Thursday, September 14, 2017

Xander vs Dawn, Part 7: The Book Store

Key: MD, MC,
Xander couldn't help but smile as he walked into the book store, there was just something about it. The atmosphere, the energy, the smell. Now, granted he wasn't referring to the things that most people would think of when they go into a book store. The atmosphere that he liked was the fact that they were usually quiet, with many tiny little 'hallways' that provided easy access to privacy in a crowded room. They were full of highly intellectual people, especially young woman, who were each focused on their own individual genre and their own book. And there was just something about the smell of so many young focused minds that got to him.

Not only was the place full of beautiful women, but like the books that they were reading, the women usually were grouped into categories, which made it easy for him to figure out exactly who he wanted and how to approach them. Think about it, Science fiction... Geeky Girls! Fantasy... Nerdy Girls! Non-fiction.... Brainy girls! But today it was less about a certain type of girl, and more about the most bang for his buck.

As he walked through the store he was looking for the right kind of girl, the kind that he could easily entrance. The kind that he could quickly go up to and in a matter moments ensnare her mind and gently pull her down into a nice deep trance. So he could walk her out unnoticed. Sure he could easily have gone through and hypnotized the entire place but that would take time. And he was on a clock. No, today he needed the exact right girl... “And there they are!” He said to himself with a devious grin.

Standing in the romance novel section were two lovely young women, one a curly haired blonde, and the other a straight haired brunette. Both were looking at the same book so he was easily able to determine that they were friends. This would be even easier then he thought. He gently made his way to the isle that they were in, sure to approach them from behind so as not to be noticed. He made his 
way right up behind the two young ladies and cleared his throat.

Both of the girls turned to see him as he put on his most charming smile and said “Oh I am terribly sorry my dear ladies, I hope I didn't startle you... You see I saw you both here and I realized that if I didn't come over and say something that I would regret it later... and I do so hate regrets.. don't you ladies agree?”

The girls giggled as they looked at each other, the Blonde was the first to speak “I suppose it is best to act on something you want, when you have the chance.” She said with a nice flirty smile, which was exactly what Xander was hoping for...

He took a step closer looking towards the blonde. “I was so hoping you...” turning to the brunette “both, might feel that way... do you find that you feel the same as your friend now miss?” He asked the brunette off to his right.

The brunette gave a surprisingly energetic smile as she laughed and leaned in a bit “Oh absolutely!” Her voice was a bit louder then Xander had expected, more energetic. Perfect.

He gave a polite nod to the brunette and then looking from one to the other said “and how fortunate it is for me too meet you to lovely ladies here, in the isle of romance. Where love blossoms and hearts dream. Do you ladies ever find...” his voice started to shift into a slower, lower tone as he continued “that some times, just being in this place, surrounded by all of these stories of romance, and passion, that your mind just starts to drift... drift to thoughts, of being swept off your feet... of meeting a dashing stranger...” his hand casually pointed to himself as he said that “and finding that... you just can't seem to look away... finding that the more he talks...” another gesture to himself “the more you start to listen.. and focus on his words... and that every word... starts to paint a picture in your mind... A picture of what it might be like to be swept off your feet... To find that world just spinning away as you loose yourself in this individual before you. Do you ladies ever find that you can... feel that way now?”

His words were expertly crafted, loaded with suggestions and almost whispered into their minds. As he spoke he could feel his heart beat increasing just a bit as he watch the two young ladies start to lose themselves in his words. Both of them had nodded a bit when he asked if they 'felt that way now' and the muscles in their faces had visibly started to relax. He reached out his hand, one to each of them as he said in a soft soothing voice “The moment that seems to be the one, the one that starts it all.. when you simply take the hand of the man in front of you... and introduce yourself... the moment that happens you can just feel how this connection you have growing with them, will strengthen and solidify now...”

The Blonde was the first to react, he crystal blue eyes seemed glazed and vacant as her hand seemed to rise all on it's own. Taking his as her lips parted and she barely whispered out. “Laura....” the moment she did Xander could see her pupils dilated just a bit more and her mouth gently fall open. Her shoulders were starting to slump gently.

By the time Xander turned to the Brunette her hand was already raised her mouth was already open, as she stared at him already in a relaxed state. Already slipping down. With a gentle smile she whispered “Janet...” and then her face went slack.

With a smile he kept a hold of Janet's right hand with his, while his left hand reached down and gently took Laura's left hand. He looked from girl to girl as he said with a smile. “you could feel just how that connection formed, how you were able to feel yourself becoming more and more... enthralled by the conversation now. Hanging in the moment... what will the man do, what will he say. As only your romance novels can predict.... he does the obvious...” With a playful smile Xander leaned down and kissed the back of Laura's hand gently. The Action caused a gasp to escape her lips, as her mouth hung even more widely open. Then he moved to Janet's hand and kissed the back of her's, this caused not a gasp, but a deep red blush to form on her face.

He stood up but kept a hold of their hands and gently started to swirl his thumb along the back of their hand's. “That's it girls just falling into this wonderful fantasy, this romance novel that your life has suddenly become, all at once without realizing it. You can even feel how your perception shifts, and changes. How the world that you knew just seems to fade away... like it does when you read. Carefully paying attention to every detail, your heart beat, your breathing, the touch of my hand along the back of yours. The slow gentle rhythm of my pulse through my hand. The world around you just fades away, as this moment. This... scene starts to fill your mind, fill your thoughts. It's like a dream come true... isn't it ladies?”

Janet whispered a simple “yes” while all Laura could do was nod. Xander moved a little closer to the young women and started to gently squeeze their hands as he continued. “Just like a dream, all around you everything has simply faded away, just like a dream, your free to experience and let go, just like a dream everything around you is no longer real... all a dream. But if this is a dream... then you must be dreaming... and if you are dreaming... then you must be in a nice.... deep... relaxing.... Sleep!” and with that he tugged the hands of both girls.

Laura jerked forward with her chest while her head whipped back a bit, and then slowly fell forward. Her eyes closed gently as her head moved further and further down. She came to a stop. limp and relaxed, on Xander's left shoulder. Janet on the other hand when he tugged seemed to simply fall almost straight down. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her eyelids fluttered. Xander was able to catch her before she hit the ground and whispered “Nice and sturdy able to stand nice and strong.” 
The young woman complied.

He stood there for a moment and just enjoyed the feeling of two relaxed and deeply hypnotized young women. Both slumped against this chest as he looked around quickly to make sure no one noticed.... No one did. He whispered to the girls for a few moments and then both of them stood up, their eyes opening, but not really seeing much of anything. He turned and motioned for the girls to follow him.

The best part about a book store was the everyone was in their own little world, their own little fantasy. Absorbed in their reading... too much so to notice an incubus walk two young woman out of the book store, both in a fantasy world all their own.

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