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Thief In The Mind - Part 3

Thief In The Mind - Part 1
Thief In The Mind - Part 2

Key: MD, MC, M/F, Hypno,

To: Lindsey
From: Jen
Subject: We got him!
Sent: March 19th 20XX 6:17PM

    Who's the greatest crime solver in the city? This girl! That’s who!
    Hey Sis! Remember that case I told you about a few days ago involving some robberies where diamonds were stolen, and in both cases there was a young woman involved whom appeared to have no memory at all of what had happened?  Well, we had another case pop up today like that and I now have a suspect!

    See it all started last night when a rather distraught man came into the precinct to report a lost ring that he had given to his girlfriend. It was a pretty spectacular band with several small diamonds arranged in a star pattern. Pretty nice for a non-wedding ring. Guy must be loaded.  Must be nice to have a guy fawn all over you like that… anyway back to the case. When he came in his girlfriend was with him, really angry and annoyed to be there. She apologized for her boyfriend several times saying that he must be off his meds or something.

    See, she didn't’ have any memory of ever owning, or even seeing the ring! Sound familiar? I think the guy thought the girl was playing with him just so he’d buy her another one, and he was starting to think that she was a gold digger. Although I can’t prove she is not I did inform them that we have had a few cases lately along very similar lines and asked if she would be willing to talk to our resident head shrinker (I used the official title of ‘psychologist’. He gets angry when I call him a head shrinker.) The girl agreed as long as once she was proven right and that her boyfriend was just nuts, that we’d make him get hypnotized to get his head out of his ass. Their relationship seems like it will definitely go the distance.

    Well the head shri…. Psychologist, hypnotized the girl. Which was an odd thing to watch while standing next to her boyfriend, who simultaneously seemed to be getting aroused and concerned at the same time. Men are weird. Well once she was ‘under’ the psychologist was able to determine that, just like before, there was a mental block in her mind. She remembered going to the zoo and walking around, alone, and just having a relaxing day.  But she couldn’t give any details about anything. Just like the previous girls.
    So this morning I showed up at the zoo bright and early. You know the really big one just outside the city. I looked for security footage, of course, and unlike the other locations there was plenty of security camera footage. I even found our girl, whose name was Karen, on several camera angles. I didn’t notice her talking to anyone during her entire trip, but there was a clear shot of her wearing the ring. And then another of her about an hour later without it. I knew something had to have happened in that hour.

    I scanned every single second of the tape and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. At this point I was getting desperate so I decided to think outside the box. I started to scan social media for any pictures or posts that were tagged at the zoo. I talked to every employee that I could find and showed them the picture of our female victim. Several had seen her the day before but no one had any helpful information on what happened.

    Then I hit on an idea that, at the time, I thought was pretty stupid. You know those photo booths that are scattered all over the place at the zoo? You know the one that Mom made us get in that one summer, where you sit down and it takes your picture four times and spits out the strip for you?  Well today they are all digital and connected to a central computer, via the internet, so that you can download your photos from home later. Which means…there is a record of every picture that was taken. 

    I had a window of an hour to browse through, you’d be surprised how many people use those stupid things. But about 20 minutes into my search I got a set of four pictures, and clear as day here is Karen, sitting on a guys lap.. And from the look of ecstasy on her face she was doing more than just sitting.  The guys face was mostly obscured, he was purposely hiding from the camera. But what he didn’t realize was that there was a reflection in the glass behind him that gave me a perfectly clear shot of his face!

    I cropped the picture and showed it to Karen; she had no recollection of who he was or of ever having seen the man at all. Our head shrinker… sorry, psychologist… confirmed that the memory was hypnotically blocked! 

    Karen and her boyfriend left, arguing about it as much as they were when they had come in. Only this time her boyfriend was calling her weak minded for getting hypnotized to have her ring stolen. Hehehe poor girl, not only did she get her memory wiped, her ring stolen, and I suspect taken advantage of, but now she has evidence that she is so weak minded that she got hypnotized at the zoo.  Poor girl.

    I did a quick facial recognition search on my computer and found a suspect that matches the description. I can’t give you his name because… well he’s still just a suspect. But I have an address, Sis! And I am heading over there now to have a little chat with our suspect. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I am almost 100% sure that I got him Sis!

Love you!



To: Thief’s Apprentice
From: Thief In The Mind
Subject: They have a remarkable zoo here.
Sent: March 19th 20XX 6:54 PM

    Greetings, Pupil.

    An important part of our line of work is to make sure that we are always well rested and refreshed. One of the ways that I like to relax is to spend time in nature, and I have found that the local city zoos are a great way to do that. You get to walk around in the fresh air, you get your exercise, and you get to view all of the lovely animals. My personal favorites are the foxes and minx, although occasionally a cougar or two will catch my eye.  But these are usually strictly for relaxation and not profit. Today is the exception.

    New Chicago has a rather wonderful zoo out in the suburbs of the city, it’s very large and the staff is friendly, as well as lovely. I did not intend to do anything more today than look I will admit, but while I was walking around the bear exhibit I happened to notice a stunning young woman, with a stunning ring.

    I’ll admit the ring caught my eye before the woman did, it’s important to have focus in this job. It was a gold setting that had been weaved in such a way that it had several small diamonds all secured in a star pattern. It must have been priceless, definitely a custom build but not an engagement ring! That was evident from that fact that she was wearing it on the wrong finger, on the wrong hand.  A gold digger, I suspect.

    The woman, Karen I think her name was, I didn’t pay much attention, was quite fit. I assume she is probably some kind of fitness instructor as she had a very toned body with strong muscles from head to toe. This was evident from the skin tight clothes she was wearing and the sports bra that she was wearing out in public. I didn’t mind the view.  Her hair was dark and cut short just above the ears. It was a lovely, albeit stereotypical, look for the young lady.

    I made the usual small talk with the young woman, flashed my Rolex a few times and saw her eyes light up. It’s amazing how much more flirty some of these young women get after they see a diamond or two. For a women like this I decided to try a different approach. I began by talking about how strong she was, how she seemed to me to be the human equivalent of a lioness. Strong, capable, cunning, powerful. She ate it up.

    While having this conversation I carefully maneuvered us both over towards the lion enclosure. This particular zoo has a very nice viewing area where you can get right up close to see the lions, which was exactly what I was looking for.  Inside of course was a male and female lion. I drew her attention to how the female lion was the queen of the pride, how all respected her, and how all of the lions feared her. But then I pointed out how the male lion had an ability, he could simply look into her eyes and she would be frozen, helpless in his gaze.

    As luck would have it the male lion had decided he wanted a little, time, with his queen and was in the middle of stalking her as we arrived. I showed how the queen was helpless to look away. How even a lioness who is so strong and powerful still has needs and desires. And that her DNA was programmed to have her find the strongest mate possible. She never noticed that I switched from talking about the lioness to talking about ‘her’ in general, and then her specifically. I continued to describe how if she were to look into the male lion’s eyes she could feel his strength. Feel the pull he was exerting on the lioness. How only the strongest of lions could even hope to capture such a prize. But that ‘this lioness’ (said while stroking her shoulder with my hand) had found such a mate. A lion capable of taking her, deeply and completely in ways she never imagined. 

    The whole time I watched as my cute little lioness’s eyes slowly glazed over and her mouth started to hang a little bit more limply. The male lion did everything I wanted him to do, and in front of my already enthralled future mate, he mounted his own mate and got to work. Roaring loud and proud as he did.  The roar was perfect, we were so close that it shook the glass which caused my young companion to jump a bit in a startle. Then she giggled and looked up at me, right into my eyes.  I held her gaze intently and she gasped as soon as she made eye contact. I had her.

    I moved closer to her and took her in my arms and told her she was my lioness…and she was as helplessly under the control of my gaze as the lioness on the other side of the glass was to her mate.  She only managed a bit of a struggling nod.

    Fortunately for me they had one of those ridiculously stupid photo booths not far away. I have to tell you I am almost embarrassed to say just how fun it was to take her in that booth.  Normally I wouldn’t even mention it to you but I promised I would be honest with you. Something about the danger of knowing the only thing between me and her getting caught was a stupid cloth curtain.

    The booth was cramped but my lioness was quite flexible. She had a little trouble with her panties so I simply tore them in two for her. My souvenir from this conquest. The only issue I had was being a photo booth, it naturally took pictures and I had to hide behind her while the camera went off.  However, the strip of pictures that I got captures her orgasm perfectly. Another souvenir, albeit an over priced one.  10 American dollars for one sheet of four pictures. Ridiculous.

    Unfortunately she already had an engagement tonight that she could not miss, a boyfriend of some sort, I suspect rich and gullible, that was expecting her. I took the time of course to relieve her of her ring, and her memory of the afternoon. 

    Well, Pupil, I am afraid I must cut this short, there is a rather forceful knock at my door. If you do not hear from me in 24 hours assume I have been arrested or worse. You know what to do should that happen.

    You have been a good student my Pupil, should things turn out badly you have everything that you need.  Good luck.


Thief In The Mind

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