Monday, July 31, 2017

Vacations and Transitions Part 2

Key: Mc, FD, MF, FF,

The show lasted for two hours, going through all the usual routines. The people on stage forgot their names or were stuck to their chairs. One girl had an invisible puppy. Mina and Yuta ended up stuck together in a waltz pose and couldn’t get free. This; however, annoyed Mina more then Yuta.
Finally the hypnotist came to the center of the stage and spoke. “I hope you all enjoyed the show, and your dinner. I will return your friends shortly.” With that, she bowed and the audience applauded as the curtain closed covering the hypnotist and the subjects from the view of the audience.
As the curtain closed Nadia turned around and removed her hood from her head and smiled at the ten hypnotized ‘volunteers'. “Now for a little extra programming,” she said with a devious smile.

In the dinning hall, Katia and Diana were finishing up their meals when the subjects started to come out one by one, all of them looking refreshed and very happy. Although most wouldn’t notice, Katia and Diana did notice, almost immediately, that they still looked slightly dazed as they came out. The blonde in the blue dressed looked the most dazed of all of them as she walked past. But, after twenty minutes, there was still no Mina or Yuta.

Back stage Nadia was busy interrogating Yuta to figure out how she had managed to hypnotize the girls earlier. As Yuta explained that she was a biomechanical robot and was built with hypnotic powers, Nadia just sat in shock with Mina behind her slumped against the wall. After about ten minutes of looking over Yuta, she finally spoke. “Like all the others that were here, you will want to bring as many of your friends to see my show as you can. You will slip deep into hypnosis whenever you hear the phrase ‘been under before.’ You will immediately sink back into a deep state of hypnosis, and follow my commands.” Nadia paused to wait for Yuta to nod her head. “You will also be completely unable to use your built in hypnotic powers on me, understand?”
Yuta replied with a soft, “Yes.”
Nadia sat back and glanced at the sleeping Mina, then looked at Yuta again. “How many of your friends are here tonight?”

In the dinning hall Diana and Katia were starting to get worried. So they decided to go look for Mina and Yuta. As they walked backstage they carefully examined everything making sure no one was hiding behind something. Hanging around with Jake, Dawn, and Yuta had made them both a little cautious.
They found the door to the hypnotist’s dressing room and listened to the door carefully. All they could hear was a woman humming. So they looked at each other, shrugged, then knocked on the door.
A moment later Nadia opened the door with a satisfied grin. “I was wondering how long it would take you.”
Diana’s eyes went wide. “You!?” she exclaimed in shock.
You’re supposed to be in jail!” shouted Katia.
Nadia looked confused as to how the girls could know her, and how she was in jail recently for her hypnotic hi-jinx at the Spirals Club, but she brushed that aside. “The answers are right here…,” she said stepping aside to show Yuta.
Yuta!” both girls yelled as Yuta opened her mouth with a glazed look in her eyes.
No don’t…do…that,” Diana said as the hypnotic voice that she was hearing projected from Yuta instantly had an effect on her.
It’s us, your…friends…,” Katia tried to finish before she trailed off. Both girls stood completely relaxed with their eyes unfocusing.
Come in ladies. Let’s talk about how you know me,” said Nadia with a curious smile as the girls entered her dressing room.

As the sun set across the water, Dawn basked on the sand. The red and blue haired young men from the volleyball game rubbed her feet while the brown haired man gently fanned her with a palm leaf. The blonde and red haired young women slowly and seductively rubbed their hands over her shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, and legs. The other five volleyball players lay slumped in the sand, fast asleep after having been drained by Dawn.
Dawn glanced up at the brown haired man and motioned for him to come closer as she sat up a bit. “I don’t think I need you to fan me anymore, but there is something that I want from you,” she declared with a grin as she pulled him close into a deep kiss. The man replied but slowly started to slump down to all fours. Then, finally his head fell gently into Dawn’s lap. The red haired man moved from his position at Dawn’s feet and lifted the now drained brown haired man off of Dawn and into the pile of other drained victims before returning to Dawn’s feet. Dawn simply smiled. “I love vacations,” she commented, then closed her eyes and relaxed in the lingering rays of the setting sun.

The next morning Jake walked into the Spirals club groggy and not happy to be up at ten o’clock in the morning while on vacation. But, before he could complain, Tammy slammed into him giving him a very friendly and very energetic hug. “Oof, morning Tammy,” he barely made out, having the wind knocked out of him.
I wanted to thank you,” she said finally letting him go. “I don’t know what you did yesterday, but after that shoulder rub, I was able to focus and clean up the whole DJ booth in an hour!” Jake smiled and nodded and was about to comment when she cut him off. “Although I did lose track of time, I swear when you walked in, I had looked at the clock and it said it was just after 1 pm, but when you left it was 3 pm. Odd,” she said, starting to ponder the thought, then abruptly cut herself off. “Oh well, see ya!” she beamed and bounced away back to the DJ booth.
Jake was left stunned and confused. After a moment he shook his head and said to himself, “This place is as nuts as the house.”

Back at the beach, all of the girls except for Dawn were sitting down having a picnic lunch; however, it was anything but peaceful.
Please, you have to go. It was so much fun!” pleaded Diana while tugging on Barbara’s arm.
Yeah, it was great. We all laughed for hours!” shouted Mina excitedly.
It really was fun. You will enjoy yourselves,” added Katia respectfully but with a huge grin on her face. Yuta would have commented, but Sarah, Jessica, and Fawn were all three holding her down while covering her eyes and keeping her mouth closed after she had attempted to use her powers on the girls to get them to go.
Barbara was starting to look frustrated as her arm was beginning to hurt from Diana tugging on it. “All right, all right already, I’ll go!” she finally conceded.
I’ll go too as long as we can just drop it,” said Jen, looking mildly frustrated.
I think it sounds like fun,” said Lucia with a smile.
What about you three?” asked Katia, glaring at Fawn, Sarah, and Jessica who were still holding down Yuta.
Not me. Jessica and I are going to keep an eye on Dawn” said Sarah with a grunt. “This girl is really strong,” she commented, referring to Yuta who was starting to wiggle free.
I’ll agree to go as long as Yuta stops trying to trance us,” said Fawn with an obvious tone of exasperation. Yuta finally stopped struggling and nodded. The three girls let go and sat down for a breather. “Can we finally eat our lunch now? Please?”

Dawn was strolling around the inside of the massive gymnasium building just off of the beach, wearing a pair of spandex work out shorts and a sports bra, black of course. She had been wandering for about ten minutes when she finally found what she had been seeking. Inside of a basketball court four were six tall, muscular men who were playing basketball as well as four bubble-headed cheerleaders. With a smile she opened the door and walked in. “Hey ladies,” she greeted the cheerleaders.
Like, hi, what’s up girl?” said a very energetic dark haired cheerleader. Like the rest of the little ‘squad,’ she was wearing a tight red mini skirt with a skin tight yellow halter top.
Just wondering if I could watch the game with you ladies?” Dawn said in as non-threatening a tone as she could muster.
Sure, take a seat,” said an equally energetic blue haired cheer leader.
Dawn sat down behind the four girls, and watched the boys play, while listening to the girls talk about how cute they were. Finally the guys decided to take a break and headed over to flirt with the girls.
The conversation was, in Dawn’s opinion, nothing but ‘boring jock talk.’ One guy asked the girls if they had seen the lay up he had just done. While three of the cheerleaders giggled, the fourth moved closer to him to rub his chest and compliment him on his athletic skills. Dawn nearly puked.
After about ten minutes, she had had enough. “Hey guys, wanna see a trick?” she asked while holding her hand out. The group looked at Dawn but before any could answer she formed an orb in her hand, shining brightly as it cycled through its normal color spectrum. The basketball players and cheerleaders were instantly captivated by the enchanting orb. All immediately showed signs of a hypnotic trance. One of the cheerleaders fell backwards into one of the ball players who was fortunately large enough to support her. Dawn just smiled. “I think it’s time we hit the hot tub.”

Jake popped his head into the control room and looked around. “That’s funny. They said Tucker was working in here,” he said with a slightly confused look. Then without warning one of the drop ceiling tiles fell to the ground and Tucker’s head, with his messed up hair, popped out of the ceiling.
“I am working in here. What can I do for you?” he asked with a grin.
Jake just blinked at Tucker for a moment then replied, “Mato wanted me to ask you how the…,” glancing down at the hand written note from Mato, “electric trance inducer system’s installation was coming along.”
Tucker’s head disappeared into the ceiling tile then his whole body came tumbling out, landing perfectly on both feet with not so much as a grunt. “It’s actually done. See, I can show you. It’s on this panel here.” While Jake was still in shock at how nimble the young man was here, Tucker switched on a monitor showing the new employee break room. “The system is completely set up and can be controlled from this station.” With that, Tucker turned around and started to fiddle with another panel next to it.
Jack glanced at the screen and noticed that three of the waitresses were in the break room going over procedures. A short haired blonde, a long haired brunette and a blue haired bunny girl all sat in their new Spirals waitress uniforms, a pair of knee high leathers boots with a black mini skirt and a silver tube top. Jake then looked at the panel beneath the screen and noticed a red button that wasn’t labeled. “Hey Tucker,” pointing to the button, “what does this do?”
Tucker looked over from the panel he was working on at the button, shrugged, and then reached over and pressed the button. On the monitor, Jake saw a small ball lower from the break room ceiling and then three large electrical arcs jumped from the ball to the heads of the three waitresses. Their bodies jerked for a moment then their eyes glazed over as they slumped peacefully into their chairs, a happily content, tranced look on their faces. “It does that,” commented Tucker with a smile as he went back to fiddling with the other panel.
Jake blinked and stared at Tucker with a look of shock, confusion, and the look he normally gave Mato. He was about to complain when he looked at the monitor and saw the three girls all tranced and slumped over. “Oh, thanks,” he said as he flipped the monitor off. “Carry on.” With that, Jake walked out of the room calmly and as soon as he was around the corner ran full speed for the break room. Tucker didn’t even notice him leave.

Eight of the girls walked into the dining hall where the hypnosis show from the night before was held. Yuta was again wearing her leather night club dress. Katia was in a very elegant but very slinky red dress with jewelry all over her hair. Mina was dressed in a black strapless dress that fit tightly on her body down to just above her knees. Diana had on a long open backed dress that was form-fitting about her mid section which then opened up a bit more after her knees. She also wore a diamond collar around her neck. The other four girls couldn’t figure out why the first four were so dressed up. The show was not in an elegant location, and as such they had all just worn jean shorts and various t-shirts except for Jen who was dressed in a slightly shorter version of her genie uniform. The most elegant was Fawn whose jeans and shirt were of course top of the line designer threads.
“Right here, this is perfect,” said Katia, gently sitting at a large eight person table in the front row. The rest of the girls sat down, looking around.
“’Lot of people here; was it this crowded yesterday?” Jen asked.
“No, it wasn’t,” admitted Yuta, with a beaming smile. “The word must have gotten out.”
Jen was about to ask another question when the lights started to dim. “Here it comes. It’s starting!” bounced Mina in her chair as the four girls from the first night sat intently focusing on the stage. The other four just looked at each other and shrugged.
Nadia, in the same red leather outfit and concealing hood stepped onto the stage. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am pleased to see you all here tonight.” The audience applauded, but it was obvious that some members were clapping louder then others. “I see a lot of repeat customers. Thank you for showing up again,” said Nadia with a sexy tone. “Like I explained last night, I don’t believe in asking for volunteers. I prefer to have them selected, without their knowledge,” she remarked sounding slightly dominant and very much in control. “So I am going to do an induction to see who falls this time.”
Fawn rolled her eyes and groaned, while Jen and Barbara looked at each other and shrugged. Lucia leaned over and asked innocently, “What’s wrong with asking for volunteers?” Fawn just looked at her and grinned, patting her on the shoulder and directing her back towards the stage.
Nadia continued her speech. “For tonight’s induction I think I will use a candle,” she commented as she lit a rather large candle center stage. “Now don’t be afraid. You don’t have to fall under my power, even though some of you have ‘been under before’ haven’t you?” she asked with a smile.
Several gasps were heard throughout the dinner hall. Fawn and Jen noticed that Yuta, Mina, Diana, and Katia all shot up in shock then gently closed their eyes and slumped forward. Several other patrons were also showing the same symptoms, including a lovely blonde with curly hair, and a pair of women that looked like sisters.
Nadia smiled and waved her hand towards the stage and the stage lights came on showing approximately twenty-five chairs on the stage. “All those deep in hypnosis for me now, feeling how relaxed it is to be deeply hypnotized again, just like you were last night, will now stand up and take your places on stage.” Fawn, Lucia, Barbara and Jen all watched with wide eyes as Yuta, Mina, Diana, Katia, and at least eight other patrons all stood up and walked on to the stage, taking the first twelve chairs in the exact same order they were in the night before. As before, Katia and Diana sat on the edges.
Nadia then walked off to the side of the stage and began her induction. “Like those you see before you, you realize you came here to relax and have fun, to let go, and let your mind clear. The candle before you will be your guiding light, the beacon that pulls you in deeper and deeper. As you focus on it now, you realize how beautiful it is, how relaxing it can be deep down inside you. The flame brings warmth and you can feel it drifting into your body now. With each word that I say, you feel your body becoming warmer, more relaxed. Your muscles start to loosen and let go, slipping down as your body relaxes into the warm, tender glow of the flame.”
Fawn was watching the show with a smile. She was less then impressed and leaned over to comment that to Jen. But, before she could speak, she noticed that Jen’s face was slack. Her eyes staring at the candle, her arms had fallen to her sides, and her breathing was slow and relaxed. Fawn then noticed that Lucia and Barbara were both in the same situation.
“That’s it. I can see many of you have already fallen now, realizing that your place is already prepared for you, up here on stage, closer to the flame, closer to the warmth, closer to the glow that has helped you feel so relaxed and open now,” Nadia said in as seductive a voice as she could muster. A few moments later, much to Fawn’s surprise, Jen, Lucia, and Barbara all stood up, along with ten other patrons and all walked slowly to the stage. After a few moments, all of the people were seated. Nadia moved to the center of the stage and in a one long arc, waved in front of all the new recruits’ eyes and said in a commanding tone, “Sleep…now.” All of the heads slowly, one by one as the hand passed over them, closed their eyes and slumped over. Jen’s head fell straight down, while Lucia seemed to slump over onto Barbara. Barbara, on the other hand, slumped down into her chair as her head fell straight back. Nadia then turned to face what was left of the audience and bowed to thunderous applause. Fawn even managed a nervous grin as she clapped.

Jessica was standing on the left side of a large double door, her back to the wall with a stun gun lowered in her arms. Sarah was on the opposite side of the double doors in the same position. Both were in bikini’s which begged the question where had they hidden the guns. Jessica peered through the window of the double doors carefully. “Six males, five females, one is possibly …nope confirmed, one is Dawn,” Jessica observed with a cold military look in her eyes.
“That’s our target. Move on three; one…two…three!” With that, Sarah and Jessica both slammed through the doors into a large locker room. In the corner of the room was a huge fifteen foot by fifteen foot hot tub where the six basketball players and four cheerleaders were lounging with Dawn. Jessica and Sarah moved rapidly to the hot tube with their guns aimed at Dawn. “That’s it! Out of the hot tub…now!” shouted Sarah commandingly.
Dawn actually looked like she was taken by surprise and shot up to a standing position in the hot tub. “Hey! Calm down, I’m not doing anything,” she protested.
“Yeah right. How did you get all these people in here then?” asked Jessica accusingly.
“Actually, we invited her,” said one of the nervous looking cheerleaders in the hot tub.
“Yeah, she came to watch us play basketball earlier and afterwards we all started talking and invited her and the cheerleaders here to come with us into the hot tub,” explained one of the ball players.
Sarah stared intently at Dawn, without lowering her gun. “After you ‘tranced them all, is that it?”
“Sarah, look at them. I haven’t tranced or drained any of them,” pleaded Dawn, indicating the rest of the occupants of the hot tub.
Sarah glanced quickly from face to face while keeping Dawn covered. Jessica did the same as she moved closer to Sarah. “They really don’t look tranced. Could she be telling the truth?” asked Jessica.
“I…I don’t know,” stuttered Sarah, losing confidence in her assessment of the situation.
Dawn put her arms out gently and smiled at Sarah, with a warm friendly smile. “Sarah, I swear. I didn’t trance any of them. I’m honestly just trying to relax on this vacation. Why don’t you join us…please?” asked Dawn with a sincerity that completely threw Sarah off guard.
“Yeah, come on in. There is plenty of room,” said one of the ball players motioning to the size of the hot tub.
Jessica looked at Sarah and gave a defeated smile. “I think she’s right Sarah.”
Sarah frowned and lowered her gun. “Sorry Dawn,” she apologized then looked at the other occupants. “Can we really join you?” she said with a smile.
Dawn smiled and moved to the edge of the hot tub and extended her arms. “Of course.” Sarah and Jessica both lowered their guns and set them aside, each taking one of Dawn’s hands and stepping into the hot tub. Two of the ball players immediately moved behind them and began massaging their shoulders, letting the ladies sit down in the hot tub’s built in benches while the two well built, handsome guys stood behind them rubbing their shoulders.
“Oh, that feels so good,” Sarah sighed. Jessica just gave a grin and leaned back into the ball player who was massaging her.
Dawn smiled and sat down on the opposite end of the hot tub next to a cheerleader. “It does feel good, doesn’t it, the water flowing around your body, getting into every crevasse, every nook of your body. The heat from the water and the force of the jets lets your muscles relax and loosen. And, the feel of the two strong men behind you rubbing all of your cares away as they massage deeper and deeper into your bodies doesn’t hurt either. In fact, it simply helps you to relax and let go, letting all of your worries simply swirl away like the water about you swirls around your body.”
Sarah and Jessica both seemed to be focusing on the water in front of them. Jessica’s face was already slack as she leaned back onto the man giving her a massage. Sarah was a bit tenser, but her resistance was fading fast.
“That’s it, so easy to just let all of your worries melt away,” Dawn cooed seductively, her smile turning from innocent to devious as she looked up at the men massaging her friends shoulders, and nodded to them. Both men gently took one hand off of the girls’ shoulders and then moved it to their foreheads, swirling it around at the center of their foreheads. Dawn smiled and sat up a bit. “So easy to completely let go now and totally nothing else matters now that all you really want to do, all you really need to do, is sleep…” As Dawn finished her sentence she let the last word ‘sleep’ linger in the air as the two men gently tilted the girls’ heads back. Both Sarah and Jessica went completely limp and leaned back, totally hypnotized, against the two young men.
Dawn smiled and snapped her fingers. The six ball players in the hot tub and the four cheerleaders all instantly sighed and their faces went blank. Dawn leaned back and grabbed the blonde cheerleader next to her and gave her a deep kiss. She then looked at the two hypnotized males that Sarah and Jessica were leaning on and with a soft smile commanded to them, “Make them feel good, boys…. They deserve the rest.”

Fawn was starting to get worried. The show had been over for nearly half an hour and all of the other ‘volunteers’ had left except for her friends. As the last girl, the curly blonde, walked past she asked her, “Are my friends still back there?”
The blonde just smiled at her sweetly and said, “I think so. Feel free to go back if you would like.”
Fawn didn’t like the way the girl’s eyes looked. She still looked out of it, but Fawn decided to go investigate. She moved up the stage slowly and was about to open the curtains when the stage door popped open and out came Diana, and Mina, with Katia and several others visible behind her.
“Hey, what are you doing?” asked Mina.
Fawn jumped. “Oh, I’m so glad to see you. I was starting to think something was wrong,” she said honestly.
Diana smiled. “Nothing wrong, we just had to wait for you to be in the right place.”
Fawn looked puzzled. “The right place?” Then behind her the curtains opened and Yuta stood less then a foot from Fawn with her eyes swirling. Fawn jumped in shock and looked right at Yuta, stumbling back a bit dazed, but too surprised to fight off the spirals.
Yuta moved closer to Fawn and placed her finger under her chin to hold her in place while she stared into her eyes. “Mistress Nadia wants to see you. You’ll like her games,” she said with a smile that implied that Yuta wasn’t hypnotized herself.
Fawn’s face turned to a sleepy grin as she nodded slowly. “Yes…play…games,” she responded sleepily as Yuta lead her back stage.

The door opens slowly in a dark hotel room, as two large basketball players walk in. One carried Sarah, the other carrying Jessica, both girls completely unconscious, followed by Dawn walking in seductively looking quite energetic. “Lay them down gently boys,” she said with a devious yet concerned smile as the two large men gently laid Sarah and Jessica into their respective beds. Dawn then moved to Sarah and kissed her forehead gently; draining out any energy that Sarah might have gained since she was drained in the hot tub. She then moved to Jessica and did the same. The two large males covered the unconscious women like a father might tuck in her baby girl in a crib. Dawn then moved between the men and each of them took one of her arms in escort position. “Let’s go boys,” she said with a devious smile as they left the hotel room.

The next morning all of the girls, minus Dawn, were sitting around a large table eating breakfast at the hotel dinning room. Sarah and Jessica couldn’t believe how relaxed they felt. “We really misjudged Dawn last night,” remarked Sarah with a smile.
“Yes we did,” Jessica conceded. “At least now we can stop worrying about her and get to enjoying our vacation,” she said as an obviously playful jab at Sarah.
Sarah blushed and smiled a bit. “All right, tonight we have fun,” she said raising a glass of orange juice as if it were a toast. Jessica laughed as she clinked her glass of grape juice against it.
“Hey you could come with us to the hypnosis show tonight!” Mina blurted out excitedly.
“Yeah, it was great last night. You’ll really have a lot of fun,” Jen agreed.
Sarah and Jessica looked a little leery until Fawn spoke up. “Come on. I even enjoyed myself just watching the show, and how often do we get a situation where we have the choice to go under or not.”
Sarah and Jessica looked at each other causing everyone at the table to laugh. “All right we’ll go,” said Jessica after Sarah nodded to her.
Moments later, Sarah’s jaw dropped as she looked up to see Dawn walk into the room dressed in a long black evening gown that had a diamond cut out on the chest and no back. Her hair was done up in a beautiful French Twist. “Holy crap! You look…amazing!” Sarah said honestly.
Dawn gave a wicked smile. “Don’t I though,” she replied arrogantly.
Yuta beamed. “You can wear that to the hypnosis show tonight!”
Dawn shook her head with a smile. “Sorry honey, I have a date tonight.”
All ten girls stared at Dawn in shock and said in unison, “A date?!”
Dawn smiled and motioned to someone behind the girls. “Yes, a date. And, if you will excuse me, they are here.” With that, she walked away swaying her assets as she did so, moving towards a group of three young men in tuxedos. Two of them moved to escort her; one on each side while the third opened the door and bowed as she walked past. The girls just stared at the door in shock as she leaves.

That evening all ten of the girls began walking through the hallways of the hotel towards the dining hall for the hypnosis show. Yuta, Katia, Mina and Diana were dressed in the evening gowns they had worn last time. Barbara was in a very sophisticated looking skirt and suit top complete with a pair of very elegant and intelligent looking dark red glasses to match the suit and skirt. Fawn was in a full length sparkling silver dress with a slit along the right side that showed off her right leg. The top was strapless with an open back. Lucia was in a pure white evening dress, long and elegant looking, like something that would belong in a Victorian ballroom rather then a hypnosis show. Jen’s outfit was a shining neon red harem girl’s uniform with longer clear patches then her normal outfit, although no one was going to say this to her. Jessica and Sarah both wore khaki shorts and a green and white tank top respectively.
Sarah looked around in shock. “Wow, there are a lot of people here, and why didn’t you tell us that it was a formal outing?” asked Sarah, feeling under dressed.
“It’s not really a formal show,” said Diana with a smile. “But we noticed that everyone dressed up yesterday so we decided to dress up today.” She shrugged, looking at Jessica and Sarah. “I’m sorry that we didn’t tell you, but we really didn’t plan it either.”
Sarah looked at Jessica with a confused looked. Jessica just shrugged as they started to enter the dinning hall. Yuta; however, did not enter. She had spied the young lady with curly blonde hair and the long blue dress entering the woman’s bathroom. And with a sneaky little smile, Yuta headed in the direction of the bathroom, her eyes turning to spirals as she opened the door.
On stage the lights dimmed and once again a single spot light shone brightly on a cloaked figure. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It’s good to see you here tonight,” she spoke confidently, with a very flirtatious tone in her voice. “I see we have a lot of return guests tonight. Welcome all of you.” She paused while the audience applauded. “Tonight, I have a special surprise for you. Tonight I am not asking for volunteers, I know who has ‘been under before’ in this room,” she trailed off as numerous gasps could be heard in the audience once again. Jessica and Sarah were feeling a little nervous noticing that all of the girls sitting with them had just slumped into their seats.
“Are they all out?” asked Sarah a little concerned.
Jessica was looking around at the other seven girls. “It looks that way.”
Nadia smiled at the entranced audience, and the numerous people that were looking around at their now sleeping friends. “There is no need to worry. They are safe and comfortable now, isn’t that right?”
In unison, twenty-six people all replied, “Yes Mistress.”
Several audience members laughed. Many others become very nervous. Jessica and Sarah were starting to slip into the mental frame of mind that they have right before going into combat. “Tonight I would like to use our entranced friends here to help the rest of you, who have chosen to join them, to relax now, completely and totally.” With that, all of the entranced patrons moved to the stage, forming one long line behind Nadia, with Fawn directly behind her. Nadia turned, smiled to the entranced members on the stage, and slipped in a pair of ear plugs. With a hand gesture the entire group started to vocalize a soft soothing melody while Nadia spoke. “Let the music, the feelings that your friends are showing you now in the best and most intimate way, fill your ears, fill your mind, and fill your heart. Feeling every breath you take, become more and more relaxed as you hear the music filling your mind. It’s so sweet and relaxing, the most perfect music you have ever heard. So perfect for you now, deep in your mind, no need to fight it, you know you can hear it now, deep down inside of you. It’s your favorite melody now as your friends sing to you deeply and completely from their souls. You feel your bodies relaxing completely and totally. Nothing to worry about as you sit there watching them, so soothing as they sing. You feel your mind emptying. Nothing matters but the music, nothing at all, as you relax deeper and deeper.”
Sarah and Jessica each heard a different tune in their minds. Sarah’s was sweet and soothing, while Jessica’s was harder and more upbeat. But, the reaction was the same on both of them. Both girls had started to slump forward, their eyes fluttering as the music filled the air. They hadn’t had time to fight it. With Fawn’s hypnotically powered voice on the stage, there wasn’t enough time to realize what was happening.
Nadia moved slowly off the stage and into the audience. “That’s it, all of you so relaxed completely and totally now.” She looked around, seeing that all members of the audience were looking as tired and relaxed as Sarah and Jessica. “Nothing to worry about now, just sleep and relax…now.” With her words of finality, several people’s eyes closed, including Jessica’s who drifted softly into her chair. Sarah was struggling. She managed to look up just in time to see Nadia staring down at her. “Sleep my dear… sleep now,” Nadia said as she waved her hand over Sarah’s face. Sarah didn’t stand a chance and as the hand moved away from her face, it was revealed that Sarah’s eyes were completely closed as she slumped back in her chair. Nadia waved to the tranced singing chorus on stage and all at once they stopped singing. For the first tine she removed her hood and let her red hair flow down around her shoulders as she smiled confidently. “I love my job.”

In the bathroom, Yuta was having the entranced blonde redress as she fixed her own hair in the mirror. She had thought she had heard something outside the bathroom a minute ago, but wasn’t sure what it had been. She moved to the door and opened it to peek and gasped in surprise.
On stage, Nadia, the girl who had hypnotized all of them at the Spirals night club, was giving suggestions to all of the patrons of the show that night. They all seemed hypnotized. The suggestions included promoting her show back home, and paying for her to come to their respective cities to do more shows, as well as giving hypnotic CDs to the patrons’ friends. The whole audience was replying with, “Yes, Mistress,” after each suggestion. Although the scene was causing Yuta to get quite excited, she knew she had to help her friends out some how. She also knew that if there was going to be a room full of entranced people, she was going to be the one calling the shots.
Slowly, she slipped out of the bathroom door and hid along a shadowed part of the wall. With a grin, she opened her mouth to emit a hypnotic cone of sound, but for some reason, it wouldn’t fire. She tilted her head and tried successfully to send a hypnotic sound arc into the wall, but whenever she was aimed at Nadia she couldn’t fire the arc.
Yuta tried to formulate a plan when, without warning, the blonde from the bathroom walked right past her. “Excuse me,” she said with a smile as she walked into the dinning hall then noticed everyone and gasped. “Oh my!”
Nadia, who had been preoccupied, heard the blonde’s gasp and turned. She waved at the blonde, noticing Yuta for the first time behind her. Yuta, not wanting to get caught, took on the appearance of being hypnotized and slumped against the wall. Before the blonde girl could react, a Raccoon girl in a pair tight leather pants and a halter top walked right up behind her and put a finger on her forehead, tilting her head back. “Sleep,” the raccoon girl commanded in a monotone tranced voice.
The blonde sighed as her head tilted back to rest against the raccoon girl. The raccoon girl steadied her and whispered something into her ear that Yuta could not hear. The blonde began to slowly move towards the stage as the raccoon girl turned towards Yuta and said, “Follow.”
Yuta, not wanting to be noticed, began to move slowly towards the stage. Nadia watched with a smile as Yuta started to walk up onto the stage. “I had been wondering where you were. How do you feel, my dear?” she asked genuinely.
Yuta seen her chance and looked up still acting dazed and said “I feel it is so easy to relax, and let go, to feel drawn in as every muscle releases now.” As she said this, she started to turn her eyes to spirals, but they would barely spin for a second before going back to normal. Nadia raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, so easy to feel your body relaxing every muscle hanging down as loose and limp now as you are pretending to be.” Nadia stared into Yuta’s eyes confidently.
Yuta straightened up and stared into Nadia’s eyes. “It’s so hard to remain confident. It takes so much energy for you to keep focused now. So many people around you are deep and relaxed. It would be so much easier for you to let go and relax now, like they are.”
Nadia blinked a bit as her body slumped then stared back at Yuta. “You like the confidence. You enjoy being around someone strong and powerful. Not many people can put you under. You are the one that puts them under. You realize that you start to feel very excited when you’re around a person as strong and powerful enough to put you under as you realize that has happened to you many times in these past few days.”
Yuta felt her heart beating faster. Nadia was right. She was getting excited. She enjoyed going under by someone strong, but enjoyed putting that strong person under even more. “Yes, realizing that you so rarely end up hypnotized that you want to just relax and let go. Nothing excites you more then when someone manages to hypnotize you especially when you are trying to hypnotize them,” Yuta countered.
Nadia’s gaze seemed to soften. Yuta had been moving closer to her the entire time that she had begun her own induction and was now in reach to grab Nadia’s arm. As Yuta reached out and gently took Nadia left hand, Nadia mirrored Yuta’s movements, grasping Yuta’s left hand. “Knowing that with a pull of your arm,” Nadia began.
“You will sink deeply down into hypnosis,” Yuta continued.
“Feeling so deep and relaxed as you fall,” Nadia further persisted, starting to show signs of slipping into Yuta’s gaze.
“Going deeper…and deeper… then ever before,” replied Yuta, staring up into Nadia’s eyes and starting to wobble a bit.
“Going so deep and relaxed as soon as your arm is pulled,” Nadia responded wobbling with Yuta unconsciously.
“Yes, going so deep and relaxed as soon as your arm is pulled, isn’t that right?” Yuta asked, sounding very dazed
“Yes that’s right, going under on the count of three. One,” Nadia said as her eyes drooped.
“Two,” answered Yuta, her eyes also drooping down a bit.
“Three,” finished Nadia as commandingly as she could.
Nadia went to pull Yuta’s arm, but being a robot Yuta held her own. Nadia looked into Yuta’s eyes with a dazed look of shock as Yuta, dazed herself, gave Nadia a sleepy smile and gently tugged on her arm. “Sleep,” she said softly. Nadia sighed and sank into Yuta’s arms, limp and completely helpless.
Yuta took a moment to shake her head a bit to clear the hypnotic effects then looked at Nadia and all the other hypnotized patrons. She smiled playfully. “Game time!”

Dawn was in the middle of a huge ball room dancing with a tall muscular man wearing a tuxedo. The room was filled with people all dressed in very fancy ball room dresses and tuxedos. Several of them were passed out in their chairs or laid gently on the floor. Those who remained awake seemed to be fixated on the center of the room, glassy eyed and staring unblinking at a huge orb that was hovering like a disco ball above the dance floor.
She smiled as she held on tight to her entranced partner as they spun and danced across the floor while the entranced brass band played a romantic melody. As they danced, her partner led her to the edge of the dance floor and dipped her down almost horizontal. She reached her arm back in a sexy pose as she raised her right leg in the air to complete the pose. After holding it for a moment her partner raised her back to her feet. She caressed his entranced face. “Thank you, that was wonderful,” she complimented softly. Then with a gentle kiss, drained his energy completely and guided him softly to the floor. Standing up straight and stretching, she surveyed the remaining ball room attendants. “I spy with my little eye... a very sexy brunette!” she said enthusiastically, bouncing off to her next victim.

Back in the dinner hall, the scene had either degraded or improved depending on the point of view. Almost everyone was in a state of at least partial undress, and there were numerous groups of people kissing and feeling each other up scattered around the floor. Yuta had been quite kind to her friends; however, and every one of her friends was being serviced by at least one girl and two guys. Nadia was sitting completely entranced and mostly naked in a chair with a cat girl and the raccoon girl tying her up while two entranced guys groped her. Yuta was getting a massage from the curly haired blonde when she finally reached over and looked at Sarah. “Sarah, wide awake on three. One…two…three…wide awake.”
Sarah blinked a bit then stretched out, immediately covering herself because her tank top was missing. “Yuta! What the heck is going on?” she shouted in shock.
Yuta smiled. “We’re playing a few games. Isn’t that obvious?”
“You did this? Why?” she demanded getting a little angry.
Yuta smiled happily. “Actually I didn’t start it. She did,” she eagerly responded, pointing to Nadia “I saved you all, but it would have been a waste of a perfectly good opportunity if I had just woke you all up,” she said matter of factly almost as if Sarah should have known all of this to begin with.
Sarah looked at Nadia and her eyes opened widely. “Hey, we have been looking for her! That’s the hypnotist from the Spirals club!”
“Yep and I caught her. She is pretty out of it, so you can take her away now while I play some more ok?” Yuta said with a smile.
Sarah, who had managed to find her tank top, stood up and started to redress. “No Yuta, I’ll take care of Nadia, but you will deprogram all of these people and send them home, ok?”
“Awww, do I have to?” Yuta whined.
“Yes!” demanded Sarah. Yuta’s heart sank as she nodded in agreement. Sarah walked over to Nadia and told two of the mostly dressed tranced men to help her carry her outside so she could call the police. “I‘ll send these two back in a moment. Remember, deprogram them and send them home!” she ordered Yuta as she walked out of the room with Nadia being carried out by the two hypnotized young men.
Yuta nodded and waited until Sarah left to give a sideways grin. “Deprogram them and send them home….eventually.”

The next morning, Yuta was the last to wake up and hobbled sleepily to the table in the hotel cafeteria that all the other girls, minus Dawn, were sitting at.
“Well good morning, Sleepy Head,” smiled Jessica happily. The other girls nodded a good morning. “Did our heroine sleep well last night?” she playfully teased.
Yuta nodded with a yawn. “Not as well as you guys did it would seem.”
Fawn gently chimed in after taking a drink of tea. “Hypnosis helps you sleep and clears your mind. That’s why all of my concert guests always seem to be more relaxed the next morning.”
“She’s right,” said Barbara with a smile. “That’s also how you can tell if Mato or Jake have been up to something. If you wake up unusually refreshed, hurt them,” she said matter of factly.
Several of the other girls laughed a bit and even Yuta managed a sleepy giggle. “Hey, where is Dawn this morning?” asked Yuta concerned for her friend.
“We got a text message from her this morning saying that she was heading to the beach early,” replied Sarah while eyeing her doughnut.
“And, this doesn’t concern you in the slightest?” asked Jen a bit confused at how lenient Sarah had been with Dawn.
“No of course not,” Sarah replied as her eyes took on a slightly glazed look.
“Dawn is just enjoying her vacation,” added Jessica with an equally glazed look.
“She’ll be fine. We don’t need to check up on her,” Sarah commented before both her’s and Jessica’s expressions returned to normal and they returned to their breakfasts. “So, what would you guys like to do today?” Sarah asked, not even noticing the expressions of shock on the other girls’ faces.
Jen was about to ask Sarah if she felt ok when Yuta sleepily replied, “Let’s play some games for bit.”
In unison the other nine girls all replied forcefully. “No!”
“Aww come on. I saved you all last night!” she pleaded.
Again in unison they answered, “No!”
Yuta folded her arms and sulked, then had an idea and lit up with a smile. “Why not? You have all ‘been under before’ and liked it, isn’t that right?”
Upon hearing Nadia’s trigger word, all the girls gasped and slumped in their chairs, replying very sleepily in unison. “Yes.”
Yuta smiled and picked up a doughnut, “Let’s go back to my room. I could use a massage,” she mentioned with a smile.

Celene fixed her hair and cleared her throat before knocking gently on the door to the main office. Jake looked up from the desk that was covered in papers, still in shock at who Mato had chosen to run the Spirals club. “Yes?” Jake asked.
Celene poked her head around the corner shyly. “Umm, you wanted to see me Sir?”
Jake smiled. “It’s Jake, not Sir. What is it with you people and calling me sir? In any case, yes, come in have a seat. Please,” Jake said, pointing to a chair across from the very messy desk. He looked down, shaking his head, and handed Celene a folder with two files in it. “Do you recognize either one of these people?” he asked.
Celene took the folders and examined the files. One was for an incubus named Xander, currently serving a ten year sentence at Yoto Maximum Security Prison for kidnapping and unlawful energy draining. The other was of Nadia, the former owner of the Spirals club, which the file said had been arrested yesterday for unlawful mental manipulation for monetary gain as well as breaking out of Yoto City jail. Celene’s jaw dropped when she noticed the file on Nadia. “So that’s what Nadia looks like. She honestly doesn’t look familiar at all, but according to this, that’s her!” she said in shock.
Jake nodded. “Yeah, you’re completely right, unfortunately, and this is solely the genius’s ideas,” Jake grumped with a frustrated sigh. “These two are now going to be the manager and assistant manager of the Spirals Night Club, if they agree anyways. They will get a work release through Mato.”
“What?” asked Celene, in shock. “Why?”
Jake threw his hands up in frustration. “’Cause the old man is insane is as far as I can figure it. I just though you should know, since you have dealt with Nadia before that she is going to be one of the managers reporting directly to Mato.”
“Oh this is great,” moaned Celene, putting her head on her hand and resting it along the chairs armrest. “So I am going to be reporting to two convicted felons? One of which has already played with my memory and who knows what else!”
“Well,” Jake said with a small smile, “not exactly. Your record is exemplary, your training is superb, and your qualifications speak for themselves.” Celene watched Jake a bit confused as to where he was going with this line of thought. Jake stood up and walked around the desk and sat on the edge of it before Celene. “How would you like a promotion to head of security, the only position that does not report to the managers?”
Celene’s jaw dropped as she just stared at Jake in shock. “M-me?”
“Yep, you. The promotion will come with a new uniform for you, a pay raise of course and some very nice…oaafff!” Jake was cut off as Celene slammed into him, hugging him forcefully.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I won’t let you down I promise!” she said so happy she was actually starting to tear up.
Jake giggled a bit and handed her a tissue to wipe her eyes. “I know you won’t. I have full confidence in you and so does Professor Mato,” Jake commented, smiling until an evil glint came into his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Celene and his hands started to glow. Celene gasped, broke the hug, and kissed Jake softly, her glowing eyes barely visible through her mostly closed eyes lids. Jake broke the kiss softly and looked at her with a grin “Let’s go check out your new office, shall we?”
Celene seemed loved struck and simply replied, “As you wish,” with a smile.

On the beach, the sun was high in the sky as Dawn sat on a large bumpy beach towel in her black leather bikini with dark red sunglasses soaking up the sun.
“Hey Dawn,” she heard Jessica say politely.
“Why are you here all alone?” Sarah asked as the two ladies walked up to Dawn.
Dawn opened her eyes and moved her sun glasses up to look at the two ladies. “Oh just relaxing. It’s so peaceful here, isn’t it.”
“Yeah it is. Hey the rest of us are going to play some volleyball. You are welcome to join if you want,” invited Sarah with an honest smile.
“But there are eleven of us, we won’t be able to have even teams?” asked Dawn feeling a little flattered.
“We’ll switch off, come on,” urged Jessica with an inviting smile.
Dawn was trying to not turn red, this was the first time anyone had ever thought to include her. She smiled softly and looked at both of them. “Give me a minute. I’ll be right there, ok?”
“We’ll look for you,” said Sarah with a smile as they started to walk towards the other girls about a quarter mile down the beach.
Dawn watched them go, then stood up, folding up her beach towel to reveal four strong men hypnotized under it all with their hands in a position to massage Dawn as she lay on the beach. “Go home, gentlemen. Awaken when you get there, remembering nothing.”
“Yes, Mistress,” the four men chimed in.
With that Dawn smiled and ran down the beach, catching up to Sarah and Jessica. The eleven girls spent the rest of the week together, relaxing and basking in the sun, the waves, the stores, and most importantly, the company of good friends.

The end.

By SleepyHypno

Jake, Mato, Dawn, Sarah, Yuta, Jen, Katia, Lucia, Jessica, Mina, Diana, as well as Yoto and the world in general are all copyrighted to Adv913. This is his world, I'm just playing in it.

Xander, Nadia, Tammy, Tucker and Celene are copyrighted to SleepyHypno

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