her. “What is it with these elves and combat training?” she asked, dodging as Nerual landed and threw her left leg straight back at Sarah. Sarah returned with a punch which Nerual blocked and used Sarah weight to flip her forward. The lovely cop tucked and rolled in a tight somersault and popped back up on her feet, taking the defensive.
Without warning the window on the side of the room exploded as Captain Anime swung in through the window from the roof. Sarah’s attention immediately fell on Anime as her stance loosened. “Captain…Anime…,”she said, trying to holding her excitement.
But her loss of focus was the opening the Nerual needed. She connected with Sarah’s gut in an upper cut. As the cop bent over in pain, Nerual put her left hand on the back of Sarah’s head, and her right hand, glowing lilac, directly over Sarah’s eyes. Sarah gasped and her arms instantly went slack. Nerual held her there for a moment then tipped her head back and let Sarah, completely dazed and limp, fall to the floor, her eyes unfocused and completely unaware.
The redhead that had been tied up by Jen had managed to free herself and was charging at Captain Anime. Anime ran straight at the girl then dove to the side and rolled over to help Jen. Grabbing the girl that was holding Jen against the wall, he gently pushed her towards the other side of the room. No sooner had he let go of the brunette then Nerual and the red-head slammed into him tackling him to the floor.
Jen ran over to Sarah and shook her violently. “Wake up Sarah!” she shouted, more out of frustration then fear.
“Huh… what?” asked Sarah as her head cleared just in time to raise her right leg to deflect the brunette who was running right at her and Jen. Rolling over to see the red-head and Nerual pounding on Anime’s chest, Sarah got to her feet and pointed to the brunette looking at Jen, “Do what you can with her!”
Jen looked around as a small light bulb appeared over her head, with a smile she grabbed Dawn’s oxygen tank and pulled the hose off, aiming the nozzle right at the brunette. “You’re way too serious,” said Jen with a smile, then she looked at the tank and snapped her fingers. A steady stream of gas flew out of the nozzle and enveloped the brunette, only instead of oxygen, it was now laughing gas.
The brunette struggled to keep her feet as she started laughing. It was just a giggle at first, but after a few seconds she was on the ground bawling in laugher. She was laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes. Jen just smiled, as the brunette started to pass out from the excessive laughter.
Sarah ran up and shoved Nerual hard into the wall, sending the elf sliding along the wall to regain her balance. She then grabbed the red-head under the arms, put her in a ‘Full Nelson’ headlock, and pulled her off of Captain Anime.
Anime jumped to his feet. “Hold her!” he shouted as he raised his new gauntlet and fired it, striking the red-head clean in the face. Sarah had closed her eyes, but it wasn’t necessary. The effect only hit the red-head whose face relaxed as her body went limp. Sarah gently lowered her to the ground.
Smiling up at Anime as she let the redhead, now completely tranced, loose on the floor, her smile quickly faded. “Look out!” she shouted.
Anime had just enough time to turn before Nerual brought her heel straight up in the air and sent it crashing down on the gauntlet, shattering the firing mechanism and rending the hypnotic blaster utterly useless. Anime backed off as Nerual started her attack on the super hero.
Dawn had finally drained enough of the Shadow’s energy that he had dropped to his knees with a loud thud. Sarah glanced over and noticed that Dawn’s eyes were glowing green with the energy she had drained from Shadow. Shadow was fighting to the end, but finally his arms went limp as his eyes closed. Dawn put her feet down for the first time since the fight began, still draining the last of his energy. On her face was the biggest grin of evil delight that Sarah had ever seen.
Sarah looked over to see Nerual in the middle of her fifth kick aimed at Anime’s head. The elf had one leg on the ground while the other was at a 45 degree angle, kicking repeatedly. The only part of Nerual’s body that was moving was her knee and her balance never once faltered. Sarah looked down at her belt and pulled out her baton, setting it to maximum, she aimed at Neural “Hey Elf!” she shouted. Nerual dropped her leg and spun around just in time to catch the stasis field blast right in the face. Her whole body was instantly enveloped in a thin white aura as her body froze in place. Anime nodded to Sarah as a thank you.

Xander, who had finally managed to get out from under the door that had hit him, was brushing himself off, and shaking his head. “Well they did well for security,” he muttered, glancing over to Nadia. “Do your thing,” he said with a wicked smile.
Nadia’s eyes started to reveal just a tad more life in them as she smiled. “I would love to, Master,” she said, reaching up and pulling the diamond pendant down from the ceiling. Walking to the doorway, she positioned herself so that the light from the window and the setting sun would refract perfectly off of the pendant. “Watch the rainbow lights, my dears. They are so relaxing, so comforting. You have all fought hard, and are all very tired, very exhausted. The lights will help to keep your gaze, to take your mind off of all of your stresses and all of your worries. You don’t need to worry about anything else now. Just relax and focus. Focus on the light and the crystal. Watch as it swings back and forth, refracting the colors out across the room, and making you feel so very relaxed.
The room was filled with a rainbow of colors as Nadia twirled the pendent. Jen had been instantly captivated. Her hands were already at her sides and her expression was blank and open as she stood slouched in the middle of the room. Dawn had gone to stop Nadia, but was now standing, wobbling back and forth with the pendant as she stood transfixed, trying to fight it, but not yet completely under Nadia’s control.
Anime got up. His visor blocked out the lights and he had a rotating filter in his helmet that would delete certain words such as relax, and focus. Walking over to Sarah who was completely transfixed by the lights, he put a pair of dark sunglasses on her face which included a pair of earphones that fit over her cyborg ear blades. The glasses would block out the lights and earphones would bring Sarah back to a normal waking state.
Nadia continued her induction focusing her gaze directly on Anime. “Watch the crystal going back and forth. See the light reflecting into your eyes and making you so relaxed and tired,” she said.
Anime replied, in a soothing voice, “Yes, watch your crystal going back and forth back and forth, focusing on the light refracting around the room, making you so relaxed and so tried”
Nadia blinked a bit, as she glanced at her crystal. “So easy to watch it swing back and forth,” she responded with her tone changing from a commanding one to a curious one.
“Yes that’s it,” said Captain Anime. “Just watch it drift back and forth. Watch the light at the center of the crystal, no need to fight it. Just focus and relax now. You can do that can’t you?”
Nadia’s expression was slack again as she stared into her crystal. She had stopped swinging it and it was now just dangling there as she gazed into the light, completely hypnotized by her own induction with a bit of help from the Captain.
Anime smiled beneath his helmet and snapped his fingers at Dawn. The succubus shook her head and looked around, noticing Nadia and then smiling at anime. She slid a finger up and down his chest armor. “I just love a man in uniform,” she said in a flirty tone.
Anime gently stroked her cheek, but then remembered about Sarah and put up a finger at Dawn to signify he would be right back. Walking over to Sarah, he removed the sunglasses. The dazed cop shook her head gently and smiled nervously like a school girl and barely managed to whisper “thank you” as she blushed. Then her face turned to a look of shock as she gazed over Anime’s shoulder.
Anime turned to see Xander in midair charging right at him. He was about to block when Dawn slammed into Xander’s midsection, sending him crashing into the exterior wall of the warehouse. “This is going to teach you to drain me!” she shouted as she decked Xander across the face.
The incubus’s eyes were spinning around in his head like a slot machine. Dawn stepped down next to him and grabbed his hair pulling his head back and slamming it into the floor repeatedly. Xander swore the he didn’t see a bus coming and wished it would quit backing over him.
Dawn slammed his head into the floor one more time and this time it broke clean through the floor boards. Xander saw birds flying around his head as he finally started to clear his head just in time for Dawn to yank him up out of the floor board.
Xander was pulled up and landed on his feet, wobbling a bit as Dawn went to hit him. He had barely enough time to throw his arm out and form an orb in front of Dawn’s face. Dawn shook her head as the orb started to have an effect on her and then grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back pulling Xander to her chest. Pressing right up against him she stared at him with a hard look in her eyes. “Now it’s your turn to end up drained, Big Boy,” she said with a slightly flirty, but mostly sadistic tone as she pulled him closer and kissed him hard on the lips. Xander’s eyes flew open in shock then started to glaze as Dawn began draining his energy from him. Dawn kept up the pressure on his lips as his arms began to slide down to his side. His eyes rolled back into his head as he finally fell limp in Dawn’s arms. Dawn raised her head and smiled evilly then lifted Xander over her head and threw him crashing through the support beam in the center of the room. She then took a deep hard breath and smiled letting out her aggression and looking over at Sarah and Anime. “What?” she asked innocently.
Anime just shook his head then turned to Sarah, gently stroking her cheek. Sarah smiled and blushed some more. Then without warning Anime ran and jumped out the window through which he had entered, grabbing the rope and swung around the warehouse and out of sight.
Sarah sighed, looking out the window. Dawn just rolled her eyes, not willing to admit that she too thought that Anime was cute. Sarah’s love struck daze was interrupted by the sound of Jake fumbling through debris in the other room then falling through the hole his body had made on its trip through the wall. “Anyone get the number of that bus?” he asked with a slight cough. The two girls that were still awake just smiled and giggled a bit.

Mato walked slowly past a row of inclined lab tables. On each one lay a different girl, Katia, Fawn, Mina, Diana, Kitty, Lucia, Jessica, Celene, and the 18 year old Girl Scout. All the females were in their bras and panties and all were staring into a spiral hanging in front of their eyes. Between Diana and Kitty was a small table with Diana’s puppy on it, staring into a spiral and licking a bone once every three second. Yuta, who was still hypnotized, was walking behind Mato helping him take notes. Yuta handed Mato a lab sheet and as he glanced over it, shouted “I’m a genius!”

Jake had just finished deprogramming the red-headed harem girl. She was lying on the floor next to the other three harem girls and Nadia as well as a now bound and sound asleep Xander. Jake stood up and looked over at Jen and Dawn, both of whom were sitting in chairs relaxing while the deeply hypnotized Shadow and Arch massaged their shoulders. “Can we keep them?” asked Dawn playfully. Jake just raised an eyebrow as he walked over to Sarah.
“Now once this field fades, she will be fully active again. Are you ready?” asked Sarah, looking at Jake.
Jake smiled and made his pendant glow bright yellow in front of Nerual’s eyes. Sarah gasped and Jake smiled, realizing he had already caught her with his pendant. Then he glanced over to notice that Dawn and Jen were staring at the pendant with their mouths slack and open. “Sleep ladies, nice and deep, remain deeply hypnotized until I touch your forehead, ignoring everything else going on in the room.” With that, Dawn and Jen’s heads slid down to their chests as they relaxed with a sigh. Sarah fell almost flat on her back on the floor with a thud as Jake winced. “Eeee, need to remember to catch her next time.”
Three seconds later, Sarah’s baton beeped, and Nerual’s stasis field vanished. Before she could figure out what was going on, she found herself staring directly into Jake’s pendant. She gasped slightly as her pupils dilated and her arms slipped down from the attack pose in which she had been frozen. Jake just smiled. “That’s it Nerual. Just relax, and watch the pendant.”

The girls were all watching TV in the living room when Jen, Sarah, Dawn, and Jake returned with Nerual. “Hello everyone,” greeted Jake with a grin. “This is Nerual. She’s a new friend of ours.”
The other girls all nodded or said hello in one form or another. Then the questions really started, ranging from Yuta asking if she was moving in with the rest of them to Katia asking where she got her dress. Jake just decided to slip out and find Mato, who was in the kitchen working on a modification to the coffee maker. Jake filled Mato in on the details while the professor barely registered his presence and kept fiddling with the coffee maker. Jake finally gave up talking at the old man and decided to go back into the living room. Mato was about to follow to go meet Nerual when his pager went off. Looking at the number on the pager, he smiled and bounced like a kid at Christmas and ran off to the lab.
Jake had just barely gotten into the living room when there was a soft thump in the fireplace, and out popped Biku, and Susan, still dressed in red and green camouflage. The rest of the girls freaked out while Nerual ran and hugged both them.
Jake tried to calm the girls by explaining that everything was fine while Nerual and the elves greeted one another. “We’re so glad your safe, Little One,” smiled Biku while he bear hugged her.
“Everyone was so worried about you,” added Susan, remaining more composed.
“Thanks, I’m all right now since they saved me!” said Nerual gesturing over at Jake, Sarah, Dawn and Jen. The rest of the girls stared questioningly at Jake and the other three.
Susan winked at Nerual and took her hand, filling it with dust. The three elves turned and before the girls could erupt with a barrage of questions for Jake, Sarah, Jen, and Dawn, the three elves blew a cloud of dust over the nine housemates and two guests. All of their faces went slightly slack and even Jake seemed to relax. Biku smiled at Nerual and then started to suggest to the now dazed group that they had never met Nerual, much to her chagrin, and that they were never here. Susan walked towards that lab.

Mato was at his console monitoring the events in the living room. The pager beep had been a warning from Homeshield that the elves were coming, and he didn’t want to miss a good chance to gather data. He heard the door to his lab open and turned to see Susan walking towards him. “Hello young lady, what can I do for you?” Mato said with a sweet grandfatherly smile.
“You have already helped us return our lost friend, and we thank you. But, we cannot allow our existence to remain known to those in the outside world. We have to keep the secret,” said Susan with a definite look on her face that said she didn’t want to do this.
Mato just nodded his head with a smile as Susan raised her hand to blow the dust at Mato. Mato pulled out a miniature hairdryer and blew the dust directly back into Susan’s face.
The elf stepped back in shock then gave a relaxed smile as her body seemed to slump a bit as it stood. Mato put down the hair dryer and looked around in a guilty way then softly whispered, “I’m a genius!” Giggling to himself, he finally composed himself and said, “You will wake up when you leave this lab. You will believe you were successful in erasing my memory and any data storage devices you were sent here to erase. Understand?”
“Yes…I understand,” came Susan’s almost giggly reply.
Mato immediately ran to his console to continue monitoring the situation upstairs as Susan turned and left the lab.

Nerual looked over the now dazed and memory wiped group of eleven people sitting in the living room, and nodded at Susan as she came back. “Mato’s set. We’re all done here,” said Susan in her professional manner.
Nerual nodded and followed Biku and susan to the chimney, taking a quick look at the people that had helped saver her, she smiled and said a soft “thank you”, then popped up the chimney.

The next morning Sarah entered the prison area of her police precinct. She was here to check up on an incubus that she had managed to arrest the day before in relation to kidnapping a boxer. She swiped her ID card and opened the door to jail, and immediately pulled her sidearm. On the floor was a cat girl officer, a human male and a human female, all deeply asleep. She looked around and immediately found Xander in a corner of his cell curled up in a ball with his knees to his chest, looking at Sarah. “What happened?” she demanded.
Xander looked up with a look of defeat. “It wasn’t me…. Well it was…,but I didn’t do it willingly, “ he admitted with a grimace.
“What do you mean?” Sarah countered.
Xander gave a look of defeat and pointed to Nadia’s cryogenic stasis tube. As Sarah looked, she realized that the tube was opened and there was no sign of Nadia anywhere. Sarah looked back at Xander, about to ask a question, but Xander cut her off already knowing what she was going to ask. “They opened the door to talk to her, ask her some questions. She hypnotized the cat girl and myself, had me drain the cat, and then the other two came in and I drained them. She left me here while she escaped.”
Sarah immediately holstered her weapon and ran out of the jail. Xander sighed and gently banged his head against the wall of the jail. “This sucks,” he said with a groan.

That night, after everyone had gone to sleep, Nerual materialized in Jake’s room with a crash as she had never before used the device she had borrowed. It was the same device as Biku had used to gain entry to Mato household in order to secure help in finding her. As a result of the crash, Jake awoke with a start.
“Wha…? Who are you?” he asked quietly, a bit alarmed that Homeshield had failed to alert them.
“Shhh, Jake. Please be quiet,” Nerual responded as she walked over to his bed and sat down on the side. “We have met before and I’m not supposed to be here doing this, but I couldn’t stand the fact that we had to make all of you forget about me and my compatriots as well as the rescue mission. In fact, I don’t have much time to be here before they notice I’m gone again.”
Jake sat in his bed stunned at what the attractive elf was telling him. “How did you make me forget?” he asked in a whisper.
“With this,” Nerual replied, holding up a handful of the sparkly dust. “Jake, I want you to remember me and what you did for me. I can never thank you enough, but having your memory slightly restored is all I can do.” Nerual stood up and blew the handful of dust into Jake’s face. Once it settled around him, the excess vanished as though it was never there. Jake sneezed as he breathed some of it.
“Jake Mato, so new to this world, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me. I pray that we will meet again some day, but until that time, you are only to remember all that happened yesterday, but believe that the rescue mission and this nocturnal visit were no more than a pleasant dream. Until we meet again, Jake. Farewell.” With that said and done, Nerual stooped and kissed Jake’s forehead, commanding him to return to sleep. Tearfully, she stepped back into the middle of the room and returned home in the blink of an eye, leaving a final farewell hanging in the air. As soon as she left, Jake reawakened and groggily sat up in his bed.
Wow, what a dream. It was so real, like that hot elf was actually here,” he thought as he looked around his room. Catching a glance at his clock, he shook his head, settling back under his covers. “Pity it was only a dream…,” he trailed off as he fell back asleep.

By CK and SleepyHypno

Jake, Mato, Dawn, Sarah, Yuta, Jen, Katia, Lucia, Jessica, Mina, Diana, as well as Yoto and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it.

Xander, Nadia and Celene are copyrighted to SleepyHypno

Nerual, Shadow, Arch and Bikh are copyrighted to CK

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