Saturday, September 16, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club visit pt 3 (Dream Reaction)

Key: Log, Hypno, Script, Freeze, MD, M/F, MC

So here's the other dream that I mentioned at the end of the last email. Not a continuation, like the last one was, though. I would say hopefully you'll enjoy hearing it, but I get the feeling that goes without saying? :oP Anyway here goes nothing, it's a long one, I think.

This one started in a type of night club (I wonder if my imagination took this from hearing you talk about spirals more lately...that was more just me thinking/typing out loud, but anyway), at least it looked similar to one so for the sake of sanity we're going to assume that's where it was. Pretty standard for a night club, too, it didn't really seem like anything out of the ordinary - then again nothing in my dreams as far as locations go ever seems like anything out of the ordinary. I looked around to take everything in for a moment, there were people in small groups dispersed throughout it, some were alone at the bar area, and some were in the space that had been cleared for dancing or - judging by some spare chairs that were laying nearby - for whatever shows they happened to have booked at the time. As I was walking around through the people, just observing things, I saw a

woman - not unusual for a club - but she was just standing there. Not moving, just staring off into space and occasionally blinking. There were a few people around her but no one seemed to really notice that she wasn't moving. I moved in a little closer to get a better look...she had a glazed look in her eyes and, like I said, was staring off into space, holding a glass with a pinkish red liquid in it. I didn't know her, surprisingly, but as I was observing all of this I saw a man moving towards her. I backed away a bit so I wouldn't be spotted and watched as he moved closer. Once he got in front of her he started undressing her until she was naked (he looked thoroughly nervous while doing this, for the record) and stepped back and pushed a button somewhere and a small light from the ceiling turned on and angled itself to shine above the girl he had just undressed. A few minutes after that happened an announcement came over the pa system to say that the evenings first mannequin had been found...although I think the stranger part was that a few people looked over and actually applauded while she just stood there, completely oblivious, naked, and on display.

As I looked through the rest of the crowd I saw a few other men at random locations, observing things - probably more accurate to say observing people, but still. One of them started moving around, toward another group of people, I tried to keep up with him as best as I could but I lost him at some point. Just as I lost him I saw another light come on out of the corner of my eye and another woman was frozen in trance, staring off into space, naked. When I finally found the guy again he was talking to a group of girls and seemed to have his sights set on Jesse in particular. It seemed innocent enough at first, he was just talking to her, but then I noticed he was moving his hand as he was talking to her, and doing it in a way that - from my vantage point - seemed like there was a rhythm to it (just as an aside: you know, if I'm remembering correctly I think this has been used in my dreams before and I still don't is waving your hand trance inducing?! I mean, I think I understand the logistics of it but at the same time I don't get it....demonstrate this next time I see you, please :oP you owe me a pendant induction anyway, but enough of my rambling). Anyway, I couldn't hear what was being said (though I saw his lips moving so clearly he was saying something), but he started moving closer to her, and when he got close enough he took her hand, and started stroking it while he was talking to her, and kept moving closer. That was about the time I noticed she had the same glazed look on her face as the other two women I'd seen, blank, slack, staring at him but not really *at* him - most like past him or through him - and not moving. He moved even closer to her and started whispering something in her ear, then moved his hand up into her shirt and started massaging under it. He started kissing along her neck, then the mouth, and then undressing her like the others. Once she was naked and her clothes were in a pile on the floor, I saw his hand on her crotch....and at that point the announcer came back on over the system to say that there were five mannequins for the show, now.

After I wandered away from Jesse, I saw Julie in the middle of another group of people - she saw me and waved me over. She was in a fairly small group that included Lissa and Krissy as well as a few others I didn't know. We started talking and Julie asked if I had seen Lorie or Jesse at any point during the night. I didn't tell them that I'd seen Jesse, deciding that I'd let them be oblivious to what was going on for the time being. We kept talking for a little while longer until, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the men that had been in the back 'observing' moving toward the group. As he got closer he looked like he was taking something from his pocket, and walked up to Julie with a smile on his face, knelt down, and held up a rose in front of her. What stuck out about the rose, though, was that it had the same pink glow to it as the drink that the woman I first saw at the beginning of the dream was holding. Julie seemed thoroughly surprised by it, and the others did too since they just stood off to the side a bit, watching what was happening. Eventually she took the rose from him, and as he got up off of his knee she brings it up to her nose to sniff it. Once she sniffs it the pink glow becomes more noticeable, and as she keeps sniffing it she just seems to slowly stop moving. The others looked pretty confused by this, but the man just smiled and took the rose from her frozen hands, then pointed the rose at the rest of us and asked if anyone would like to take a sniff. When no one answered he moved closer to Julie and kissed her and started to undress her like the others. He keeps undressing her, feeling her up and caressing her in between, when Lissa stepped in to try and intervene by moving between him and Julie to try and block him from taking off what little of her clothes were left. I don't think she quite understood completely what the rose did, because the guy kept moving the rose toward her - telling her to calm down and maybe she should just take a sniff, etc - and when she ignored that he just kept moving it closer. As she turned around to try and cover Julie up and turns back to face the man, she all but bumps into the rose, which is right beneath her nose at this point, and as a result ends up taking a sniff of it, and it starts to glow again, and she starts to freeze as a result.

Once Lissa and Julie were both frozen the guy turned to Krissy and I (who were apparently the only ones of the group we'd been in left) and asked if we had any issues with what he was about to do. We didn't really answer, since that seemed like the thing to do if one wants to avoid being frozen by a glowing rose. So he finishes undressing Julie and then starts on Lissa until they're both naked, massaging and caressing them in between, and then putting them in...well, it was a fairly sexual pose let's just leave it at that. Once he had posed the two of them he looked at Krissy and I with a smile, again, and moved toward us with the rose. But when he saw us take a few steps back he moved on in search of other targets (I'm assuming) and the lights above Julie and Lissa illuminate them like they had the others. The two of us walked back through the club a bit, and while we were trying to figure out what had just happened, I noticed one of the men sneaking up behind Krissy holding some kind of spray can in his hand. And since I seem to be inherently devious in my dreams, I didn't tell her about it. The guy keeps sneaking up closer behind her and, one he's close enough, quietly shakes it and then sprays it quickly two times next to her. She turns around upon hearing the sound of the spray and essentially walks face first into it, and as she does she blinks a few times before her eyes get the same glazed look on them as the others have. As she's started to be undressed, the guy holds up the spray can and looks at me with a grin and asks if I want to try some - needless to say I said no thanks - and he continues to strip her. I moved away from them at that point and as I was walking away, Lorie grabbed my arm out of nowhere and pulled me into a group that she was with. They were standing around and talking, and at that point as I was looking around I saw that at least half of the club was frozen and naked and illuminated by the spotlights in the ceiling. Lorie asked if I had seen any of the others at that point, I casually commented that I saw some of them and it looked like some of them were frozen now. She gave me a curious and confused look and so I took her to the general area where Jesse was, of course, still frozen. Once we find her she just sort of wanders around her a bit, examining and observing her - in the middle of doing that a waitress walked up to us with two of the pink drinks on a tray asking if we wanted to try one. Knowing what they did, I declined, but I told Lorie she should try one and that I already had and they were pretty good. So she took one, but didn't drink it right away and kept on observing Jesse instead. She made some kind of comment about not thinking that she would want to end up like that, and not long after she finally took a drink. It was kind of entertaining how quickly that worked actually because she was barely able to move the hand that was holding the drink down a few inches before it and the rest of her body froze in place. Her eyes took on the same glazed, unfocused look as the others as she stared off into space.

At this point, as I looked over everything, I saw that the club had gone from being half full of frozen women to almost almost everyone in it being frozen and stripped naked. As I was looking at everything, I felt a hand grab me from behind while another hand holding a glowing pink washcloth snuck up from the other side. The cloth wrapped over my mouth and nose, and the pink color started to become even brighter. As it glowed my body slowly started to slow down until it came to a stop (aside: part of me wanted to end that with 'hands and feet inside the vehicles at all times'...I'm tired). Everything went fuzzy and hazy, and I know I must have had the same blank look on my face as I stared off into space like the others, then everything went dark. Suddenly, or not so suddenly as I have no concept of time in these things, the haze started to fade and I noticed something....namely that I was being made love to by I'm assuming one of the men that froze me. I was slightly aware of what was going on, I felt him in me and massaging me, and I noticed that I could move my head. I tilted it to one side a very little bit and was able to see that all of my friends were in the same position. Frozen with a man inside of them, but they definitely weren't as aware as I was, they were so out of it they weren't even moving. Eventually after I started cumming the man noticed that I was more aware than I probably should have been, and he sprayed me with the same can that was used on Krissy earlier, except since he used it on me at that particular point I was frozen in mid orgasm.

And that's where the happy story ends, I'm afraid. Not that it wasn't long enough, I don't think I intended it to be quite this long, sorry about that. The weird thing was, when I woke up the next morning I felt like I was still frozen for a minute or two before I actually got out of bed. I don't think I've had a dream that strong before, but...yeah, damn. That was interesting, actually. I'd forgotten about that until I got to the end of this. And now that my filter is sufficiently gone for the night, I think I'll take my leave and get to bed. Hope you enjoyed this one, too :oP talk to you later!

(Written by SleepyGirl)

Julie, Lissa, Krissy, Jesse, and Lorie are all real life friends of ours, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
SleepyGirl and myself (SleepyHypno) are also real people... I think.

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