Thursday, September 21, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 8: The Recording Studio

Key: FD, MC, F/F
Fawn walked through the door and instantly felt like she was at home. The sound booth was lined with egg shell foam to absorb all ambient noise, the single light from above cast shadows all around, and in the center was a single microphone. Stepping inside was always a weird feeling. The sound booth literally absorbed the sound around you so you stepped into a silent room. All that could be heard was the sounds that you brought with you, and the sounds that you would make yourself. It was home to the young starlet.
As she moved up to the microphone and started to run through her voice warm ups the light in the control booth in front of her turned on. Tammy, the young DJ from the Spirals Night Club, walked into the booth and began adjusting the knobs on the control panels. “Alright give me a short little sample please.”
Fawn took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She always liked to record with her eyes closed as it just helped her connect to the music, connect to her voice. She stood with her eyes closed, almost looking like she was asleep on her feet, then raised her headphones and put them over her ears.. and then started to sing a gentle little lullaby into the microphone.

Tammy giggled at hearing the starlet sing out 'Rock a bye baby' but was quick to adjust the mixer controls on the sound board in front of her. She had to be careful, Fawn was a wonderful young woman, but her stage name wasn't Siren for nothing. The computer in front of her registered the hypnotic vibrations coming from her vocal cords, an autonomic reaction that happened whenever Fawn would sing. The starlet couldn't control it, it just happened. But, despite not being able to control it, she was able to use it. Her songs were the number 1 most downloaded in the world. And even the critics had to comment that, although her fans appear to be 'entranced' at her shows, the music is very easy to just... as one reporter put it... lose yourself in the melody.
Fawn shifted from a lullaby to one of her hit singles and started to get more and more into the right tone of voice and mind set. Tammy was just about ready at this point “Alright,” she said into the intercom that went into Fawns headset “Let’s start up the background track and we can begin recording. You all ready?” she asked.
Fawn didn't even bother to open her eyes, she simply gave the thumbs up and started to sway a bit, getting ready for the music. As Tammy pushed a button on the mixer the background theme started to play into the headphones. Fawn instantly fell into the beat and started to sway and dance in the sound booth, and exactly on cue sang with all her might into the microphone.
Tammy sat back and just watched the Mixer record the vocals, it would be mixed together with the background singers and the sound track later. To help Fawn keep her own beat her voice was being pumped back into her headphones, minus the filtered out hypnotic vibrations of the vocal cords. Tammy watched as Fawn danced around inside the sound booth and couldn't help but giggle a bit. She looked a bit ridiculous, but none the less how many other people could say they watched a starlet dance in a private show?
Tammy was so engrossed in watching the young starlet dance that she failed to notice a person walking up behind her. The shadow was obviously female but hidden in the darkness as it moved closer and closer behind Tammy. A single finger reached out and gently stroked down Tammy's cheek. As it slide down along her skin trickles of electricity could be seen sparking into her skin. Tammy's eyes widened a bit but other than that she didn't seem to react. The hand moved again and started to rub down her shoulder, deeply massaging into her muscles. Tammy visibly started to relax, all the while just staring ahead at the Starlet lost in her own voice.
A second hand appeared from the shadows and started to massage Tammy's neck, again trickles of electrical sparks running up and down her neck while Tammy remained focused on Fawn singing in the booth. Her mouth starting to fall open a bit as her face started to become more and more relaxed. Her arms slid down her legs as gravity started to pull them down, then one after the other they fell to hang limp and loose at her sides.
Finally the figure in the shadows took a step forward, revealing a rather pleased Dawn. She leaned in and whispered slowly into Tammy's ear. “That's a girl, it's nice to watch a beautiful woman, swaying to the music. Just loosing herself in the beat, in the rhythm of the song that she herself wrote. There is just something so... exciting about it.. isn't there my dear little DJ?”
Tammy swallowed a bit as Dawns words moved through her mind, and after a long pause nodded, moaning softly as she watched the starlet in front of her sway to the music.
Dawn kissed the entranced DJ's ear and whispered even more deeply into her mind. “It's a shame...” the succubus began “that she doesn't know the effect that she has on the people around her. That she has never felt the power of her own songs... of her very own voice. The energy that she gives off is a gift to her fans, but it's a shame she has never felt that gift for herself... isn't it a shame Tammy?”
The succubus' hands were gliding along Tammy's back as she seductively whispered her little plot into her ear. Tammy could barely get her reply out... a soft nervous “Yes.... a shame....” Dawn gave a devious grin as she sucked gently on the helpless girls ear lobe.
“You know....” she said sliding her hand down the front of Tammy's shirt “You could help her Tammy. You could help her know the joy that she gives to her fans. You could give her that gift Tammy, the gift that she would never ask for.... but longs so deeply to experience, deep in her heart...” the succubus' tail had started to slide along Tammy's jeans slowly wrapping along her leg as she continued to wiggle into the helpless DJ's mind. “Just look at her Tammy. Look at her face. Look at her emotions on display, the pain, the pleasure, all of the emotions that she just pours out... You can see it can't you Tammy?”
Behind the glass of the sound booth Fawn was deep in the lyrics of her song. Her body swaying to the beat with her eyes closed tight as she sang with all of her heart into the microphone. Her throat trembling from the power of her own voice. All the while Tammy watched, shivering with pleasure that she never realized was coming from the visitor she didn't know was there. And through it all she simply nodded and said “Yes... I can see it.”
Dawn leaned down a bit and kissed Tammy's neck before raising her head up a bit more and continuing her own Siren's Song into her victims mind. “Then why don't we help her now Tammy... all you have to do is push that button... the little... innocent... red button. And simply turn off the filter. Allow the power of her own voice to flood into her mind and give her the gift she would never ask for... but always... truly... desired.... “
Dawn was prepared to coax a little bit more, but her delight she didn't have too. Without prompting Tammy leaned forward, a look of relaxed bliss on her face as her lips curled into a lazy smile. “a gift.... a gift for Fawn....” she said in a blank monotone voice. And with that she flipped the little red button. And shut down the filter that was protecting Fawn from the power of her own voice.
As the starlet sang her heart out into the microphone, she didn't even notice the change in the feedback into the headphones. She kept singing and singing... all the while a fuzzy, foggy feeling started to creep up into her mind. The words of the song were her own, so they came out without thought, as she usually just let go and enjoyed the song. Now she was feeling a different feeling as she started to let go in a way she had never done before. She could feel herself being freed by the music. As if the song was simply taking away any and all stress from her mind. Any and all tension... any... and all... thoughts. The young starlet's dancing continued as if on autopilot, as did her lovely singing. But Dawn could tell, even through the glass, the exact moment that the lovely young starlet's mind simply clicked off.
As the song ended she leaned down to the microphone and said in her usual seductive tone “why don't you join us in the control booth Fawn.” The young starlet, whose eyes were now glassy and far away, took off her headphones and turned to exit the booth. As Dawn's hands roamed over Tammy's chest she turned Tammy towards the door to see the entranced starlet enter. And with a smile looked at the clock and said. “I think we can take five for a bit... don't you ladies agree?”

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