Sunday, September 3, 2017

SleepyGirl's Dance Club Visit (Hypnosis Reaction)

Key: Log, MC, MD, M/F, freeze, Sleep

And without further you go

It started in a dance club ('it was a dark and storm night' seemed so overdone...), pretty typical there...lots of people, loud music (loud as in you could feel it in your chest, but I guess that's normal for clubs) and I was with a group of friends - Julie, Nicole, Lissa, Jesse, Lorie, and Krissy. We walked into the club and immediately split up, three of us went to grab a booth against the back wall where it was a little quieter while the others headed straight for the dance floor. I sat in the booth with Lissa and Nicole and Jesse, we ordered drinks (well, they ordered drinks, apparently I don't drink even in my dreams....i find this really amusing, actually) and sat there know, gossip, guys, pointing out attractive guys in the area, nothing out of the ordinary really. While we were talking I noticed Krissy out on the dance floor, except she wasn't really dancing, well not like everyone else actually. She was dancing really slowly and just kind of staring off into space...well I thought she was

staring off into space at first but once I followed her line of vision I saw that she was staring at a guy in the crowd, who was looking right at her. Eventually he moved out onto the floor with her and I noticed his eyes were glowing, he was moving just as slowly as she was. Note that at this point I was pretty sure he was hypnotizing her. Then he leaned over and started stroking her cheek, and I don't know if that snapped her out of it or what but I saw some life come back into her and she pretty much started grinding against this guy, caressing his body, etc. He led her off of the dance floor and they went back to a booth, too, where he kissed her - and I'm assuming that blanked her because she just sat there staring like she was waiting for something. He slid her back into the booth and was kissing her more, and based on the rest of the movement that I saw he started having sex with her. Once they had finished he picked her up and and carried her, over his shoulder and clearly unconscious, off to a room in the back. That was only the beginning of the night.

Not long after that another man came up the booth I was sitting in with Jesse, Nicole and Lissa, and started talking to Jesse. When he sat down next to her I noticed a tail coming out of jeans, so we can all infer from this that he was clearly and incubus. I tried to warn the others but, as is usually the case in these dreams, it didn't work. So he offered his hand to Jesse and she shook it, while she was shaking it he kissed the back of her hand and, from what I could see, when he did that both of their eyes flashed blue for a split second and then faded. It seemed like as soon as that happened she fell head over heels for him, started talking more and flirting with him, etc. I pointed it out to Nicole and Lissa again, about the kiss and the way she was acting, and this time they actually noticed - as did the incubus. The two of them tried to divert her attention by getting up and asking her to come dance with them, but before they could do anything else the incubus stood up and looked at Nicole first, with a smile, and told her to just relax, that everything was fine, etc. Her face got this calm and slightly blanked look on it but she sat back down, then he looked at Lissa and his eyes flashed again for a split second. When they happened her face just went blank and slack, and he told her to sit down. After that he turned his attention back to Jesse and she started giving him a lap dance. While she was kissing him and rubbing herself up against him, his tail came out of his jeans and I heard the vague, soft sound of a zipper being opened. Lissa and Nicole were still oblivious to what was going on, but I noticed his tail slide out of view and then Jesse started bouncing up and down slightly with her eyes closed so I could only assume he was having sex with her with his tail. She was, obviously, very into it, and enjoying herself, and I noticed both of their eyes were glowing again. When she was about to orgasm he kissed her and this time all of her skin started glowing. It didn't last long but as soon as hers stopped his started glowing, and she slumped over onto him, completely unconscious. After he laid her back he leaned over to Nicole and I heard him barely whisper the word "forget" and then he kissed her. When he did that her eyes closed and her head slumped forward against her chest, then he did the same thing to Lissa, and turned toward me. Before I could do anything I was trapped in his gaze and he was telling me to relax. Once I was dazed he leaned in closer to me to, close enough so that I could feel his breath against my ear actually, and whispered the same thing. Before I could do anything else I was slumping over in my seat, too.

I'm not sure how long I was out for but a little while later I noticed someone shaking me. I looked up to see Julie standing over me asking what happened to the three of us. I, obviously, had no idea so I told her we must have dozed off (sure, because that's a plausible explanation for something that could happen in a loud dance club...ah dreams are fun that way). At that point she started looking around and asking where Jesse and Krissy disappeared to, and at the exact same minute noticed Jesse being carried off (also unconscious and over the shoulder) to the back as well. I calmed Julie down a bit first but then we both started following him, Julie went straight in after him and at that moment I noticed that someone had seen her go in, so I stayed back for a moment to see what would happen. The man that noticed her followed her so fast he looked like just a blur. After he followed her in I waited  another few minutes and then followed them, myself. Once I got inside I saw that she was standing, not far from the door, and was frozen in place - the guy that had followed her was talking with the one who had carried Jesse in. I saw two hallways off to each side and snuck into the room that was off to the right side first, out of curiosity and because I didn't want to get caught. When I got inside I saw that it was the room Jesse had been taken to, and there were several other girls in it as well. All of them looked like they were pretty sound asleep and looked like they were drained in the same way that she was (aka they all look like they'd had sex before coming here). After that I slipped back out into the hallway and heard the two men talking. I listened for a minute and basically out of their conversation I was able to tell that they were having a competition to see who could snag the most 'victims' and were tied at ten each. Actually in hindsight I think that was really entertaining and it kinda made me giggle. :oP After I heard that I went down to the other room on the other side of the hall and found more girls, all who looked like they were mostly hypnotized and had two small puncture marks in their neck. I heard the incubus leave and when I walked out of the room and around the corner I saw Julie with her dress up around her waist and the vampire very clearly pumping in and out of her. She had the same vacant stare on her face as the women in the other room. I managed to sneak out and back onto the dance floor where Lorie was still dancing, but then I noticed the incubus moving toward Nicole and Lissa so I followed him. At that point I noticed the other man moving toward them too and that they were starting to wake up, I tried to grab their attention while I still could but they were both too confused to really understand what was going on, and by the time I was able to get closer to them the vampire had moved over to Nicole and put his hand on her shoulder. When he did that she just sort of stopped in place, like she couldn't move or think or do anything really. Lissa was about to ask what happened but before she could the incubus spun her around and had a glowing orb floating right in front of her eyes. She was already half dazed and confused at that point, so when she saw the orb all she did was stop and stare at it. Both of the men looked at each other with smirks on their faces and started whispering to both of the girls. Then both of them, even though they still had the blank looks in their eyes, started moving and dancing in front of the men. The two of them sat down to watch the show  while the girls kept dancing for them. Lissa was practically grinding onto the incubus and in the next moment both of them were opening their pants. In the next moment both of the girls had slid down onto their laps and it was obvious at that point that they were both inside of the men. Not long after, both of them were orgasming and as they did, the incubus kissed Lissa while the vampire sunk his teeth into Nicole's neck. Lissa's skin glowed just like Jesse's had earlier and she was slumped over in moments, while Nicole eventually just stopped in place with the same vacant, hypnotized look as the other women in the room had. Once they were both sufficiently...incapacitated, they were carried off to I'm assuming those same rooms.

And that's where my dream ended. I feel like there should have been a big 'to be continued' sign hanging at the end of it, because obviously there's still Lorie left on the dance floor...well, and me, because I'm just assuming at this point that something would have happened to me.

But that was my dream in...well not a nutshell but still, I hope you enjoyed hearing about it :oP These things seem to be getting more and more vivid's interesting, but I guess I won't question it. They make for good stories at the very least :oP

(Written by SleepyGirl)

Julie, Lissa, Krissy, Jesse, Lorie and Nicole are all real life friends of ours, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
SleepyGirl and myself (SleepyHypno) are also real people... I think.

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