Thursday, September 7, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 6: The Shooting Range

Key: FD, Sleep
The afternoon was turning out to be a beautiful one, as Jessica leaned over onto a wooden fence plank. She took a moment to appreciate the situation, the warm summer air, The birds singing, The blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds. A perfect, beautiful day. She couldn't help but smile as she looked in front of her... and then raised what looked like a hybrid bazooka-phaser canon up onto her shoulder. She took a moment to adjust the sight then smiled as she pulled the trigger. A ball of blueish-white lighting flew out of the barrel and down the range to strike the ground near several dummy targets electrifying the ground. The ball disappeared into the dirt but the electricity trickled out in a circle around the impact area and over several dummies that were set up for target practice. Had they been people, all of them would be stunned by now.

Jessica smiled as she put down the Bazooka, then brushed her red hair out of her eyes. She picked up a rifle of sorts but it looked more like something you would see out of an old 1940's sci-fi comic then something that would really exist. She took a stance where she could brace herself against the fence post. Her black boots digging into the ground as her legs stretched her Green camo fatigue pants. She raised the rifle up to her shoulder, adjusted the sight and aimed the satellite-dish like barrel down range. Her chest was rising and falling gently under her tan, super skin tight tank top as she steadied her heart rate, and took a deep breathe. Then pulled the trigger several times rapidly.

Several blue rings of energy flew down range and struck the targets that were set up. Each one flashed blue for a moment before fading back to their natural color. She was about to take some pride in her accomplishment when she heard a familiar voice behind her interrupt her concentration. “Those dummies will never mess with you again, space cadet Jessica!” Dawn said trying to sound both sarcastic and like she was mimicking an old radio drama announcer.

Jessica held back an annoyed sigh and kept her composure perfectly. Lowering the rifle and setting it next to her against the fence. “Shouldn't you be out knocking over an army base, or seducing a bank... or both” She said not realizing her mix up. (Did you?)

“I already drained the bank of it's funds... and the tellers of their energy... including one really hot customer, he must have really worked out a lot wow!” Dawn teased while Jessica picked up a pair of grenades and pulled the pins of both with her teeth.

“Confessing so soon...” Jessica commented without looking at Dawn but releasing the clip from the first grenade and sending the clip directly in Dawns direction before throwing the grenade with a grunt. “Usually you only gloat for the first few days, and confess later, under extreme duress... and trance.”

Dawn casually tilted her head out of the way of the grenade clip without even really thinking about it. “Who says I did all of this today... after all it's pretty early to knock over an entire bank... although they were so delicious.” She smiled knowing she was getting on Jessica's nerves. The clip from the second grenade flying past her face just barely missing her, proved that perfectly.

With the grace of an Olympian Jessica lobbed the grenade down range with a soft grunt of exertion. The moment it hit the ground a red bubble of energy extended from the grenade about 8 feet and trickled energy over the dummies that were close enough to be touched by it. Jessica of course never took her eyes off of the range, but was none the less getting frustrated with Dawn and her interruptions. “I'll be sure to check the news reports later, I would turn you in but lets face it, knowing you, you probably posed for the security camera.”

Dawn couldn't help but laugh and then slide her hands down her body slowly wiggling as she did, showing off her skin tight leather corset-pants combo, the black leather shining in the sun light. “When you look this good... you can't help but show it off.”

For the first time in the entire exchange Jessica finally shot dawn a sideways look and rolled her eyes. Reaching to her hip and pulling out her sidearm and raising it up next to her head in a safe but ready position. “You do look good in that... I will give you that one... and nothing else.”

Dawn blushed a bit as Jessica turned and aimed her side arm down range. A few quick trigger pulls was all it took to hit each of the target dummies with a solid green laser. As each was hit a wave of energy washed over them slowly radiating out from the point of impact and taking about 4 seconds to completely move around the entire dummy. Dawn smiled a bit, thinking that she might have just found her opening. “Your pretty good with that too... But in a... real... gun fight, you would have to be able to outdraw your opponent.” Dawn said with a smile and a raised eye brow.

Jessica pulled her gun back and looked at Dawn, then in one smooth motion twirled her pistol around her finger and then slid it into it's holster. She then winked at Dawn and quickly pulled the weapon out gunslinger style and fired hitting all five targets in under 2 seconds.

Dawn was genuinely impressed, although the look on her face hid that fact perfectly. Instead she shook her head at Jessica and put her hand on her shoulder. “Sorry Hun, that's good, but it's not good enough.”

Jessica raised an eyebrow and moved her shoulder to remove Dawns hand from her. “And you think you can do better?”

Dawn smiled “Give me a gun... I'll show you.” she said with a confident tone.

Jessica bust out laughing “do I look insane to you?” she asked moving her hand to her side arm “I wouldn't give you a gun if it was World War III.”

Dawn smirked “I think your just afraid that I would beat you, that I would end up being the quicker drawer... just like I am better at everything else...”

Jessica seethed with frustration “there is no way... In Hell... that you are a better or quicker shot then I am... I am a career soldier and I practice for 2 hours a day. There is just no way!”

Dawn smiled and leaned in to Jessica “A duel then.... if you're so fast you should have no problem out shooting me... and once I'm stunned you can find out if that bank robbery I mentioned was real or not.” She said the whole sentence with one long smirk, and a wink at the end. She knew she had Jessica right where she wanted her.

“Oh your on!” Jessica shouted as she turned to her bag and pulled out a second Stunner pistol. She played with the controls on the side of the gun before giving it to Dawn. “It's set to fire one round and one round only after that it will disable itself. Not giving you the chance to use this on anyone else... ever.”

Dawn smiled and grabbed the gun and a holster wrapping it around her curvy hips. “how prudent of you” she said with a grin as her and Jessica moved about 10 feet apart. Once there Dawn feigned confusion. “How do we start this? We don't have anyone to say draw... or a clock to watch for... Oh I know!” She said walking a few feet up and grabbing a decent sized rock from the ground. “I'll throw this up into the air... when it hits the ground... draw! Got it?”

Jessica for her part was in the perfect ready stance, feet spread shoulder width apart hand near her gun but otherwise completely relaxed staring at Dawn. “Got it.” She said confidently.

For just a moment Dawn wondered if this would be her fatal mistake, she looked at Jessica and added “Alright keep your eye on the rock... ready... 1... 2... 3... “ and with that she threw the rock way up into air. Her heart skipped a beat until she saw Jessica's eyes glance up as the rock left her hand, the subtle suggestion to keep her eye on the rock worked perfectly. The look would be only a brief glance, but by the time Jessica looked back at Dawn, the sexy succubus had her weapon drawn and firing.

A solid green laser flew from the barrel of the otherwise normal looking gun and struck Jessica square in the chest, directly between her breasts. As soon as it hit her body jerked back a bit and she let out a soft sigh. The green energy from the blast slowly moving out from the impact point and enveloping her body. Her arms went limp and hung at her sides as her knees weakened and loosened. She hit the ground knees first then gently slumped forward and to the left, landing on her left side, her Stunner pistol falling out of her now completely loose right hand.

A second later the rock hit the ground, Dawn couldn't help but grin as she said “Draw!”

Jessica and Dawn belong to Adv913, as does the world in general. It's all his I am just playing in it!

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