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SleepyGirl and the Incubus Party (Hypnosis Reaction)

 [SleepyGirl you will of course read this log, and be able to enjoy it and any comments people make, but will forget you read it once you click off this page.]

Note: This is a response to a hypnotic session I had with SleepyGirl in 2012. She would have been hypnotized and had this fantasy created in her mind then sent to bed to live it out as a dream, with a suggestion to tell me about it later. Unfortunately the log is lost to the ravages of time. But her response lives on. Enjoy!

Well, maybe not insanity. at least i don't think so, but i could be wrong. anyway, for sanity's sake we'll say that - again - i'm writing this down for my own records and purposes, but i had another dream last night (that i actually remember, what the hell?!) and i figured if i'm writing this down i might as well tell you. you might enjoy it, although none of your friends are in it this time, fair warning...actually no one i recognized was in it, which i thought was kind of odd to say the least but i'll get to that later. onward with the story!

this one started out a little different, i think - based on what i remember seeing - that it was a party or maybe a club or something similar, maybe a club actually, that seems like it would make more sense but anyway i was surrounded by a lot of people who were dancing, it seemed pretty evenly split between guys and girls. the music was...well, the best way i can think of putting it would be deep, loud, and fast. you know how sometimes when there's loud music playing you can just kind of feel it in you, almost kinda thumping in your chest? yeah, it was similar to that. anyway, I looked around and started dancing and feeling the music, and it was weird because i was just kinda getting lost in it - to the point where i wasn't really noticing anything else around me. so i just kept dancing and getting more lost in the beat, just letting my body move on its own while it started getting a little faster. it was, dare i say, hypnotic :oP (foreshadowing? maybe so) in the middle of dancing i bumped into someone behind me, which kind of brought me back to reality i guess you could say. and then i noticed what was off about the whole thing, once i got bumped into and 'came to' it felt like it does when i'm coming out of a trance. so i looked around at everyone else and that's when i noticed that the rest of the girls in the crowd seemed to look the same way - very into their dancing, and none of them looked like they were paying attention (or cared) what was around them. the guys didn't seem to be feeling the same effects. actually they seemed more like they were watching, if anything, and almost like they wanted them to keep going and get most lost in the music.

Then one of the guys moved from the crowd towards one of the girls, who was kind of right on the edge of the floor, and started dancing with her. as soon as he did it was like she went from being fixated on the dance to him. she still wasn't entirely...aware, though. i didn't know either one of them, actually i didn't know anyone that was in the crowd which seemed odd to me considering there's always one of my friends, or in the case of the last dream your friends, or, well, you :oP so it was odd, honestly, but i kept watching anyway because i was getting curious as to what was going on at this point. and then i noticed the bottom of the guys pants, there was a tail poking out of it - and that's when the light bulb clicked in my head, so to speak, and i realized that he was an incubus. then i looked around at the rest of the guys and noticed that they were as well. and that's when i started putting pieces together too - the dancing, the music, the way the girls were all getting so lost in it, etc. i went back to watching the two at the edge of the floor, though, and noticed that he had moved much closer to her - so close that he was almost pressed up against her - and was running his hand down her face. once he did that it seemed like she got even more into the dance, and was starting to get pretty turned on by him too. then he started sliding his hands over the rest of her body, touching and caressing her, and if i hadn't been paying so close attention (in my defense it was hard not to watch at this point) i wouldn't have seen him lean in even closer and this pink mist i guess you could say? come from his mouth and go straight into hers. she seemed even more turned on by that and leaned in closer to him with a very...flirtatious and aroused smile. the guy just kinda grinned and leaned in to kiss her and her reaction at first was a bit odd, she looked very surprised - like she wasn't really expecting it. and then all of a sudden her eyes flashed a really deep blue and she just...went limp, her arms were hanging onto him and then just fell to her sides, and she had a very dazed and far away look in her eyes. so the guy grins again and puts a finger under her chin to lead her away and into a back naturally i followed :oP once i found a place to hide where i could still see them, saw him starting to take off her clothes, running his hands along her body again, while she just stood there with that far away look on her face...her clothes started falling off, first her shirt, then her bra, and then he leaned in to kiss her deeply. in the middle of doing that he starts taking off the rest of her clothes, then holds her up against the wall and enters her. she was still very much out of it, but...definitely enjoying it. once the guy started to orgasm his skin started glowing and the glow kind of spreads from his skin to hers, but not until she starts to orgasm. once it does that she starts going limp again, until eventually her head just falls against him, and that's when i figured she was out cold. after that he put her on the ground gently and leaned in to start whispering in her ear, but it was too loud with the music and everything so i don't have a clue what he was telling her. at that point i figured i should probably scram and get back out to the floor before they noticed i was there.

In the time that i was...watching...the rest of the incubi made their way onto the floor to the other girls. Most of them were in the middle of being seduced, and a few more were being kissed and put into trances. I tried to move out of the way when i saw a pair moving towards me, and only ended up bumping into the girl - which knocked her out of it just like it had done to me earlier (again, didn't know the girl either...weird). she turns around, apologizes, and then asks me what's going on. so...i told her. but apparently being told that every guy in the room is an incubus and the girls are being hypnotized by the music so the incubi can drain their energy sounds...a little odd, because she pretty much just stood there staring at me. aaaand that's when i noticed there was another incubus behind her with a grin that clearly said i was caught, so i took the girls hand and started moving backwards a little, trying to drag her with me - which just earned me some more strange stares. and then in the middle of that she just stopped because she saw the rest of the incubi kissing the other girls and putting them into trances. in the time that she was doing that the other incubus had followed us and, before i really had much of a chance to do anything, turned her around, dipped her over his knee and kissed her deeply. she was pretty much gone in an instant and the only thing i heard come from her was a moan as he was kissing her, then she just went blank. I watched that for a moment, but then i noticed that even though the rest of the guys were holding their...well i guess at this point you could say prey...they were all staring at me. which, admittedly, was a little unnerving. i kind of had that deer in the headlights feeling you have when you've been caught doing something, which was just leaving me with the urge to run for it. at that point i figured it would probably be better if i found somewhere to hide, but when i turned around there was one last incubus right up against me, and before i had a chance to do anything else he leaned in and kissed me. I could feel his tongue in my mouth, rubbing against mine, and i could feel myself slipping, but all i could register was the shock of being caught. then everything just went blank. i went completely limp and the next thing i know he was standing me up, putting a finger under my chin (which, for some reason, is kind of arousing...maybe it adds to the helplessness? i don't know) and leading me away to a room in the back. then I'm up against a wall, being touched, caressed, kissed, all over. now I know how the other girls had felt because every touch was only making me that much more aroused, to the point where i probably could have had an orgasm just from that alone. then i felt my clothes being taken off, piece by piece, until i was naked and back up against the wall. i could feel his tail snaking up my legs, teasing me, and then lifting me up against the wall, teasing me again. the next thing i know i'm kissing him and he's inside of me, rocking up and down against the wall. i couldn't tell you for how long, but then his skin started to glow and before i knew it i was cumming and so was he. I'm not sure how many i had, but eventually i started to feel myself losing consciousness until i completely limp against him. and just like the other pair i had watched before, he lowered me to the ground and started whispering in my ear, that he wanted me to bring him people to feed on, and after that it mostly gets fuzzy, i don't know if there was any more after that come to think of it.

so...i never remember my dreams, and in the span of like two or three days i've remembered two. two fairly kinky ones at that, no idea what brought this on, go figure. although like i said it was odd not really knowing anyone in the dream, but i guess that happens sometimes, my subconscious is weird like that...not that i'm complaining mind you, hehehe, it still pushed a hell of a lot of buttons, watching and then being caught and taken myself...i still may need a cold shower, too.

...although, i will admit, most of the time it's more fun being taken by an incubus you know :oP

(Written by SleepyGirl)

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